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Here is a list of small (and low prio) enhancement requests based on recent use:

1.) It would be nice to be able to open the console from the user interface into a new window, instead of looking at the console in the tabs or manually opening the actual file.

2.) It would be nice to just save/close the duplicates and continue working with rest of files.

3.) It would be nice to be able to select music file types in settings that are loaded, and disregard or move other music file types.

For example, in a large folder there are lots of mp3's and few wmas, flacs and other non-mp3 music files. I would just want to handle mp3 files and move other music files to a separate location like I do with duplicates.

This is particularly useful when you just want to process mp3 with iTunes.

4.) It would be useful to be able to override settings and for example run complete remote Musicbrainz/Discogs data retrieval for selection of files.

5.) It would be useful in Column Browser to get the number of tracks in each of the entries in columns

For example:
Genre: Artists Album:
Rock (20 tracks) Elvis Presley (200 tracks) Jailhouse Rock (15 tracks)

6.) It would be nice to get also "Album Artist" and potentially "Year"
fields in the column browser. It would nice also if the fields in the
column browser could be turned on/off in settings.

7.) WARNING: Unable to retrieve an acoustic id for song 26 file *** This warning was result of wrong file type. In the pop-up it was described as wrong file type (WMA), but not in console message. Ideally console/log would include also the explanation.
I don't know where this information is very useful. Please explain.

The problem is that this information is missing from Musicbrainz and Discogs most of the times. Many times it's also not according to standard either.

I looked at about 2000 tracks and the efforts to fix it would have been quite substancial, so I decided to delete all of this. I guestimated that to fix this data would have increased the effort by 20%. Especially the compilations increase the effort dramatically.

If some level of automation and intelligence would be available, then this would change the game. Maybe introducing MB artist id specific sort details would be useful. I don't know.
Thanks! Works perfectly.

I really like the feature that you can move all duplicates to user specified folder, and delete them later if I want.
I came across the same situation and decided to delete all Sort Album Artist, Sort Artist and Sort Album information. I set Jaikoz also to never populate it.

I don't want to use a script to fix it in iTunes lib only. I have to occasionally repopulate the iTunes libs so this would be another thing to remember and bother.

The challenge is tough that many of my files include already this information. This means I would have to manually delete this, and this requires me to keep these colums visible in the edit pane. This real-estate is expensive.

It would be really nice to have a setting in Jaikoz that would automatically delete the content of selected fields in the autocorrector.
I noticed that I have quite many duplicate albums where the Acousti IDs are same for thr tracks, but MusicBrainz Unique ID is different. The reason appears to be that relaease country is different.

I'm able to filter these using the "Duplicate AmpliFIND Acoustic IDs exists".

I'd like to tough use "Delete Duplicates" with only duplicate Acoustic IDs - is this possible?

This is not a very serious challenge, but in a pretty large library I have come across this quite a few times.

Would it make sense that Jaikoz would optionally generate Last modified -date custom tag to all tracks OR copy this information from Musicbrainz and Discogs, after it has updated metadata from MB and DC?

Next time you go through your library with Jaikoz, and want check if the metadata has been updated at MB or DC, you could just check the "Last modified" date against the date at MB and DC, and if same you could ignore that track. If there has been recent changes, you could update the metadata.

It would be a nice option as well, that if no changes were detected, Jaikoz would automatically close these files. After you have gone through a huge batch, only those with changes would still be loaded. This would speed up processing significantly.
I have run my music library through Jaikoz and loaded all files into iTunes. (I don't let iTunes to manage files, but I have my own directory structure) I have about 55k files in MP3. (and many more in FLAC outside iTunes)

I know that the tags are not perfect, but they are pretty good.

I have following problems with my files:
- some artwork is missing
- genres are not correct
- some files are misplaced
- some artists are wrong
- etc

I have some time available to continue fixing the tags, so I was wondering what to do next. What irritates me and my family most are sometimes missing artwork and wrong genres. So,

What is the best approach to fix genres?
What is the best approach to fix artwork?

I just don't want to start loading large number of files into Jaikoz and run remote/manual corrections again.

Can I somehow use information available in iTunes to speed up the process? Could I use intelligent playlists to identify files with errors? If I export the library details to xml file, can I use this somehow with Jaikoz?

I have used MediaMonkey in the past, which was very useful in determining what to fix next in Jaikoz. It was all manual work, and too time consuming. I have now moved to Mac, and MM is not available.

I have used iTunes to identify album artists related errors. I collected all songs that had errors to playlists, and loaded these to Jaikoz.

I could perhaps do the same to genres. Change the iTunes view to genres, and collect the clear errors to playlist and load them to Jaikoz and fix. But this fixes only part of the problem.

I was wondering if I could use the export to excel functionality in Jaikoz. I would load large number of files into Jaikoz, and export the tags to Excel. Then I would fix them offline in Excel over a few weeks, and load again to Jaikoz. Would this work? I noticed that artwork and multiple values in field would not work - but otherwise?

Any best practises? Advise? Suggestions?
I have this issue frequently, but I suspect it's related to the fact that I'm using windows server to store files. iTunes on Mac doesn't like to have the files being stored on Windows server.

Interestingly Jaikoz creates tough correct the playlists and in console it confirms that iTunes was correctly updated.

