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and now available - http://www.jthink.net/songkong/en/install_docker_synology.jsp
Okay, thankyou for letting me know.
Hi, it isn't possible at the moment but I have logged it as a possible improvement https://jthink.atlassian.net/browse/SONGKONG-1601
We now have SongKong available for QNAP and since TVS-x82 series is listed at one of the servers supporting Container Station then it should work with your TVS1282, please see http://www.jthink.net/songkong/install_docker_qnap.jsp for install instructions.
We are pleased to announce that SongKong is now available for most QNAP servers - please see http://blog.jthink.net/2018/10/songkong-now-availble-for-qnap-nas.html
So if you close the browser then yes you would lose the progress page but the task continues. Because http is stateless not trivial to take user back to status of any currently running task but I can take a look

I am a bit concerned about the high value of deleted songs in your status page and would be tempted to stop it to check it is working as expected.

There are a number of reasons for this.

We found that although customers could review changes before save, most did not and would save changes without checking and then when there was a problem would not be happy, this was especially an issue with new users of Jaikoz.

So with SongKong we took a different approach saves are made automatically, but if customer finds an issue at a later date they can use Undo Changes to undo all changes made by SongKong to any folder (and sub folders). This is because all changes are stored in the database.

Also SongKong processes folders independently and saves as it goes along, this means it doesn't have the same memory requirements as Jaikoz, but also means there would not be an obvious time to show the customer possible changes because save for one folder are happening in parallel with changes in another folder.

Having said that sometimes customers just use SongKong to fix a specific album. When working one album at time I can see the advantage of optionally allowing the chance to review changes before save and we already have plans to add this.

The single cue file will confuse SongKong, as if for example it is a 10 track album it will be looking for an 11 track album to accomodate the single big file.

So you'll need to move the big file away form the split files.

I have taken a quick look at your reports but since you seem to be working one album at a time and I can only see the last for reports its difficult for me to reach any conclusions.
Yes, I think so certainly wont do any harm.
Jaikoz has no web or command-line interface so even if installed would not be possible to use it, but you can now use songkong - http://www.jthink.net/songkong/en/install_docker_qnap.jsp
Full details at http://blog.jthink.net/2018/10/songkong-511-dry-synology-release.html
Sorry I haven't answered but its because I haven't yet used iTunesMatch so I am not really clear on how it works, can anyone else chip in here ?
HI Thomas no its not currently available in SongKong, but it is in Jaikoz.
We have now added more sections, hope this helps

Hi, so its not officially released yet but I can now confirm we have SongKong working very nicely on a Synology 218+ and performing just as speedily as on my PC. It should work on any Intel based Synology Disk Station and instructions are at http://www.jthink.net/songkong/install_docker_synology.jsp

It should work for any Qnap that has Container Station (this includes some ARM processor models). So please take a look at https://www.qnap.com/en-uk/how-to/tutorial/article/how-to-use-container-station/ and if you use this in conjunction with my Synology instructions you should be able to get it working.

I should have my own QNAP within a few days.
Hi, its a bit more complex than you might think!

There is not currently a way to force SongKong to use a particular MusicBrainz Release Id when matching because SongKong is usually used for matching multiple albums at once, but realizing that is often used just to match a single album we have https://jthink.atlassian.net/projects/SONGKONG/issues/SONGKONG-1308 planned

But if the files do have a MUSICBRAINZ_ALBUMID then that id will be considered UNLESS the album has already been matched by earlier stage (Matched by Albunack DiscIds).

So if Mp3Tag is adding the tag correctly then SongKong should treat same as if add Jaikoz. So the question is really if you are comparing like with like, the best test would be to take an album that SongKong was unable to match but could then match after fix in Jaikoz, reload in Jaikoz and do Edit/Delete All Metadata and Save then add the field in Mp3Tag and retry and see if it still fixes it, that would show whether or not added by Mp3Tag.

Unfortunately MusicBrainz made the decision to actually map fields differently for different audio formats so it could be your mapping in MP3Tag is correct for one format but not another, so are you comparing the same formats ?

Hi Thomas

(Sorry for delay in your message displaying but we have to add moderation to protect against spam users)

Yes Jaikoz has a List Missing Songs for Albums report under the Reports menu that should do what you want.

p1rps01 wrote:
How can i install SongKong on my QNAP TVS1282 

Okay, so the short answer is-

Install Docker
Search for /ijabz/songkongdocker image
Download and Launch image in a Container
Ensure share network with NAS and mount Music folder

but this is a work in progress.

I just have this working on a Synology 218+ , by the end of next week I should have fixed a couple of glitches and have proper install instructions. This method should then work for any NAS that supports Docker and that should include your particular QNAP NAS. But please note Docker is currently only available for Intel based NAS so this would not work for NAS's that use PowerPC or Arm based chips such as many of the lower cost Synology NAS machines.

We will create a native package instead for such machines unless there is chance of ARM based Docker becoming available for Synology soon, will have to research the situation regarding QNAP.

Hi, sorry for the delay the license was sent earlier today.
Hmm, no one else seems to have issue.
Are you using the self extracting zip or the regular zip download, and at what point does it go wrong, can you please email support@jthink.net a screenshot.
SongKong 5.10 released today, for this release we have given the release a name like Apple do with their versions of MacOS. From now on every release will be named after a one-word album title of a favourite album, the first one chosen is Loveless by My Bloody Valentine.
This release is mostly a bug fixing release, it includes some important enhancements for dealing with difficult Wav files.

Full details at http://blog.jthink.net/2018/09/songkong-510loveless-bug-hunting-release.html
We have just published part of a SongKong tutorial, aimed at new users.

Make sure you have the Base Folder, Sub Folder and filename columns displayed then just running Action:File and Folder Correct:Rename Filenames from Metadata wil show the effect on your loaded files.

Running File:Save will then actually rename the files for real.
Its need fixing, but all I can suggest for now is to use drive mappings (and solve yor permissions issue). Yes there is a problem on forum with attaching images, yo can email me the image as Im not clear how it moved to a non-existent path, I have only seen it moved to an existing \\ path.
Have you tried downloading again because it is okay for me ?
Just posted an article on SongKong Support

Hi, its because you are using Code:
tar zxf
, should be Code:
tar -xvf

i.e you need to use -x not -z to extract and maybe need the Code:
to recognize these as options rather than a filename.

Then after extraction you need to run

You need to pay for version updates to get back to full functionality since your version updates period has expired before version 5.9 was released.
I cant remember now I would have to some research, but for example although not a major problem should release date be the date the song was released or the date the video was released ?
My difficultly with it is there are some tags that to my mind mean something different for an audio file then they do for a video file even if both are music.
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