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I was reading http://blog.jthink.net/2017/10/jaikoz-x-technical-road-map.html

I like the direction that you're going here and can hardly wait

Tabbed Spreadsheet Edit View

Multiple tabs will be a great addition, to help group related fields together. Could I suggest that you be able to lock one or more columns when scrolling horizontally, so that column is always visible.

When you right-click on a column header, you have a menu with /Empty/Paste/Set Value/. How about adding /Hide column/Pack column/ commands to that menu. There's a button on the top right of the spreadsheet views which lets you pack all columns or toggle checkmarked columns. A command to hide empty columns (columns with no info to display) would be nice there.

Accurate Changes Html Report

A report which details what changes have been made; could this report also be run before pressing the commit/save button so that it shows you what changes will be made?

Create Custom Fields (Pro Only)

I like this idea (does Jaikoz already show you unknown / unsupported tags?) When matching online, will you be able to direct the metadata to different (or multiple) fields? I'm thinking of the different ways Album Artist and Sort Order have been implemented.

Tagger Script (Pro Only)

Will this support if-this-than-that logic? Like if TotalCDs = 1 then CurrentCD= blank?

Last week (8 days ago) I made some minor corrections to a release on Musicbrainz. Simple capitalization changes. It was automatically applied. It appears correct when I visit Musicbrainz website. But when I try to tag my files with Jaikoz, I get the old data. I tried Advanced > Empty Cache in Jaikoz with no effect. Is the data cached someplace else? Some setting I may have broken?

Following up to this thread from a few years ago,

I'm still having issues with TIPL fields when they are encoded UTF-16.

TIPL is a string of NULL seperated values. Jaikoz writes a unicode BOM in front of every value. Whereas Helium writes only one BOM at the front of the string. When Jaikoz reads such a tag, all values but the first show up as chinese letters.

I think Jaikoz should read all values in a frame with the same byte order. I suspect this could be a problem for other text frames as well.

Frames that allow different types of text encoding contains a text
encoding description byte. Possible encodings:

$00 ISO-8859-1 [ISO-8859-1]. Terminated with $00.
$01 UTF-16 [UTF-16] encoded Unicode [UNICODE] with BOM. All
strings in the same frame SHALL have the same byteorder.
Terminated with $00 00.
$02 UTF-16BE [UTF-16] encoded Unicode [UNICODE] without BOM.
Terminated with $00 00.
$03 UTF-8 [UTF-8] encoded Unicode [UNICODE]. Terminated with $00.

Yes, it actually did the same thing on older releases with Windows Vista as well. I had assumed that Jaikoz ignored the <cntl>-v, and that some other program had mapped a hotkey with that combination.

Now, I've made a fresh install of everything, and most settings are still default. Other applications don't have this behaviour.

Could Jaikoz be trying to play a sound file that is associated with iTunes?. (The default application for MP3 is VLC, not iTunes.)
Jaikoz 8.2.1

I opened a set of files in a M3U playlist by File > Open Playlist.

Later, I wanted to come back to the same files and found the playlist listed at the top of File > Open Recent.
However, selecting the playlist from that menu doesn't load any files.

I could still open the playlist by File > Open Playlist.

Jaikoz 8.2.1 / Windows 7

I accidentally tried to paste into the View panel instead of the Edit panel by using <cntl>-v. This has the unexpected side effect of launching iTunes!!

Trying to paste into a read-only panel is an error, so a pop-up warning or an audible bell would be expected.


In the ID3 Edit pane, there is a Musicians Credit field (TMCL). Currently, it seems to be used as a single value text field. It should work the same way as Involved People (TIPL), storing role/artist tuples.

I use this field, albeit rarely, to track notable musicians contributing instruments or vocals. (In the long run, it would be nice if Jaikoz could pull down the various AR's to populate this field.)
I'm editing tags on a couple files. I'm using the keyboard cursor keys to select a field, and I press enter to edit the field. When I come to a field that supports multiple values, such as Composer, and I press enter, I can type into the field, but there isn't a blinking caret to indicate where the letters will appear. That makes it hard to edit existing content.

If I select the field using the mouse instead of the keyboard, the caret is there.
I was tagging an album (The Beatles, Anthology 3). When done, I found that six or seven of the tracks had the metadata of a different track from the same album. When I viewed online->this acoustid, it was apparent that these acoustids each linked to two different recordings on the album. One of the links had 80 or so sources and the other had 1 source. I went onto Musicbrainz and I unlinked the obviously incorrect link. I retagged those files, and that fixed the problem.

I realize that Jaikoz can only be as accurate as the information provided by Musicbrainz/AcoustID. However, it seemed Jaikoz used the incorrect links to match the files, and ignored the other clues such as filename. I only discovered the problem because I listened to a track and realized the audio didn't match the metadata.
What about a user supplied list of articles and punctuation that should be removed from the front of sort order?

I can see your point with writing out numbers for different languages tho.
I use Helium MM for listening at my pc mostly. It's an integrated player, database and tagger.
Yes, I have been manually copying from TDRC into TDRL.

Helium Music Manager has supported both fields as long as I've been using it, so the music I've tagged manually in the last few years has TDRL set with the release date. I've only set TDRC for live recordings to store the performance date.

I'm hoping to use Jaikoz and Musicbrainz to clean up the rest of my collection more automatically. I'd just like to minimize the number of manual steps it takes and still keep using Helium the way I have been.

