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perhaps i'm mistaking what the OP is requesting, but isn't this functionality already included? you just export the metadata to an XML file; reload the same files if the computer crashes or something & apply the saved XML file to see the unsaved changes reapplied.

moreover, if you're editing data by hand [not calling up the databases or autocorrect or anything] it's way easier to just edit the metadata in the exported XML file in excel or numbers & then reload that XML file into jaikoz once you're done editing the metadata anyway.

also, if you're having memory issues, maybe you should:

· uncheck "generate acoustic ID for songs with no matches" or whatever in the Preferences
· hide all the songs that now have a PUID [it's a menu item...i don't have jaikoz open at the moment, but it's a command in a submenu, something like "hide all songs with acoustic ID"];
· run Retrieve Acoustic ID on all yr files
· run Retrieve Acoustic ID again---sometimes it'll work the second time through, if you're working with a large number of files, for some reason---
· show all songs.
· save, quit.
· restart yr computer so you can boot up jaikoz with no inactive memory slowing things up

· open jaikoz, reload folder of songs you're working through;
· hide all the songs that now have a PUID;
· open Preferences & check the "generate ID" thing that you unchecked last time;
· run Retrieve Acoustic ID on all yr files;
· save, quit.

· after 24 hours have passed---that's how long it should take for newly generated PUIDs to show up in the online database jaikoz queries for retrieval---reopen files in jaikoz;
· uncheck the "generate ID" thing in Preferences
· hide all songs with an acoustic ID;
· run Retrieve Acoustic ID;
· run it again for any files that still don't have a match;
· show all files; save, quit.

STEP 4, if you still had PUIDless songs after step 3
· check the "generate ID" thing in Preferences
· hide all songs with an acoustic ID;
· run Retrieve Acoustic ID;
· show all files; save, quit.
· repeat step 3...remember to wait 24 hours.

[i have a library of 100,000+ songs...that's how i got them all PUID'd without 45867 GBs of memory. restarting yr computer whenever you complete part of the task is useful. if you have the console log open in the Details pane when you run the Retrieve Acoustic ID command, you can watch which tracks it's processing as it goes through them, which is more interesting to watch than the little progress bar.]
i use beatunes 2. it has several methods of determining BPM; check out the application's help dialogues to figure out which one will suit yr purposes best.

it also detects overall key, generates acoustic IDs, & calculates a color based on the acoustic qualities of a song. can handle loading all the songs from my 75000-song library. far more intelligent playlist generation than itunes' genius feature. very useful for DJs.

it's cross-platform.

highly recommended.

[the developer is also extremely responsive & very open to suggestions. you have to e-mail him, though -- no forums.]
if i try to select more than one field in Jaikoz, running Snow Leopard, the selection'll just switch to the last cell i clicked. happens using shift- or command-multiselect.
preliminary use of jaikoz after applying this fix appears to be perfectly functional. [yay! alleluiah!]

...jaikoz is so much zippier in 10.6! [particularly with regards to looking up puids significantly faster...lord, what a welcome little plus.]

thank you for the quick fix! ...i don?t know what i?d do with myself if i had to endure buggy|dysfunctional|nonfunctional jaikoz for a few days, oy. may that never be the case!
Seconded! This would be a tremendous timesaver - could just set up a task queue & let it run all night, when I'm not using my computer (& therefore not hogging all the RAM doing other things like I normally do when using my laptop)...
Seconding the Autocorrect templates! I have a number of hideously complex algorithms that I'd love to share (& maybe save some other folks time), but insofar as I'm aware, there's no way to export these from the Preferences dialog...

I'd be happy to set up a site where users could upload their Autocorrect routines, if the developer doesn't want to do it. But we'd need to figure out how to export the data first.

Profile for spats -> Messages posted by spats [6]
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