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Messages posted by: Tagger Joe  XML
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So i changed it to:

function pad(number, length) {
if (number == '') { return '';}
var str = '' + number;
while (str.length < length) {
str = '0' + str;
return str;

function ifnotempty(value,sep){
return value.length > 0 ? value + sep : '';

function ifnotempty2(value1,sep){
return value1.length > 0 ? value1 + sep :'' ;

ifnotempty2(album,' - ') + ifnotempty(pad(trackno,2),' - ') + ifnotempty(artist,' - ') + title 

But now i have an extra Folder with only the cd number as the name
After a few Years of no tagging, because of the "new" way of telling the Program what to do, again i give it a try.

Does Folder rename recognize the album as a compilation, because the Compilation Field is marked? Or have i go to preverences all the time?

Then i want Compilations Renamed in one Folder with the Albumname and the Files in it renamed in Tracknumber - Artist - Titel, why ist it even in 2018 with all the computers and programs not possible to tell the program this in a simple way???

Does progtrammers need it complicated?

Again i have no clue of this language, i tried to change something in Prefs and i endet up in

BoyundefinedU2" - 02 - Twilight wtf
Hi Again,

i want:
rename folderstructure from tags to:

U2/1980 - Boy

where U2 comes from Albumartist first, else from Artist, if Year is not emty

with compilations

Various/Album [CD1]

use CD (instead of Disc) if the mediatype is emty, use cd01 (with a leading 0) if the Disc Total is greater than 9)

rename filename from tags:

Artist - 01 - Title

where Artist comes from Albumartist first, else from Artist

and alternative:

Artist - Album - 01 - Title

rename filename from tags if compilation is true:

01 - Artist - Title

use Artist else Albumartist

hopefully i was precise enogh

...isnt it possible to build an interpreter that translates:
"Albumartist,Artist/Year - Album" to the f.... "code"? [sorry im only dreaming]

can we "non-porgrammers" have a topic for "example code"
i have fond some here in the depth of the forum, but to understand what it does it often is needed to copy that example-code to prefs, cause in the forumposts often does not have the resulting, renamed structure shown.

i realy tried to understand that (idonteveneknowwhatitis) i was able to handle the "old" sysstem" but sorry the new is not my world, yet... me>50yrs from german,

and please feel free to tell me how i can donate your work....

just one more thing:
is it somehow possible to write a "1" instead of the word "true" in isCompilation: set value ?
ok, would be helpful to find out the latest version with working gui, just to know where it ends... or is it the java version? 1.4.2 - 1.5.0
hmm maybee some simole mistake, but i tried some different versions on different comps, should try to reinstall 10.4, hmm, what java version is the right one? it shure is somwhere out ther... eh have a downloadlink for an older mac os 10.5? seems my PPC Q5 Quad is to old for tagging... have to upgrade to an inte-mac...
Yeah but this is not working on all my PPC G5 osx 10.5 as described...
Since a few weeks i try to use Jaikoz like i did all the years, but Jaikoz 4.5.7 on PPC Mac (G5) with OSX 10.5 and Java 1.5 is not working.

Jaikoz starts and every action out of a menue works, but everything i want to do with the mouse is not working.

For example, clear a row, or paste into a field.
Mac OSX 10.5 is the latest OS that supports PPC Macs...
Yes! version 4.5.7 works as expected... let's spread the news...
After a fresh Install of OSX 10.5 i cannot install jaikoz for PPC version on my G5,
when i download the aktual img to the desktop and open it, then it shows a jaikoz application icon with a sign in it and on file>info it says intel version...

i can drag it to my application folder but it doesn't start on double clicking, an error message says that my comp is not an supportet system...
Hi joe123!

the thing with that "special" character is, that lots of charakters (á, é, í, ó, ú, ý) can have
such a little string on top (that is called acute accent) so there is no need to have a special character,
just type the acute accent (on my keyboard on top right) before you type the character
that you want to have it on. (and do not mix it up with the " ' " Apostroph (like in: it's to late or: rock'n'roll)

Same thing with the tilde ~ in: Señor
or: â = a with Zirkumflex

My personal opinion ist that a search for "a" should find the "á" too
Thank you, that helps me to understand that new "language"
can someone please bring these into the "new" format,

$if(%bestartist%,%bestartist% - )$if(%trackno%,%trackno% - )%title%

$if(%trackno%,%trackno% - )$if(%artist%,%artist% - )%title%

%bestartist%%folderseperator%$if(%year%,%year% - )%album%

And it should be possible to determine if the button (script) affect only the selected fields, the selected tracks or on every track in window.

I suggest we start collecting for these features or else we could ask Santa...
Thank you Paultaylor, for how long is it there?
hmm, i cannot even select more than one line in "is comilation" row...

and therefor i cannot paste to more than one...

i think it is not possible since the version 3

have 3.11.1
hmmm, than i would like it to have a "force TitleCase" function
good question,

i think as long as the databases does not mention it, there is nothing jaikoz can do about it.

A release typ tag would be needed,

and then it could say if the song was released online, on a compactdisc or on a memory stick...
When i want to change ALL CAPITALIZE WORDS into Title Case i first have to do a "lowercase all letters" before Title Case works right...

Wouldnt it be good to have the Title Case Command do the "lowercase all letters" automatically before?
Yes they are still discs but with different kind or even size.

for example: i have two albums with the same name but one is a (promotional) miniCD release and the other is a regular CD

or i have the same album once it is with a video track and once not.
ore one cd comes with interactive content (CDxtra?)

multi-disc releases...

what if one disc is a DVD an the other is a CD?

what if my car radio mp3 device is (like most are) so dumb and can only display oldstyle mp3 tags...

so many questions, thanks for your concern
I found out that search and replace works very slow if there are very much fields where something is replaced (for example if i want to change 500 songs from disc 1 to CD 01


if i change the size of the main window so small that there is only one song visible, it works very fast...
Well as i remember, in a previous version of jaikoz it was possible to copy the "is compilation" field (marked or not) and to paste it in to every selected "is compilation" field at once
There are so manny different types of discs out there like

Compact Disc (CD)
CDxtra, Video CD
mini CD
DVD, musik DVD
but they are always called disc 1, disc 2 ...

what if an album come with a DVD and a CD?

How do you manage that case, or am i not uptodate...
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