Another related problem I have is that when I export m3u playlist from iTunes, and try to open the playlist in Jaikoz only small number of files are actually opened. When I look at the m3u file itself, all songs are there. This is annoying.

I noticed these problems occure more frequently if I open open over 500 files at a time.

I use force save option to save all opened files.
Is it possible to change the order of artwork images in files? For example, I have four images and the cover image is third - and I want to get it first.

I have in too many situation the back cover as the first image, and it would be nice to get cover image first so it would look better later in iTunes and players.
I just bought newest and best MBP money can buy with core i7, 8GB RAM and a very fast SSD.

To my astounishment, iTunes doesn't work well at all. iTunes has used over 20 hours to determine the gapless playback and retrieve cover art. I estimate it will take at least another 20 hours to finish this. And this is just the beginning, as I have put only half of my library there.

My librarary is in the server and I don't let iTunes to manage the files etc. Server is pretty powerful, and my MBP is connected via LAN to it.

I have used Jaikoz to fix the tags etc. I have to say that Jaikoz rocks! I can't imagine living without it.

Just as an idea, is it possible to use Jaikoz and iTunes integration to disable the gapless playback and retrieval of cover art.

Is it just duplicates your interested in, or any file marked for deletion. I could add a Deleted Filter, but why not sort by status and save changes to the files marked for deletion which will actually delete them and remove them.

You're right. All the files marked for deletion should be hidden. The sorting is cumbersome as this would have to be repeated many times as I at least process the songs by albums. Usually I load some 4-500 songs at the time.

Dont understand this, Jaikoz deletes the lowest quality file, and after deltion why would you want to rename the remaining file with an indication of its quality.

Actually I wouldn't want to use the quality description as part of naming, but remove the numbers at the end of file name. This happens if you have the same song three times:
- song.mp3
- song(1).mp3
- song(2).mp3
So I would want the number away in case best quality song is for example song(2).mp3

To be fair most applications don't bother telling you there is a problem at all, I think trying to explain further would confuse most users and sometimes there is no way to fix the issue.

Well, you seem to have very good understanding of the problems related to files. This is kind of sharing of your knowledge. Short descriptions would be really useful to determine if the problems are easy to fix. I agree that most apps really don't tell anything, but that's one reason why I chose Jaikoz - it's better, well best...

But your folders could contain loads of no music files, such as text files,images and playlists, do you want to see these all listed as not being openable.

Primary interest are the music files. Perharps it could be an option to include others as well. Currently I use combination of log files and directory browsing.

But it would be better if Jaikoz could handle these scenarios itself, what different scenarios do you have ?

My scenarios are quite simple. I have three steps in my process;
1.) Basic processing (unattended) - I process local corrects, retrieve acoustic ids, correct tags from musicbrainz, correct lyrics and update Discogs tags - and save files. I do this for a batch of 4-6000 songs at time. With my old PC this takes a whole day...
2.) Manual checking and fixing location - I open a batch of 4-500 songs that have gone through basic processing. I manually correct tags and then automatically correct subfolders and filenames and finally save/move to new location.
3.) Maintenance (unattended) - this is something I haven't started yet. I plan to do this for files that have gone through manual checking and are in the final location. I would want to retrieve the missing acoustic Ids, update selected tags, lyrics, artwork, etc. I would want to do this for the entire collection - perhaps once a quarter.

So basically I would want to make a template for each phase in my process. I personally don't have any exotic algorithms, word replacers, removers, separators or anything similar.
Great tool! Just started using it and find it very useful.

Here is a list of enhancements based on few hours of use.

1.) Hide duplicates to be deleted
It would be useful to be able hide the dublicates to be deleted from the edit table after they have been reviewed using the filter. As workaround Excel can be used, but...

2.) File naming order
It would be useful that Jaikoz had the intelligence to rename files in the quality order in case of dublicates. Currently if file is a duplicate, it's is named based on order of appearance. For example: title_low_quality.mp3; title_good_quality(1).mp3; title_excellent_quality(2).mp3 should be title_low_quality(2).mp3; title_good_quality(1).mp3; title_excellent_quality.mp3 - this is the file to be saved and obvuosly with a "right description"

3.) Multiple sorting orders
It would be useful to have multiple sorting orders. For example: sort first using artist, secondly album and third track number. As workaround Excel can be used, but...

4.) Copy artwork
It would be useful if Jaikoz would copy the artwork from a title in the same album to all titles in case they are not otherwise available. As workaround this can be done manually, but in large collections...

5.) Better information why music files are ignored
It would be useful to have better information why music files are ignored - there apears to be no problems with file, for some reason Jaikoz ignores them. If Jaikoz could give some indications what could be the potential problem that would be very useful. For example: sometimes I get errors "not identified as music" or "there was not actually any image data - so the image has not been loaded". It would be enough if main reasons would be documented in help file, but obviously a tool to fix it would be better. The music files are ok, well, at least you hear the music when you play them.

6.) Report of ignored files with applicable extensions
It would be useful to have a report of files that were ignored in the selected folders. Currently you see only a (potentially) selection of files in the console.

7.) There should be better selection of remote actions. This is particularly useful in case of collections. There should be an ability to remote correct selected tags, for example, just artist, year, genre and title - and exclude for example album and track number.

8.) Auto-correction templates
It would be really useful to make many "auto-correction" templates that can be used in different scenarios

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