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Messages posted by: paultaylor  XML
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Not at the moment but that has been requested, Albunack should be updated next week.
Okay, thankyou that does look like a bug I will raise an issue on this.
Interesting idea, would be possible to do this but not sure how useful it is. i.e I have lots of UK and US artists but I live in UK so I still want to map US artists to the UK release. But maybe different if I had a lot of Japanese music and I wanted to see the original Japanese release perhaps, but preferring Earliest Release Date tends to help with this anyway.

HaroldEvenson wrote:
I was reading http://blog.jthink.net/2017/10/jaikoz-x-technical-road-map.htmlCould I suggest that you be able to lock one or more columns when scrolling horizontally, so that column is always visible.

Thats a good idea, whether techically possible within the Java table API I do not know.

HaroldEvenson wrote:

When you right-click on a column header, you have a menu with /Empty/Paste/Set Value/. How about adding /Hide column/Pack column/ commands to that menu. There's a button on the top right of the spreadsheet views which lets you pack all columns or toggle checkmarked columns. A command to hide empty columns (columns with no info to display) would be nice there.

Thanks, good ideas.

HaroldEvenson wrote:

Accurate Changes Html Report
A report which details what changes have been made; could this report also be run before pressing the commit/save button so that it shows you what changes will be made?

Yes, sure.

HaroldEvenson wrote:

Create Custom Fields (Pro Only)
I like this idea (does Jaikoz already show you unknown / unsupported tags?) When matching online, will you be able to direct the metadata to different (or multiple) fields? I'm thinking of the different ways Album Artist and Sort Order have been implemented.

Jaikoz shows you unknown ID3 tags, but not in the generic view.

HaroldEvenson wrote:

Tagger Script (Pro Only)
Will this support if-this-than-that logic? Like if TotalCDs = 1 then CurrentCD= blank?

Yes, thats the idea, thanks for your useful comments.
Okay so the other thing is that Jaikoz doesn't directly use MusicBrain/Discogs databases, instead we keep an optimized merged copy called Albunack that we update monthly.

The recording level musician credits for the second and third releases were only just added to MusicBrainz, and therefore are not yet in the Albunack database.

Dani82 wrote:
I need some clarification on how some tags are compiled by Jaikoz taking the Musicbrainz release:

Specifically the tags "Performer", "Performer Name", "Sort Performer Name", "Instrument"

In these 3 releases of Musicbrainz, the information is set differently (in terms of "recording" or "release" level ...). How does Jaikoz interpret them?
Why, in Release 1, "Performer Name" and "Sort Performer Name" are compiled only with singer's names? And "Instrument"? Why Jaikoz only fill the fields in one release?

We mostly use recording credits since the release credits cannot usually be accurately applied to all tracks on the release, the only performers listed on these tracks at recording level are the vocal credits.
The songs-db_custom1 corresponds to the Custom1-5 fields in Jaikoz, see http://www.jthink.net/jaudiotagger/tagmapping.html. Essentially in ID3 you can have multiple comment fields in ID3 as long as they have a different short comment description, see section 4.10 in http://id3.org/id3v2.4.0-frames

SongKong doesn't use these fields, however if you have SongKong configured so that Mp3 Metadata Tag on the Save tab is always configured to convert to V23 or V24 I wonder if that is causing the comments fields to be reorganized so that Mp3Tag is showing a different first comment ?
It may be a bug, but its not clear Im going to have to look at this in the New Year.
Multiple genres only properly supported when using ID3v24, so change to use that and then use Force Save to ensure the files metadata is rewritten.
Jaikoz caches the metadata files as files are loaded, then it doesnt need to go back to the files unless they have been changed.

However this done depend on machines having correct time settings, you were using a PC to fix files on a Melco but because the Melco machine was set to 2014 the modifications were not being picked up by Jaikoz since the mod date was earlier than the current date.

You can work round this by using Advanced:Empty Cache, but you need to fix the clock on the Melco
Great, glad we got it resolved,
The trouble is applications such as DbPoweramp are quite dumb when they come to converting most values, they just take all Flac values they dont recognise and dump them into a userdefinedframe with the same value, Unfortunately when MusicBrainz defined some of these values they used a different text value for ID3 then they did for VorbisComments

e.g MusicBrainz ReleaseId is

ID3:MusicBrainz Album Id

so when dbPoewramp converts it creates a TXXX frame with name MUSICBRAINZ_ALBUMID instead of MusicBrainz Album Id

Recognising this problem, all new tags created in the last 2 years use same name for all formats.

But I think you can create a mapping that will fix most fields, in fact it was one of those tasks I intended to do but never got round to.

This link should help it shows Jaikoz/Songkong (and Picard) mappings for all formats https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1afugW3R1FRDN-mwt5SQLY4R7aLAu3RqzjN3pR1497Ok/edit?usp=sharing

I dont think you'll be able to fix Sort Artist, Sort Album Artist though since these should map to a specific field.

