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Messages posted by: dkoh  XML
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What does this do? I assumed it exported the cover image to a file, but I can't find the file, if that's what it's supposed to do.
I forgot... Once you have an MB account, Go to Preferences>Musicbrainz>Submissions and put in your user/pass (and make sure the server is http://musicbrainz.org). I've read that there's problems with Jaikoz auto logging in, but I haven't had problems with it.

Also, when you are done tagging files; Before you close them hit the "Submit MB/PUID pair" button in the toolbar. That sends that PUID relationship to MB so the next person can match faster with the same PUID.
Sure, and it's pretty simple.

You need to get an account at MB (musicbrainz.org) and sign in. You can then add things in MB directly or use the "Submit to MB" in Jaikoz. If you use Jaikoz you'll have all the info uploaded automatically, so fill out as much as you can beforehand.

You need to find sources to ensure your info is correct. Try Amazon.com, allmusic.com, discogs.com, lastfm.com, or the actual CD in you hand. Once you sign in, you can see other people's edits, and there's a ton of them, and see how they put stuff in. Later you'll get into voting where you double-check their entries.

Try it out, fill out as much as you can in Jaikoz and "Submit new Release", then MB does a step 1, step 2, step 3 kinda thing where is asks for more info or "are you sure", and you put your sources in at the end and hit Save. If you get it wrong, you (or someone else) can fix it.
Wait, wait, wait. Is splitting WAVs similar to splitting FLAC/CUEs, or is it a bit more rudimentary?

What I'm wondering is if the track lengths are varying too much and falling outside the constraints for matching. If you do a ManualCorrect, are your times very far off from what it's wanting?

I'm starting to see what you're doing now along with what you said in the Wishlist. It looks like you're keeping HQ albums as one file, but want the functionality of tags just for display reasons on whatever portable device. You don't need the intelligence, just the "shininess". If that's the case, I can see the need for meta-only in your Wishlist. At first, it sounded like you just wanted to force songs to be what they're not, correct or not.

markfaine wrote:
It should get the acoustic ids and then match but it won't unless there is other information. It can generate the acoustic ids from nothing but the files. 

I'm confused. So you can get AcoustIDs from nothing, but it still won't match after that? Or are you running the AC and expecting the AcoustIDs to fill in before the other stuff?

IIRC, in the default AutoCorrector todo list, AcoustIDs are found later in the list. If this is your case, AC would have to run twice to get the other MB and Discogs metas.
Well, Jaikoz needs something to search with. I usually get the AcoustIDs first, then the AC or Match to One will easily pick up the rest. This is usually when I forget to pick CDDB when ripping a disc and everything is blank.
This sounds like more of a problem with your files than a malfunctioning feature. You can't have a Dio album and force it to be Jamiroquai. That's like... the opposite of matching.

What's really happening here? If you get the acoustIDs and then just AutoCorrect, does it come up with different artists/titles? If that's the case, then there's no match, therefore nothing to match to in MB. Can you give an example of what you're doing and what release? I really have a feeling the PUIDs are saying the files are something else.

Of course, you could always copy/paste the MBID in those fields to make it look like you have everything correct.
It's not if Jaikoz knows what to do with it, it what other programs can do with it. In some programs, you can use specific fields to display even though it has a different label.

But I don't think Tags in Jaikoz are there because of MB Tags, I think it's just a popular extra tag. Reading what Paul said above, it looks like Jaikoz will pull from Tags in MB for the Genre in Jaikoz, but not Tags. I actually don't see anywhere in Jaikoz where will enter Tags (except manually). Looking at my stuff now, I don't see where anything has been filled in Tags in ID3.

I just asked this same thing here a few days ago. I'm struggling with how to get genres and styles tagged and really wish I could find an allmusic scraper. Until a Styles field comes along, I'm thinking of using Tags for Styles.
Ah, no wonder I never saw them... not a very large percentage have them.

On a similar note: I've been tagging genres and I've been putting the genre (following allmusic) in the first field in the genre tag and the styles in the subsequent fields in the same genre tag. Should these have gone in the Tags tag?

