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Messages posted by: Alfg  XML
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With Windows 7 64Bit I never had any problems to use 4 cores with Jaikoz/Genpuid or MusicIP-Mixer/Genpuid. For me it was just 4 times faster than with 1 core
a little installation error.
I installed Jaikoz 3.8.0 beta and selected the language english during installation. After starting Jaikoz, language was in german.
Checked preference and it says language english.
Closed Jaikoz and started again then language was english
If there is more interest, here is the Excel-Sheet with the bas-files included and a little userinterface for easy using.

To go to the programming:
Load _MP3 Collection.xls in Excel.
Click button ENDE
Alt+F11 will open the programming window
Look at Forms and Module
Why don't you use Export and Import?

1. Autocorrect with 'Prefer original albums to compilations' enabled
1.1 Delete manually the columns MB Unique Id and MB Release Id
2. Export
3. Autocorrect but with 'Prefer original albums to compilations' disabled
4. Export
5. Then use Excel to compare this two .xls files to see which year is earlier and change the second exported .xls file to the earlier year.
6. Import the second (changed) .xls-file

you can see my approach in the attached file (sorry in german)
and what I do with artist (.bas-file) and with the year (.bas-file).
(I don't know, if you can use the .bas-files on the Mac, I use Windows)
It's not what you whish to do, but you get the idea, how you can do it.
(If you do it this way, be prepared, the artwork columne is not exported and it will not overwritten in Jaikoz, if the xls-file, which is imported, has no artwork-columne. Take a look in the help-file of Jaikoz to see the restrictons for the genre-column etc.)

And this is from the Jaikoz-Help-file:
Before using Import make sure you have already loaded your songs into Jaikoz before you use Import because Import does not load songs into Jaikoz it matches against the filename of songs in Jaikoz and updates the metadata when it finds any matches. Import is none destructive, for example although it will only import the first genre if your song has additional genres these will be left untouched.
My opinion is:
if there are two songs - one original release and one compilation - so the same artist and the same title, but with a different track lenghts of more than plus/minus 10 sec, then these songs are different
What I will say, a compilation song release, which is longer or shorter than 10 sec than the original release, should never match to the original release.
If someone want a match to the original release, should buy the original release
for compilation:
'Prefer Do not Match to Various Artist Compilations' and 'Prefer Do not match to Single Artist Compilations'

for scoring:
I don't have an opinion.
But I'm looking for best matching of my songs, which are alphabetically sorted for artist and many artists are in one folder (to reduce duplicate songs)
That's not the task for Jaikoz.
This would be nice, if Jaikoz could do this, but Paul should develop tagging.

To find mp3-files with errors, there are programs like "mpTrim Pro" and many others.
Or you can use http://sourceforge.net/projects/mp3val/
MusicIPMixer doesn't get the PUID, that's right. But it does the fingerprint and analyze and that's what takes time. After that the song is in the Amplifind database. To get then the PUID (after 24hours wait time) is only a moment of time
in case of the fingerprinting process you can use MusicIPMixer from Amplified Music Services http://www.amplifindmusicservices.com/what/downloads.php
use another desktop design, then this error is away.
The one you just use - with high contrast - is a bad choice for Jaikoz 3.6.
I had the same problem. Now I use an Aero-design with a background of one color -> own design.
Try an Aero-design.

I mean, don't make Jaikoz too complicated.

I prefer
If we dropped the Fix Song by Song where Possible option then a user with a simple AutoCorrecter task list like:

Retrieve Acoustic Ids
Correct Metadata from Musicbrainz
Correct Metadata from Discogs

would have to wait for all songs to be analysed before even starting Correct Metadata from MusicBrainz stage. This isnt so much a problem if run unattended .....

Ps.: I have in fact 33 folders, but in every folder are about 5500 songs and no subfolders
My opinion is, drop the Fix Song by Song where Possible option and 'Fix Album by Album'

If I would want this behavior, I would give Jaikoz the songs folder by folder btw. subfolder by subfolder
I don't like this idea,
because you don't change these options very frequently -> globally.

ptr727 wrote:
....., using a cert issued by Verisign. ....

And who pays for the cert?
I have the same problem like pschonman.
The dissapearing menus were before too. But now its harder to click on a menu in the third level.
As an example for a dissapearing menu: right click on a song and click on "View Online", then go staight (diagonal) to "View this Track on Music Brainz" the second level menu dissapears. Have to go rectangle. That means staying in the line of "View Online" to move the mouse cursor to the second level menu.

So I agree with pschonmann's suggestion
The songs were treated with Jaikoz before and had no underscore in the filename-column in the edit-window.
That's the only thing I can say.

