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Yeah thats what I was doing. I suppose I'm just being lazy wanting some automatic way to do it
Hi just wondering if there is a quick way to delete tags? I just want to delete all the weird comments you find in the comments section of every song I fix.

What might be cool is where you have the options 'Always fill this field' and 'Never populate this field' and such, would be an option to 'Always delete this field' or something?
Nice that sounds like a great idea. I have found a few songs that do belong to a compilation but i prefer to force them to an original release so that when i search in my music player by year, the song will be where it should be. So this feature would be sweet
I've just been running the program with only around 100 songs at a time and after 2 hours the delay is back only with genres again. Its not as bad yet as it was but it does seem to be time dependant on the program running rather than the amount of files.

I just pasted 2 genres per song over 41 songs and it took about 3-4mins. I closed the program and restarted and loaded the same 41 songs and changed to 2 different genres and it pasted them instantly.

Hope this more specific info helps man. Still a sweet program

Also this may be a different problem but twice now that i've noticed the genre has been messed up when i have more than one. Once it said "Rock(43)" when viewed in a player or explorer and another time it said "Alternative RockIndie Rock"
Not maxing out the memory that i can see. I'm running Jaikoz through the bat file in the program dir to give it more as well. The test from the above info was with about 1000 files but as i closed them off after editing them it makes no difference. Even down to the last 5-10 files the delay is the same.

Yet its still only after the program has run for a while from what i can tell. I hibernated the laptop over several days on and off while finishing the 1000 songs. If i just open say one album and edit the genre straight away there is no delay. Obviously the easy answer is to just open a limited amount of files that i can finish off in one session but its just a curious problem i thought you might want to know about.
Weirdly when i just checked the console after pasting 3 genres per song over 43 songs and the console updated immediately. Yet the interface was locked up for 30 mins.

Feb 24, 2009 4:19:51 PM: INFO: Started to get artwork from local folders for 1 files
Feb 24, 2009 4:19:51 PM: WARNING: There are 11 music files in the folder D:\MUSIC FOR JAIKOZ\Ugly Kid Joe\Motel California so looks unlikley to be an album folder so images have not been added
Feb 24, 2009 4:19:51 PM: INFO: Found 0 new artwork images
Feb 24, 2009 4:19:51 PM: INFO: Added 0 artwork images to selected files
Feb 24, 2009 4:19:51 PM: INFO: Completed getting artwork from local folders for 1 files
Feb 24, 2009 4:22:32 PM: INFO: New values pasted into 10 fields
Feb 24, 2009 4:25:34 PM: INFO: New values pasted into 43 fields

It took till 4:55 before i could use it again
I'm now guessing that if i had of just left the computer in the previous times that it hangs, that it would eventually come good. But that would have been quite a long time on the 3000 song test haha.
Hey Paul, after using the program everyday for 5 days now i have noticed that pretty much the only thing that makes it go slow is editing the Genre column. Most other columns change instantly or with a very slight delay. If i try to paste a genre over multiple files it compounds the delay. If i have 2 genres per song and paste that over say 20 songs it can take 10mins plus of locked up interface and java.exe at 50%. I am editing the genre separately if i can in another tagger but its a pain, especially since it only allows one per song

Any ideas on this?

Thanks man
A user definable button that you can add the same options as the autocorrect function would be cool. For my needs i would like to just add the set filename and set sub folder from tags to it so i could just hit it once i pick all the right options for the album i'm fixing up.

Tell me if i'm annoying you yet with crazy suggestions
Lockable columns might be a nice feature. For me i would like to to lock the genre column so it doesn't get changed from updates instead of going to the auto options and turning on and off the "Always populate this field" box.
No probs i've sent the logs. i no this is not the ideal computer to being running Jaikoz on but i'm travelling around the world at the moment and have no other means. I've dropped my batches back to 1000 files at a time now. It still tends to get slower after time but hasn't completely hung yet.

I bought the program yesterday and have been playing around with and testing it with a small batch of 100-150 files. I think i have most setting where i like them so i ran a batch of 1000 files. It completed ok in about an 1hr 45min. I then started manually editing some musicbrainz tags to pick the right albums and and so on. The program responded after each edit quite fast but got progressively slower over maybe the 12 hours or so it was open. Eventually it just hung in the find and replace screen with just showing the hourglass cursor and not responding to the close window buttons. The java.exe was showing a constant 50% on on of the threads and i had to use task manager to close it.

The next run after that i did 3000 songs. It seemed to get to step 17 of 18 in the autocorrector, which was to rename the files from the new tag info, after maybe 8 hours then just hung there for about 4hrs with the java.exe at 50% again. The autocorrect let me cancel it but the interface just stayed greyed out and wouldn't do anything. It did allow me to hit the close button and prompted me to save changes before exiting which was cool, although i didn't want to do before checking over the changes, but did anyway as i have a backup of all my songs just in case!

So yeah any ideas as to whats going on? Do you need my logs and if so where do i send them? I am running Jaikoz on a little EeePC with the crappy Atom 1.6ghz processor and only 1 gig of ram in WinXP SP3 if that makes any difference?

Thanks in advance.
I like the sound of the duplicates being moved to a separate folder. I second this wishlist item
Maybe i should research more to make sure there isn't already a feature for this, but i would love it if it didn't create the Various Artist Compilations. I know its just picking what it thinks is the most viable location from the musicbrainz info but i would rather have the standard folder of artist\album\songs and just have 1 song in there. Plus it promotes the use of the missing songs feature so i could see what other ones i should buy.

So at the moment i manually change the musicbrainz info to select one that comes of an album or update the metadata myself and submit it.

I think its just one of those pet hate things where i would rather see it organised my way. Maybe i should get checked for OCD haha
I think an autosave option would be great. I only just bought this program yesterday and already love it but i've had it hang on me twice now and the last time was after about 12 hrs of processing 3000 songs. Maybe have it save after each of the autocorrector steps or maybe just have a user editable time value with a note mentioning the lower the time the more it will slow down the process.

Even a project that you could load and save like in a video editing program that just maps what songs you have loaded and what changes have been made. I am just finding that whilst the auto mode works fairly well, that it does tend to pull apart some albums into different releases or various artist compilations so I like to go through the list of changes and manually correct them. This of course can take more time than you may have at any one moment so saving the project and coming back to it later would be great!

Of course i am not a programmer and have no idea how hard these ideas would be so just tell to shut up if it sounds too hard haha.
Profile for mark17022 -> Messages posted by mark17022 [14]
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