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That's great news... because I cannot for the life of me work out what the 32bit installer is, and why where all the java control panels and folders seem to be x86 binaries, that Jaikoz can find a x64

And .bat script programming, while I could google it to work out what I'm doing wrong, the ' ' {space} characters are getting the best of me, and I cant' seem to ge the right quotation marks to path the lot together.
OK, so to deal with the question at hand: How do we store multiple-artists within the audio file?
  • Separate field in Jaikoz, Agree entirely.
  • Auto-Correct (cntl-1) item to concatenate artists to artist ... that'd be good.
  • Delimiters/key-characters/text to throw in amongst artists selections to give the options of ft. or vs. or covering. etc.????? awesome

    But the artists, they'll be primarily coming down from Musicbrainz NGS? So if we were to alter the order of the multi-credits and throw in delimiters if they require it, will that break if we re-scan the track across the Musicbrainz NGS lookup code?
    Or can the lookup go:

    the track I ahve here has no [b]artists[/b] ... [i]Musicbrainz NGS[/i] does... download... splat.  x' & 'y' & 'z where ' & ' is a default in Preferences.

    the track I have here has [b]artists[/b] ID's x & y ft. z ... [i]Musicbrainz NGS[/i] has z, y, x ... yep uptodate.

    the track here has [b]artists[/b] x ft. y and [i]Musicbrainz NGS[/i] has y, x, z.  Prepend z' & ' to existing x' ft. 'y - where prepend or suffix is also a Preferences option

    Depending on how Musicbrainz NGS sends you the information of course, whether the separate artists can be handled objectively like that.

    Good Luck, input from other users would be nice, jump in people!!! Better than Paul just designing a feature for me and him ;)

    (I learnt two years of a four year computer science degree, based around C++ code, no GUI stuff, just code. A decade on, I now only program in pseudocode, I don't know the code detail, I just know how concepts can go together)
  • Somethign else that doesn't work:

    Of course until now I had done everything in Firefox.
    Loaded Internet Explorer (32-bt), ran the auto-downlaod which said it was getting a 32-bit version of the JRE, I'm thinking "beauty, this is going to work."
    Finishes, I load up Jaikoz, load some tracks, head into preferences and check to 'on' the iTunes Update box... save changes... fail. same notice that Jaikoz cannot update iTunes with Java 64bit.

    Afternoon All,
    I know under MOSX it's easy to change which JRE version is running, and can select a 32bit one instead of a 64bit one.

    But having just installed the default Sun JRE "jre-6u24-windows-i586-s.exe" from the sun website, I cannot easily locate a switch, or alternate download package which will lock my JRE to 32bit to maintain iTunes database with information Jaikoz gets.

    This being the main purpose I have for using Jaikoz, I'm going to look around to locate the problem myself, and list the answer unless Paul or others have the answer for me quicker


    Edit: 5 minutes later...
    "Java (32-bit)" is a control panel. Doesn't seem to mention anything about a 64bit version, in any of the about boxes, and the only "Java Runtime Environment Settings" list Runtime versions... and it only lists "javaw.exe" from the "Program Files (x86)" folder... assumely a 32bit runtime being under '(x86). There is no 'Java' folder in "c:\Program Files" only in "c:\Program Files (x86)".
    The crediting a song to multiple unique artists I have always felt iTunes should move down this path itself!

    The interface?
    Base it on the Facebook private message window... start typing an artist and it starts to complete the artists name, once finished it appears in a translucent bubble all on it's own, locked in. The auto-complete sourced from a list of the current artists in the loaded playlist? or a master playlist?, and this list would increasingly become more concise as Jaikoz culls the "xxxx & yyyy" from the master once they no longer exist in the iTunes DB?.

    Any chance there can be several levels of creditted works?
  • xxxx & yyyy & zzzz,
  • xxxx vs. yyyy,
  • xxxx ft. yyyy & zzzz,
  • xxxx covering yyyy (where yyyy may be searched for as 'original artist')?

    This should be controlled this way in Jaikoz so that a single 'artist' can be sent back to iTunes stored in the simple-text format that presents.
    An option for iTunes' "Album Artist" and "Sorting Artist" to be filled by either xxxx, or yyyy etc. may be of use to some.

    Futher to this concept:

    Once we manage the multi-linking of a track to multiple artists, then it would be simple continuation to manage a single "track" to muliple versions of that track... so three live versions from around the world, muliple remixes of the same base track,
    So basically apply the same multiplicity of the field "artist" to the "track title" field.

    If iTunes were then to suppose it: Genius/Smart Playlists that select the "live" versions of tracks in "My Top Rated" playlist etc. or select the Most Played: "remix" . etc. would be awesome!

