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Messages posted by: dkoh  XML
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It already highlights "cells" blue, it would just be nice sometimes to have the whole row highlight when you click on the row number.

It can get difficult to match up something in a right-hand column with a track name on the left when you have a lot of files loaded. Your eyeballs start going wonky.
Just to be sure, you should be in C:\Program Files (x86)\Jthink\Jaikoz\.
Jaikoz.bat isn't in C:\users (at least not mine).
This has come up a few times before and been dismissed. However, I partially agree with you.

I don't like your idea for buttons for a bunch of little tasks. Your concern is speed, but Paul usually focuses on keystroke shortcuts for common commands, and they don't get faster than that. I'm actually glad there isn't a cluttered ribbon at the top. Between the context (RMB) menu, advanced button bar, keyboard shortcuts and the menu bar, I think there's already adequate redundancy.

Something I would use though is an AutoFiler button. You run AC, fix mistakes/genres/artwork/etc, THEN run the AutoFiler when you know everything is correct. The AF would have similar macros as the AC (maybe the AC would "take ownership" of a command so it cannot be run again in AF?), with maybe the addition of some things like "Close Files" or "Upload PUID pair".

Anyways... just my 2 cents.
I've wished for this at times too. Especially if you have to scroll left/right.

paultaylor wrote:
Ive made some of you moderators so that your post should go straight through. 

Umm... you made me a mod. So I saw amix had a que of legit Jaikoz questions and I just instinctively un-qued them. Then I thought "oooh, should I have just done that? This isn't my board."

Is approving posts something you're letting pseudo-mods do?
Not really an issue or a problem but something you (Paul) may not find preferable...

Did you know the "Saving Songs" dialog is resizable?
Wow, that was quick!

I'm glad you approve.
Would it be feasible to add a Skip Task button to the AC dialog?

ex: Task 11 of 14 is Correct Lyrics. Sometimes I'm focusing on other things like MBIDs or general title/track/artist tags and I forget that AC is going to find lyrics. This can take forever on 3k files, and I'd rather just move along to task 12 instead of cancelling the whole AC.

I would also occasionally like to skip when the AcousticIDs get stubborn and come to a crawl in the middle of said 3000 files.

I was hesitant to post this under Wishlist cos I don't know how beneficial it would be to others. What do you think (Paul or others)?

djotley wrote:

I have sorted it

The URL for Musicbrainz submissions was going to the old site I have now changed to point to http://musicbrainz.org and is now working perfectly 

This did it for me too. I didn't even notice that it (the URL) changed back. Thanks.
Yes, this is with 4.0.1 beta.
I don't know what happened, but my Manual Correct works again.

It sure wasn't working yesterday, and nothing changed between then and now. Not even a PC restart.
Kinda nit-picking here...

When "Match to One MB Release" comes up with no matches, the dialog saying so pops up two times. I thought it was losing focus at first, but if you move the first one and hit OK, the second one immediately shows up again in the center of the screen.
The MB/PUID pair. The meter (progress bar) dialog shows up and starts scanning, but then the error quickly shows up with the message above.

This didn't change with a release either. I believe it happened in 4.0.0 final. It was working just fine, then it errored without anything changing. I figured MB was doing maintenance or something, but now it's been happening for a couple weeks, so I asked here.

ErwinB wrote:
In Jaikoz 4.0.1 the ctrl+u shortcut for showing the artwork full size does not work anymore. 

Mine still works just fine.

ErwinB wrote:
And another manual correct issue:
With some songs when I try to do a manual correct the possible matches window is not shown at all. The checking x songs pop-up just stands there after looking up the correct number of songs. The only way to continue is pressing cancel here. When I then do a manual correct on a different song, the possible matches windows does pop-up but then it is a totally minimized window, I have to drag it out to be able to see/do anything  

I can confirm this, but I don't get a window after trying a different track. Mine just sits there and keeps counting the number of files scanned instead of stopping at the specified 10 tracks. My taskbar does blink when it get to 10 though, like it needs my attention, but there's nothing there to attend to.
Is anyone else getting this error:

"There was a problem submitting to the musicbrainz server, failing with http response code 301 and error"?

It's been happening for about a week now whenever I try to upload the MB/PUID pair. This doesn't change depending on which buttons/menus I use.

The separate fingerprinter app seems to still be working, but there isn't exactly any useful feedback.
Is there a reason for this? Is there a way to change it or override it?

I listen to a lot of punk, and sometimes those guys fit close to 50 tracks per disc, which means they don't get PUIDs. This also occurs a lot on intros, interludes, and skits. I would think that a short track is just as important as a long one.
Ha! So I just did my first add in MB - Hank Williams III - Hillbilly Joker, saved it, AC'd my Hillbilly Joker folder, and updated the PUID pair.

