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Jaikoz V8.3.1.
It appears that there is never an Acoustic ID match checkmark again in the found potential matches any more when doing a "Manual Correct Metadata from Musicbrainz".
No matter how many tracks I check there never is a checkmark anymore which yust can't be right i guess.
I'm not sure that's the problem. I have had successful searches without matches.
I just send a song that does not show a search results window to the support address.
Hope it helps
Send to the support address.

Additional info: It "looks" like it's related to the song I try.
A song that shows a results window will, so far, always display the results window and a song that doesn't never does.
For me most of the time when doing a "Manual Correct Metadata from MusicBrainz" the search results window either does not appear at all or it appears as a minimized/small window in the top left corner of the screen.
Jaikoz allways shows the "Manually Tagging Songs from MusicBrainz..." dialog though.

When no results window is shown, all I can do is cancel the search in the dialog.
When a minimized/small window is shown I can resize it by dragging the corner, but I have to do it again and again.

After resizing the results window most of the time the next couple of searches show, but then suddenly it's gone or minimized again on a new search.

Never had this problem with Jaikoz 7 (and earlier).

My system is running windows 7.
OK, clear. Thanks for the answer.
I think it's not necessary to add the Jthink music server. It's contacted before a connection is made to the Musicbrainz server?

One question though. I bought the pro version and was using a local musicbrainz mirror, hence my confusion about the address to use.
But is it still useful to have a local mirror now?
I just upgraded to Jaikoz 8 and read about the jthink music server.
I assume I must enter it's address as the musicbrainz server.

But what is the address? Sorry for asking as I am sure it's mentioned somewhere in big bright flashing red writing but I can't find it.
Ok, thanks. I did not know about the search and replace option. I am going to give that a try.
But I understand the grouping field is never going to be handled in the ui like the genre field?
Is there any change of the grouping tag being handled as a multivalue tag?
Maybe I am just missing a configuration option?

I am using foobar to convert singlevalue grouping tag into multiple grouping tags eg "group1; group2" becomes "group1" and "group2". this is labor intensive, but working.
Unfortunately Jaikoz does not seem seem to support this?
An absolute +1 on the idea mentioned in the ticket especially on the grey list (tag replacer).
I thought to use some of my christmas vacation for updating my music tags from musicbrainz. Basically working fine, but apparently there is little to no moderation on the genre and grouping fields. I was honestly appalled to see genres like "death by liver cancer" pop up.
Fortunately easy to fix via the blacklist feature, but it is a indicator for the "quality" of the musicbrainz genre/grouping tags I think.
So a replace by feature would be very welcome both for the genre and grouping fields (and maybe others).

Trying to find a solution for these fields I stumbled upon the last.fm plus Picard plugin for, obviously, the Picard tagger. I so far like what this plugin does, but I don't like what Picard (sorry captain) does with the rest of my tags. It sometimes replaces playing times I just updated with Jaikoz with question marks (3:14 becomes ??) and the track no. zero padding is removed etc. etc.
So as a request, would it be possible to incorporate this or simular functionality into Jaikoz?
Some information on the lastfmplus plugin can be found here:
For me it's these kind of errors in the artist and title fields and to a lesser extend the album field. Because when there is no match with a release I at least want to have the artist and title fields filled in correctly.

If by correcting in the tag browser you mean the main screen, then yes of course I can do that but it means leaving the manual corrector. Errors like baetles instead of beatles are easy to miss in the main screen. And it sort of depends on your approach I think, if you are correcting one or two albums at a time this would work fine but personally I don't really care about albums and have folders with hundreds to thousands of songs by different artists to tag. Then the main window is less usable for this.
Consider as an example correcting all permutations and typos for The Andrews Sisters with and without "The" or the s in Andrew/Andrews or capitals and then all less easy to find versions like Bing Crosby & The Andrews Sisters in a main window with 2000 songs loaded...
Most certainly this applies to the song title it would be great to do this in the manual corrector window where you have a list of 10 possible matches showing you what the correct title is.

Alfg wrote:
There was an idea of someone (couldn't find the posting), where he wished to click on a value in the manualcorrect-window and this value would taken over.

