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Using the above I managed so far to load 142.465 tracks. I can't try any more because of lack of tracks

On my 8GB system it is still surprisingly responsive and so far everything seems to work.
This might not be suitable for daily use but it does allow me to check my whole collection for duplicates in one massive go.
At the moment I'm trying it with the 64 bit version of java mentioned in this http://www.jaikoz.net/jaikozforum/posts/list/770.page thread using the following commandline:
"C:\Program Files\JRockit Real Time\jrrt-3.0.0-1.6.0\bin\java.exe" -Xmx:6000M -Xms:6000M -jar lib\jaikoz.jar[url]
In the Jaikoz console I can see that 6Gb is used. I'am now loading files from my nas to see how far I get. At the moment 35000 files are loaded which is more then I have ever managed with the standard version of java.
I was wondering: Is it possible to use Jaikoz with the 64 bit version of java in Vista (x64)?
The point being to be able to use more then the 1.3-ish GB limit of the 32 bit java environment and possibly load my whole collection in one go.
I have had the same happening to me, but only when using the autocorrector with the correct local artwork option enabled.
This function finds artwork in the folder that the songs are in and puts it in the tag.
Great function if you are organized not so great if you let jaikoz loose on a general download folder containing tracks from different albums and artwork for different albums

Not sure this is your problem, but it could be.
Maybe this is by design, but no matter how often I try to enable all items in the id3 columns in the preferences the items from terms of use on downward are cleared the next time I enter the preferences.
And as a result they are not visible in the view.
I personaly liked the old way the capitalizer worked, that is capitalize all words. The new version excludes "the, and" etc.
So in the preferences I tried to delete all entries under "Usually keep lowercase in Titlecase".
However it appears to be impossible to delete all but the last entry.
The last item is listed but the delete button is grayed out.
Can you please tell me why the default sequence has the "correct artist" listed 3 times?
That is if memory serves my right because it's the first thing I change because it seems "wrong"
Got another one in this catagory (I think)

When you right click a song, the tooltip on the delete duplicates item says cluster albums to reduce etc.

jbills wrote:

4) occasionally when doing an entire folder and using the "save and move" option, I'm left with a few stray mp3s in the old folder that are named "temp302342.mp3" or something along those lines. I have to retag and move those manually. Is this something that can be fixed?

I can sort of confirm point 4. I am also getting these files since I started using Jaikoz. However sofar these always have been zero length files so I just delete them.
I will check tonight if I have any non-zero ones.
Well, it seemed to happen in all cases. Maybe because I was tagging one of my oldest 'tosort' directories.
Anyway I changed/added a title to my testcase and now it works!
I just looked at the one example I could actually remember.
And yes, the name field is empty. Don't know if it's relevant, but the type is 'other', not 'cover' also.
Many thanks from your no 1(isch) bug hunter
The Alt-P keyboard shortcut appears to not be functioning.

If I select a song by clicking on the album title and then press alt-p nothing happens. If I however rightclick on the album field and select run external app. it works.

Does anybody else have this also?
I did.
For me it always makes this "mistake".

Not sure if or how I can give you more info on this.

Just to be sure, I set the "artwork" item on the "format" tab to "populate this field only if it is empty".
That should do the trick right?
I understand. But what about adding a few buttons to do the same functions on the selection? Maybe as a separate strip which can be turned on or off like the multiple toolbar strips in microsoft word etc?
Another option would be a switch next to the current buttons and depending on the switch act on all files or the selected ones.
If I am correct, the buttons on the toolbar only work for all tracks.
Would it be possible to add/change the buttons to work only on the selected tracks?
My routine is as followes:
Select a track and press shift+alt+f3 to do a manual musicbrainz lookup.
Depending on the result I press alt+f1 and alt+f5 to respectively do a autocorrect and a submit musicbrainz/puid pair.
The "problem" is that after an alt+f1 the selection is lost and the very first record is selected.
So I have to do a alt+f1, select the record again and then do alt+f5. Not a biggie but annoying.

More annoying is that you also loose the selection after hitting ctrl+d (delete)
So you are at record 3000 something do a ctrl+d and press the down arrow to go to the next record. Oops! You are at record 2. Where was I again???
I have configured the musicbrainz manual matching to only populate the album art field if it's empty.
However today I noticed that the existing artwork on a track (800x800) was still being overwritten with the amazon one (160x160).
Am I missing something or might this be a bug?
I'm not exactly a java expert. Is there a possibility to change java versions without reinstalling Jaikoz?
Sofar I always choose 1.5 during the installation.

