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Messages posted by: dkoh  XML
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There are a few sliders in various Prefs tabs. There's numbers designating certain whole numbers, but nothing showing in between.

Example: "Ignore artwork smaller than this size:".

I'd like to set it to something like 75, but there's no tooltip or anything that shows values in between. I'd also like to resize artwork larger than 450, but it's kinda hard to pinpoint.

Similarly, what happens if I don't have the slider exactly on values that need to be whole numbers? Like "max CPUs on Amplifind ID"; what value is it using if the slider is a little higher or lower than 2? I assume it's rounding to the nearest whole number.

Anyways, my suggestions: a field or tooltip that shows exactly where the slider is on broad ranges, and snaps or detents on sliders that require whole numbers (CPUs, max # of artworks).

Your thoughts?
I don't get it, you just want to delete files?
Hoo boy, loading your entire library is usually a bad idea. Especially since most Jaikoz users are Jaikoz users because of their large collections. Personally, I'm over 130,000 tracks and an autoload would just crash everything.

You can turn off the autoload under Prefs->General->Base Folder->uncheck "Load from this folder on startup".

I usually only fix albums as I get them, with the exception of the occasional spring cleaning where I'll run only a few thousand tracks at a time. I think you should consider Jaikoz a "fix n' forget" tool and not as an "ongoing maintenance" tool for your collection.

paultaylor wrote:
Do you just been everytime you upgrade Jaikoz or every time you start Jaikoz. 

Where's the <banghead> icon?

I just opened it to take a screenie and it didn't happen! But yeah, it was prompting every time I ran the EXE.

I opened it a dozen times last night to make sure the problem was legit. I didn't even restart the PC since then. I've tried countless ways of reinstalling and been dealing with this forever, now it's magically fixed.

Another issue is suddenly fixed (since last night): Jaikoz wasn't remembering how I rearranged the Manualcorrect columns.

Maybe W7 took a funny install? I dunno, but I'm glad it's fixed now.

Thanks for keeping up with this, Paul.
I just installed 3.8.3 (11/24) over the previous version... still happened.

I then used the uninstaller and removed everything and reinstalled... still there.

Since nobody will verify, I guess I'll live with it.

pschonmann wrote:
Would be fine to see predefined profiles for different task. Only one "autocorrecter" is not enough IMHO 

I agree, I wish there were a way to make an "Autofiler" where I could change the filenames and move them to folders after I Autocorrected and fixed genres, country, funny artist case (UB-40), etc.

AC gets it right most of the time, but I still gotta watch it. Having a different "OK, I'm done editing" macro would be a plus for me.
Great! Thanks Paul.

15 views and no yays/nays?
There have been a few times in the past where I wish there were a similar feature. At the time I was focused on such a specific task, but afterward I couldn't see the benefit of it (I was thinking of highlighted orphan files). I now show the "total tracks" column next to the "track no." column so that I can match releases easier.

However, I recently suggested a "Tracks Selected" feature that would show how many items are selected and could be quickly compared tot the "total tracks" field. (http://www.jthink.net/jaikozforum/posts/list/1661.page)
Would it be possible to add an "Items Selected" down in the status bar? Down next to "xxx files are loaded | xx files are visible with active filters"?
I agree with Paul, the AC already groups by album and is more detailed about it. I think the by-folder method would be too vague, especially when there's 13-track US, 12-track JAP, and 14-track UK releases.

I use version 1 of netphreaks diagram -BUT- I put disc 1 and disc 2 in the same folder (with 2 playlists). I file releases, not discs. Group by folder wouldn't work well with these, and there's a lot of them.

I know the pain with VA albums. This was painfully slow for me, but I started manually looking up the MBID first and matching to that. Much quicker and accurate than correcting Jaikoz's guesses.
Please tell me this is just a bug. I have to hit "I accept">"OK" every time I launch Jaikoz. Is this the way it's gonna be?
Every time I open the Manual Corrector all of the columns return to default. I will shrink columns and scootch things around, but next time I open it it's back to the default.

I'm on 3.8.3 r2.
Thanks Paul... playing with it now.
I just throw those in the Artist folder also. So there's loosies below the album folders.
I'm not exactly sure what you're trying to do here.

If you start off with the autocorrector, you may get some Miami Vice results and others might be the individual artist releases. If you start out with 'Match to One MB Release' you should get the entire Miami Vice compilation result.

If it still isn't working right, use 74d8ea46-d85c-42f3-b8a4-9768d9dc1097 (from MB Miami Vice page) in the 'Match to Specified MB Release'.

Using the compilation like this will give you something like: Artist:Mogwai, Album:Miami Vice, Album Artist:Various.

