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Messages posted by: TinCanFury  XML
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is there a way to keep the existing timestamp for a file when updating the file?

paultaylor wrote:
Support for discsubtitle (and subtitle) both added in Jaikoz 4.6 out today http://www.jthink.net/jaikozforum/posts/list/6710.page 

I'd appreciate this as well!

ok, gotcha

suggestion idea: have an option where the user could set a max size, or "keep nothing older than", for this data.
what is in this folder that requires 1.8GB?
it seems as though Rovi provides their data to subscribers. I was wondering if this had been looked at as an option for users to pay for?

I'm not sure how it works exactly, though I have seen a few apps starting to support tagging from the Rovi/Allmusic metadata this way.

paultaylor wrote:

TinCanFury wrote:
Jaikoz can't rename how I like my folder structure 

Maybe in the past it Jaikoz could n't, but you can use full Javascript expressions to specify your folder structure so should be able to do pretty much anything now. 

is the discsubtitle field supported yet?
importing would add the genre field directly?

I do this, Jaikoz can't rename how I like my folder structure so I have to use Picard to, but I use Jaikoz to handle all my matching and tagging.

Works perfectly.

dkoh wrote:

I've been using genres/styles like this: The main genre (Pop/Rock, R&B, Jazz, etc) is always the first one. All of the styles follow that. When looking at these with Winamp, iPhone, whatever, only the main genre shows up, but searching by genre will look at everything and return the other styles. Hopefully this does not backfire in the long run. Moods are moods, and themes are occasions. 


if I understand correctly you have more than one genre listed in the genre tag in such a way that on what sounds like most media players, only the first one will show (the main genre), but when doing a genre search all the others will also be searched on?

what separator are you using?

I've been trying to tackle this issue as well. I also have found that Allmusic is the only consistently good source for the genre/sub-genre info.

It's looking like I will have to do the same as you and manually enter the data, so I'm wondering what exactly your work process is?


paultaylor wrote:

TinCanFury wrote:

I'll just use Picard to move/name the files until I can do the same in Jaikoz. Do either Jaikoz or Picard store the disc subtitle anywhere in the music tags?

Jaikoz doesnt apart from in the release title if desired (as explained above), I think Picard can store in a seperate field. 

is there any intent to have Jaikoz support the discsubtitle field?
lately it's been sending me this link:

for the thread at

paultaylor wrote:

Heh I only picked U2 because it short and we have limited space.

yes, fair, but it does make the example mask less useful for all but the most simple cases.

paultaylor wrote:

Sounds like good ideas, if only I had unlimited resources ......

just a proposal ;-) if using different sample metadata is possible, having is would make the example mask much more useful.

paultaylor wrote:

Understood, it will get added. In the meantime I suppose you could forgo disc subtitle without loss of function, but you would lose that disc subtitle information as I can see from your example you can't put it into the main title. 

I'll just use Picard to move/name the files until I can do the same in Jaikoz. Do either Jaikoz or Picard store the disc subtitle anywhere in the music tags?


paultaylor wrote:

TinCanFury wrote:

Ah, but I still haven't figured out how to "extract" information from variables, I'd like to be able to do the same with the date to extract the year.

I think there is an example for this somewhere. Alterntaively if you are happy for the only the year to be displayed in the metadata as well as the filename you can just set Preferences:Local Correct:Year Correct:What Should the Year Contain to Store Year

ah, yes, sorry, the
string.substring(from, to)

command. so I'd assume, year.substring(0,4)

it looks to work in the editor example mask, but I don't trust it for a few reasons, I don't believe that entry has enough data to really test some "obscure" things in the tags, and I really do not like U2.
But ignoring my second reason, I'd like to propose an improvement to this tab, A) use an entry with more "full" metadata like:
which has multiple discs, a full date, and disc subtitles.
for compilations, something like:
which has all the above and is a various artist release.
OR, better yet but possibly more difficult to implement, put a field just above the example masks where the user can insert the musicbrainz or discogs release identifier and the mask will operate on the metadata for that specific release.

paultaylor wrote:

is there a chance that disc subtitles could get it's own variable?

Actually why do you want to extract it out, if it has been put into the title why don't you use that. For me to give it its own variable there would have to be a Jaikoz field for that data to be stored in, and at the moment that information either gets added to release title or just gets thrown away after a match to Musicbrainz.

I suppose I could add it as it appears to be one of the few fields that can be stored seperately in Picard but not Jaikoz.


Here's the format I'd like for my releases:

Album Artist/[year] Album Name/disc 1: disc subtitle/
so for instance:
The Smashing Pumpkins/[1995] Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness/disc 1: Dawn to Dusk/

The Smashing Pumpkins/[1995] Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness/disc 2: Twilight to Starlight/

I also don't like my filenames to be too long, preferring track number and track title as being the only info "left" to be stored in the overall path+filename.

This partly has to due with how my HTPC system's music player organizes itself, but also how I like to be able to browse through my music folders on a PC. If I want to listen to the entirety of a multi-disc album I need to select the main directory for that album and have the discs organized by directory under it to have it play through all in order. BUT I also want to be able to play one disc only for albums where the second disc is things like outtakes, interviews, etc.

So, I could add the disc number to the filename, ie
1-01, 1-02, etc
2-01, 2-02, etc
3-01, 3-02, etc

which would let me play them in order without each disc having a sub-album, but it would not make it easy to not play one disc without the other(s).

