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Author Message
Monitor is 2560x1440
Mp3Tag (Free) cant change font.
Tag&Rename (Paid) Can change Font but not size
Here is screenshot of Jaikoz & Tag&Rename

Not sure if its the size or font but in T&R I can see well enough.
Fyi T&R default font is Segoe UI

Btw I really didn't want to go down this road. If its something your considering then OK.. But the other answer could of been.
"Jaikoz will not support any UI changes." or however you want to word it.

You've done a great job in making Jaikoz.
I'm just having trouble see it.. literally LOL
" after all Jaikoz is not a text editor ."
Maybe I didn't say it correct.
Almost all applications running in windows has a method to change the font type, size, background. Some do it via a theme or style.
Almost everything I'm running, Photoshop, AE, Premiere, Visual Studio, Excel, you can change at least the font and size. Many now have themes to use dark background.. btw very very nice.

I referring to the text in the rows & columns of Jaikoz. The font size is too small for me. Most applications one can change this.
For some reason can't read this app's text. It might be the default font.

Yes I can adjust windows font size but am not having trouble seeing text in any other application.

As far as text editor.. Well I just want to see the text within this application.
9.1.0 NGS
Within Jaikoz where does one change
Font, Font Size, Font Color, Background etc..
For the life of me I can not find it.

Running v7.1.1 NGS Pro

I do not want the Field "Disc No." updated or changed.

Disk No keeps getting filled in even though I think I've got that turned off.

Settings are:
Preferences, MusicBrainz, Format, Disc No: | Never Alter
Preferences, Remote Correct, Discogs, Disc No: | Never alter

Please advise
I hope I've made myself clear..

Highlight file.. right click and have it open file browser (windows explorer) to the location (path) of where media is at.
Using Jaikoz 6.1.1 win7 x64

When a file is selected add the ability to open the folder of where the file is located.

I.E. File selected, mouse right click have item "Open containing folder"

This would open (in windows) explorer to the path of where that file is.

I find sometime the song name isn't correct and by going to the folder where the album art is I can look at the back cover to see the correct info.

Thanks Paul
I should mention that in:
Preferences, Manipulators, Autocorrector, Task order are
Correct Metadata Discogs, MusicBrainz, then all
Local Correct; Artist, Album, Title, Genre, Comments, Track, Year, Artist

So Title Case should be the last to have an effect.

As far as MusicBrainz StyleGuide that is the beauty of Paul's project "Jaikoz"
I can have it the way I want it.. Which is an AWESOME design in the software.

I am hoping it just an over looked scenario.

Don't capitalize after the ' as in Can'T
Nor capitalize after the ( as in (today Is The Day To Smile)

I did but I try:

if title was:
Be to bad (mixed by norm big)

Title case will change to:
Be To Bad (mixed By Norm Big)

It misses the "m" right after the left parenthesis

or if title had:
Can't stop loving

title case changes to:
Can'T Stop Loving

It caps the "t"

Preferences, Local Correct, Auto Format, Capitalization Options, Title Case

When it encounter (misses the first letter after the parentheses)

Results are: (misses The First Letter After The Parentheses)

Title Case needs to ignore Punctuation

Much Thanks
Punctuation Replacer would be a great idea.. i currently use tag & rename for minor fixes and for file naming.

Is the build tracking site (http://www.jthink.net:8081) for just developers or can I vote on some of the issues ?

i.e. are end users involved in that site ?
if so to what extent ?
So if a song isn't found in MB or DL, how does one automatically replace 0x5f (underscore) or more odd ones 0x96, 0x97, and 0xad to a 0x20 (space) ?
I use the actual character but i added to
Preferences\Manipulators\Word Replacer this way jaikoz handles it and i wouldn't have to do manually but Replacer didn't work, then i used the find/replace which did.

as long as a change is coming you might want to look for 0x60, 0x91, & 0x92 for the capitalization routine only

Much Thanks Paul
Or just wait for next release.

btw much thanks.
Cant the replace be done by jaikoz?
Nice job Alfg.. these old eyes didn't or didn?t see the difference.

