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I don't know exactly how MB images work, but usually they come from the Amazon ASIN. In this case, Laid - James had an image but no relationships. I don't know where the image came from (even though it was an Amazon image), but I believe Jaikoz looks for the actual ASIN image link used in the relationships.

Someone correct me if I'm off here.

I just added that ASIN, so try it again.

paultaylor wrote:

You can find your Countries in the Country Code field. 

My dropdown shows the full names, and inputs the same. Should it be doing this?

Regular 'Country' has no dropdown and must be typed, 'Country Code' has a dropdown, but it's all spelled out... just to be clear.

laklare wrote:
I'd be happy to support you further if you can deliver a decent product. 

Money talks!
These are the sources listed in TagRunner, with the majority of matches coming from AstraLyrics:


As far as support, Audials has moved to large (expensive) audio suites and TagRunner had been abandoned long ago. They have a pretty crappy track record anyways, so I guess I'll just put batch-lyrics on hold in the meantime.
I finally found it! And it's not Jaikoz, It's TagRunner.

I tried every possible combination of commands in Jaikoz and couldn't reproduce the problem. Until I dropped them in TagRunner (what I use for lyrics) and almost slapped myself out of the chair. Let TagRunner find and save, open them back up in Jaikoz, and the missing fields came back only on records with lyrics.

I remember seeing that something changed recently with Country Names and codes. I've been using the column "Country", but when I open already tagged files, Country is now blank. Also, when adding a release to MB where the Country Name is already filled in in Jaikoz, it doesn't appear in MB, but Country Code does.

It feels like I missed something. Is Country Code now king?
Just signed up, I'll look through them in a bit.
In the top image, records 0, 2, 3, 9, 12 & 13 are missing some tags, like Total Tracks & Genre (or at least not all 3 genres). These have already been saved twice, but still came up empty. If I fill them back in, save and close, there is a chance they come in blank when I open them again.

In the bottom image, these same records with empty fields have ID3v1v23 instead of ID3v23. I don't know if this is a correlation or is just a symptom of the same problem, just something I found noteworthy and may be informative.

You see now?
This is what it looks like when I reopened these files (in this case the third time) after already fixing and saving everything. The incomplete records looked like the other populated ones on last save, but for some reason some fields don't take. It's always the same tags too - the ones you see missing (ie. I never see Title missing).

Sometimes there's 80% of an entire artist missing, sometimes it's one record in 100.

This is on a local disk, BTW.
This always happened once in a while, but I always blamed it on W7 crappy file caching, or editing fields with the AC running (older Jaikoz), etc. and just ignored it. Looking back through stuff I'm finding it much more pronounced.

On the initial filing/saving, everything is populated correctly. Save, close and reopen and fields will be missing like shown. Sometimes I can go through this cycle up to four times before things seem to stick. I've tried 'Force Save' before editing, like maybe it's an older ID3 that won't support new tags, but it doesn't seem to make a difference.

The only correlation I see is the ID3 version. This seems to change even if it's a rip from FLAC or CD where all files started as the same version.

ID3Tag V1: Write if tag exists
ID3Tag V2:
-Always write tag
-Save Existing fields using these... (checked)
-Do not unsynchronize (checked)
-Windows Media Player
iTunes Autoupdate
-(nothing checked)

I don't know how useful this will be to other users, but it feels like too much work not to share it.

I've been tagging with a lot of the tags from allmusic.com. I find their genre/style hierarchy to be quite accurate, and I really like their reviews and moods/occasions. I've been doing this manually which is a real PITA, but hopefully my pain is your gain.

I've been using genres/styles like this: The main genre (Pop/Rock, R&B, Jazz, etc) is always the first one. All of the styles follow that. When looking at these with Winamp, iPhone, whatever, only the main genre shows up, but searching by genre will look at everything and return the other styles. Hopefully this does not backfire in the long run. Moods are moods, and themes are occasions.

* I was feeling confident that these were quite accurate, but going through them again and I see quite a few mistakes. I don't know if many, if anyone at all, will use these, but I'll keep updating them if there's demand. If you want to fix/add items, PM me your gmail/iGoogle ID and I'll add you for editing

** I file with the first letter of the first name (ie, "Toby Keith" is under T), however, I don't use "the" at the beginning of artists (ie, "The Germs" is just "Germs"). Artist, Album Artist, and Sort Artist may mix these up, but how I file them is how they show up in the list.

Google Docs:
# (includes (hed) P.E.)
Working on K...
Subject says it all. Export only grabs the first one in the list. Can this be fixed to output CSV values?
I've seen the same thing but have never been too concerned about it since it could be something I completely don't care about (Is compilation, ISRC, sort anything).

