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My mom just kicked me an old apple g4 laptop today, complete with a MODEM, how quaint...But I digress... I'm loading it with MintPPC (debian based)

So I'm thinking of setting it up as a music brainz server. Anyone see a problems developing from this project?
Its on that page he linked, click the magnet
Thanks mate, I will seed for a week after its done downloading.
Scribe can you seed it for a while? I'm trying to get it too
Might want to think about using the itunes home sharing function, it has a filter to show 'songs not in my library' and you can import/copy them onto the other box
I dunno Paul, I'm wondering if its my upload speed (.5 mbs) that should be enough of a upload pipe yes?

I say this cause I don't see anyone posting with the same problem.
Windows version. I'm using the 'Match to one music brains release' function. Its going a lot slower than I'm used to. I use it a lot. It could be the MB servers, but I'd figure I'd give you a heads up. If it doesn't clear up by tomorrow I'll let you know.




To no Avail. My apple-scripting is non-existant.

Right now I'm trying to set up a service in automator that could be used as a workaround from the menu. Will advise.
I'll do some snoopin and reading
Is it s a permissions issue in Java?
Best I can do is 4 gig ram. That ends that. Thanks for the reply
I wanna load all songs so I can run a dupe check. Can anyone recommend a recipe for accomplishing this task?
From the AcousticID website

Acoustid is an open source project that aims to create a free database of audio fingerprints with mapping to the MusicBrainz metadata database  
iTunes update has stricken jaikoz in this regard, is there anything that can be done?
64 bit version of windows stores all 32 bit apps in the x86 folder thingy.
I certainly havent dimissed having more buttons on the toolbar, the issue has always been doing the icons for them.  

Is it an issue of designing the art? I'm in good with a professional graphic designer. (She gave birth to me)

Forgive me my Laymen-ness but isn't autocorrector already a scripting applet? Shouldn't it be just a matter of 'Cloning' auto corrector and linking it to its manipulators just like you already have. Then including a small set of icons that the user can choose from, and the ability to name the autocorrector clone.

And hey I've seen your to-do list I know you're very busy mate
I think they want be able highlight entire rows and columns like in Excel Paul.
Much respect and thanks for the reply. I'd like to respond though. Firstly my resolution on my screen is 1400X900 and when Jaikoz is maximized (osx) there is a huge blank space next to the other buttons. Plenty of room for my proposed macro buttons.

These macros could very easily have your hot keys if you so like. I for one am an old man with a failing memory so remembering key combinations is daunting in the least And since they are custom, no one is obligated to put them on the toolbar and use them. these things should be on the context menu too.

What do you think about being able to make different autocorrector buttons up in the toolbar. Basically custom macros for different tasks that the user can cook up via something resembling the manipulators tab in preferences. That way repetitive tasks can be added to the button bar that accomplish tasks at different times. And being able to name the button something like "Do file names and Subfolders" or "Do Capitalizer and Whitespace". The Sky's the limit as to the macros a user could come up with and would really help speed up repetitive tasks.


If you click anywhere on Jaikoz and then Shift-Click down its column it will select everything in-between. You can then right click and select "Set Value". Then ctrl-v (command-v on Mac) to paste your genre, click ok. Now all fields changed to what you want it to be.
Sorry bro just rying to help
Once you get the files tagged properly wouldn't Jaikoz's rename from tags work? And if they aren't mainstream releases couldn't you use jaikoz's 'get metadata from filename' and once the names are in the tags do 'Find and replace' on <space><space> with <space> or even the remove widespace/whitespace function. This worked for me when I was replacing underscores.
^--- Agree with greengeek, I has strayed to tuneup, but since getting back to DJing (and all the manual tagging involved) I am back in a big way
I hope I understand this correctly if I'm mistaken I apologize

You're looking to get rid of for example

Title ¡?£ Artist.mp3 (The ¡?£ being the un displayable characters)

and you end up with a double space in the filename that you want to get rid of?
I had to find a manual download link, for the automatic one they had on my build was broken. I hope they fix it or make it easier to find the right version. I kinda felt like frodo on a quest to find Java for 10.7 hehe
Subject says it all.

*Java was a pain to install though. Seems apple is abandoning Java. Maybe only a rumor

Disregard, I used Find and Replace
I managed to figure out the fix metadata from filename, unfortunately now I have underscores all up in the titles and artists. Is there a way to have Jaikoz remove underscores?

I'm working on a bunch of acapella's that aren't in the musicbrainz database.
Oh yeah a copy of my path

%CommonProgramFiles%\Microsoft Shared\Windows Live%c:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre6\bin%
What do I do add

java -Xms150m -Xmx300m -XX:MaxPermSize=150m -jar lib\jaikoz.jar -l2 -m2 -f


to the bat file from there? Its telling me

'java' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.

do I now have java installed correctly?

I'm recovering from a hard drive crash and my backups weren't tagged ironically I thin the drive failed because I was tagging so I could back it up. I'm doing about 12k in files. I have 4 gig of ram. How do I give it like a gig of ram?
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