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Messages posted by: Alfg  XML
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Yes, repeatable!
Another future release?
The current release is Jaikoz 9.0.0 which was released on November 11th 2016

I find it a pity that it's not possible to predict when the next version is released.
if you double click on the left side on the little button (http://imgur.com/t7gktjO) it opens a new window and you can see and edit what is written in the tag.
I had the same problem and I mailed it to Paul. He raised https://jthink.atlassian.net/browse/JAIKOZ-1100. This error is now fixed in Jaikoz 8.4.2 Released 15th January 2016. This error doesn't happen to me anymore.
please syncronize your database with MusicBrainz. It's now more than one month ago that your database is updated.
I had to use Jaikoz 7.x to get the actual data from MB.
What do I have to enter when I want "Match Songs to Specified Discogs Album... "
Is it the number in the upper right edge of the web side (release code)? Example: [r4671527]. This gives me no result. The same without the brackets.
The album has matched to Discogs, but with a wrong label/CatNo. The label I want is in Discogs too and it matches, when I use "Match songs to Discogs Album by Catalog no"
the issue is still there
I have such a similar behavior with "Match songs to specified MusicBrainz album" when I try to match one album with a releaseID. It matches sometimes only after the second/third try.
I can't reproduce it, because when I prepare the support file (cleaning the logs) and start Jaikoz again the album matches immediately.
Next time when it doesn't match I will send you the whole support file.
If you know the release in MusicBrainz, in this case Pink Floyd - Atom Heart Mother (UDCD 595), you can go to this website https://musicbrainz.org/release/b4f3f4bb-8b6a-33ca-8d14-87eb3f7990c8. Go to Details and copy the MBID: b4f3f4bb-8b6a-33ca-8d14-87eb3f7990c8
Use this MBID and insert it in Jaikoz Menue: Action -> Match to Album -> Match Songs to Specified MusicBrainz Album.
This should do it.
If you used the command "Retrieve Acoustic Ids" the Acoustid is stored in the mp3-tag. You can make it visible if you click in the view or edit window the little button in the right upper edge and choose there the visible columns for the window. (In the list of the selectable colums Acoustid and Acoustid-Fingerprint are near the end of the list.)
Another possibility is, you click on Preference -> Table -> Columns and there on the colume you like to see in Jaikoz.
The synch between the Edit & View panes is lost when you undo changes (row sorting in view pane is reset)

Everytime I compare changed values in the edit window (one columne sorted) with the values in the view window and undo a change the view window is reset. I have to doubleclick the columne title to get back to the sort order I had before.

And that makes me angry for an issue which is from 2009
If you use the MBID with Action -> Match to Album -> Match Songs to Specified MusicBrainz album, then you have to have the specific album loaded to Jaikoz before.
What you want, to get info in MusicBrainz for an album you have loaded in Jaikoz, use the leftmost column in the edit window, click on the number and then right click with the mouse using View Online a. s. o.
Or easier use the menu with -> View a.s.o.
Is it possible to install both 7.x and 8.x versions of Jaikoz in one OS?
Reason: the Jaikoz version 7.11 gives better results than 8.x in relation to several songs with different artists in one folder (Top 100)
Can't see the the Albunack forums, when I'm logged in
Only when I'm not logged in I can set up a new topic
I found out that if an image is larger than Local Correct -> Artwork Correct -> Resize artwork if dimensions lager than (pixels): than Jaikoz rewrites the image in a format of its choosing and the default is PNG (as this is more reliable than JPG).

I would prefer a switch, where I can select PNG or JPG
What can be the reason that an image (.jpg) is inserted as PNG using drag & drop to the Artwork field or using the Update Image window?
When I did this a month ago a .jpg image was inserted as JPG and not as PNG.
Is there any reason that Jaikoz isn't mentioned anymore on the website of musicbrainz.org?
It was mentioned under the title "Tag Your Music" or in the menue -> Products.
The same is valid for SongKong.
Only MusicBrainz Picard, Magic MP3 Tagger and Yate Music Tagger is mentioned.
Jaikoz now uses its own copy of MusicBrainz database, how often is the database updated? Every week or every month?
To be on the safe side, I would use the Menu-command:
Advanaced -> Empty Cache. And then load the album again in Jaikoz to match it with MusicBrainz.
This interests me too.
To match the song to MB, I used the MB RecordingID and the MBreleaseId and copied them manually in the fields and then using "Update Metadata from existing MusicBrainz Id or Release ID"
the acoustid is: f3f5f2c2-2a83-4edc-a467-e3d274f6d049
I send you the song.
If I use View Online:View this Song at Acoustid I get a match with a recording (but in this case, the acoustid for this recording -Goodnight Irene (take 4)- in MB is assigned wrong). Now the acoustid is unlinked to the recording, but it wasn't before.
So either way, with or without an acoustid I get no match with the command Manual Correct Metadata from MusicBrainz

And the Online Help says:
1.8. Manual Correct Metadata from MusicBrainz
... Matches by Acoustic Id are shown first, then matches by meta data - sorted by their rating....
1.8. Manual Correct Metadata from MusicBrainz
The online help says:
If you select the pop-up menu for a song you have some further options:
1.8.1. Advanced Track Search

But there is no pop-up menu for "Advanced Track Search" anymore. At least I can't find it.

And there seems to me another bug in Manual Correct.
I have a song "Jerry Lee Lewis - It Won't Happen To Me" (track lenght 3:05) and I try to manual correct it, it will not show any songs from Jerry Lee Lewis with the title "It won't Happen To Me". But I can see in Music Brainz that there exists 12 songs with this title - one song with a track lenght of 3:06.
Thank you!
And the speed of Jaikoz 8.x is much better.

paultaylor wrote:
.... you are just talking about matching to existing recordings when submitting a new release to MusicBrainz,..... 


paultaylor wrote:

Sorry Ill have to do a new release to address this.

I think so

And please take a look at issue "Jaikoz 8.x not matching recordings with the same acoustic Id in MB" before you do a new release.
Jaikoz 8.x not matching recordings with the same acoustic Id in MusicBrainz. I tested it this way:
There is a release in MB, which I submitted a time ago. Now I submitted the same release to MusicBrainz again (with acoustid columne filled and with MBreleaseId and MBrecordingId columns empty).
Going to the Recordings page in MusicBrainz only gives me "add a new recording" for every track.
Because I submitted exactly the same tracks, with the same acoustids, there should be a match with the recordings, which already exists in MB.
How do I get the feat. artist into the artist-columne in Jaikoz 8.x?
I'm really astonished, that there were made changes in Jaikoz, which are incompatible to MusicBrainz.
Why isn't it made optional like issue JAIKOZ-774 titeled?
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