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Messages posted by: Alfg  XML
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thank you for the new window of "Manual correct Metadata from MusicBrainz".
It's very nice to find:
- if there is an AmliFIND Id
- the Score
- Artwork
and more.

Thank you
in the meantime you can try to use MusicIP Mixer from http://www.amplifindmusicservices.com/what/downloads.php
There is a function "Fix Tags", which tags you songs eventually.
This depends, if the song which is analyzed before with MusicIp Mixer had the right tagging information.
Just sent it.
Upgrading to Jaikoz 3.8.2 the user defined Database Folder in Preference -> General -> Database was set to default. After I set the Database Folder to the folder I want, all Preferences were lost
that's a good idea
In Jaikoz 3.8.0 it happens to me several times that Jaikoz finds a song with AutoCorrect, but it's the wrong song. Then I check with "View this PUID at MusicBrainz" and it finds dircet the right song.
So the weighting for existing AmpliFIND IDs should be higher.

Artist: John Denver
Release: The Country Roads Collection (Disc 1)
Track: Molly
TrackNo: 08
PUID: 04b2334e-a596-370f-7e7c-cd0c2f6877b4
That was the song to correct.

After Autocorrect
Artist: John Denver
Release: The Country Roads Collection (Disc 4)
Track: It's About Time
TrackNo: 09

But the PUID points to:
Artist: John Denver
Release: The Country Roads Collection (disc 1)
Track: Molly
TrackNo: 08

Autocorrect ran with
Prefer do not match to Single Artist compilation not checked
There seems to be some malefunction Filter -> AmpliFIND Acoustic ID does not exist
After using the filter, there are AmpliFIND Acoustic IDs in the EditWindow.
See appended picture.

Ps: Paul, it's not possible for me to append a file, I send it to you by e-mail
let the user choose in preference, where he would like to save the original release year either to the original Release field or to the year field
I don't have any problems with Jaikoz 3.8.0 final and Windows 7 x64.
There is nor error-message concerning MSVCR71.dll.
So you guys have mixed up your machines with something else, but not with Jaikoz.

I found that in C:\Program Files\Java\jre6\bin (instlled with jre-6u21-windows-x64.exe) there is no MSVCR71.dll.
But in C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre6\bin (installed with jre-6u21-windows-i586-s.exe) there is a MSVCR71.dll.
I'm interested
To get the Lyrics of a song, I use Strg+Alt+4
If I try to get the Lyrics for two songs, where the Lyrics field is empty and the songs had a MB unique Id and a MB release Id , I get the message:

Corrected 2 lyrics
Unable to find a match for 0 songs
Complete correct lyrics on 2 songs

Why is there "Unable to find a match for 0 songs"
your're not the only one, who has a music-collection in that order/amount and has the problem with the earliest release date.
Take a look in the Whishlist

paultaylor wrote:

Alfg wrote:
If I copy a MusicBrainz MBID to Jaikoz MB Unique Id and the song was analyzed before and had an Artwork, the Artwork is not updated of that song to the new Artwork, when I use Strg+Alt+6.

Thats because the default setting in Preferences/Musicbrainz/Autoformat/Artwork is Replace if better quality, you need to change this option if you always want to replace artwork.

Paul, you didn't understand me,
the song, that was analyzed before was wrong. It's really another song from a different album and it could be from a different artist too.
If I copy a MusicBrainz MBID to Jaikoz MB Unique Id and the song was analyzed before and had an Artwork, the Artwork is not updated of that song to the new Artwork, when I use Strg+Alt+6.

Another thing is, after I copied the MBID to MB Unique Id, I had to delete the MB Release ID to get Strg+Alt+6 to work. This is true for Jaikoz 3.8 Beta 2 and I think it wasn't the case in Jaikoz 6.x. To delete the MB Release Id is not necessary, when the MB Unique Id has the focus.
but if I have a compilation album in my collection - say Greatest Hits - I like to keep the name of the album, but not the compilation-year of the album.
There was an idea of someone (couldn't find the posting), where he wished to click on a value in the manualcorrect-window and this value would taken over.

Like this,
click the button in front of the line (line changes color), the whole line is taken over.
click only a value in another line of that song (maybe album) (the value color changes) and this value get preference over the value of the button-clicked-whole-line or if no button was clicked only this value would be taken over.
If you use the link above I have posted for the JRE 64bit and install, you will have the right path: C:\Program Files\Java\jre6\bin.

And if Jaikoz.bat exist in C:\Program Files (x86)\Jthink\Jaikoz it will find jaikoz.jar in the folder C:\Program Files (x86)\Jthink\Jaikoz\lib.

Use the default values for Xms: -Xms150
Look at my bat-file:
@echo off
"C:\Program Files\Java\jre6\bin\java" -Xms500m -Xmx5500m -XX:MaxPermSize=200m -jar lib\jaikoz.jar -l2 -m2 -f

adjust the memory and check the path for java and jaikoz.
I use jre-6u21-windows-x64.exe.
You'll find it at:
You didn't told your Windows 7 version (32 or 64 Bit) nor what JRE you use.

