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It seems that the lates version of Jaikoz Audio Tagger for Mac OS X 10.6.7 does not have an option to lower the required score for a MusicBrainz Automatch, with or without AmliFIND ID. I have several files that have AmpliFIND ID's but won't automatch with MusicBrainz however during a Manual match they have matching AmpliFind ID's but scores of 65 or 55. I'm having to manually update like 100 tracks due to this.

Is there a way to force Jaikoz to force accepting lower scores?
What is the difference between Joint Stereo and Stereo? Which one is better? I have identical songs except for that part. Which one should I keep/delete?
I've read other threads, but for a clearer answer, I'd rather just ask you directly.

Last year, I used a combination of MusicIP Mixer to first analyze each MP3 for the MusicIP ID. I would then load the songs into Jaikoz to analyze the MusicBrainz ID and correct the tags. This took some effort.

My question is, will Jaikoz analyze each song for the acoustic ID and the MusicIP ID itself so I won't have to use MusicIP Mixer? Or, does MusicIP Mixer do a better job of correctly analyzing and identifying each song for the acoustic signature and ID?

Again, great application? Haven't found a better one yet. You're going to make money off this some day!
Remote Artwork Correct.
Why does the autocorrection only load new images for files without images? This means if I want the correct image for my file, I'd have to delete all the files and run the autocorrect function. But then, I run the risk of deleting images from files that aren't able to find the correct images. Thus, files that once had images no longer won't because the program was unable to find it. Also, I think allowing images off Amazon to be loaded would be awesome! But I already read the thread about the legal technicalities with that feature.
How do you select only a portion of your opened files/songs to close? When I've tried, the program will close all the files at once. I'd like to close certain files I'm happy with and further edit the remaining files.
How about this....does Jaikoz produce the same PUID that Music IP mixer produces? In other words, does it use the same analyzing process?
Hey all, curious if someone can answer my questions. I have been playing with the MusicIP and Jaikoz programs to figure out the most accurate way to update thousands of my mp3's. I think that MusicIP first developed the acoustic fingerprinting method. I first ran that program to analyze all my songs. I then saved those PUIDs to each mp3 hoping that Jaikoz would use this data from the database to accurately ID the songs from the MusicBrainz database. Jaikoz is a better program than MusicIP to update tags. However, it seems that Jaikoz recognizes these IDs as "MusicMagic Data" and "MusicMagic Fingerprint" So, I run Jaikoz's own "Retrieve Acoustic IDs" which generates its own MusicIP PUID. All three of these seperate tags are under the column "User Defined Text Info"

1. Is the acoustic analysis the same in both programs? If so, why is the analysis in Jaikoz much quicker than MusicIP? Is MusicIP more accurate since it's slower?

2. What exactly is "MusicMagic Data" and "MusicMagic Fingerprinte"?

3. Why won't Jaikoz just accept the analysis tags from MusicIP?

4 (and last). For all the songs that Jaikoz/MusicBrainz doesn't recognize the songs (PUIDs, tags, etc) and doesn't supply a "Unique File ID", will submitting the info to the server (MusicBrainz/PUID pair) over time get these songs on the database?

Thanks for any assistance and help!
Profile for newname -> Messages posted by newname [8]
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