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I have a single folder with 100 random songs. When I run Jaikoz it only fills the Artist and Title field. Nothing else. I'm not sure why. It's worked okay a couple months ago when i used it last.

I stripped all metadata before running it.
I have a Various Artist Album - Each song has the artwork for the album that song was originally released on. - In addition to that, I would like to add the artwork for the entire compilation album as well (without removing the original artwork).

The only way I know of to do this, is by going through each song one at a time and clicking the 'add' button, then finding the new artwork, and adding it.

Is there a quicker way to bulk add new artwork to all the songs without replacing whats already there?

Okay, Then just create a button that sets preferences correctly when matching all song in a single folder to a single release. That would be a start.

I love the software, but I must say that trying to navigate and decipher the preferences drives me postal every time.

rovertag wrote:
1- I would a feature that reconfigures the matching and autocorrect options based on previously saved configuration Vs. always having to re-configure the 50 matching options depending on what sort of music I need to tag...
Eg. One set to only make minor updates to complete releases, not replacing many data fields but mostly adding to empty ones. And another config with aggressive autocorrect options (replace almost everything, etc). 

I'm not completely sure if rovertag was talking about this in a previous post - but what I would desperately like to see is ->

A few extras buttons on top that automatically set the preferences to match the music you are tagging.

eg ->

One button to set preferences for Folders containing Single Artist Albums
One button to set preferences for Folders containing Random unrelated Single
One button to set preferences for Folders containing Compilation Albums

That would be SO MUCH EASIER than manually stumbling through the preference section desperately trying to figure out what you're supposed to check or uncheck!!
Musicbrainz:Automatch:Do extra searches to find Original Releases ~ Already was checked
Musicbrainz:Format:Put Original Release Year into Release Year ~ Will change it and try again
Remote Correct:Match:Prefer do not match to Various Artist compilations ~ Already was checked
Remote Correct:Match:Preferred Media Format:Vinyl ~ Already was checked

I also had checked ->

do not match to Single Artist compilations
and match albums instead of singles and eps

Where things have gone wrong you can force a set of songs to be matched to a particular release using
Action:Match to Release:Match to Specified Musicbrainz Release

Yeah, I tried that - but doesn't that consist of going to the Musicbrainz website and manually searching through the database and then finding and inputting the MB ids? If so, that's a lot of work for 50+ songs....


I have a mix of "singles" from the 60's and 70's, and Jaikoz keeps matching these songs to releases from the 2000's

The song tags are empty except for Artist and Title which are correct. I'm mainly interested in filling in the "Original" Album field.

Is there anyway for Jaikoz to find the Album a song was first released on by using only the Artist and Track fields?


P.S. It's possible that some of these songs came from a recent remastered cd, as opposed to the original vinyl release, of course, but I'm not sure if that matters.

Okay, thanks. I'll give it a try. I was just worried that loading too many songs would make my computer unusable.
At the bottom you suggest ->

1 - Ensure the AcoustID column is visible in Jaikoz
2 - Right click on the header and select Empty Column
3 - Run Retrieve AcoustIDs
4 - Save any files that have changed

Not all my songs have AcoustID in the tags, but some do. So how long would that take to load 15,000 songs in to Jaikoz and empty the AcoustID field?

Would it be better to write a small batch file that scan tags and removes that field instead?
I going crazy over the auto correct feature - Just look at the results for some very simple songs.... Especially in the ALBUM field... It's only a 50% success rate.

Layla and Other Love Songs?
Comfortably Numb - No Result?
The Beagles? (It overwrote Eagles for that)
Born in the Studio?
Imagine: All the Outtakes?
Yesterday? (Is that even a Beatles Album)?

These results are absurd, something is terribly wrong. How do I get (or is it even possible) to get the ORIGINAL STUDIO ALBUM for these very simple songs? Not some obscure uncirculated release.
what about using http://www.azlyrics.com/

they seem to have the lyrics in the html source code.

paultaylor wrote:
No, that isn't correct - Jaikoz groups songs into likely grouping and tries to match album at a time, but then goes onto matching individual songs if it couldn't match the grouping to one album. You can restrict it to only match complete albums by enabling Preferences : Remote Correct : Only match complete releases 

Yes you are correct, now. I used 3.8.3 and it would group 8 out of 10 songs as an album and treat the other 2 songs as singles. But now I upgraded to 3.9.0 and changed some setting (not sure which ones) and now Jaikoz is WAY better. I'm not sure if it was the upgrade or the settings, but I am matching everything! No problems.

When I use "auto-correct" then the fiends being altered turn a different color (blue I think).

However, occasionally there are certain fields that are overwritten that I want to remain the same as I had them originally, before using auto-correct.

Is there a way to unselect these fields without deleting my original data?

Just a small thing that might make it more efficient would be to right-click on the "edit" and "ID3 edit" tabs and have the available columns menu pop up as opposed to having to go to File/Preference/Table/Column each time.

I still can't find "originalyear". Would that be "original release time"?
Nevermind. I need to check the box in the preferences\tables\columns

Where can I find the originalyear and originalalbum fields?


joe123 wrote:
It can! There is a plug in called something like album extractor and it does just that.

My point is that Jaikoz is a much superior program and it should be able to do just as good if not better. 

Are you talking about Album Art Extractor? Yeah that can be useful, but I was referring to downloading art (and info) from Amazon.

MediaMonkey can search Amazon quite well. It searches for entire albums and gets all Art (and other info) in a very nice window. But it can not get Album Art (and other info) for 100 albums at the same time. You need to do it one album at a time which can be tedious. (Unless know something that I've missed)

On the other hand Jaikoz is fantastic for getting info for 1000 random unrelated songs all at once, but I find it less trustworthy for getting info for 100 complete and full albums. (Of course I've just starting using it this week, so I'm not an expert) but it seems to search one song at a time as opposed to looking for an entire album. That seems to leave 1 or 2 songs per album that may have different tags then the rest of the songs if you're not careful.
A tagging question....

How would you tag the 2009 Stereo Remastering of the 1964 Beatles album "A Hard Day's Night"?

Where in the tag would indicate either 1964 or 2009?
Would the Album be "A Hard Day's Night" or "A Hard Day's Night (Remastered)"?
Is there room in the tag for everything?

True, but with MediaMonkey you still need to go through 1 album at a time. It would be nice if MediaMonkey could scan all albums and then give a report summary. It would be a lot more practical for large album collections people have.
Update: I found the answer to number 2 here -> http://www.rw-designer.com/picture-resize

Amazing such a simple feature is so hard to get anywhere.
Thanks. just a couple follow up questions.....

1) If my tag already contains an image, and I add a second image, will the new image be added in second place after the first, or will it replace the first image? (with the first then being moved to second place?)

2) Are you aware of any software that is able to resize an image to a target file size, eg 100k, as opposed to just a target dimension?

Thank again.
Hi, I just have a few questions regarding embedding artwork....

In each album folder I have between 1 and 5 jpegs. They would be named "folder", "back", "insert", "insert 2", "insert 3" etc...

1) When I go to -> Actions / Local connect / Correct artwork <- it sorts my artwork alphabetically, placing "folder" as the 2nd picture. Is there a way to correct that, or do I need to bulk rename all my jepgs to "1", "2", "3", etc...?

2) I've noticed that in -> Preferences / local connect / Artwork correct <- there is an option to "resize artwork if larger than". Is this meant to work with jpeg already in my folder, or only newly downloaded jpegs?

3) And to what extent will "resizing artwork" lower the actual file size? I am looking for the best way to keep the embedded pictures under 100k each, since most the jpegs I have are 500k+.

Thank you.
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