    This all sounds a bit big for Jaikoz
    Jaikoz doesn't have a database to mirror the iTunes DB though. semi-competitor, but definitely complementary opposition mp3 package: tagtraums' "beaTunes" already maintains its' own database, and I love Jaikoz because it only works on the open track(s) at the time. No overheads for maintaining synchronism of two databases. The 'features' above have been racing around in my head for a while, and basically are aimed at the main iTunes DB, but if any part of it can be approached by Jaikoz's feature set, go for it!
  • Hi,
    Incase anyone else stumbles across this script and wants to get it working:
    I got that script working when I was running MOSX (I'm on Win7 these days)
    You have to place it in the iTunes Scirpts folder (google it)
    Then it appears in a scripts menu in the iTunes menubar.
    So you select a playlist within iTunes, then go up to the script menu, select the script, and wait for the actions to happen...
    Make a playlist of lilke 5 songs for a start to prove it's all working.

    BUT, Jaikoz didnt' like the unix paths. The Mac standard seperator is \home\username\Music\iTunes\iTMS yes? Well m3u being predominantly PC ... you need to search-replace all the slashes for forwards. I found MS Excel handy in this repect, as I could do some work manipulating the list in there etc. or if the list is too long, you can split it up so Jaikoz handles it better etc.

    I ran it on Leopard.
    I haven't come across a freeware solution to Windows (7) without looking at paid-for options such as those designed to export iTunes to iRiver media players, which use m3u as their playlist format on-device.
    The Lyrics Server is blocking Jaikoz?
    Which is fine, I have other utilities capable of looking up Lyrics.

    But the CNTL-1 Auto-Correct bums out not long after that message.

    The dialog appears onscreen after the fourth analysis song starts the Musicbrainz lookup (i think), and then it just stops. Why can't it keep going looking up the other 600 tracks?

    At the Moment I'm running a CNTL-2 Lookup AcousticID, then CNTL-5 just a Musicbrainz lookup. Then run the first stage of CNTL-1 to correct track numbers, and capitalisation. etc.

    Windows 7 64-bit - Core2Quad Q9400 2.66 w/ 8GiB RAM
    Jaikoz 3.4.2 build 1075
    iTunes Library of approx 95000 tracks
    Loading mp3's from multiple folders from my (sorted) iTunes Music Library, so it adds orphaned mp3 files from in there.
    Any movement on this Enhancement?

    20/04/09 - 1698 - Should be able to read iTunes playlists when exported to txt or xml format
    Starting Point, my specs: Mac OS X 10.5.5, iTunes 8.0.2, Jaikoz 2.8.4.
    So I finally sit down with some hours to play with the music, time to work out how to export from iTunes into an m3u format so that I can load a playlist in Jaikoz!
    So I found "Export Playlist to M3U" a little MOSX application that will create a *.m3u file from whatever playlist is selected in iTunes. You go into iTunes, select (touch) one of the playlists there, and jump back out to the finder window, open this application, it does a quick jump to iTunes, then pops up with a window asking where to save a *.m3u file of the name of the playlist from iTunes.
    A *.m3u file is essentially just a list of file paths. This particular application generates a list of filenames with absolute paths, so:
     /Volumes/HDDname/folder/folder/iTunes Music Library/Artist/Album/track 01.mp3
    Jaikoz sees that its a .m3u, it "imports" it, but nothing happens. 0 songs. But the playlist exported has around 350 tracks in it.
    OK, so I do a little reasearch, Winamp has an "Unofficial M3U and PLS Specification" on their faq. Alright, I'll edit the file to make it relative paths, so placed the m3u at the same level as iTunes Music Library, and I remove the absolute path prefix of /Volumes/HDD/folders/ from the front of every line in the textfile (used excel import and just Fixed-Width chopped it into two columns) anyhow, so now I have a .m3u file with a series of filepaths based on the current location of the .m3u file... Import... 0 songs. Dang!
    Next Effort, maybe the m3u format doesn't like *nix filepath syntax, the slashes may be in the wrong direction... search and replace '\' for '/' ... Jaikoz, point it at the new .m3u file... WINNAR!!!! 349 tracks loading!

    So .m3u is a Windows format (duh in retrospect), but the basic script I exported from Mac iTunes simply took the local path entry and made a list of them, and well, those local path entries are in Mac path formats. So I suppose the file I was trying to import therefore wasn't really a m3u file by specification.

    So in summary, *a* way to use the import playlist function in the current (at time of posting) v 2.8.4, use "Export Playlist to M3U" , save it in the same location as your iTunes Music Library folder (mine is not in my user directory/Music), chop off absolute pathing to make it relative, and then search&replace the \ for /.
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