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Messages posted by: markfaine  XML
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Wouldn't that just correct the filename? These tracks have a title field that contains the track number + the title, no MusicBrainzID so not corrected automatically. I just want to clean up the title to remove the track number.

I use Google Reader to view RSS. Do you think it could be something related to the Google Reader site?

I have a lot of files with a track number in the title and I'd like to remove the track number from the title field, how would I do this?

To be clear, these files have title fields that are formatted like this:

01 Title Of The Song

I want it to be changed to:

Title Of The Song

I've subscribed to several of the forum's RSS feeds but I noticed the only thing that is being published is the title which by itself isn't very useful. Can you publish the full text of the post?
Today I was thinking about how I will probably use Jaikoz repeatedly on the same files as information is updated in the MusicBrainz database and Jaikoz evolves to handle more fields.

This had me thinking about a way for a tool such as Jaikoz to overcome the repeated use issue.

I'm just throwing this out and if it is a bad idea say so but what if Jaikoz could run as a service, monitoring folders at all times. At regular intervals it could update the files based on particular criteria (updated MB info, additional fields available, tags accidentally changed, etc) It could also monitor inadvertant changes to the tags by other programs and prevent it, or warn the user.

This isn't to say that the current functionally would need to necessarily change, it could be implemented as an additional feature.

I'd suggest getting to be well known on enthusiast forums and posting information about Jaikoz on threads such as this one:


paultaylor wrote:

njs wrote:
Disaggregated across all those sites there were probably 5K downloads total listed and maybe 15 user reviews. Consolidated into a single location and compiling the numbers I'm sure would have a positive effect. To build awareness, for your sake, it might help to direct all traffic to one third party site to build a body of impartial reviews, which in turn propagates an increase in software downloads. 

Thanks for the advice, the downloads are currently hosted directly on my site because Jaikoz has quite regular updates, and it is expensive to regularly add updates to Download.com if you want the program to be loaded immediately, but I may do so in the future. Similarly MacUpdate will only host applications if they get new versions of the software before anybody else which causes some problems. But I think I should move toward this model.

On that note if anyone else has some good marketing advice you can post it here, or email me direct at paultaylor AT jthink DOT net 
I didn't want to use paypal either but found it the only option. I consider them to be inherently distrustful. If you ever get ripped off it will be probably be through paypal.

Still, I used paypal to purchase my license and (despite a delay, unrelated to paypal or this question) I did get my license. Just hold your nose and use it this once. It isn't every day that you have to use it.

The PlasticXP and Plastic3D LAF just look SO much better than the Windows LAF. It makes the entire application look and feel better. Of course YMMV depending on your system and I can only speak for my preferences on my computer but the difference for me is truly striking. Just look at some of the web start demos on their web site, amazingly better.


paultaylor wrote:

We dont provide JGoodies Plastic LAF because I dont think it adds much to most customers, but maybe I will add it in the future and others as 'skins'

Thanks for considering it, that is the LAF I was specifically wanting and I think it adds quite a lot to the LAF of the application overall.

1. Can you show the java version that Jaikoz, perhaps on About->Info tab? 

Nevermind, I found this in the console output

2. Is there a way, or can there be a way to configure memory arguments like in the jaikoz.bat file?

IOW, is there a file that reads JRE options at startup? I ran Jaikoz.bat with a larger initial heap and it was really quick and responsive while I usually get slow startup and mediocre responsiveness.

I'd like to tweak the resource usage to try to get it to be faster and more responsive.

I understand.

However, you should put in a bug with the JGoodies authors as that goes against the entire Java Look and Feel concept. You should not have to modify your code at all, nor should there be anything for the customers to understand beyond how to change the look and feel in the preferences.

If there are bugs or issues with how the jgoodies library works the authors should be notified so they can fix it. They may have already.

Perhaps you could make it an unsupported option for advanced users? A sort of use at your own risk option. You wouldn't even need to expose the option through the UI, maybe just add a lf.showall option in the properties file.

Just asking, I'd understand if you didn't want to do it.


paultaylor wrote:
Hi Mark, we use the JGoodies Windows LAF rather than the default Windows LAF, but it appears in the Preferences/Apperance dropdown as Windows. This fixes a number of problems with the default Windows LAF.

In a very early version of Jaikoz there were more look and feels available, but there were two problems with this approach.

1. Only Java users understood the Look and Feel concept.
2. No Look and Feel worked perfectly out of the box , there was bug fixing and testing required for each Look And Feel.