I've been looking around and have seen a small demand for a Styles tag, and it seems that a couple taggers/players support them. Is there anything in the future for this (not Jaikoz, but ID3 in general)?

I've been playing with XBMC and it looks like it has the capability to look at a styles tag, but I'm a complete n00b so I could be very mistaken. But it is looking at all the genres as separate entries, so that's semi-good news.
Under Action>Remote Correct there's an item called "Submit MusicBrainz Genres". Can someone show me where there are genres in MB, I've been looking everywhere.
BAM! Thanks Paul.
Can you give some details on what you're trying to match and the steps you're taking?

I mean, if you're trying to match Def Leppard and it's not coming up, there's a problem. If you're trying to match your cousin's beatbox demo, well, it's not gonna happen. Does what you're trying to match show up in MB?

Have you tried retrieving the AcousticIDs first? I think most of my mismatches came from albums not being complete or crappy torrent finds where all the files weren't what they were actually named. Acoustic IDs will usually fix this a allow MB to find a better match.

You can contribute by adding/editing info at Musicbrainz.
Restarted Win7 and all the masks reset and now work correctly. Don't know what that's about, but it's better now.
I do pretty much what Paul already suggested.

I load up about 1000 files at a time. I do bulk edits (AcoustID, delete non-supported fields, etc), save everything, then I match to one release or do my detailed edits on a per-album basis. I save and close what I've already done and leave the rest up for later. I work on them in between other apps or if I'm bored. Sometimes I'll work on the same 1k set for over a week!

Doesn't really solve your problem, but IMO it's easier than writing extra fields to keep track of things.
I don't know if it's my machine acting funny again but...

I put "title" in the rename mask and "title + artist" in the compilation mask. The Rename Mask radio button is checked, but renaming files uses the compilation mask instead. I edit the compilation mask to match the regular mask and it gives me what I want. Also, when I switch the radio button to compilation mask, hit save, and open prefs back up again it's back on Rename Mask.

Can anyone confirm this?
Thanks Paul, that helps.

Turns out I was playing with the wrong literal trying to change U2-Twilight to get spaces.

Maybe it is time to pick up a Java book.

paultaylor wrote:
 (albumartist.length>0  ? albumartist  +'-':(artist.length>0 ? artist +'-': ''))  + (trackno.length>0 ? trackno +'-' :'')   + title


Can you help me understand this little better? I know zero JS.

albumartist.length>0 ? albumartist
What does the "?" mean. I take this as "Return value if the artist text length is greater than zero, query the 'albumartist' field".

(artist.length>0 ? artist +'-': '')
What does the :'' at the end mean? And how does "artist" work inside the "albumartist" statement? Will it return both if they're the same?

And I noticed that this is not space-sensitive, so how would I use '-' to get "U2 - Twilight" with spaces around the -?
You mean it can't find a match for any song in the album?

I find Jaikoz isn't the most thorough with lyrics. I let Jaikoz look for them, but then I use a program called Tagrunner by Audials and it usually picks up a lot more. Unfortunately it's no longer for sale, but can still be "obtained".

I think Jaikoz is just lacking in the number of sources that it queries.
Thesres a few ways. All below assumes you have the files loaded.

-If it isn't visible in the Edit window, got to the little chart-with-a-down-arrow at the right and make sure lyrics is checked.
-You can manually enter (copy/paste) into this field. Similarly, you can use the bigger form under the Lyrics tab at the bottom.
-To auto-lyric, on the main menu (similar on the context menu) Action>Remote Correct>Lyrics.

- You can drag an image straight from a browser right to the individual field.
- Highlight the entire album and drag to the bottom, under the tabs where there's probably a white square for artwork now.
- Use the artwork tab at the bottom and manually browse for art files.

Both of these can be used in the autocorrector to be done automatically. Artwork is inside "Correct metadata from MusicBrainz" (and should be there by default).
I think it's worth a shot. I like the shift+click opposite thing too. It may become confusing, but I'd like to try it out.

I agree that the context shall ALWAYS work on selected files only. That's how it is in every other program and it makes sense.
You can make a copy of settings.jai before you make the changes. Then when you're done with you interim prefs, just overwrite with the original.

