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Instead of making a new thread I will continue to add ideas I come up with to this thread. I have been using Jaikoz now for a time and I am very satisfied with it, enough so that I registered my copy. Although Jaikoz still has a lot of potential. I will try to not bring up things that I have seen already brought up. Here in a random order, a list with some of the ideas I have:

1. The ability to search for and download album art that is not from an online music database. I will add a list of places which album art can be downloaded from, now I am not saying that all of the places should be included, these are just all of the places that I know of. The places with album art that I know of are:
All of the Amazons (amazon.co.uk, amazon.com, amazon.de, amazon.co.jp, etc...)
Yahoo Images
iTunes Music Store
AllofMP3 (I know this site has some controversy when it comes to the music sale, but I guess the album art there is OK to use?)

2. The ability to make Jaikoz write to a file even if it is marked as Read-Only.

3. To have the possibility to connect an artist to a genre during a session in Jaikoz. This way if I want to mark an artist with the genre rock, then I don't have to mark that artist every individual file as Rock, I mark just once that artist as rock and then can use the function to change the genre on all of the files from that artist.

4. Lastly, and this one is an important one for me, I would like to have the possibility to have 3 small boxes that show you 3 user-defined ways of gathering the information from the file. If we take ID3 as a starting point since Jaikoz only supports ID3 for now, it would be that first box shows only the most vital information (artist, album, title, track, year, genre) gathered from the ID3v1 tag from the file, the second box shows the same information, but this time gathered from the ID3v2 tag, the third box shows this information, but it takes it as it would have if you selected to use the filename as source for the tag. This might give the least amount of information, but is useful a lot of the times when the ID3 tag is wrong. This is very useful because sometimes a file has something correct in the ID3v1 tag, something else correct in the ID3v2 tag and again something else correct in the filename. By previewing this data while you edit the file it would make it easier for you to use your brain and understand what is correct and what is not. This is especially useful when the filename differs completely from the ID3 tag information and you could easily find out which one is correct (usually the ID3 tag). And if this was available from the Jaikoz user-interface directly then you would not have to open an extra window just to see this information, which again would make the tag editing and correcting easier.
This is a feature I would like to see too. It would be great if Jaikoz could create a separate external database where it would save the tag information and PUID. This database should not save that tags them self only the information contained inside the tags, that way we avoid corrupted tags. I know you might ask why, since this is very much what MusicBrainz does except that it is locally instead of online, but it could come in handy at times. This would be useful if you have your mp3 corrupted by some other application and you decided to flush the entire tag of all your mp3 files, then you end up with files that only have mp3 frames in them, no tag information and you could use this database to restore the correct tag information based on the PUID. Again since the actual tag is not saved, only the information inside, you could write back any tag format you like, like ID3, APEv2, etc... There are more uses to it, this database could be your backup file, you could share it with other people that have similar music so that they don't have to do all the work you did, etc... I think this is a great idea and would like to see it implemented someday.

paultaylor wrote:

You can already do this, go to Settings/Table Settings. From here you can decide what columns to display and at what width, You can load from the settings currently being used with 'From Display', or from the Defaults with 'Reset', after making changes select 'OK', any changes made will be applied to the current screen and to subsequent startups of Jaikoz as long as you save settings when you exit. 

That is nice, but still I would like to see a setting that allows the user to select if he wants the width only to be remembered if he defines it or to automatically remember the last used width.

paultaylor wrote:

Yeah, still confused about the RealTime aspect. If you move a file in Jaikoz
by renaming it and then save changes the screen is already updated to reflect this in 'Real Time'. To see this:
Have jaikoz setup with both the View and Edit Pane showing
Modify the subfolder of one record to a different location
You will see both the View and Edit Pane have the record marked as changed.
Now right click on the record number of the record and select 'Save Changes'. Note that the record is no longer marked as changed and both the Edit and View pane show its new subfolder location.

There is not really a concept of a single working folder because you can use 'Add Folder' to load more files into Jaikoz and these may be from different locations, so I dont think the record should be removed from the list. This could be doubly confusing because if a record is marked for deletion and then saved then it is removed from the list, so users may assume they had accidently deleted a record if it disappeared.

I could add a simple 'Copy Record' action to the record number menu, if you think that would be useful. 