For these reasons I only provide a native look and feel which most customers use, and a cross platform look and feel which is sometimes preferred by customers who use jaikoz on multiple operating systems. 
I was looking through the release notes and noticed that you use this L&F library so I checked it out on their web page. Either my Jaikoz isn't working correctly or you're only allowing two l&f to be selected? Shouldn't the Preferences->Appearance->Appearance drop down be showing a bunch more options or should this post be in the Wishlist forum? All I see are Windows and Cross Platform.

MB ReleaseID fan here too!
I have found another program to do this that may be easier than metaflac.exe


I have not tested it yet though.

My first thought was a black-box XSL transform engine but imagine my surprise when a quick Google search comes back with no ID3 type schemas??? I'm surprised that every music related metadata format doesn't have an associated DTD and XML representation.

Music tagging must really be the last hold out in this respect. I'm not usually a fan of XML/XSL processing in general but it does seem like the best tool for the job, at least in this case. Or at least it would have been, had there been an existing maintained standard for all of the various music related metadata formats. It wouldn't be practical to roll your own.

I guess that leaves good ole CSV (using standardized naming rules) as the next option. Unless you want to get into database storage again, and I think we've been down that road before. Then there is the question of how to deal with binary data in the tags?


It just occurred to me that dbPowerAmp does batch conversion of formats and has an option to "preserve tags" so it must do some sort tag export/import.

I have converted ape to flac before using this method and I'd assume that there is a intermediate decompress to wav before the file is converted to flac so they must be extracting the tags to text beforehand or they'd lose the tags.

I can actually respond to my own question this time for the sake of anyone who may at some point need to know the answer.

The metaflac program (included with flac) has the ability to export/import flac tags to a file. I could not find a gui for metaflac but I was able to write a couple of short windows batch files that accomplished the task.

I do not generally do much windows programming as I am primarily a Java/Unix programmer but it wasn't so hard. Just make sure both sets of files have the same file names and iterate over them with the metaflac.exe command and the appropriate flags.

It took two batch files to do this though had I been more familiar with Windows batch files it might have been less work. Someone really needs to write a metaflac gui though. It could be very useful in situations such as these.

I've been thinking that when I get the time I will look at the jaudiotagger library and see if I can perhaps contribute in some way. This might be a way. However, I must admit I've never done any work with audio tagging before.


I have a tricky question about tagging flac files.

I have a classical CD that I've ripped with both EAC and dbPowerAmp Reference (trial) with 30 day AMG access.

I prefer the rip from EAC, as I feel it is more accurate for a couple of technical reasons that are not relevant to the question.

However, the rip from dbPowerAmp is properly tagged from AMG, the only source I've found that has the proper tagging information for this release.

Is there any way I can copy the tags from the dbPowerAmp ripped release to the rip from EAC?

I understand that some may prefer counting from zero but the tracks aren't usually numbered this way. It would help if I didn't always have to mentally note the +1 offset.

I just ripped a favorite CD that was in really good shape so I got a great accuraterip rip but unfortunately the information was not in MusicBrainz

Classical music can be quite challenging to capture all of the information.

Does anyone have any pointers or references on doing it correctly, by that I mean, getting the most information as is possible with Jaikoz even when MusicBrainz doesn't match.

Windows XP
2.4.0 Beta 2

If you open the preferences and then save them you lose the display for the album art on the summary tab for the currently selected files unless you switch to a different tab and then back again.


paultaylor wrote:
Ive just tried the Analyse Audio function in JRiver Media Center 12 and the BPM field and the 'replay track gain' and 'replay track peak' in ID3/User Defined text Info field are displayed fine in Jaikoz with both an ID3v23 and an ID3v24 file. Are you using JRiver Media Center 12 if you are could you send me one of the problem files for testing please. 

Try it with a flac file, maybe that is the problem. I've corrected all the files that I was having an issue with but if I come across another I will send it to you.

I have had someone in the forum at J.River say that it writes ISO and not UTF-8 and that can't be changed. Also, they said that it writes ID3v-x even to flac files, even when none previously existed.

I haven't confirmed this yet though.


paultaylor wrote:

3. Jaikoz has always been very transparent about what it does whereas Media Centres with library tend to be more opaque. Sometimes they store the data in the file and sometimes in the library and it is very easy for things to get messed up
4. I would'nt want aysnchronous saving because saving changes to a fle is never guaranteed and as a user I want to know when/if my chnages have completed. I tried Jrivermedia Centre and was suprised to find that when iI ran Analyse Audio it saved the chnages to the file without even asking me, I wouldn't want this kind of thing in jaikoz.