Instead of thanking you in every post I will only do it here
Thanks for the new version and, most of all, the new features.
Loss of Selection:if you change the value of the filtered value, then the value will disappear from the list wont it ? 

That is logical. The record doesn't match the filter anymore so it's no longer visible.
What I mean is if i make a filter on an album and then change the artist, the filter vanishes. To quote somebody "That's illogical captain"
Personally I would prefer the "one file at a time" approach I think Focher suggested in another thread I can't find at the moment.
But if you stick to the current approach I would like to suggest the addition of a couple of options:
- Make it possible to undo a selection. If you make an error, now the only way to correct it is to cancel the lookup and redo it. In other words click a line once selects it, a second click deselects it
- Color coding differences so you can for example detect spelling errors even without selecting a suggested match. Which would be really great in combination with:
- Placing a row of checkboxes beneath every column of every block of suggestions. The default settings for the checkboxes would be the selection made in the musicbrainz preferences. I hope you get what I mean. This would make it possible to customize the fields taken over from musicbrainz per song looked up.
This can then be used for correcting spelling errors or for selecting just the fields you want to correct. I for example have a lot of tracks without an album. Now I can either do a lookup and select the most matching item which causes me to accept most likely wrong album names or I can first change the preferences select the tracks without albums and do the lookup. But would it not be nice to be able to do this on the fly?

On a sidenote, the automatic sizing of the window is not always right currently. If you lookup just 2 items sometimes the first is shown completely, the second only partly while there is ample room on the screen.
Not sure if these are bugs or should be on the wishlist.

Auto sorting:
There is still some auto sorting in the program. If for instance I do a online manual correct and the artist changes. If I then do a auto correct on the record the list is sorted again. Which causes me to "loose" the file from my screen. I have to relocate it to change the filename, get artwork etc after which I have to remember where I was before.
Ideally I would like the list to only be sorted when I ask for it.

Loss of selection:
I think these two are related. What I mean is if you use one or more of the top boxes (genre, artist, album) to make a selection on for example an album. I f you then change the artist for example and press enter you loose the selection. Which can be "annoying"
Imagine selecting a filter, change the artist, redo the filter, change the titel, redo the filter etc etc.
If I try to do a manual musicbrainz correct on a file that already has a musicbrainz unique id I get a very small popup. Just the titlebar stating "Manual C..." with just an ok and cancel button, no message.
If you selected files while holding the control key files get selected as expected.
However if you try to undo a select by, while still holding down the control key, the whole selection is undone instead of just the file you clicked.
The main menu commands work on all files, whereas the popmenus and popup shortcuts) work on the selected files. Does anybody else have a problem with the way it works ?  

No problems here.
I do however have an other issue with the popup menu.
If you select a file by highlighting a field and then rightclick it and select "run external app." nothing happens.
This only seems to work when you select a file by highlighting the index field.
Well well, you had a busy Sunday. Thanks for the quick responses. I'll try to do my bug reporting on weekdays from now on

Tomorrow I'll try to find an "always wrong" sequence.

Some weird stuff is happening. I can't reproduce it but today I even had a list sorted on status which was showing just one changed file. I selected a file, did a manual lookup and accepted a hit for the lookup. The result was 3 files changed!
The original changed file, the one I accepted the hit for and a third with the same artist and titel but a different album name as the one I looked up...
Could I accidentally have selected two files before the lookup?? Sure, but I'm pretty sure I accepted just one hit in the lookup results.
I don't have more then a hand full of ogg files in my sorted tracks collection, but every one of them causes jaikoz to give an error and stop loading when loading a directory containing one of them.
I get two errors:
1- The following audio files are not recognized as audio files, they may be corrupt:
2- Unexpected Problem with Jaikoz

I will send you an example file by email. The forum doesn't like them either apparently.
After copying the contents of a genre tag (right click copy paste) to the comment tag and hitting save some files don't get saved because of this error. When you look up the file and try to edit the comment tag you can't exit the field any more. You constantly get an error
Unexpected problem with Jaikoz

I had to kill Jaikoz via the task manager
I loaded a number of songs and sorted them on album.
I then selected the 5th line by clicking on the record number column (record nr 10243) right clicked it and selected remote correct->manual correct.
The result returned was for a totally different song actually the one with record number 4.
This does not happen all the time but it seems that in some situations the line number is used instead of the record number
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