With Jaikoz and Windows 7 64Bit, 8 GByte RAM, I load more than 50000 songs and can work with them.
I like to have an adjustment, that gives me in the year column the earliest release date of the song and this should be independent of the Release Type. (normally the earliest release date of a song, is the release date of the single, then album and if there is any single or album, the first release date of a compilation)
Maybe like lyrics but here: Action -> earliest release date
or as an adjustment in the Preference, that would be better

Paul, what's the price?
Of course, they are on it's way!
You're right, that's not the problem.

And you can believe me, I never clicked File -> Open Recent

Maybe this gives you some idea:
In Jaikoz 3.8.0 beta I changed the location of the jaikozdb-folder to another partition (That's new to earlier versions of Jaikoz)
there was always a Warning: "... there was not actually any image data - so the image has not been loaded" for some files, like you can see in my answer above. (I am wondering about that, because all images were imported with Jaikoz)
Today it was the second time that this happened.
Yesterday evening was the first time.

Now it's happened the third time

And it's happens only, when the files are loaded the first time (when they are not yet in the jaikoz DB)

How about that:
Sep 22, 2010 10:07:41 PM: INFO: Started to load files from M:\MP3 Collection Boo - Cas
Sep 22, 2010 10:39:52 PM: WARNING: For the file M:\MP3 Collection Boo - Cas\Bryan White - That's Another Song.mp3: there was not actually any image data - so the image has not been loaded.
Sep 22, 2010 11:13:22 PM: INFO: Counted 6,421 files that could be loaded from M:\MP3 Collection Boo - Cas
Sep 22, 2010 11:13:22 PM: INFO: Completed loading of 9,859 songs from M:\MP3 Collection Boo - Cas
Sep 22, 2010 11:13:22 PM: INFO: 9,859 files are loaded

It seems, that the 3438 songs were somewhere in a filecache, because they were loaded before. But the chunk which was loaded before was bigger, so it's only a part of

To test it, I used File -> Close Files and loaded the folder M:\MP3 Collection Boo - Cas again and only the 6,421 files were loaded
How can this happen?
in the folder I selected were 6154 songs, but Jaikoz loads more than 15400 songs. Jaikoz was not looking for folder boundaries. It read one folder after the other. This happened when I was loading the songs the first time. When i closed Jaikoz and loaded the files a second time - with open folder -, it was o.k.

OS: Windows 7 64Bit
Was that in Jakoz 3.6.x too?

AutoCorrect -> Correct Metadata From MusicBrainz
It counts only the "found songs" in MusicBrainz not all the songs which are processed.
With Windows 7 64Bit I never had any problems to use 4 cores with Jaikoz/Genpuid or MusicIP-Mixer/Genpuid. For me it was just 4 times faster than with 1 core
a little installation error.
I installed Jaikoz 3.8.0 beta and selected the language english during installation. After starting Jaikoz, language was in german.
Checked preference and it says language english.
Closed Jaikoz and started again then language was english
If there is more interest, here is the Excel-Sheet with the bas-files included and a little userinterface for easy using.

To go to the programming:
Load _MP3 Collection.xls in Excel.
Click button ENDE
Alt+F11 will open the programming window
Look at Forms and Module
Why don't you use Export and Import?

1. Autocorrect with 'Prefer original albums to compilations' enabled
1.1 Delete manually the columns MB Unique Id and MB Release Id
2. Export
3. Autocorrect but with 'Prefer original albums to compilations' disabled
4. Export
5. Then use Excel to compare this two .xls files to see which year is earlier and change the second exported .xls file to the earlier year.
6. Import the second (changed) .xls-file

you can see my approach in the attached file (sorry in german)
and what I do with artist (.bas-file) and with the year (.bas-file).
(I don't know, if you can use the .bas-files on the Mac, I use Windows)
It's not what you whish to do, but you get the idea, how you can do it.
(If you do it this way, be prepared, the artwork columne is not exported and it will not overwritten in Jaikoz, if the xls-file, which is imported, has no artwork-columne. Take a look in the help-file of Jaikoz to see the restrictons for the genre-column etc.)

And this is from the Jaikoz-Help-file:
Before using Import make sure you have already loaded your songs into Jaikoz before you use Import because Import does not load songs into Jaikoz it matches against the filename of songs in Jaikoz and updates the metadata when it finds any matches. Import is none destructive, for example although it will only import the first genre if your song has additional genres these will be left untouched.
My opinion is:
if there are two songs - one original release and one compilation - so the same artist and the same title, but with a different track lenghts of more than plus/minus 10 sec, then these songs are different
What I will say, a compilation song release, which is longer or shorter than 10 sec than the original release, should never match to the original release.
If someone want a match to the original release, should buy the original release
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