Sort Title is handy for grouping together different copies of the same song (duplicates, covers, remixes, etc) where they were tagged with slightly different Titles.

For instance, 16th Avenue vs. Sixteenth Avenue would appear on opposite ends of a listing if you sort by simple title. They group together with a properly set sort title, and are easier to compare.

Helium also provides treeviews to browse by tracks and albums, and it seems more natural to use library sorting conventions.
Would it be possible to add a function to fill in the sort title and sort album fields?

It would copy the title and album fields after they've been fixed, and change the sort order:

'A Title' becomes 'Title, A'
'The Title' becomes 'Title, The'
'An Album' becomes 'Album, An'

It should also remove leading (or all) non-alphanumerics from the sort order fields, such as punctuation and brackets.

Ideally, leading numbers should be changed to the written form. For instance

'10 Greatest Hits' becomes 'Ten Greatest Hits'

Is this possible?

It would be handy if Jaikoz could write the date into TDRL (release date) instead of TDRC (recording date), perhaps as an option.

Similarly, for .flac files, if a field such as RELEASEYEAR could be used.

Helium lets me use both fields, so I put the release date into TDRL and only use TDRC for live recordings and such.

Is this possible ?


The specification doesn't recomend this actually, it is a common misinterpretation of the specification. 

Yes, I shouldn't try to read after midnight. I also missed this little nugget about WXXX.
The URL is always encoded with ISO-8859-1 

So Helium breaks this frame by changing the URL to UTF-16.

I thought a work around would be turning off the unicode option in Helium, but I still have issues with TIPL.

Jaikoz saves TIPL with an ending $00, like:
producer$00Peter Dawkins$00engineer$00Richard Lush$00

Helium saves TIPL without the ending $00, like:
producer$00Peter Dawkins$00engineer$00Richard Lush

When I edit with Jaikoz again, it drops the last tuple, and saves
producer$00Peter Dawkins$00

Thanks ... Harold
In particular, Jaikoz is messing up WXXX and TIPL frames that are UTF-16.

I'm using Jaikoz 4.3.1 NGS Pro.
ID3TagV1 -> Delete
ID3TagV2 -> Always write tag v24
Default writing v24 is ISO-8859-1
Text Encoding to use writing Unicode v24 is UTF-8
Save Existing Fields is checked

I also use Helium Music Manager 8.1 Premium
Save tags as ID3v2.4
Save in Unicode

My workflow is to first tag using Jaikoz and save. Then open in Helium. Use AlbumArtDownloader. Then I tag with Helium to include the artwork and massage a couple of fields, save, rename and import into Helium's database. At this point the tags are pretty and the file's ready to play.

With Jaikoz, I reopened an album I had tagged earlier. I found the producer field changed to Chinese characters, the engineer field to be blank, and the Release Discogs Url field to be changed to 3 chars (Latin small y with diaeresis, Latin small letter thorn, h).

Without saving in Jaikoz, I viewed the tags in Helium. They were still pretty and correct. I made a change to the title field in Jaikoz and saved. I viewed the tags in Helium again, and now the WXXX and TIPL frames are broken.

So I went through these steps again, using a hex editor to watch the changes to the tags and compared with the ID3v24 docs.

After first tagging with Jaikoz, all text fields are ISO-8859-1. (Only thing, none of the fields are terminated with $00 as the standard suggests.) Every thing looks fine.

Next I tag with Helium. All the text fields are changed to UTF-16 and start with BOM (FF FE) little-endian. (Again, none of the fields are terminated with $00 00 as the standard suggests.) Everything still looks fine.

I tag again with Jaikoz, changing the title field. The text fields are back to ISO-8859-1 as before. But the WXXX and TIPL frames are now corrupt.

In particular, WXXX has a text encoding byte of $00 indicating ISO8859-1, it has a description of 'DISCOGS_RELEASE' $00. But the URL still looks like UTF-16. (FF FE 68 00 74 00 74 00 70 00 ...) FF FE 68 get interpreted as the 3 chars I mentioned above and the 00 terminates the string.

The TIPL frame has a text encoding byte of $01 indicating UTF-16. It starts with BOM (FF FE), then 'producer' in little-endian UTF-16, followed by $00 00. Then it incorrectly has another BOM (FF FE) and the data, but the data looks like big-endian UTF-16. You can't switch endian in frame. This time field is terminated with $00 00.

In the ID3v2 view panel, there are two columns both with the label "Title". I think they map to different frames (TIT2 and TIT3 ??). Should one label be "Subtitle" instead?

. . . Harold
So I took the FLAC files of a CD rip, and I transcoded them into MP3, MP4, OGG and WMA. I then generated Acoustid Fingerprints with Jaikoz 4.3.0 NGS Beta of all the files (16 tracks x 5 versions.) I expected each version of a track to have the same fingerprint, but there were no duplicate fingerprints at all.

So, how can these fingerprints be used to match different versions of the same recording?

Is there a fuzzy matching algorithm to compare fingerprints? Or am I misunderstanding something?
I have the same issue happening (Jaikoz 4.1.1 NGS)

It seems that the progress bar / counts are incremented by 2 for each song processed. So, if you are checking 100 songs, the progress bar and count stop advancing after the 51th song; it says "101 songs processed so far" and the progress bar is full.

But it's not really hung; it's still working on songs 52+. There's just no visual indication that it's doing anything.
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