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It would be useful to be able to display the Track Time in a column in the spreadsheet view. The value would not be editable, of course, just useful for the purpose of identifying tracks when editing the other fields.
Good question. In Compatibility preferences, add a checkbox for "Add Grouping in an iTunes compatible format"?
Since I wasn't using the Grouping data, I just cleared it out in iTunes, by selecting all my tracks, Get Info, click on "Use work and movement", set that field to a single space, hit OK, let it run (for awhile), do it again, this time set the field to empty (you can't set it to empty the first time). If I cared about the data in TIT1 I would have written a script to move it from TIT1 to GRP1 first, then done the above. You have to tell iTunes directly, not just edit the MP3 files, because iTunes keeps the information in its database as well as in the MP3 files.

This is bad behavior on Apple's part, but it can't be ignored because they are the 900 pound gorilla in the room.
After further study, it appears that the problem is a little bit different. It turns out that Apple decided to add a new nonstandard ID3 frame and to change the meaning of an existing ID3 frame. The TIT1 "Content group description" frame is now being used in iTunes for "Work" (in the classical sense), while the Grouping data previously stored in TIT1 is now found in a GRP1 frame. Somehow all of my songs that have TIT1 populated (by Jaikoz) with Grouping data are being resync'ed every time with my iPad and iPhone. The resyncing is definitely a bug, but it is triggered by the TIT1 field. It looks like the Mp3tag program is already trying to address this change by Apple:

Thanks, Paul. I succumbed to temptation, revived some of my Perl skills and wrote a simple script using the File::Find and MP3::Tag CPAN modules.
Not specifically a Jaikoz question, but I'm hoping Jaikoz users will have suggestions.

I have an iTunes library in the tens of thousands, probably too large to load into Jaikoz all at once. I haven't tried on my current hardware, a Mac Pro with 16GB RAM, but it failed miserably in years past when I attempted large subsets on less powerful machines, by grinding slowly to a halt.

I have a problem with syncing from my iTunes library to my devices where thousands of songs get copied again and again, every time I sync. This is surely a bug in iTunes, but from my Internet research it appears that this may be caused by having both v1 and v2 ID3 tags on some songs in my library. I really don't need v1 tags at all any more, so I was thinking of making a pass over my library to remove them all, replacing them with v2 tags if they don't already have them.

The question is, what is the correct tool for this job? I am a software engineer and I could write a simple program in some language or another for this task, but I would rather use an available tool than spend hours doing this.
Something about my library is causing iTunes to crash, but only while communicating with Jaikoz. This looks like a bug in iTunes itself that is triggered by my music collection. It only began with 11.2.1, but it's possible that it was due to some change in my library data. However, it is still an iTunes bug, since the program is not supposed to hang no matter what data it encounters.

Can you supply a simple code fragment that is a distillation of Jaikoz's side of the communication? As I said, all it takes is checking that box and saving preferences to trigger it.
Sorry to report the same symptoms in iTunes 11.2.2.
Also confirmed that it is definitely something about my library. I tried the same test with a new created empty library and did not experience a freeze.
Also as feared, rebuilding the library did not help. How do you recommend I proceed? I have send the crash report to Apple.
I was afraid that might be the case. I am now rebuilding my iTunes Library, only because I can't think of anything else to try. I will post when it is finished.
Subject says it all. I don't think 11.2 froze, but 11.2.1 is freezing. No action is required to get iTunes to freeze, other than starting Jaikoz when update iTunes is checked in Preferences, or by checking the preference in a running Jaikoz. It freezes an already launched iTunes, or it launches iTunes which then freezes before it displays a window. By "freeze" I mean the rainbow wheel of death for which the only cure is Force Quit.
Jaikoz can be configured to automatically import into iTunes, so that saving tracks within Jaikoz causes iTunes to do an "Add To Library" operation on them.

I would like to have a way to go the opposite direction. I would like to be able to select a set of tracks inside iTunes and invoke Jaikoz on them, with the result again being re-imported into iTunes. The way I do this currently is by loading files or folders from my iTunes library into Jaikoz, but this is clumsy and difficult to do except in certain simple cases such as a specific album or artist. I would like to be able to invoke Jaikoz on an entire playlist or genre at once.

I think this can be done with a fairly simple bit of Applescript on the Mac version of iTunes, or something similar on the Windows version of iTunes. There is a large collection called Doug's AppleScripts for iTunes that can help with the Macintosh interface and there is at least one script supplied by Apple for the Windows version that removes dead tracks from iTunes.
Any progress on this issue?
I haven't looked any further into the Artist Name vs Artist Credit Name problem.

Discogs artwork still isn't fetching properly. Is there a fix coming soon? I'm resorting to manual drag and drop most of the time now (thankfully that works now with the Java fixes).
I just checked. Preferences:Remote Correct:Format:Use Artist Name instead of Artist Credit Name was and is definitely disabled.
These tracks were run through Autocorrect and tagged with


which is the same album with the same artist information (Smokey Robinson & The Miracles) but renamed after the hit single Tears Of A Clown. Then I did Match Songs to Specified Discogs Release to match them to the earlier original release above. There is also a Musicbrainz release that corresponds to the earlier version,


but I did not try to use it. Today I tried Match Songs to Specified Musicbrainz Release on these tracks and it had the same bad behavior, changing all four artist fields (Artist, Album Artist, Sort Artist, Sort Album Artist) to "The Miracles" and "Miracles, The" instead of any version of "Smokey Robinson & The Miracles", which is what is listed on the album jacket and what appears in both the Discogs and Musicbrainz release information. So it appears this is not due to any change in Discogs but may be a Jaikoz policy, to use the "official" artist name instead of the name that appears on the release. This seems wrong to me, since it means the artist name in the tag doesn't match the artist name on the jacket. I can see an argument for the opposite view, e.g. the jazz musician Dave Holland sometimes appears as David Holland. Is it better to tag his releases differently or the same for these name variants? My preference would be to always use the artist name on the cover of the release.
Did anything else change? I tried to use this Discogs release:


Not only did Jaikoz fail to pick up the cover art, but it set the Artist name to "The Miracles" instead of "Smokey Robinson & The Miracles". Is that expected behavior?
Certain collaborations get formatted strangely by Jaikoz when they come from Discogs. For example, in this album


we see track 1-8, "Blues For Clarinets" by Jimmy Hamilton and The Duke's Men. In Discogs the artist is displayed as "Jimmy Hamilton And Duke's Men, The", where "Jimmy Hamilton" and "Duke's Men, The" are two separate artists joined by "And". Jaikoz takes this and turns it into "The Jimmy Hamilton And Duke's Men", which is clearly not right.

I'm also seeing cases where a set of artists collaborating on a song or album are separated by space-comma-space, rather than just comma-space which would be more standard. I don't know why this happens in Discogs, but it seems to get carried over into Jaikoz. Space-slash-space makes some sense and does occur sometimes, but slash without spaces might also be acceptable. I was just wondering if Jaikoz can or should do something to automatically reformat these cases.
Yes, I tried dragging from an image page in Chrome. Typical workflow: Running Chrome browser, doing Google image search, click on one of the images, then click on the View Image button. This typically brings up a page with a .jpg URL. Try to drag from here to Jaikoz, no go. Drag to Finder works fine.

paultaylor wrote:
Neon Scribe dragging and dropping images from webbrowser to OSX now fixed in 6.0.5 

Sorry, Paul. Dragging and dropping from Chrome to Jaikoz did not work for me in 6.0.5. I haven't tried Safari. I'm still doing the double drag, Chrome to Finder to Jaikoz.

paultaylor wrote:

Neon Scribe wrote:
Artwork drag and drop still doesn't work in 6.0.3. 

How are you trying to do drag and drop, and what format is the image ?
Because if I drag an image onto the Jaikoz window, the images are added to all the songs currently selected in the edit panel (main window not row header selection), or I can drag an image directly onto a artwork field.

Dropping images onto the dock itself doesnt work, but that has never worked and I do not think it should because it wouldn't be clear what Jaikoz was adding the image to. 

I've been dragging and dropping from a browser, either Chrome or Safari, onto the Jaikoz window. I've tried dropping into the Summary pane on the cover image, or on the Artwork pane on the spot where an image would be displayed, or on the Artwork column. All of these worked in the pre-6.0 pre-Mavericks world and none of them work now. I have to resort to downloading the image and using the Add... interface in the Artwork pane. BTW, I just tried this again in 6.0.4. All of the images I've tried have been JPEGs.
Artwork drag and drop still doesn't work in 6.0.3.
Loading artwork from a file worked, but dragging and dropping failed for me in 6.0.2 on Mavericks.
Also one more twist regarding the pop-up menu. If no items are selected, the control-click should select the item under the mouse cursor. This is the exception to the rule. It usually doesn't make sense to apply one of these to zero items.
The problems I reported have all been fixed, but I found one more. I have isCompilation as a visible column. I can check it by clicking on it, but I can't uncheck it by clicking again. Once it is set it cannot be unset. I found a workaround using Edit->Set Value, then setting its value to 0, but I only tried it because of my C programming experience!
More UI weirdness here: I clicked on a title then used the keyboard cursor down arrow key to move to the title of the next row. The title disappeared from the first row. When I hit the cursor down arrow again, the title disappeared from the second row. This is new (and clearly incorrect) behavior in the new release on Mavericks.
Sorry, that was ambiguous. Control-Click on the Mac is equivalent to right-click when you only have one button. I work mostly on a MacBook Pro with a touchpad, which only has one button, which is the entire touchpad itself.

I just plugged in a two-button mouse and discovered that right-clicking preserves the selection but control-clicking changes the selection to just the one record under the cursor. Since, to my knowledge, Macs still come with a single-button mouse or trackpad, this is a bug that might affect many Mac users (assuming they use the pop-up menus). The pop-up menu is a little handier than the toolbar or the menubar sometimes, because you don't need to move the mouse cursor to use it.
Just installed from this link, but I encountered the settings.xsd bug anyway. I applied the workaround. Some or all of my preferences reverted to the distribution settings. I noticed one glitch: in the previous version I was able to select a group of rows using the sequence number in the left column, then Control-Click (right-click) to use a pop-up menu item to apply to all of those rows. In this release, when I Control-Click the selection reverts to only the row beneath the cursor.

Other than this, iTunes integration is working well, without any apparent time delays.

Do you expect to have a fix for iTunes integration in Mavericks soon? As long as we're on the subject, I would really love to have iTunes integration in the other direction. That is, I want to select some tracks in iTunes, run an Applescript command, then have those tracks appear in Jaikoz. Saving the tracks should update iTunes as well. I expect such a feature would be relatively easy to do, and there are probably even other Applescripts that do similar things already.
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