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what i'm trying to do is create multidisk subfolders, like CD01, CD02 under the album, instead of it creating to main directories for an album.

so, i have most of it working, except for that.

this format

(year) album

what i have is this, simply doesn't work

ifnotempty2(albumartist,artist,folderseparator) + ifnotempty('('+year+') ',album,folderseparator) + (disctotal>1 ? folderseparator + ('CD' + (pad(discno,2)))+ folderseparator : '')
still having this issue with 4.6.2, emailed support docs
i just emailed the support files
i too am having this issue with 4.6.2 on osx 10.8

Aug 6, 2012 9:24:25 AM: INFO: Started to load files from /Volumes/media/iTunes/iTunes Media/Music/(hed) pe/(hed) pe
Aug 6, 2012 9:24:26 AM: INFO: Counted 13 files that could be loaded from /Volumes/media/iTunes/iTunes Media/Music/(hed) pe/(hed) pe
Aug 6, 2012 9:24:26 AM: INFO: Completed loading of 0 songs from /Volumes/media/iTunes/iTunes Media/Music/(hed) pe/(hed) pe
Aug 6, 2012 9:24:26 AM: INFO: 0 files are loaded
why was it removed?
for instance if i rename an artist, it changes most in the pane, but not all. so today i have (hed) pe and (Hed) P.E., i changed all to (hed) pe for artist and album artists, i scrolled through the file list thats loaded and they are all changed but in the pane above they are not, i have 2 listings now.
either that or i'm not sure what it is suppose to do. i click it and nothing seems to happen
well, i installed the update yesterday, went to go recreate the error to send u the info, but it's not happening now. so thats good
check it

this happens when i try to post a error with an attachment so u can see it, but i guess i can't tell you about the bug then
type Exception report


description The server encountered an internal error () that prevented it from fulfilling this request.


note The full stack trace of the root cause is available in the Apache Tomcat/5.0.27 logs.
ok my bad, i changed something in get metadate from filename for a specific album that was all messed up, and had only update if empty unchecked, so it was doing this for everything. strange though, but this was entirely my fault
over the past few days since i've upgraded to the latest version, i've noticed that alot of times, it will match the album right, then i run the auto correct and it puts in the track number as the album name, thus creating many number album titles for 1 album. then, if i run auto correct again, it puts in Discno-Trackno for the album.

so fine, i select match to music brainz, now it can't find it unless i go in and change the album name even though it already has a musicbrainzID.

serious bug here that is wasting alot of my time

edit: ok, after i matched album again, and did auto update, it is making the album name discno-trackno, which i do have setup in my auto rename, i checked manipulators and the defaults are listed for album, so not sure whats going on
well, that all makes sense
file and folder renaming, from the menu bar it shows command 9 and shift-cmd-9, but if u right click on tracks it shows opt-cmd-9 and opt-cmd-sft-9, so whats the deal with that?

and why change the shortcuts to begin with? thats just really confusing when u update and all of a sudden things u normally do don't work anymore, and it's only a point release.
i use to use a product that is no longer made, and it was the most accurate thing i've ever used, anytime jaikoz didn't find it, i would put it in there and it would get it, i uses several different databases. anyways this fix sounds good, can't wait
this is exactly why we need the ability to create multiple auto-corrects. especially since not all functions have hotkeys, and i noticed 2 hotkeys i use all the time, one of them has changed. i do the exact same thing, match to release since, then auto correct, but not always. and i've added stuff to auto correct so i don't have to do it manually
like google music, amazon, allmusic

i always have problems with music brainz, especially with multi disc releases, i just don't like how the multi-disc makes multiple albums, it's annoying. and discogs is pretty good but more is better IMO.
is there a way to do this? i don't want it moving playlist, images, text, nfo or any other files that might be contained in the folder. is there a way to disable this from happening so that it works like it use to?

thank you
running on OSX, i get this error when trying to save files

Do not support modification of this frame

this error is repeated over and over for all files i try to save.
ok, but the logic is already built into jaikoz right? for instance i don't know what characters are allowed on each platform, but the software does and only applies to the platform it is on, is there a way to do it for any platform? or is this something that could be added in the future or is it just too complicated because it's using something built into the OS?
well, i want it to remove all invalid characters from file and folder names for any OS, but leave them in the tags
so then this is something that i have to do manually? and then how do i get it to rename the folders that way? doesn't make sense to me.

for instance, can i set a rename statement that takes the artist The Herbalizer and names it as Herbalizer, The.

or Black Crowes, The

or is this something i have to do manually? another option i guess is that i could just remove this term

paultaylor wrote:

michaelg04 wrote:
ok, that doesn't help because i am forced to replace the character with another, where i just want to remove it, for instance, what am i going to replace a ? with, why can't it just be removed? 

You could use a ' ' but yes you are right it doesnt let you jut remove a character, I will add that the to the todo list.

But why do you want to remove the characters , they should not be invalid for the filesystem, (invalid characters already get removed automatically). By removing them aren't yo making your filenames less readable ?  

because i keep my itunes library synced between 2 machines, 1 is windows 1 is snow leopard, so i can't use ? in the naming on windows
ok, that doesn't help because i am forced to replace the character with another, where i just want to remove it, for instance, what am i going to replace a ? with, why can't it just be removed?
ahhh, cool i'll give it a try, thanks
i keep my music synced between a mac and a windows pc, so i pretty much just remove all punctuation, but what i'm wondering is if when it corrects file and subfolder names, if there is a way to remove the punctuation there and leave it in the tags?

no problem, i've changed the way i do things so it no longer matters for me. thanks.
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