I guess you could make 2 settings files and use the one you want to use, but I can see this getting cumbersome.
^ Agreed, and good example. If you're searching by genre, those weird discogs IDs can make things difficult.

I'd gladly pay $12/year to sort thousands of genres. And a year-to-year thing is kinda nice cos I might pay 12 bucks and fix up my genres within that year, then do it manually for smaller things - only resubscribing when I have another chunk to do.

I haven't played around with last.fm too much, but I'll check it out. Thx.
Another idea: A toggle button up in the advanced tool bar that says "Only Selected" so it can be flicked quickly.
You know, this is a tough one. Sometimes I think I would want the menu bar to do selected files only, but this is when I load several folder/artists at once. Then I throw in a single ripped CD, and I wished the context menu was for all files.

I think a solution to satisfy both would be something like:
Click on menu bar does everything, like it does now.
Shift-click on the menu bar would do only selected.

Maybe the context could be similar, with a shift-RMB?

I dunno, just thinking outside the buns...
Eh, turns out Discogs genres are shite. I'll use them as a baseline, but most I'll edit to the allmusic style. Much more consistent. Plus, they have a comment for every release I've seen so far.

Back to manual tagging!
Holy jeez, so it does!

I never knew what those options were for, and now that I had a want for them, I totally forgot about them. Damn Jaikoz is good, knew what I wanted before I wanted it!

I was dreading manually correcting all these, but now I'll just have to keep an eye on those funny genres. I wish I knew about this sooner.

So, is grouping just another field with a different format, in case some app can't read multiple genre tags?

<edit> OK, I've found out how grouping is used. Now set to style and 1. Back to tagging!
So I've been thinking about how to organize genres lately, mainly in preparation for an HTPC and/or jukebox where you can sort by genre.

I've been looking at AllMusic and they break it down as 11 main genres (Pop/Rock, Jazz, R&B, etc.), and all "styles" (Stoner Rock, Black Metal, Smooth Jazz) are under those 11 genres.

If you look at an album, AllMusic labels that release with a genre and 1 or more styles. Looking around at several albums, I think they have it more accurate than most places I've seen. (Anyone have a better place?)

So when it comes to tagging - and I'm not sure how HTPC/juke softs will look at the genre fields yet - is it better to put the genre and all styles on one line (the same field)?

1. Pop/Rock, Alternative Metal, Funk Metal

Or is it better to have 3 separate genre fields that still maintain the hierarchy?

1. Pop/Rock
2. Alternative Metal
3. Funk Metal

Ooooooor... would it be wise to just stick with the most specific style? And if an album has more than one style, would you then use 2 genre fields?

Any thoughts?

What's in my head is:
Say you want to get to a variety of Death Metal, so (in the software in my mind) you click on Pop/Rock. Then that expands to the sub-genres, click on Heavy Metal. That expands the styles and you can select Death Metal.

...or am I just over thinking this?
Can we have the "Revert to Saved" command NOT clear the current selection?

'Match to One' or the AC will bring back something similar but wrong. Like "Greatest Hits" instead of "The Greatest", with similar track listings. Or a 15-track release instead of the 14-track version. 'Revert to Save' clears the selection and you have to re-select the files.

bdeschenes wrote:

1) I was told that I need to enter in the metadata the UPC code of the CD and the ISRC codes of each track. Where do I go in Jaikoz for that. I do not see any field clearly indicating that.

At the top of the columns, in the far right there's a little "Table with an Arrow" button. Just above the vertical scrollbar. You can find Barcode and ISRC under there.

bdeschenes wrote:

2) I would like to send my info to MusikBrainz. There is a tab at the bottom to enter information specifically for MusicBrainz. Am I the one entering that information or they? If I am, where can I go to know what each field requires as information to be sure to enter the proper information.

That is the information collected from MB. If you type anything in there it will stay local and not update MB. If you want it changed or find errors it should be edited on the MB site. Of course, nothing's stopping you from entering your own info and just saving it for yourself.

Hope this helps.

paultaylor wrote:
DJitalSneaky , just so you are clear dkoh is only replying as a customer not as a Jaikoz developer. 

Hah! Yeah, I'm just an average schmuck. Sorry if I came off sounding "official".
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