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Messages posted by: Alfg  XML
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Author Message
In this case I would say: Advanced -> Empty cache
and the load the files again.
Maybe it helps
this happens with
artist: xyz (vocal abc) -> Oklahoma Melody Boys (vocals Jearl Ritter)
too. Jaikoz gives me: Oklahoma Melody Boys (vocals Jearl Ritter
for me the discogs ID looks as example like this: [r11378402]
Usually I only delete the brackets, so the discogs ID is in this case r11378402. I always used the ID in this spelling and it was just an intuitive idea to use the ID without using the letters as described above.

I saw sometimes a "m" is preceeding the number.
try your example again but only with numbers like: 8500985
I don't have any troubles with matching Lucinda Williams - This Sweet Old World.
Because the albunack-server is not always up to date, you have to use the mbid: 9b2e2cb0-11ad-4976-b761-5df201fe97ca . You find it in MusicBrainz on the Details-Page of the album. Copy this mbid and paste it in Jaikoz using Action-> Match to Album -> Match Songs to specified MusicBrainz Album. That's all

Ps. I have this command in the tool-bar, because I use it very frequently after adding a new album to MusicBrainz
or to force Jaikoz to make a certain release from a release group.

Paul, you're great!
I have the same issue, sometimes I ignore the window and after awhile it closes themself, sometimes I close it.
I use Windows 10 64 bit too, had no trouble to install Jaikoz 9.1. and use it since the release date.

A hint from me: rename the folder C:\Program Files\Jthink and C:\Users\xyz\Jaikoz to Jaikoz_xyz and try to install Jaikoz again. You can do this procedure with every version of Jaikoz. In this way I have the new version 9.1 running and an older version as reserve.
Thanks for the info.
I will only use the option Preferences:Remote Correct:Classical:Automatically identify songs that are part of a classical releases and apply these options, when I know classic albums are to match.
use the command "Match songs to specified MusicBrainz Album" and use the MBID you have. But only have this album loaded in Jaikoz.

There are other ways to accomplish this too, but this is my way.
in some cases, when using "Autocorrect Metadata from MusicBainz Server" or "Match songs to a specific MusicBrainz Album" the columns Artist and Album are filled with wrong data.
In this case it's the album "Matthew E. White - Fresh Blood".
I will send you the support file with the result of the command "Match songs to a specific MusicBrainz Album" and the before and after command images.

You're right I sent it to a wrong e-mail adress.
The other receiver will be surprised.
Now sent to support@jthink.net
Support file sent
You have to use as example the release No. [r6372327] but without the brackets and without the r in front of the number. Use 6372327.
In your case 8940511
Usually it works
but there (https://jthink.atlassian.net/browse/JAIKOZ-1128) you say it is fixed.
Jaikoz 9.1 ignores the Remote Correct -> Match -> preferred media format.
I choosed CD but it alway matches to Digital Media
Example is: Maroon 5 - Singles
where we have one release as CD and another as Digital Media.

Ps. Preferred Country of release: None
The last update of the Albunack server is more than a month ago!
Paul, please update.
I mailed to you this issue and others issues of Jaikoz 9.01 on 10.11.2016 with support files. But you didn't respond
To add releases to MusicBrainz I use Jaikoz 7.1.1


Ps. I send you the e-mail again to support@jthink.net. The original mail was sent to trial@jthink.net
I'm a normal user, not the developer.
The developer is Paul Taylor, to whom the e-mail adress
support@jthink.net belongs.
I can't reproduce this case.

NFC, if you can repeat this issue then send the support-file to support@jthink.net.
Yes, repeatable!
Another future release?
The current release is Jaikoz 9.0.0 which was released on November 11th 2016

I find it a pity that it's not possible to predict when the next version is released.
if you double click on the left side on the little button (http://imgur.com/t7gktjO) it opens a new window and you can see and edit what is written in the tag.
I had the same problem and I mailed it to Paul. He raised https://jthink.atlassian.net/browse/JAIKOZ-1100. This error is now fixed in Jaikoz 8.4.2 Released 15th January 2016. This error doesn't happen to me anymore.
please syncronize your database with MusicBrainz. It's now more than one month ago that your database is updated.
I had to use Jaikoz 7.x to get the actual data from MB.
What do I have to enter when I want "Match Songs to Specified Discogs Album... "
Is it the number in the upper right edge of the web side (release code)? Example: [r4671527]. This gives me no result. The same without the brackets.
The album has matched to Discogs, but with a wrong label/CatNo. The label I want is in Discogs too and it matches, when I use "Match songs to Discogs Album by Catalog no"
the issue is still there
I have such a similar behavior with "Match songs to specified MusicBrainz album" when I try to match one album with a releaseID. It matches sometimes only after the second/third try.
I can't reproduce it, because when I prepare the support file (cleaning the logs) and start Jaikoz again the album matches immediately.
Next time when it doesn't match I will send you the whole support file.
If you know the release in MusicBrainz, in this case Pink Floyd - Atom Heart Mother (UDCD 595), you can go to this website https://musicbrainz.org/release/b4f3f4bb-8b6a-33ca-8d14-87eb3f7990c8. Go to Details and copy the MBID: b4f3f4bb-8b6a-33ca-8d14-87eb3f7990c8
Use this MBID and insert it in Jaikoz Menue: Action -> Match to Album -> Match Songs to Specified MusicBrainz Album.
This should do it.
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