Ok, I was not trying to say that Jaikoz does not support real-time now, I was just pointing out that if you add a feature like copy to/move to, it should continue to be real-time (many taggers are not). I think that I should give a scenario on where I would use e.g. the move to function. Lets say I have a folder full of songs with bad tags. I have decided to tag them, but I have also decided to divide them into 2 groups, each in a different folder. One group will have songs with English lyrics and the other with foreign lyrics and I would like to tag them individually because it is easier to focus on one language at a time. Therefore I load the folder and start listening to the songs one after one continuing down the list, each song that has foreign lyrics I move to another folder I made, while I keep the English lyrics song in the original folder. Now if the files disappear immediately from the list then they are not in the way and as such I can keep on focusing only on the English lyrics songs, without having any distractions since the list will only contain English songs. I know there might be better ways to do this (and do tell if you have a better idea), but this is just one of the uses for copy to/move to function. I hope this clears it up better.
Hi, thank you for your reply. I will go through the list again and try to respond or comment on them.

1. Forget about this one because I misunderstood how Jaikoz works when it comes to the rows, it actually does exactly what I wanted it to do.

2. I am happy you find this a good idea If I might add to this, if Jaikoz would remember the last used size so that you wouldn't have to resize the columns every time you start Jaikoz, that would be great. Also an option to reset the columns back to original size should exist.

3. Great.

4. Again great.

5. I am a little confused about this. I can probably say this that I used to use MP3Tag when on windows and it had the copy to/move to function which I used a lot. I remember that what I liked about MP3Tag was that it could move or copy and update the list in real-time instead of reloading the whole thing (like so many others did at that time). It also removed files from the list which I moved to a different place then the working folder. Although I must admit I used the move to function much more then the copy to, I also used the copy to a little and therefore miss both these functions very much. If I misunderstood what you asked me about do tell me and I will try my best to answer or explain.

6. That sounds like a good idea, maybe if you not only could define which external app to run, but also what to call it in the menu. This way instead of seeing run external app1 (which you might have forgotten what you have defined as) you could see Winamp or iTunes or play (anything you defined it as) in the menu and you would know right away what it is.

7. I was not aware of the save settings (how I missed that I do not know), but an extra option would be great.

8. Can't wait.

9. Great.

10. I have now checked it again and I see I can edit user-defined fields, I was sure there were some user-defined fields that I couldn't edit before, but maybe I confused it with not-supported list or unknown list by mistake. Still the not-supported list and the unknown list should be editable (even if only in RAW mode), I do not know about other people, but I seem to always need to do this for some strange reason.
Jaikoz is already a very good tagger, but after trying it out I have some minor suggestions which I think might make it even greater. Now I have to be honest, I have not had the chance to try Jaikoz out completely so there might be features I missed which might do exactly what I have on my wishlist, but I will make a wishlist here anyway and if I did miss something, I hope someone will explain it to me. Also I hope someone can tell me if they agree with my suggestions or if someone knows if they might be implemented one day. Here is my wishlist in random order:

1. The rows should have an additional number which indicates which number the track currently is on the list, that way when Jaikoz is working on file 160 you will know exactly which file that is. Also you will be able to see how many files you have been through (if you work your way down).

2. There should be a way to make the column automatically resize to be as long as the longest data entered in any cell. In most programs if you hover over the end of the column so that the mouse cursor changes to the resize cursor and then double click it, it makes the column as long as the longest data entered in any of the cells. If Jaikoz worked the same way, it would be great.

3. There should be a Ctrl+Z undo function. Also the undo function should be unlimited so that you can undo in steps every change you have made since you started Jaikoz.

4. There should be a way to search after specific text in tags or filenames (and to show all that matches your query at the same time).

5. There should be a copy to/move to function which allows you to copy/move 1 or more files to another folder. Also the file list should be updated in real-time after this without the need to load every file again. If a file is moved to a folder above the folder you selected as base folder or if you turned recursive folder search of and you move it to a folder below your working folder, it should disappear from your list. If you move a file to a folder inside your base folder and recursive folder searching is on, then the list should remain as is, only the location of the file should be updated. Again for this to be usable, the list should be updated in real-time instead of reloading the entire file list (as many other tagging programs do).

6. In addition to the run an external app there should be an option to play a file. This is so that if you want your external app to be something else then the player, you should be able to play the file also if you need to. Maybe an integrated player with basic functionality would be fine too because that way you wouldn't need to launch another application to listen to the file.

7. There should be an easier way to mass convert between tag formats such as ID3v1.1, ID3v2.3, ID3v2.4.

8. Support for APEv2 tag format would be nice.

9. Another nice thing would be support for Lyrics3 2.00 tags, so that you could add and edit lyrics tags. Also the lyrics column should be smart and not get to big because of long lyrics.

10. Lastly a way to edit tags in user-defined, not supported-list and unknown list should exist. I know some tags in user-defined are editable, but not all are and sometimes there is a need to edit them too. Even if the only way to edit those tags would be to edit them in RAW mode I think the option should exist.

Hopefully someone here will be able to comment on what they think about my wishlist. What do other people think about this?
Profile for taggy -> Messages posted by taggy [5]
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