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Messages posted by: mano_lito  XML
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thanks you so much!!! it's much easier than what I thought!!!
i tried it but it can't even start the app.
I really know nothing about programming, and Jaikoz coding for the file and folder rename is too complex for me. Please help me with the code necessary for this structure:

Artist/Artist - [year] Album title/Artist - Track number - Songtitle

Thank you so much!!!!!!

paultaylor wrote:
I meant the Preferences:Local Correct:Year Correct:What should Year contain to Store Year option. However I tried this and unfortunately it has no effect when you do Autocorrect Metadata from Musicbrainz this will still put the full date in it if it has it,

However if you do set the option, and then run Action:Local Correct:Correct Years the year column will then be updated to only inclue the date  

that's awesome. now i understand. thanks a lot again, problem solved!!!

paultaylor wrote:
Have you tried the option I posted, doesnt that do that ? 

i tried that and it works perfectly when renaming the file from the metadata; in the metadta it says for example 1972-03-24, and then when renaming file or folder it says only 1972. so that is great.

the problem is than in the metadata it still shows the large date XXXX-XX-XX, i'd like it to show just the year. this is specially necessary with autocorrect, becuase some times autocorrect is great to fix artwork or even the date too, but then i have to remove month and day and copy and paste. would be nice to do it automatically and i guess jaikoz has the functionality to do so without many problems.
I think I did not explained myself properly;

When I click autocorrect in Jaikoz, by default it corrects the release date, with a format YYYY-MM-XX on the metadata. I want it to be just YYYY, in both the metadata, and also later when correcting folders with the information from the metadata.

Right now i managed to be able to correct folders from metadata and it uses only the year when renaming the foldes, but in the metadata field, it still shows month and day too. Is it possible to fix this? thanks a lot again!!!!
thank you so much Paul. It's awesome to have such a fast support.

Now, the questin is; where should I write that syntax? in what part of the preferences?

I think this should be default on the preferences when jaikoz is installed, as normally most people just want to have the year in their metadata, not month or day
I still don't get it;

I don't want any parenthesys, I haven't got any problem with parenthesys so far, I just want Jaikoz not to write day nor month when autocorrecting:

- Is this possible?
- What should I do to solve this?

thanks a lot!!!
thanks a lot for your explanation, now it's much clearer.
Although I have been using Jaikoz for a few years already and I love it, I really don't get the syntax procedure. I´d like someone to give me the code for these syntax. I´d like my folder rename to work like this:

Artist/Artist - [Year] Album

I´d like my syntax for renaming filenames from metadata to work like this:

Artist - Track number - Title

I guess this must be an easy question for experienced Jaikoz users. By the way, is there any place where I can learn more about jaikoz syntaxes structures so I could do this by myself. Thank you very very much!!!
hello jaikoz users,

I was wondering if this is possible:

Everytime I use autocorrect, if modifies the year column with month and day, and I want jaikoz to always use only the year, so then when modifying the folders names according to tags, it uses only the year in format XXXX.

is it possible to set up autocorrect to change the year only and not use month and date?

thanks a lot

When using the auto correct function, I always get mp3 year in a format like "2004-06-24", but i'd like to get just the year, just something like "2004". I normally just edit it and then copy and paste to all the other mp3's but it's a slow and annoying method...

any solution to this?

thank you and best regards.
thank you so much!!!! problem solved.

Although there was a space missing. this is the corrected command:
artist + folderseparator + (artist + ' - [' +year + '] ') + album

and fonal output sample:
U2/U2 - [1980] Boy
hello there,

I bought jaikoz long ago and love it so far.

The only problem i have now is that i don't know how to properly indicate folder rename it in the version of jaikoz I use now; 4.2.1 NGS

Should I go back to a previous version or can someone tell me how to indicate to jaikoz how i want my folders to look like. I wanna have it like this:

Artist/Artist - [year] Album

thanks a lot!!!
I don't know if this is something already available in Jaikoz. If it is, please let me know.

I´d like to have a chackbox on the option panels so that columns autoadjust to content width, just like when you double click once on every column title, but automaticaly.

Hope you know what i mean. it would be great.
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