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1) How do I undo a find and replace? I looked in the documentation and it talks about the "undo" but I cannot find anything like that in the menus. Where is it located?

2) When I "Open Folder" I get the open window. The problem is that each of the columns that show how as you migrate between folders are narrow. In cases where the folder or music name is long on a small bit of the front and end of the name showes up. In some cases, if there are files or folders that are similar in name it is hard to see what I am looking for.

I do not see any way to expend individual columns.


I have been going thought my iTunes albums and converting them to the Jaikoz filename and in general cleaning things up.

In doing this I have seen the following problem.

After opening folder, modifying using some cut and paste operations and then saving and closing the folder information, repeating this 3 to 4 times, on the next open folder a field that I had modified in the previous folder, is inserted in a field on the current data. There does not seem to be a pattern of when this happens or where the data is inserted. I will try to look closer and keep some notes.

There is no specific number of times but it seems to happen after the 3rd or 4th open folder operations. At first I thought I had hit a key that inserted the data but after it happening to me several times I know that is not the problem.

The only solution is to kill and then restart jaikoz after a couple modifications.

Also I have had a couple times when I get an error window saying that it cannot do a certain operation. The only solutions to both problems is to restart jaikoz.

Where is the log file so that I can try and see what is happening?

I want to be replace "-" with a unicode character. I can do this just editing the string and it work fine.

I would like to set it up so that it automatically gets replaced. I tried to set this in "word" replacer setting" but it did not seem to take the unicode character in the replacement field.

Is this the place to do this? What would you suggest?

Is there a way to get Jaikoz to read different configuration files on start or to load a different configuration once started?


For the Mac side you might want to look at http://dougscripts.com/itunes/index.php. There are a lot of scripts to work on the iTunes DB and one group works with artwork. Very good documentation on each script.

I use a few and have not had any problems.

Most of the scripts are free but he ask for a donation.

He has one program called dupin which searches an iTune library for duplicates but it has a lot of filters and is way above what comes with iTunes. This one he charges a small fee. The cripled version only allows you to make so many changes in on run. I have used it and it is excellent. I will probably purchase the software.

What I have done is

1) Find all the unknown songs and make a playlist.

2) copy (drag and drop) the songs from the playlist to a directory. These songs can be used by jaikoz to fix up.

3) in the playlist modify the Disk # to 999.

4) delete the playlist

5) In the Music folder, sort on Disk # so that all the 999 are together

6) Delete all the files with Disk # 999

7) Add the new songs created in 2 back into iTunes.

I use a Mac but it should be the same on a Win.

paultaylor wrote:
No the Correct Artwork task is within the Local Correct menu, and its purpose is to look for images files held in the same folders as the mp3s and put them into the mp3s. 

I assume that the file name of the local artwork is the name of the album with the image extension?

However there is a Remote Artwork Correcter, but this is merged into the Autocorrect from Musicbrainz , because it uses Musicbrainz to find the album art. So running Correct Artwork from Musicbrainz will do what you want.  


Can you explain how correct is supposed to work.

Is it suppose to go out to external sites, such as amazon.com and look for art work for this record? If so where do I find the settings for artwork.

I have tested a couple of songs where I had the art work. I then removed the art work and then ran the "correct artwork" but with no success.

I did not see much in the online doc under "correct artwork".

Maybe I am asking for from it than it is supposed to do.



Thanks Paul for the Cap suggestion. I guess I will have to change this setting for each field and then change it back?

Another question. I have one field with Ton-Ton in the album name and Day-O in a Title.

Since "-" is used for the a separator for the filename this becomes a problem when I rename the file with the these in the filename.

From what I see in the setting "-" should be change by default setting . Am I not seeing this correctly.

Just to let you know I have a temp license and trying it out. So far I have found it to do what I need and your support is exceptional and will purchase this weekend.

FWIW. You our online documentation is excellent except it is kind of hard to find topics by just looking through your table of content. An index would be very helpful.

Thanks Again
I have some fields where all the words are in uppercase.

I ran autocorrect and it corrected some of the words but it also left some words in uppercase.

In one song the title was in all upper case and it did not get changed.

what setting or what action do I use to force the first letter of each word to be uppercase?


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