Maybe a solution could be to setup the View and ID3 panes (under View menu) with all your extra columns. Then your main Edit pane would be tidy and only what you want to see, but when you get curious you could just click over to one of the others.

<edit> Sorry, I was thinking the View pane acted the same as the ID3 pane, but it split-screens instead. Prolly won't help you.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but if it's missing, then you're not going to find it, right?
Yeah, I see what you mean now. Just tried it with this and the little stuff became unreadable.

Psygnosis wrote:

pschonmann wrote:
Or just use workaround spreadsheet editor and concatenate function 

Never even considered the export function but I imagine you can do this and a whole lot more in Excel. I'm going to try this out.

Take note that Jaikoz and Excel use different sorting, like numbers and all-caps fields. Make sure you pick a common column that sorts the same, then you can copy/paste an entire column at once.

Not really your issue, but I thought I'd throw it out there. I found a bit of VB that turns a list into a comma-separated value. You can change the separation character easily. I've been using this to input all those allmusic moods/occasions.

Function csvRange(myRange As Range)
     csvRange = myRange
     csvRange = Application.Transpose(csvRange)
     csvRange = Join(csvRange, ",")
 End Function

Paste your list into Excel, pick a different cell and type =csvRange, and select your list.
I don't understand the difference with a back cover. Are you making them giant to see all the small text? They come in for me just like any other cover.

The resize slider goes all the way up to 2200px, are you making images larger than that? I haven't tried it, but I assume if you crank it up, most images should come through unmolested.
Huh, you're right. Are you using any resizing?

I just looked at some of my latest Jaikozed files and they're all PNG. I resize to just under 500px, so what I do is find a large (usually JPG) 600, 800, 900 whatever and drag it in and let Jaikoz shrink it down. The same thing happens when they come from MB. This gives it some fake detail in a small image.

Do you have an issue with PNGs? There are some key differences between JPGs and PNGs (which are a version of BMPs): JPGs are a lossy, compressed format which works well in large photographs with smooth colors and keeps the filesize down a bit; PNGs are bitmapped so they are good at fine detail and lineart and the like, at a higher size cost.

I didn't realize this was happening, but I'm glad they're PNGs and it explains why shrinking them turns out a small detailed image.
Makes sense.
Thank you.
In the advanced toolbar you have the "Retrieve AcoustID" button and the "Submit AcoustID/MB Pair" button, but it looks like the Submit Pair button also tries to retrieve before it submits.

Is the regular Retrieve button redundant?
All my release additions in MB automatically note "Information from digitised music files". Why not put something like:

"Information from digitised music files, uploaded from Jaikoz"
"Information from digitised music files (Jaikoz)"

This would add a bit of exposure (free advertising) for Jaikoz. All the people voting would come across it, and would also remain in the edits history.

Although, I didn't think to see if there's a MB rule that doesn't allow this.
Well, sometimes this can be subjective. Yes, mostly VA albums are compilations, but greatest hits, live, and soundtracks (even of the same artist) are also usually compilations. I don't think there's a hard rule, but you kinda get a feel for it. I guess a way to look at it is: There's sit-down-and-lay-down-tracks studio albums, and then there's mixtures of stuff from different releases, same artist or not. Maybe it depends on if someone else produced/mixed the album. The real grey area comes in at live albums, some are considered an official release, some are comps.

DJ Quik - Greatest Hits Live at the House of Blues (allmusic)
Which I would consider a release, but it's classified as a comp.

Pantera - Official Live: 101 Proof (allmusic)
Which we agree on, which is an official release.

Of course this may differ from discogs, MB, last.fm, etc.
Saving - it's kinda misleading - means you're done tinkering, so it closes. What do you mean you "hit save to test"? Are you referring to the "U2 - Boy" example, cos those change dynamically as you type (or maybe when you tab out of the box you're editing).
I'm liking this beta so far! It feels a lot... "lighter". I especially like the error dialog for discrepancies in Match to Specified (can't we just call these MTO and MTS?). It save's a lot of research when a release won't match.

That's true. You've got quite a diverse crowd here.
Yeah, I deal strictly with MP3s. I'm currently preparing mainly for XBMC so I'll see what that looks for, although I think it's customizable as far as separation values go.
So Paul, what are the rules on tags having multiple values? Genre allows multi, but what about Mood, Occasion, Tags, or even Custom 1-5?
Do we even need a Paste First Value? The only multi-value tags I can think of are artwork and genre and you rarely want to go back to one value.

(edit) Well, I see more multi-values in the ID3 tab, but I still can't see why you'd only paste one.
Yeah... I had to refresh the folder. I'm stupid.

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