From there, I figure, if I have each disc as a separate directory, it would be nice to be able to also have the disc's subtitle as part of the directory name too. Since I can do this in Picard right now I use it for my final moving and renaming, but I would, of course, prefer to use Jaikoz.


paultaylor wrote:
Hi, no there isn't, but the disc subtitle is added to the release title if set in

Preferences/Remote Correct/Format/Multi Disc Releases

so you could extract it from the title if you wanted. 

Ah, but I still haven't figured out how to "extract" information from variables, I'd like to be able to do the same with the date to extract the year.

is there a chance that disc subtitles could get it's own variable?

is there a variable for the disc subtitle name? (%discsubtitle% in picard)? I don't see it in the overall list.


rpm4fsu wrote:

year.length>0 is checking to see if there are one or more characters in the year field. Are you sure there is a year value?

no, that's part of the problem, I don't know, but if it does exist I'd like to use it.

rpm4fsu wrote:

To test the syntax of the if statement try

 (year.length>0  ? '['  +  'TRUE' + ']'  : 'FALSE')

If this works then you know the syntax is OK. Now you can replace 'TRUE' with year and 'FALSE' with ''.

If you want to test the TRUE and FALSE sides of the if statement you can just change > to <.

Your second request is not so easy. There are so many formats of the year data it would not be an easy task to just pull out the year.

from what I've seen, and I believe it's how the musicbrainz data is stored, the year format is always just the 4 digit year or the 4 digit year followed by the month/day. in Picard I use this:
which basically says if there is date information, thake the left hand 4 digits only. I'd like this, but, of course, in javascript.


rpm4fsu wrote:

Are you familiar with the "Example Mask" and "Example Compilation Mask" in the Preference/File and Folder Correct/Rename Folder from Metadata?

Jaikox has some built-in data that you can test your script with.

yes, I've been using it, the problem is when you start doing nested IF statements it's not as useful to figure out where it's "broken" and not working.

rpm4fsu wrote:

I was not sure if the sample data had a disctotal value greater than one, so I used disctotal>0 assuming that the sample data had a value of 1.

I just wanted to do get the "if" statement working. This is how I found the missing "+" sign.

Once I got it working with disctotal>0 the I know the syntax is OK and I can then change it to disctotal>1 knowing that it works.

gotcha! makes sense, wasn't sure if the >0 was for another reason.

(year.length>0 ? '[' + year + '] ' : '')

doesn't seem to work. I'd like to have it so it places the year without the month/day if it exists in the metadata.


rpm4fsu wrote:
Your code is rather complicated so what I would suggest break it down to simple parts and try some test. The "Example Mask" is your friend and can save you time with simple tests.

So try the following

( disctotal>0 ? folderseparator : ' ') Example Mask shows "/"

We will assume that disctotal is greater than 0. See if you get a folderseparator in the Example Mask.

NOTE: To get the changes to take affect click in the compilation mask box if you are working in the rename mask box.

Just keep adding to the javascript until it stops working.

( disctotal>0 ? folderseparator + 'disc ' : '') Example mask shows "/disc"

( disctotal>0 ? folderseparator + 'disc ' discno : '') Example mask shows nothing. So added discno caused the problem

the "+" is missing between 'disc ' and discno.

( disctotal>0 ? folderseparator + 'disc ' + discno : '') Example mask shows "/disc 1"

Hope this helps.

a little, why disctotal>0? I don't want a disc folder if there is only one disc.

my problem with the "example" thing is it completely won't work if one of the "if" statements is "broken".

ok, so to see if a field has information we use


also, is there a way to include relationship information (like "featuring" artists, or "cover of" artists)?

how do I insert the disc sub title?

also, I'm trying this, but it's saying it's invalid:
 (albumartistsort.length>0  ? albumartistsort +folderseparator :
 (artistsort.length>0 ? artistsort + folderseparator :
 (albumartist.length>0 ? albumartist + folderseparator :
 (artist.length>0 ? artist + folderseparator : ''))))
  + (year.length>0 ? '[' + year + '] ' : '') + album ( disctotal>1 ? folderseparator + 'disc ' discno + folderseparator :'')

I assume it's from disctotal>1, but how do I get it to see if the value of disctotal is a number greater than 1?
Robert: Thanks for that excellent explanation!

For Jaikoz, is there a way to do regexp or similar replacements? So, for instance, renaming bands whose names start with "The ..." to move the "The" part to the end, "..., The"?
I'm not really sure what I'm looking for as far as "javascript reference" for this.

would you mind sharing a link or two that I can read over?

Is there a writeup somewhere of how the, now new, rename mask scheme works?

I have a "highly customized" one I use in MusicBrainz' Picard app and I've been using that to move/rename my files because of that, but if I can get Jaikoz to perform the same way it would make my life that much easier.

trying to figure it out some more, it seems like it may be due to the track length causing compilations to be chosen above original albums.
I have
Prefer do not match to Various Artists and Single Artists compilations set
Preferred Release Date: Earliest
but when using manual correct most of the matches for a lot of individual tracks are compilations, even when an original release recording exists.
Subject says it all.
Every so often when I run Jaikoz and use this feature and then search for the album, while I'm able to find the album I want (yay!) when I select the album and hit "ok" it does not fill the release id into the field. In order to get it to work again I have to restart Jaikoz, and even then it doesn't always work.

I can't quite seem to figure out if there is a pattern though...
support files?
06/09/2011 00.37.34:com.jthink.jaikoz.TagSaver$WorkerThread:run:SEVERE: Unable to save record:RecNo:332 with filename:Cidade Negra - 12. Onde VocĂȘ Mora.mp3because of:Map failed

can't save a bunch of files, I get this error
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