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Messages posted by: paultaylor  XML
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Hi, because they had already been matched before this last report by default rerunning against SongKong will only update with any new metadata for the releases matched to.

On the Basic tab could you set

For songs already fully matched to Rematch and then resend me your support files.
Yes true we dont have that setup yet, but if you purchase one and email me I will give send you a 30% on the other, hows that ?
So you have configured these two filemasks:

Rename mask:[ Plex Music Scanner ] AlbumArtist/Album/Track - Title
Compilation rename mask:Artist/Title

Since you are only replacing the filename not folder this gives you:

Rename mask:Track - Title
Compilation rename mask:Title

So the issue is when matching to usual albums your rename mask is for TrackNo and Title, but when matching compilation it is just Title, that is why you see the difference.

So you just need to select a different rename mask on the Filenaming tab, but it is quite normal to start filename with trackno so the files are sorted in right order when view in file browser such as Windows Explorer.

BTW I assume you realise you just have these songs organized by artist rather than by artist/album.
Does it say that you need to do that since the license is stored in a different file then SongKong.properties, please email screenshot.
Great, please tell your friends !
I don't see why you would not want the file suffix (.mp3, .mp4 ectera), that helps the OS know what type of file it is.

You have a ' ' at the end because you have
+ ' '
at the end of your mask just remove that.
The primary source we use is MusicBrainz, so I guess it matched to an incorrect MusicBrainz release before matching to Discogs. A way round would be might be to disable MusicBrainz matching for this release.

But then I found the release on MusicBrainz as https://musicbrainz.org/release/8f499a3a-b227-4a3b-80f9-a99d57743c59. You would have to run Create Support Files after an attempt for me to pinpoint the issue
Hi, sorry this is the issue

No enum constant com.jthink.songkong.text.SongFieldName.SAMPLE_RATE

You use that in a rename mask but it was renamed in latest version, it was meant to be handled but seems to have failed.

The solution would be to
- stop SongKong
- delete Library:Preferences:SongKong:songkong.properties
- restart songkong

On restart it should copy over a valid properties files from installation and will now work (but you will have to redo any changes you made to the default)
You can do this but it is a bit cumbersome. You need to edit MusicBrainz:Format:Never Modify these Fields and Remote CorrectDiscogs:Never Modify these Fields.

There are plans to be able to do this on a more adhoc basis without needing to change the settings each time.
Yes I can see that would be helpful raised https://jthink.atlassian.net/browse/JAIKOZ-1211
Yes, sounds like a good idea.
Yes there is actually

First on Basic tab just set Rename files based on metadata to Yes, if matched to a release so it will only rename when it did a good match.

Secondly on the Filenaming tab enable Rename filename part only so then only the name will be renamed without changing the folder structure
Best thing to do is not configure SongKong to rename based metadata, it is not enabled by default so you must have chnaged it.

If it doesnt know the song it will leave it alone it will not delete existing song title, would be helpful if you sent your support files (Help:Create Support Files)

wolfer wrote:
I do have it set to rematch
The problem is that when it crashed the last 2 times, it corrupted the DB and had to recreate that. So I take it that runs the rematch on everything anyway?

No, incorrect it just doesnt rematch songs that already have a MusicBrainz Track and Release Id, so it doesnt matter if database is corrupted, there is no point rematching songs you have only just matched.

If they have metadata but no MusicBrainz Release Id it will always rematch, even if they have Disocgs Id because the gold standard is to have 100% of your songs matched to MusicBraiz releases.

And it doesnt ignore songs that matched, it still updates them with any new metadata but the point is it doesnt have to redo searching for the best match.

Can you show us your rename mask ?
As long as you don't have For Songs already matched set to Rematch it should just skip over the 80% not matched and therefore would seem unlikely to fail on a memory error.

Can you resend your support files ?
That can sometimes happen, if it does please note that songs are saved as they its goes along so on a rescan it can skip over the ones already matched, it is referring to max memory allocated to Songkong rather than total system memory so no need to to reboot between rescans.
Albunack has been updated with latest data, there was some issues with the dataset provided by Discogs that delayed this but now resolved.

It contains all Discogs releases up to and including https://www.discogs.com/release/11352702 and all MusicBrainz releases up to a few days ago.
Albunack has been updated with latest data, there was some issues with the dataset provided by Discogs that delayed this but now resolved.

It contains all Discogs releases up to and including https://www.discogs.com/release/11352702 and all MusicBrainz releases up to a few days ago.
Why woulds you copy/paste from there, to be honest I have never noticed that before but why not just copy the actual url in the web browser.
I'm missing something, I go to Discogs site to a release and copied the url and I got


no preceding r
where does the r' come from I dont recall it ever working if you preceded number with an r

claas wrote:
Hi Paul,

I've now seen that the number for "Completed" increases if "Songs matched to MusicBrainz song only" increases though nothing has been saved at that point ("Saved" doesn't increase).
Maybe it's not related but maybe it helps to track down this bug.

Thankyou, thats helpful, issue is https://jthink.atlassian.net/browse/SONGKONG-1343
I cant see the screenshot, but there is a bug that I havent tracked down yet that sometimes completed count is double what it should be, is that what you are seeing ?
Okay well it seems to have done a decent job, matching 85% of your 38,000 files so I would just keep things as they are and run with Preview disabled, then run again because sometimes get a few more matched second time round.

Then if you have something you specific want to change we can modify the options.

triplem wrote:
I saw this Discogs Url field, but it is the whole URL and not only the ID. If Discogs decides to change their URL scheme this will not work as expected anymore ;-(

True, I could add in a Discogs Release Id field if there was demand but then you have to keep both fields synced.

triplem wrote:

I do prefer ALBUMARTIST, but I guess there are three different fields for the same thing "ALBUM ARTIST", "ALBUM_ARTIST" as well as "ALBUMARTIST".
Thanks for your answers. 

Yes, silly that VorbisComments dont have a proper standard for their standard fields.
It does support El Capitan AFAIK, I need to see your logs

From Finder, hold down Option Button and select Go menu
Select Library from the list
Select Logs: Songkong

Please send me the contents
First of all just run with defaults in preview mode and see what the report shows, perhaps then send to me (Help:Create Support Files) and I can give more targeted advice.
Not really, a glitch on server or client. It can take significantly longer when matching against potential large boxsets .
Newer versions of SongKong should work fine on that version of OSX, perhaps you could send me logs
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