Like this,
click the button in front of the line (line changes color), the whole line is taken over.
click only a value in another line of that song (maybe album) (the value color changes) and this value get preference over the value of the button-clicked-whole-line or if no button was clicked only this value would be taken over. 

I suggested this I think a couple of years ago by now. Paul, out of curiosity, do you have any plans to ever implement something like this?
For me at least it would be a great enhancement. The lack of this feature is one of the main reasons I now do manual corrects one by one or in groups of five.
You basically can't do bigger groups because now whenever you see an error which can not be corrected by choosing a "match" (because there is none) you have to have a really good memory or stop the MC and correct the error manually.
Most of the time this means changing "artist" to "the artist". Would be great to do this without leaving the manual corrector.
O.k. have been using 4.0.1 for a couple of hours now and have had no hangs anymore.
For your information: I also did not see any 30 seconds delay (the new timeout you mentioned in your mail) so the hangs might have been a result of the same java problem (I guess) that caused my ctrl-U to stop working.
The ctrl-u issue was solved by a restart of my pc. I'm now going to test is it also resolved my "hangs" with manual correct
My ctrl+u is working in an other application but not in Jaikoz anymore. To be sure nothing else is intervening I will restart my pc this evening and try again.

I also still have the manual correct issue. For me the good/bad ratio is about 20 to 1 so 20 song work, and then 1 "hangs"
Hi Paul,

That's not it i'm afraid. I have yet to see a possible match that does not have an amplifind id match according to Jaikoz and during the weekend I have checked several hundred songs. Even different songs from different artist claim to have the match. This can of course be faults in the musicbrainz db but I suspect something is not going quite right here.
In Jaikoz 4.0.1 the ctrl+u shortcut for showing the artwork full size does not work anymore.

And another manual correct issue:
With some songs when I try to do a manual correct the possible matches window is not shown at all. The checking x songs pop-up just stands there after looking up the correct number of songs. The only way to continue is pressing cancel here. When I then do a manual correct on a different song, the possible matches windows does pop-up but then it is a totally minimized window, I have to drag it out to be able to see/do anything
First of, I am not sure this is a problem in Jaikoz.

In the 3.x versions when I did a manual correct metadata from musicbrainz tracks either had or had not a checkmark in the Amplifind Id checkbox indicating an Amplifind Id match (or not).
In the 4.0.0. version all possible matches returned always seem to have the Amplifind Id checkmark.
In Jaikoz 4.0.0 whenever I do a manual correct metadata from Musicbrains the match found always has the track no the same as the # tracks field.

To recreate this just do a manual correct of an already corrected track. You will see that when the source track is no 6 from 16 for example the found match is then 16 from 16.

On a sidenote, the # tracks that is already in the source track is also not shown in the manual correct result window
A couple of days ago I upgraded to v4.0.0 and started to use "update metadata from existing musicbrainz id" to add the new tags.
During this I noticed that the artist tag for multiple recognized artists contain extra spaces. For example "Babyface<space>&<space>Stevie Wonder" becomes "Babyface<space><space>&<space><space>Stevie Wonder".
These double spaces are not automatically colorcoded but are used in subsequent "correct filenames from metadata" calls etc
Is this a bug or a changed setting somewhere?

paultaylor wrote:

ErwinB wrote:

In the past after this I could use "update metadata from existing Musicbrainz id". This does not work anymore, now I also have to fill in the Musicbrainz release id to be able to do that.

Hi, you've found a bug  


paultaylor wrote:

but actually the situation is better than you think, firstly because you can now JUST enter the MB release Id, and not bother entering the track id and it will still match. Seondly the new Action/Match Songs to Specified Musicbrainz Id gives you an easy way to match all selected songs to one specified album.

Ah. I was so sticking to my routine I din't think about that. I will give it a try. Thanks.

paultaylor wrote:

ErwinB wrote:

Furthermore this update metadata does not get/fill in the same data that the manual correct does. Notably the year, release country, cat no and media fields are not populated. 

I just tried the year and release country fields and these were updated without any problem, it may just be that a different release event was selected for the release , and that release event didn't contain a year or country.

