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Hello, i want to run jaikoz via a batch file if possible.... as i "record" rip whatever each song I first have it run through MP3Gain i would then like jaikoz to correct that song and move it. all automatically.. Does jaikoz still have a batch file/dos option? again i just want to process one song at a time.

sooooo... if there is a dos option what are the args? and what not.

what are the future plans for this?
For the past year now (ha i just never noticed) it looks like Jaikoz has not been retreiving lyrics... Any ideas?

CORRECT LYRICS is in my manipulators for auto correct.
I am currenty using file folder rename to put all of my mp3's in a format like MP3's/Artist/Album/mp3 file.mp3

i am using artist + folderseparator + album mask. works fine unless the mp3 does not have an album, can someone give me an example of how to put all of these songs with no album tag into a Unknown Folder...

like artist + folderseperator + album (if album = 0 then "Unknown")

or soemthing.. i know the above is incorrect but you know where im going with this..

I have used jaikoz for years now, and i just decided today to change my saved file format i had separate folders like "MP3's C-E" and am now using the option to just change file folder subfolder... so now im putting my already corrected MP3's in format like MAIN MUSIC FOLDER/ARTIST/ALBUM/SONGS but its REALLY slow, im moving from same drive so that isnt slowing me down, jaikoz is running on the server that has my MP3's in a raid array. i only have 18,000 mp3's loaded at once.. to move each mp3 its taking like 10 seconds each... My total collection is 97,497 mp3's this is going to take forever at this rate... any ideas why this is going so slow... it doesn't even go this slow when i "SAVE AND MOVE" to a different drive! I hope its just a fixable bug, im already on the latest version.

I found a pattern to the issue.. I checked my prefs all is set to v23. I processed 170 files all looked good, it showed V23 in blue... but when auto correct was finished it didnt save v23. i looked at all of the processed files and no album art in win 7.. i reopend all processed files with jaikoz and v23 was all in blue again, i hit save, and it worked.. Question is, why does it not save in the auto process?

Here is my process list:

Local Correct Artist
Local Correct Release
Local Correct Title
Local Correct Genre
Local Correct Track
Local Correct Year
Local Correct Artist
Local Correct Artwork
Retrieve Acoustic Ids
Correct Metadata from MusicBrainz
Correct Metadata from Discogs
Correct Lyrics
Save Changes
Correct Filename From Metadata
Delete Duplicates
Save and Move if Matched

I have to reopen them all after auto process and click the save icon before they are viewable in win 7 or v23??

Thanks again for all of your help.
windows 7 32-bit
5GB ram
Xeon e5335 Quad
maybe this is part of the issue? and im confused..

FOr windows 7 you say save as v23 or v24? i just opened the prefs, and i have ISO encoding and V23 already selected (left default).

The two mp3's i sent you Colbie mp3 has info, katy mp3 did not. Colbie was encoded prior to upgrading to the new version.
Yes in windows and in players. there is no info..

i will email you the support files now... i just tried two files this morning one was already done with the old version, and one already done with new version, i redid the whole process and the old version still had id3 tags. Katy Perry song still shows no info or album art.
Yes, this is a problem... the majority of the id3 tags are not updating, i have no title or artist info, its just like its not working... but it renames the files correctly.. So i just tried to runn Jaikoz as admin, and deleted the database out as well... Still not fixing the id3 tags...

I have two mp3's i can send you, one done with slightly older version, when you view them both in jaikoz they look perfect all info is there even after i clear databse out. but no mp3 player, or windows has correct id3 tag on the mp3 fixed with the new version of jaikoz.

Is there a way to download an older version?

Let me know i can zip two examples and give you a link to download them.
Ok so i just upgraded and started to clean up some more ripped mp3's and now i have a weird problem after the upgrade... Your software SEE's album art and Genere but windows no longer does... when i open the tagged mp3's jaikoz sees everything correctly, but when i view in windows the fields are blank, when i view by "LARGE ICON" i see no album art on any mp3??? any ideas?

WIN 7 32bit
latest jaikoz
this may be a bug? Im finding if I try to do some tasks by themselves they bomb out. But it seems to work when using auto corrector....

For example if i go to action/remote correct/fix from musicbrainz server it somethimes makes it through 4k or so mp3's then just stops, changes are in the list, i can save. then i start again and does some more, bombs out again. But if i add ONLY remote correct from musicbrainz server into the auto corrector tasks.. it works! So in my auto corrector task list i have:

get acoustic ID's
Remote fix from MB
Delete duplicates
rename files from tag

and i just started annother 3k mp3's about 2 mins ago and acoustic ID is up to 311 songs already. seems to work correctly...

After this batch, i will do a small batch the old way and send you the error report.

scanning a folder that only has about 7000 mp3's acoustic id takes about 8 hours to get 90 or 100 then the progress window just goes away, not showing any changes in my mp3 list???

You smart mofos!
Maybe it can do this, but i dont know how..

When correcting a large chunk of files, it would be nice to have Jaikoz automatically move the corrected mp3's into another folder. So i can go back to the ones that didnt get corrected and fix them... right now in my collection i have 40 sum thousand files and im doing about 9000 at a time, i cant tell whats been corrected.
Profile for pir8radio -> Messages posted by pir8radio [14]
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