I added to replacer1 from (0x92) to '
but it doesn't seem to see that character.
I do have "Do local correct on songs that already have a Musicbrainz id" Checked.

I did test as you asked and nothing changed..
Why, "Title Case" is not being applied because in
Preferences\Local Correct\Auto Match\ Do local correct on songs that already have Musicbrainz Id\ is not check!

But if this check box is checked then the "Title Case" function is applied to the field.. and capitalizes letters after the apostrophe.
I did change order of Autocorrector Tasks see pic
Also checked Do local correct on songs that already have a Musicbrainz id

Local Correct, Auto Format, Title set to Title Case
From Main Menu pick Action, Local Correct, Title
all is correct on Musicbrainz

I did a test by changing Preferences, Local Correct, Auto Format, Capitalization Options, Title.. From Title Case to No Modification.
Now Capitalization after the apostrophe on contractions is ok so looks like the Title Case routine needs a small tweak so the letters after the apostrophe stay small case until it see a space character to continue Title Case
Using Jaikoz v5.1.1 NGS bld 1117
I want title field capitalized.

Letter after the punctuation mark is being capitalized
Can't is changed to Can'T
That's changed to That'S

I'm thinking its the capitalizer but if i manually use it on the title nothing happens. Not sure whats doing it and how to correct.

lol more like
i.e 'I'm listening to the The Rolling Stones' or maybe you just proved my point.. the The..
btw You do great work..
Paul you made me laugh..
"because that is just wrong, why do you want to do this ?"

I started this post and if you read the first 2 post you will see why..

I know it just wrong.. but like I said..
When I'm browsing my ipod I don't thing "The Who" and go to the "T's"
I go to the "W" and look for Who
"P" for "The Police"
R for "Rolling Stones"
Hell no one says "The Rolling Stones" they say "Rolling Stones"

No worries.. just wanted a slick way to fix it if the 1st 3 letters were "The" then move to end. LOL
Thanks for putting me in my place.. guess I'll have to fix them manually in secret
Have a great day..
I like and want

, The

To be at the end.. Just noticed no one read what I ask for.
I have set in Preferences: Local Correct. Auto Format, Artist, Capitalization Option, Title Case
I would be nice to do the same thing to Album Artist because they are typically the same.
I too use Jaikoz mostly for getting lyrics & making sure tag data is correct.. Jaikoz is my one stop solution.

I hope you can find a solution.
lol we do have are ways

I find there are just to many "The" band name.. it more of a grammar thing than hey lets call are selves.. hmm but it must start with "The"

So when I look on my iPod or anywhere else I think Rolling Stones, or Who
But that's why we love Tag editors

Need a little util that looks at 1st 4 characters = "The " then fix it
I'm sure I can do it in Foobar (btw best player on the planet) but doesn't help when it comes time to using the iPod.

anyway cheers
Jaikoz v4.2.1 NGS

In Title Column I have

Right click, Action, Capitilizer, Title Case

I get "TAKIN' CARE OF Business"

To get it to work
Right click, Action, Capitilizer, lower case all characters
Right click, Action, Capitilizer, Title Case
I now have "Takin' Care Of Business"

and i do have checked Preferences/Local Correct/Auto Match/Do local correct on songs that already have a Musicbrainz Id

Must be a bug, or small rodent
I manually fix this but maybe there is a better way.
Bands like:
"The Police" changed to "Police, The"
"The Rolling Stones" to "Rolling Stones, The"
"The Bla Bla" to "Bla Bla, The"
in both Artist and Album Artist.

Any one know of a slick way to do this?
Much Thanks if you do..

Side Note:
Thanks Paul for such a Great App.
v4.2.1 NGS
With all item ticked in Pref. Table, Synchronization

If I do a ctrl-z to undo, or an Action, Local Correct, pick something. I loose synchronization between the two window.

Btw Synchronization is misspelled on the tab.

I am getting same error.
Can't Restart because I click "Autocorrect songs"
If I restart then I loose all info that has been updated.
I can't save because I'm still looking through tags, undoing some or correcting bad tags.
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