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1280 x 800 (13" screen)

I hope this still cuts it as 'OK' in the world of display resolution, lol

fyi: I'm running Jaikoz on OS X
Hi Paul,

Something minor I've noticed, but I'm sure you'd like to be aware of:

When applying more than 2 filters to any given music list, the result # of files as well as the names of the active filters all shift to the right in the status bar at the bottom of the window. In fact, it shifts to the right to the point that most of the active filters display off the window.

1. select "MusicBrainz unique ID does not exist"
2. select "MusicIP accoustic ID does not exist"

-> the resulting list of songs is correct, but the active filters above fall off the screen on the status bar.


Thanks Paul. Will give 3.2.2 a try and post back soon.


I just tried 3.2.2 and successfully checked 4,000+ songs with the MusicIP server on the first try, with zero drops.

Great work and thanks Paul !

paultaylor wrote:
Local Correct Artwork doesn't overwrite artwork already added to the file, it is for adding artwork from the same folder as the song resides in when the song doesnt currently have any artwork. 

Thanks Paul. Somehow I thought that I could use this function to delete existing multiple artworks (I have a lot of files with 2 or 3 of the SAME artwork and I was looking for a way to trim this fat). If there is some other way to do this with Jaikoz, thanks for letting us know.

Hi Paul,

I've come across another issue in v3.2.1 concerning artwork:

In preferences I have the maximum # of album covers set to "1" and maximum size to "1MB", yet when I run the local auto-correct Jaikoz doesn't seem to find and correct all my albums with more than 1 artwork.

I've even tried manually selecting the multiple-artwork albums and running "Local Correct -> Artwork", with no success.

Thanks for letting us know.

Wow, that's strange. I've never cancelled a MusicIP search, ever. ... an alert sound goes off and the search just stops and returns to the main screen (the "Powered by MusicIP" in-progress pop-up just disappears).

As I mentioned, Jaikoz gets through anywhere between 100 - 250 songs and then quits the search (on average it is about 175 songs). It IS connecting and finding PUID's, although I find myself having to re-search and re-search until I've done this for the whole list (ie >5,000 songs).

Is it possible that too many negative queries would cause the MusicIP server to disconnect?

I'll also try the preferences settings you suggest and report back.

Logs sent via email to support@jthink.com

Hi Paul,

First off, thanks for a great program

I'm having an issue with the "Retrieve Acoustic ID" function: it never seems to get beyond 200 - 250 songs processed before dropping the connection with the MusicIP server. I can never simply select this function and just 'walk away' while Jaikoz checks for PUID's for a large list (ie. 5,000 songs).

Is this a Jaikoz issue, a MusicIP server issue, or an issue with my system?

(what I've been doing is manually re-selecting this function after each drop, which works, but it would be nice if I could just ask once and leave the computer unattended -- maybe a setting to have Jaikoz automatically re-request a list until the whole list is processed?)

Hoping for some feedback when you can.

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