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Messages posted by: jkemp  XML
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Thanks for the quick reply.

I agree the flash USB drive does not need anymore read and writes than it can handle or a hugh database. I plan on moving to a portable harddrive connected via USB 3.0 or firewire.

I have been a registered user for years now and appreicate the hard work and constant feature development.

How would one make a donation to your project without the additional licence being sent?
Hi I have started the Jaikoz app from my portable USB harddrive, but it still seems to store files and directories on the local %USERPROFILE% system.

Is there a file that can be editied to redirect the user data? It created the JaikozDB on the root of the USB drive, but I not sure where it's reading or store the user settings?

I have a portable Java JRE in a common directory.


I'm getting the same error message. Seems to occur after I delete album art. I think this is what "image" is in reference to.

Hi Paul,

As a follow up, after I close the error pop-up window I can scroll backwards, and then forward and the error message pops up right at row 228 again.


Error Message:

Unexpected Problem with Jailoz
Index: 10, Size: 10

I get this error message just scrolling my files. Seems to occur at row 228. Even when selecting files scrolling down. If I select more than 200 or files.

I'm using the new version v1.11.2, but it was doing this in the 1.11.1 version also.

The windows snap open and close quickly now. The progress bars seem more responsive also. Files seem to load a little faster.

The Album Art feature sometimes downloads gray pixelized boxes instead of art work. I have to go back and delete the grayed images. With scrolling throwing error messages this gets hard to do.

Thank you,


I have noticed Windows Media Player 11 (WMP) truncates the "Title" and "Ablum" fields when I add MP3's. It's seems that WMP doesn't read ID3v2.4 tags so it falls back and reads ID3v1.1 which only has 30 charactures. It can however read version ID3v2.3.

Here is where the problem is in Jailoz v1.11.1. If I save the MP3's with version ID3v2.3 serveral things happen. First nothing happens. I have to closed the program, then load the files again, over 5000, then save the files. There should be some way to update the version of the tags and not have to reload all the files. When "Save Changes" is selected only the fields that have been edited change! In some cases I have to run my mouse over the saved fields for the text to change. There is something with the screen refresh or update that changed in this version of Jailoz.

The second thing that happens is WMP imports the MP3's at version ID3v2.3 now, but there is no "album information or "track #" everything is listed in the title field as though it imported the files using the filename. I tried saving the files using version ID3v2.2 in Jailoz also. The same thing happens, all fields are populated under the "Title." I also can't play the files. WMP complains about the file type.

So there is something happening when saving files to ID3v2.3. Should I delete all the tags and start over? Maybe something with version ID3v2.4 still hanging around? Aren't most ID3v2.3 and ID3v2.4 fields the same?


There is a problem downloading album art in the new version. When I select more than one file I get an error "Unexpected Error in Jailoz" The program doesn't crash, just this info box pops up.

Hi Paul,

Thanks for the quick response. I think I understand what the program is doing.

I'm wondering how to get my mp3's in the proper directory like you illustrated. On a mass scale will the program create the directory structure and save the file? Whats needed is for Jaikoz to create:

D:\Music\Paul Taylor\Jaikoz Greatest Hits\Paul Taylor-08-Jailoz.mp3
D:\Music\James Kemp\Wanting Thousand of MP3 Sorted Neatly\James Kemp-10-Most Exited New User.mp3

When I press "Save and Move" all this should happen automatically.


I don't understand this Specify the number of folders above stuff. Is it how many folders above as if they are stacked? Is it above like the folder I'm reading is a Subfolder and I want to move them higher in the directory structure? I have two directories, one for tagging and another for tags have been completed. Why can't we just select the "Read Folder" and the destination folder? I used save and move and it only created the file, not the artist, album, file Subfolders like I hoped.

Can you give an example of what would be entered in this box if I had a folders similar to what the OP gave? Is it a 0, 1 or 5? My folders are the same level under the root drive.

Why can't the program just write the files in the destination folder with Subfolders automatically created. Can Jaikoz do this?

How would I create Subfolders, then move the files into those folders automatically? When working with thousands of files what are the steps.

I have read the manual and the forum and I'm still confused.

Profile for jkemp -> Messages posted by jkemp [9]
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