Musicbrainz contains releases with multiple release events, so if an album is released with the same songs but with different catalog no on differents dates in different countries it will be shown as one release with multiple release events , within Manual Correct these multiple release events are shown as different rows on the list of possible options. When matching based on a release id it doesnt tell Jaikoz which option to pick so it picks the best release event based on your user preferences such as users preferred country.

When Musicbrainz NGS is released later this year it will no longer have release events, each release event will be shown as a separate release and there will no longer be an issue.  

I understand what you mean but I'm not sure I can entirely agree.
Ok there often are more releases with the same musicbrainz release id. But I manually copy the release id and the mb unique id. As the name suggests shouldn't this then point to a unique item?
Or wait, maybe you mean this is now happening because the match/lookup on the unique id is not working properly and only the release id is used?
Could be a feature not a bug but...

I generally use manual correct metadata from Musicbrainz. Sometimes there is no match found for some tracks of an album. In this case I go to the website and manually copy the MB Unique id to Jaikoz.
In the past after this I could use "update metadata from existing Musicbrainz id". This does not work anymore, now I also have to fill in the Musicbrainz release id to be able to do that.

Furthermore this update metadata does not get/fill in the same data that the manual correct does. Notably the year, release country, cat no and media fields are not populated.
I happen to like old music, a result of this is that an automatic correction from MusicBrainz rarely gets the right information if it's there at all.
So basically I always use the "manual correct metadata from MusicBrainz" option.
Now it very frequently happens that there is no direct match because most of the time the album is unknown/incorrect but I can see that there is an error in the artist name or the song name.
At the moment this means I have to abort the manual correction and change the error by hand.
Would it be possible to make the individual items selectable? So that I can doubleclick the artist and or song name and it is taken over in the main view?
I work a lot with loads of files instead of one album at a time and as such also don't like the deep menu's. Instead I try to use the shortcuts as much as possible.
But I would really like for example an checkmark/radiobutton on the toolbar that determines if the buttons work global or on the selection.

The dos window should stay open and Jaikoz should load.
What is probably happening is that the command in the batch file causes an error but you can't read it because the window closes immediately.
Can you try opening a dos window in the jaikoz directory and running the batch file from this window.
If you see any error messages please post them here.
What I think is that you need to specify the full path to the java.exe file like
"C:\Program Files\Java\jre6\bin\java.exe" -Xmx:900M -Xms:150M -jar lib\jaikoz.jar
Hi there.

What did you put in the batch file exactly and did you see any difference in the console afterwards?

If you use the batch file you must, under windows, also really run the batch file. i.e. make a new shortcut. The menu link points directly to the executable not the batch file.
If I look at your message I think you are trying to allocate 900MB in both the batch file and in the program shortcut. This is a one or the other approach, not an and.
So either use the batch file or the commandline option in the program shortcut.
I used to modify the commandline with something like -Jmaxheap=1300000000 and could then load something in the order of 25000 songs

Did you run the command line from within the jaikoz folder?

I put the command line into a batch file (jaikoz2.bat) and it runs fine.
I did not uninstall the sun jre though.
I already tried the -d64 flag, it was the only thing to try I could find.
I used "C:\Program Files\Java\jre6\bin\java.exe" -d64 -Xmx:6000M -Xms:6000M -jar lib\jaikoz.jar

Then I get an error: Unrecognized option: -d64

When I use -showversion I get
java version "1.6.0_11"
Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment (build 1.6.0_11-b03)
Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM (build 11.0-b16, mixed mode)
I installed the 64 bit sun jre but the following commandline:
"C:\Program Files\Java\jre6\bin\java.exe" -Xmx:6000M -Xms:6000M -jar lib\jaikoz.jar
Results in:
Invalid maximum heap size: -Xmx:6000M
Could not create the Java virtual machine.

Without specifying memory parameters with JRockit (64 bit) Jaikoz reports:
Jaikoz has been configured with minimum heap memory of 0 Mb, maximum heap memory of 2,047 Mb and maximum permanent memory of -32 Mb.

I think the hardest part is going to be figuring out the optimum setting for a system. If you hit the point that memory has got to swapped the performance goes down significantly.

I didn't try the 64 bit sun java yet but I am afraid speed comparison results between sun and jrockit would be useless without a descent test plan.

I will try to do some basic comparison in the weekend.
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