Yes, you are so correct on that. I guess I want to eat my cake as well. I want the advantages of a database but not the disadvantages you mentioned. I tried a trial version of Helium Music Manager and I hated it because I never knew what was the authoritative record, the database or the files and I was always confused about what was happening to the files and when it was happening.

The nightmare scenario for me is getting really used to how a tool works, depending on it and then for some reason needing to use something else only to find that my changes were all in a proprietary database used by the software and none of my files are properly tagged.

The main reason I didn't like Helium was as you said there was no transparency. I was also trying Media Monkey at the time, when I opened, with Media Monkey, the same group of files I had been working with in Helium none of my recent changes were present. When I re-performed the changes in MM those changes were not available in Helium. I swore off both of those managers at that point.

As for asynchronous saving, I don't like how J.River saves replay gain and BPM to the file without asking but it gets worse. I have had to completely disable J.River's writing to my files because it writes ISO-something and not UTF-8, and this is not even configurable. It writes ID3v-something even to flac files, and you can't tell it to only populate fields that don't already have values.

I'd expect more from a Media Center software vendor, having said that, I haven't found anything better yet considering I only need it for an organizer/player. I don't really need it to do tagging except for maybe replaygain and BPM (or some other calculated field).

I know I have posted a lot of wish list items and they are not easy things to implement, I'm sorry but this one is not much better. I get lost in the preferences and I don't know what all of them do or how they work. If you are familiar with Eclipse preferences filtering this would be a good application for that feature. It would also help to have ? help for each page of the preferences.

I'd like to be able to set "Do not populate this field" as I'd rather do this myself unless it were calculated on the fly.

Does Jaikoz use a db backend like sqllite or berkleydb. It seems like to me it would be more efficient and faster to keep the info in a db so it could be more easily backed up and restored with less file I/O. The synchronization with the files could be done in the background when idle or when manually requested. Somebody school me if this isn't a good idea, just wondering (as a programmer myself) if this is done (doesn't seem like it) and if not, why not?
I've been using J.River Media Center for my media player/organizer and it has a great feature that calculates replaygain and bpm but I think it is writing the tags incorrectly because when I reload in Jaikoz I see a lot of square symbols at the ends of words.

Anybody know what causes this?

I'm guessing it is an encoding issue.


I'd like to save artwork to a local folder and be able to specify the file name. I'd use "folder.jpg" since this is a convention used by windows explorer but it should be configurable for other OS. It would also be nice to have the comments field (usually a review) saved out as a text file in the same folder.

Now for the really killer feature:
I'd really, really like to see a feature that would get the artist picture from some web resource and save to a specified directory or some configurable relative path. I have my library folder structure like

----Sub Genre

So for me it would be great if I could say download artist jpg (or better yet, full info, but let's not get ahead of ourselves) and save the jpg as "folder.jpg" in the directory ../

I don't know about others but I tend to find I am most productive with Jaikoz when dealing with one Album at a time. I'm only been using it for a short while and perhaps I haven't gotten the hang of it yet. I'd like to see some sort of album mode where I can load a directory and in a wizard like manner work through each album in the queue one at a time. I do this now but it is more of a manual process that works like this:

1. Drag folder (one album) into Jaikoz or load from file picker.
2. Autocorrect
3. MusicIP
4. Musicbrainz - if necessary
5. Correct lyrics (I've now added this to #2)
6. Manually review and correct
7. Correct files/folders if necessary

I don't see why all but #6 can't be automated. I could set a base folder and then Jaikoz could stop at each album and prompt me to review and correct any problems or add information not found in MusicBrainz. Then finish the process and start processing the next album.

If I add any information that wasn't in the original MusicBrainz then it could as a matter of course submit this information to MusicBrainz so in the end we all do less work.

It can be time consuming generating information to send to support@jthink.com. It would be far more efficient to send an automated error report with just one click.

I often see 8 out of 10 tracks that are the correct release but the other two for some reason are being set to the wrong release id. Could there be a function to just leave those blank, perhaps with a configurable ratio of matches?

For example:

If more than x% of the tracks are the same release ID, leave the mismatched track's blank and marked for manual correction or prompt the user with a suggestion that perhaps these should be the same as the others?

Something like: "It appears that the majority of these tracks are from release ..., some of the others, however, do not match, are they from the same release?" or optionally do this automatically.

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