Once more I tested some files without the default line in the list --> From: blanc To: _ with Replace From character with to character unchecked. And there were no underscore in the filename.
I don't know how the underscore were inserted in the filename before.

Because I never use underscore in the filename, I let the line From: _ To: blanc for security reason in the list. In opposite to your default.
Just happened the same.

Without the default line in the list --> From: blanc To: _ with Replace From character with to character unchecked all files had underscore in the filename after using Correct Filename from Metadata. How could that happen

So I again added to the list --> From: _ To: blanc with Replace From character with to character checked !!!
run Correct Filename from Metadata again and the filename changed to
Chris Barber's Jazz Band - Ice Cream.mp3
This doesn't happen to me using Jaikoz 3.6.0 Beta
What @wynlyndd wrote is about the same what I suggested in Forum Index --> Question --> Update only one column
Yes, this would solve my problem.
But for a complete solution for this problem there should be another context menu 'Update selected Fields from Discogs' and maybe for Amazone etc.

So I like the idea better to have more preferences files (setting.jai) which I would give speaking names and change the Preference on the fly without shutdown/starting Jaikoz.

In the meantime I update the songs and then I unchecked all columns, which should not be updated.

Just seen, this suggestion is on the wishlist from @pschonmann Upating only selected colums
Yes, that's what I did.

After that, I deleted the underscore from the list and unchecked Replace From character with to character and run Correct Filename from Metadata again, but the filename stays the same
Chris Barber's Jazz Band_-_Ice Cream.mp3
I didn't shutdown Jaikoz in between, so I will try it again, when I have the time to shutdown Jaikoz (in the moment Jaikoz is running for 25000 MB Release Ids and this takes time)
Now again.
Started Jaikoz with Preferences -> File and Folder Naming -> with no underscore in the list!!! and Replace From character with to character unchecked !!!
run Correct Filename from Metadata again, but the filename stays the same
That's repeatable
Now I added to the list --> From: _ To: blanc with Replace From character with to character checked !!!
run Correct Filename from Metadata again and the filename changed to
Chris Barber's Jazz Band - Ice Cream.mp3

Deleted the just added line in the list and tried again, filename stays without underscore.
I don't know what happened before, but now it seems to work like designed
I thought about that too, but when I change the Preference in this way, I can't remember the settings, when I want my previous settings back.

One solution were to backup settings.jai, but to restore this, I had to shutdown jaikoz and copy the old backup settings.jai to it's original place and start jaikoz again.

A better solution were in the menu File -> Save Preference with a file dialogue-box to save the settings.jai under a new name
and menu File -> Restore Preference.
So we can change the Preference on the fly without shutdown/starting Jaikoz
How do I accomplish to update only one columne in Jaikoz?
I tried it to uncheck the columns in the Edit view, which should not updated anymore, but as a result these columns were updated too.
So after I updated the songs, I unchecked all columns, which should not be updated, but this can't be the best method.
In the last beta, I checked File and Folder Correct -> File and Folder Naming -> Replace From character with to character. And now the filenames are like this
Chris Barber's Jazz Band_-_Ice Cream.mp3

If I uncheck the checkbox and use on the context menu again: File and Folder Correct -> Correct filenames from metadata the filenames stay the same. I don't get rid of the underline anymore
Same problem with MusicIP Mixer. The second and third Genre are displayed as numbers.

And I would suggest, to use as Max no of Genres = 1 when Jaikoz is really new installed (no previous version installed)
So why don't try to use Windows 7 64 Bit and some memory (8GByte ?)

with Java 64Bit

and with a Jaikoz.bat
"C:\Program Files\Java\jre6\bin\java" -Xms500m -Xmx5000m -XX:MaxPermSize=600m -jar lib\jaikoz.jar -l2 -m2 -f

look at this thread
So, I just tried it for you with the above adjustments in jaikoz.bat.
Jaikoz loaded 100784 mp3-files. About the half of them with artwork and lyrics.
To load these amount of files Jaikoz needed more than 2 hours.
Memory usage (Java) was about 5,3 GByte (that's what Sysinternals Process Explorer said) and Jaikoz was responding just fine.

(Sorry, couldn't attach a jpg-file, cause I get an error Http Status 500: java.lang.NullPointerException from this Apache Tomcat/5.0.27 server)
how do you think in which way Cluster Album should work when doing "fix song by song when possible"?
I think there are more problems when doing this way.

and use the search-function of this forum
It seems to me that the problems arises with Java 6.19 (Build 1.6.0_19-b04) 64Bit. Java 64Bit randomly stops to build connections to stimpy.musicbrainz.org.
With Java 32Bit I don't have these troubles.
Today, after restarting the computer and reinstalling JRE, Jaikoz works again like charm (MusicBrainz is responding).
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