Make sense? Hope this helps.
   - Audio Books -
      Book Title (Author)
         track 1.mp3
         track 2.mp3
   - Compilations -
      Compilation a1
         - Compilation a1 -.m3u
         track 1.mp3
         track 2.mp3
         track 3.mp3
   - Soundtracks -
      Soundtrack a1
         - Soundtrack a1 -.m3u
         track 1.mp3
         track 2.mp3
         track 3.mp3
   Artist a1
      Album a1
         - Album a1 -.m3u
         track 1.mp3
         track 2.mp3
         track 3.mp3
         track 4.mp3
   Artist b1
      Album b1
         - Album b1 -.m3u
         track 1.mp3
         track 2.mp3
         track 3.mp3

So this looks like "I:\(hed) p.e\Broke\Bartender.mp3",
with a playlist at "I:\(hed) p.e\Broke\- Broke -.m3u"

I place the "-" around the specific folders and M3U's to keep them at the top of the lists in explorer. So far, this is compatible with my D-Link uPNP device and my PS3 and playlists load properly.

There's been a subtle debate over what to do with Comps. I file them like a regular album, with the Comps actual release date. They don't get used as much as regular albums, so there's not much issue. I also figure if someone really needs to know what a song is, they can google it.

I'm also thinking about splitting off a "- Comedy -" folder as this section is growing at a decent rate.
I used to share a giant MP3 drive (secretly) around on a corporate network. IT was on my side, and I would only give secure rights to people I trusted. I also opened up read/write permissions on a "New Songs" folder that let people rip their albums there or add whatever they already had.

I was in charge (volunteered) of filing and organizing these collections. As this drive was for the masses, I couldn't just not file something because I didn't like them.

So, the corporation changed, the drive disappeared, but I kept the popular stuff for the party peeps - like wynlyndd said. Even within my family, we all like different genres so I have it all.
Can you add 'Select Column' to the RMB context menu for the column headers? I often wish this existed when copying repeated fields (genre, artist, copying artist to album artist, comments, etc). This would be a real time-saver on those audio books with 230 tracks.

Maybe instead of 'Select Column', simply 'Copy' and 'Paste' in the menu would be better? It would remove a step.

Thanks Paul.
- I have my modified files open.
- I select File:Close Files from the menu bar.
- I click Yes on the "Want to save? dialog.
- I realize I messed up something so I hit Cancel on the Saving xxx/xxx files dialog.
Forgot to mention, it did the same thing on XP 32 SP3. I just put 7 on a couple weeks ago.
I'm on Win7 64.
I'm in the habit of, when I'm done tagging, hitting Close Files and Yes to "would you like to save?"

The problem is is if you hit cancel, it cancels the Save but not the Close, so you lose all your remaining changes.

Can Cancel be made to cancel both, or should I be trying to break this habit?
Is there any way to always capitalize the first word after a colon?

Quite often there's a field like "Anthology: The Best of Dude", but the Capitalizer will always lower the case of "The".

Anybody get around this?
Maybe just the way I do things, but is there a need for this?

There are times when I'm working on a 18-release stack, using "match one release" all the way down. Then I use autocorrector to correct grammar, find better images, and fix filenames on the whole list. I find that you can hit ctrl-c then ctrl-v and it "unlocks" Jaikoz to do other tasks. I will close (and save) releases down the list as autocorrector finishes with them.

I think it would be nice to be allowed to other things (like the ctrl-C, V method). I find that running two autocorrectors causes hell, but fixing artwork or genres when autocorrect has already passed is extremely handy.

Maybe an automated save isn't necessary if you can manually save while autocorrector is running?

...my two cents.
I've been searching but didn't see it addressed yet...

It seems the 'Match to One MB release' doesn't match to the country picked for Autocorrect. It might match 17/17 tracks to Japan, but when I Manual Correct, I can find 17/17 tracks for the UK also.

Is this true?

paultaylor wrote:
AutoCorrecter does contain the following tasks

Correct Filename from Metadata
Correct Subfolder from Metadata 

I was unaware of these. Yes, that's perfect.

paultaylor wrote:
Save and Move
Save and Move if Matched 

These not so much. There's usually a mistake or a feat. artist somewhere and folders can get really out of hand quickly. These would be best saved for last when everything's polished.

What does "if Matched" mean?

So yeah, there's not much need for this button anymore.

That's been really frustrating and I didn't know it worked like that.

I use Jaikoz for almost everything, but I still use Tag&Rename to rename files and create playlists. This is usually done quickly while Jaikoz is auto-ing a large pile of something else.

I would like an Auto-File button. It would have a similar list of entries to process as Autocorrector, except there would be fields like "Folder = 'Artist'" and "Subfolder = 'Album'". Creating playlists would be another plus, and I like how T&R uses the % filters (%2 is artist). My playlists are named "- album name -.m3u" so that it's always at the top of the filelist. I know there's a billion structures out there, but mine is as follows:

- Artist
-- Album
--- - Playlist -.m3u
--- Track a.mp3
--- Track b.mp3

The Auto-file button would be hit after the Autocorrect is finished, and I guess could potentially be part of the Autocorrect routine (for the brave?).

...just a thought.
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