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The unicode character in the title of track 11 ("Δ9") of Discogs release 35082 comes back escaped: "&# 916;"
I have noticed several tracks coming back with 2 extra characters added to the end of the Artist field when matching a Discogs release.

It's always the two characters ", " (a comma followed by a space) that gets added to the end of the Artist field.

These characters aren't there when viewing the release at Discogs, so could this be a Albunack import error?

One clue could be that all the tracks I have found with this problem have been multiple artist types of the form "x Feat. y" or "x & y" etc.

One example with several of these errors is the Discogs release 835631.

Track 1-1, 1-5 & 1-8 all get the extra characters.

+1 for Beatport support!
I would also like something like this. A shortcut key and/or button that you click and it will automatically use the value in the copybuffer for the ID. (Both for MB and Discogs.)

paultaylor wrote:
So Rob did the fix that let you override tracks times do it for you 

Yes, the Discogs matching works fine for me now that I can choose to ignore any timing discrepancies.
This is pretty similar to my old Discogs request: http://www.jaikoz.net/jaikozforum/posts/list/1924.page
iTunes has a pretty good dupe check feature that you could use.
This is one thing that annoys me with Discogs lookups. The artist always comes as "blahblah, The". I want to keep the "The" at the beginning.
As long as the "Disc No" tag is filled in correctly iTunes has no problems sorting the tracks in a multi-disc release.

It works fine in my tests with 4.0 beta 2, but I'm only grabbing data from Discogs so your mileage might vary.
I have tried this out with 4.0 beta 2 and it seems to work quite well so far.

It still seems to get stubborn and refuse to match anything sometimes unless the first track has been tagged with an artist.

For example, I tested an album (Discogs ID 170252) which was completely untagged. I tried to match the songs to the release ID but it wouldn't work. I then entered the first track's artist manually and tried the match again and now it successfully matched every track without complaints or warnings.

Edit: tried another album with no existing tags (ID 40911) and it also refused matching. I tried adding the track numbers manually but that didn't help. I then added some nonsense text into the first track's artist tag and then the matching worked. So something seems to get stuck if there's no pre-existing tag...
This works much better now in 4.0 beta 2.

But it still can get confused by some releases. For example ID 207345 which is a 2-CD album with 9 tracks on each CD. But Jaikoz incorrectly tags it as one single CD with 18 tracks.

Update: This also happens for ID 88100. Maybe it has something to do with the "." in the track number field.
Sure that's no problem. Images are tied to individual tracks and not albums anyway. You can add any image(s) you want to each individual track.
I have found that I only rely on Discogs data and that my workflow consists of manually searching for the release on the Discogs website, then copying the ID and using "Match Songs to Specified Discogs Release" to update the selected tracks.

My problem is that this only works about 70% of the time. Sometimes Jaikoz refuses to match the tracks for unknown reasons. I assume it's doing some sort of automatic checks against various variables and that it can't find the matches required (track length perhaps?).

Jaikoz can be very stubborn about this. Sometimes I only need to add the artist tag on the first track to make it work, other times it won't work even after manually tagging every single track.

So what I'd like to see is some sort of "Force Songs to Discogs Release" feature, where Jaikoz simply imports the Discogs data and tags the tracks without doing any checks.

The only check that could be done is to make sure that I haven't selected more tracks than what the release contains since that would be an obvious mistake.

If the Track Number tag is available it could use that to match the tracks, but if it's not it'd be fine to just have it assume that the tracks are in ascending order.

This would greatly improve my updating speed since it can be quite time consuming to manually fix a release when Jaikoz refuses to match it.
I tried this out in the 4.0 beta and it works better now, but I have noticed another issue in that it sometimes get confused about the Track Total and a disc is listed as having fewer tracks than it actually has.

Discogs ID 145184 for example. Where Jaikoz thinks disc 2 has 5 tracks, when it actually has 7.

All 7 track numbers are filled in correctly, it's just that Track Total for that disc is incorrectly set to 5.
If the "Compilation" checkbox is enabled so that the tracks are grouped together properly as one album, then iTunes will automatically label it as "Various Artists" (or the translated version if you aren't using an English version) when the Album Artist field is empty.

If the Album Artist field has been filled in it will show that instead, which is not desirable for VA albums. One drawback being that the album will be sorted under "V". With the Album Artist field empty you get the VA albums grouped at the end instead.
Both Discogs & MusicBrainz insert values into the "Album Artist" field and it would be useful to have an option to ignore this for "Various Artist" albums and leave the field blank.

This way iTunes can automatically handle this instead, which makes the field show up in the local language for example.

I looked at the Manipulators but it doesn't seem possible to do this with them at the moment.
This bug is still around. Having to manually click each checkbox in a subset of a long list is not fun. Would be nice if it was possible to select a range from the "Is Compilation" row.
Thanks for the info, and fix.
I'm using 3.11.1 and it fails for all multi-disc releases.

I've noticed some variations on the Discogs numbering with the most common being "disc-track".

A fairly simple parser that only looks at the numbers at the end of the data would work in all cases I have seen on Discogs.
Something like the regex "\d*$"
I.e. if the tracknumber string isn't just numeric characters, it only parses the characters after the last encountered non-numeric character.
If a release contains more than one disc, Jaikoz fails to grab the correct tracknumbers when getting data from Discogs.

All the tracks on disc 1 will have tracknumber set to 1, all the tracks on disc 2 will be set to track number 2 and so on.

E.g. Discogs release number 135321.
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