Ahhh... the circle is complete.

Well, kinda. I don't have all the barcode/cat no. stuff for this release, and I haven't done anything in Discogs yet.

But hey, baby steps. Just when I felt comfortable with Jaikoz, I turn around and there's a whole 'nother pile of doors I haven't tried.

Thanks again.
Well, just like the topic says. The missing Report gives the following with "null" for track names:

- (trackno) null by (artist)

paultaylor wrote:
There are a number of different bits of information you can send back, but in almost every case the purpose of sending the information back is to improve the information in the database to help everone else (and yourself if you need to retag your files)

Submit Musicbrainz/PUID Pair checks your songs for ones that have a Musicbrainz Id and a Puid. These two pieces of info are keys into two different databases Musicbrainz, and AmplifIND. You get AmplifIND Ids from AMpliFIND by running Retrieve Acoustic Ids, if this Puid has already been linked to as record in Musicbrainz it gives you an easy match to Musicbrainz, if it hasn't you have to find a match to Musicbrainz based on metadata alone, and if you havent got any metadata then you cannot do a match. So the purpose of Submit Musicbrainz/Puid is to link up the pairs for those songs that a metadata match was done , so in futures users with the same song can match just based on a puid.

Gotcha. Now, I thought that this was available in AC, but now I see it's not. Does this happen automatically if you have MB user/pass entered in Prefs? Is there a reason not to do this all the time? I assume nothing is sent if a pair doesn't exist.

paultaylor wrote:

Submit Musicbrainz/AcoustId Pair does much the same thing, but instead of submitting the pairing to Musicbrainz you are submitting them to a new fingerprint service called AcoustId. Unlike Amplifind fingerprints can be created locally and the service is more aligned with Musicbrainz. The intention is to use AcoustId in the future instead of AmpliFIND for matching songs, but to do that the database needs more songs, so please help.

I've been doing that with the separate fingerprinter, and I didn't even realize it was built into Jaikoz. Is there also a way to make this automatic? I still run the fingerprinter occasionally, but I predict that I will get lazy and forget eventually. I have upped my 600k-plus track collection, though.

paultaylor wrote:

Submit New Release makes it easier to add a new release by pre-entering all the information for you.

Is this for extremely new releases, the one that don't match yet? I've come across this several times, but usually i just wait until it shows up. I'll play with it.

Thanks for all the info Paul. So far I've been just "taking" (with the exception of the fingerprinter). This was out of ignorance of the tools, now I'll do what I can.
Can someone explain to me why you would upload to these places?

If you already get the info from them, why would you send it back?

Is is for new releases that don't have a match yet? Or is it for things that you change, like the genre from "Other" to "Classic Rock", or maybe typos or something?

I already have a MB account and I'll be more than happy to add it to the AC if I knew what it did and it was helpful.
Yeah, that error is a nuisance. Some "Apache could not address memory" error.
Regardless of the outcome, thanks for the effort.
I'm seeing this also but I assumed it was due to the MB switchover.

Sometimes it uses the wrong total even if it finds one complete release, sometimes about half of them stay blank, and about 1/3 of the time they fill properly.

My current filings are new releases and not showing up yet in MB so my testing is limited.
Would it be easier to have a text field to show the value? I'm reminded of many Adobe products.

Thx Paul.
Not presuming anything, just goofing off...

I need to increase the GEEK stat on my character sheet and I want a damn Jaikoz t-shirt!

Any plans for merchandise?
I would like to request the artwork size underneath the actual artwork in the Summary tab.

I don't know how others use it, but I think that the Artwork tab could also be consolidated with the Summary tab. This isn't really a request, just a thought. I don't know how it would work with multiple images though since I rarely use more than one.

The reason I bring this up is because I spend a lot of time on artwork. Outside of a HTPC, many desktop players/car stereos/mobile devices start having problems when you go over 500x500. Seeing the pic size at a glance would be beneficial.

Not really a problem, but maybe something you want to patch up.

While the AC is running, a RMB and column edit (like Empty Column) unlocks editing on the rest of the data.

Although it's done this for a while - and I kept quiet cos I like to edit during AC - it really causes problems now. A lot of fields that were edited during AC (both by the user or the AC) will be blank. This isn't apparent until you re-open the files that you just multi-edited and find a lot of blank stuff.

Some may get mad at me for bringing this up, but you'll be even madder if you look back at your collection and find a bunch of empty tags.
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