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Ok, thanks for putting your attention on this issue.
For your reference, I was able to autocorrect, find duplicates, and reorganize 70,000 tracks by upgrading to 8 GB of RAM. Java was using about 6.5 GB and it crashed often, but it did finish eventually. Took a many, many hours. Hundreds probably.
OK, I purchased the "full" version of Jaikoz a couple years ago with free upgrades and even paid the upgrade license tax because old versions had too many bugs and the newer version is crippled without paying for the pro version. And by "pro" I mean the software version made by professionals for professionals, which surely ought to be adequate for an amateur hobby collector of music such as myself.

Now here I am with a modest collection of 70,000 mp3s - not that large compared to many people I know. I've searched the forums and I acknowledge that you admit Jaikoz is not designed for this much music. I surely do not have a professional number of songs. I'm being snarky because now you have my money and I have software that doesn't work.

Consider this scenario: I run the Jaikoz executable under Windows 7 64-bit & 64-bit java on a quad-core machine with 4 GB of RAM, load less than 1/10 of the songs I have (7,000) and initiate autocorrect. Jaikoz uses 900 MB of RAM, takes more than 24 hours to make it through that many tracks, and bails before it finishes the Discogs task without even allowing me to save the edits it had made so far. The only option is to restart.

So I diligently edit the batch file and I'm able to process my 7,000 track sample in a couple days of continuous lookups, thinking: I guess what he means by professional is that you need to be a professional java software engineer to get this software working. I allow 2 GB max, then 3 GB, then 4GB, increase the MaxPermSize, and still even with Jaikoz using 3 GB of memory on my machine continuously, I can't even find duplicates in a 70,000 song collection. On the other hand, the deprecated MusicIP MusicMagicWhateverMixer from 5 years ago can analyze, match, and find duplicates without any trouble at all: java version and native windows versions. So you're doing something wrong!

Why are you still storing all meta-data in RAM? Why don't you just use a database like every other sane software developer in Earth who has to manipulate this much data? This software design is completely unscalable and out of the box can't even process 7,000 tracks. There's nothing bizarre about my situation. I'm disappointed and expected better from this software two years and $45 later.

Please...it's not too much to ask that we be able to load a modest music collection. Hell, even 7,000 tracks is too much for Jaikoz to handle without puking all over itself. I'd be happy to support you further if you can deliver a decent product. So get to work.
I can't see any pattern to this. Sometimes it complains that my directories are symbolic links (which they aren't in this case). Sometimes it processes them, no problem. I give up.
Incidentally, I did some more testing and discovered it doesn't do this for every directory or even the same directories all the time. I'll try to figure out what's going on if I can and let you know.
The issue with the connection to MusicIP seems to be resolved - thanks.

However, I'm now having an issue in 3.2.2 in linux where it claim that any directory I try to add is a symbolic link (according to the log). In the previous version, this was only an issue if the directories were actually symbolic links. I can't add any music now.

Did you change something that could affect how it interprets symbolic links? This is the message in the log: "WARNING: Folder /media/Media1/<subdirectory> is a symbolic link and has been ignored" It is absolutely not a symbolic link.

At the very least, could you look into why this is misinterpreting directories as being symbolic links? Even better, deal with symbolic links properly. They should not be ignored! This makes it a nightmare to manage my collection using this software.

Thank you.
It looks like MusicIP may no longer be in business. Their phone number is disconnected, they don't reply to email, my MusicMagicMixer key became invalid for no apparent reason, and they haven't released a new version of their software in two years. Their last blog post was a year ago and their forums are down. Oh yeah and you can't even buy their software if you want b/c the purchase link is broken.

Could MusicIP apparently going out of business has some effect on your software working properly?
I just bought this software, but I have this problem as well. It's not working for more than ~50 songs for me before it stops, claiming I canceled it. Pretty useless since I have ~60,000 songs to process. I'm running it in Linux, but I've tried Windows XP as well.

Also, I was disappointed to discover that it can't handle symbolic links and bombs if I try to add more than ~10,000 songs at once. I think there are a few bugs to work out...
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