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Messages posted by: paultaylor  XML
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Okay so usually artist credits area between artists e.g 'Barry Manilow with Expose' rather than 'Barry Manilow (duet with Expose)'. The bracket at the end was unexpected, Im checking with MusiBrainz.
I'm not clear what you mean, can you give more details.
Thanks Roman, yes indeed a few things have got it the way but this will be done in near future, I do actually have a Synology NAS now so that is a good start.
The Jthink sites have been updated to use the Bootstrap web framework

Is this screenshot from iTunes ?

If so iTunes does not understand metadata tags in Wavs, when using Wavs with iTunes it writes the metadata to its iTunes database instead. However if you configure SongKong to update iTunes then SongKong will do this for copying the metadata from the files to the iTunes database.
Hi, please run Help:Create Support Files and point me towards a particular example of this problem.
Great, this was fixed as part of SongKong 5.6
By default Jaikoz tries to identify Classical albums (using heuristics), having identified as a Classical album there are different rules applied to set Album Artist, Track Artist and Album.

In your example Jaikoz has incorrectly identified the album below as classical

The easiest solution would be to go to Remote Correct:Classical and disable Automatically identify songs that are part of Classical releases
Then run Action:Remote Correct:Update Metadata from MusicBrainz so that it is retagged as regular Pop/Rock album

Then you'll have to decide whether you want to renable and apply on your actual classical albums, or if you have none just leave it unchecked.

Looking at the list the albums that Jaikoz tends to incorrectly categorise as Classical are albums by Pop artists that have Classical Musicians playing on them, I will try to improve the algorithm.

There is a way to blacklist particular albums form being marked as classical and I will add your list on the next release.

You can do this yourself now, if you open the Jaikoz user folder (C:\Users\username\Jaikoz\not_classical_release.txt on Windows) you can add additional albums that should never be considered classical. You need to add the Musicbrainz Release Id, ' = ' and the Album Title


9a4929eb-6ec5-4a9c-8242-2377035fe05d = Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band

So for now you do this by modifying the songkong.properties file.
Did that work for you ?
Hi, I assume that worked for you?
A new version with an important improvement for Mp3 files

The problem is that generally given a group of songs in a single folder by default Jaikoz assumes they are from same album and therefore only updates them if could match all selected songs to one album to avoid breaking up albums.

But if you actually just have a set of random songs in a folder that prevents a match, of course when you only try to update one song there is no such problem.

Also note that if you give Jaikoz a folder with many songs in it (>100) then it will realize that it is a folder of random songs and treat accordingly but when you only give a few songs from a folder it is difficult to decide.

You can change behaviour by disabling Remote Correct:match:Only Match if all songs in grouping match to one album in Preferences.
Hi Chris

Try redownloading and installing , this will give you SongKong 5.6 which i think fixes this issue, just waiting for user confirmation before final announcement.
Hi, I may have found a problem, and I may have a fix.

Please try replacing jaudiotagger-2.2.6-SNAPSHOT.jar in your SongKong lib folder with


Restart SongKong and see if that resolves it and let me know asap.
Please see http://blog.jthink.net/2018/06/songkong-55-fixes.html

1. What audio format are they, is it a particular audio format that has a problem.
2. What fields are missing metadata, is it really random
3. Can you email me your support files, created from the Advanced menu
4. Can you email me one such song having this issue
I just mean pseudo filenames, i.e i mean if you want to display album show me an example with {album} rather than the name of a particular album that I then have to decode as an album.
Sorry I am really struggling to decode your question, can you post what you want in a form like

{artist}/{album}{trackNo} (i.e. use field names)

with the variations required, then perhaps I can help.
Yes, you can see it in the View tab, but yes would be helpful to have in the main Edit tab as well.
Hi Dani82

Actually the underlying database was updated last week so SongKong/Jaikoz do have access to that data, but I forgot to recreate the Albunack reports and the Albunack Artists Page so they were not updated.

I have now recreated reports.

Your idea having an update date is a good one and I will do that as part of a plan to revamp the Albunack Database.
Thanks Nick, if you have tracked down an issue to the Coltrane Plays the Blues album perhaps you could share your tracks to allow me to test, I will rmeove the album afterwards.
Hi, I am not an expert on Linux but Songkong should run on any distro, there is a headless installer available form the download page.
So do you have MusicBrainz:Format:Put Original year into Year enabled field enabled, and was the release successfully matched to MusicBrainz ?
1. No sorry not really
2. Yes, you can install one license on upto 3 computers.
Issue 1 is fixed in SongKong 5.4, so now SongKong should just update Disocgs release for songs that already have a Discogs releaseUrl even if it was added by another tool such as Jaikoz.
Hi, yes I had a look at your logs and it does seem to be a network issue.
This is fixed in SongKong 5.4.
Please see http://blog.jthink.net/2018/06/songkong-54-with-new-and-improved.html for more details.
Do you mean when loading files or before that, can you send a screenshot
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