The alternative approach would be to make use of Jaikoz export/import functionality


1. Load Flacs
4. Then use Advanced:Export and select Excel to export to spreadsheet
5. Close Files
6. Load Mp3s
7. Edit spreadsheet first column using Find/Replace so that the filename matches the mp3 name (i.e change .flac to .mp3)
8. Use Advanced:Import to import the spreadsheet data into Mp3 Files
9. Save Changes

If you open after_jaikoz_9.2.0.flac in a HexEditor you'll see Discno is actually stored as DISCNUMBER as I said, and Album Artist is stored as ALBUMARTIST and ALBUM ARTIST (because community split on what should be used for album artist). So it looks like ffprobe maps known field names to a lowercase display value (i.e DISCNUMBER -> disc, ALBUM_ARTIST ->album_artist) but unknown left as uppercase (TITLE, ALBUM ARTIST) (but surely it recognises TITLE tag ? )

The after_jaikzo 9.3.0 file doesnt have these values anymore, but I can edit these versions of the file fine, so I think you shoud try redownloading and installing Jaikoz 9.3.0, what OS are you using ?
Im struggling with this analysis because Jaikoz writes all Flac metadata fields in uppercase not lowercase, so it seems to me you are actually creating this metadata with some other application ?
It would work on Flac, but the mods were not for Flac since Flac does not use ID3, the original issue must have been for non Flac files ?
Disc No has always mapped to DISCNUMBER
Album Artist maps to ALBUM_ARTIST

I don't believe anything has changed, what evidence do you have for this ?
Well DSF uses ID3 same as Wav, Aiff and MP3s so is subject to the same issue, please check if your mask still works with the files it was working with

Cladane wrote:
Hi Paul,

New Support files sent.

Would you have an idea why SK hanged up scanning the folder : London_Symphony_Orchestra-Istvan_Kertesz-Dvorak_Complete_Symphonies-To 

It was matching against a series of multidisc box sets , which can take longer. I think it hadnt actually hung and you just cancelled it too early.

Cladane wrote:

Support files sent.

Now the album was splitted into two albums, the latter containing only one song !? 

Okay so the majority (all but one song) were matched Song only, or not matched at all. This means that song specific info is added/modified such as TrackArtist & Song Title but album specific info such as Album or Track No is not added or modified. But one song The Robots (3-D was matched to https://musicbrainz.org/release/1103e782-3b0e-47b9-aac6-000aa3b8c151/disc/1#bab376a3-fea9-4f3d-94b8-fefdc957dfbd and that is what has caused the problem

This does seem like a bug, with your options this should not happen, I am guessing the bug is specific to matching to one track releases. I will raise an issue and look into it as soon as I can.

Additionally I think it is worth running again because some songs were not matched song only, but with the help of the metadata added on the first pass it may be possible for SongKong to add them this time round.
Hi, Songkong Pro license has been sent, and Jaikoz one disabled.
(I think) as long as you have embedded artwork the save artwork to fs option will save it to filesystem, regardless of whether it was added by SongKong or already existed.
Starting with report 7 you changed the value of Only allow match if all tracks in album were matched from Yes to No. This allows SongKong to only match some songs in a grouping, or to match to multiple albums if it cannot find a single album match for all songs in the grouping, your Kraftwerk album was split in Report 8.

I would advise the best thing to do is first revert changes to that folder, and set Only allow match if all tracks in album were matched back to Yes

Then run Fix Songs on that folder again, if it doesn't manage to match all songs to that (quite complicated) album immediately send me your support files again, I will have a look in the log to see why it could not match them.
There was still 1000 out of 4000 to check, it would be easier for me to answer if you could resend support files and point me to an example.
Hi, it doesn't depend on iTunes at all it is a standalone application, the iTunes integration is simply to inform iTunes when files have changed so iTunes can update its internal song database. So once Songkong has modified your metadata then it would be visible in any other application, if Serato keeps an internal database the you would just have to refresh/rescan it.

SongKong does not move/rename any files by default. It will only rename if you change the Rename based from metadata on the Basic tab from the default of No or set up a Move Folder on the Filenaming tab.

One thing that Songkong does not do that Jaikoz does is manual editing, all changes are automated.

I await your final confirmation that you want to swap licenses.
Thanks Im in the Uk

This is the Jaikoz video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qSDoSOoynho
but I think the main issue is you havent actually saved the changes, however I agree that the software needs a UI overhaul which is what we plan with Jaikoz X early next year.

However I think actually you would be better of with SongKong, most find that easier to use, I will swap your license if you want to move to SongKong, but the trial lets you see exactly what it can do, and we have a few more videos for SongKong - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLBEfu8eXW2xq54kLV_Gw5ZnG6igZEM6KO

chicagofinest wrote:
In what way does Jaikoz support MP4 files.

In all ways as long as they do not contain a video stream in addtion to an audio stream

chicagofinest wrote:

Also is there a YouTube or any other type of instructions that will guide me in using the jaikoz software. I have attempted to tag several MP3 files but after activating the autocorrect; I have not been able to locate the corrected files. I assumed the tagged mp3 files would be placed back in its original folder but that?s not the case. A YouTube video would?ve been great.  

There is a manual, but only one very old youtube video unfortunately. By default autocorrect doesnt even rename files, nor does it actually save anything until you do save changes/You can make the basefolder/subfolder/filename columns visible in Jaikoz main window so you can see if the file is being renamed by Autocorrect.
Yes I have been looking at those, not entirely sure as I cannot see a problem in the logs. But it did essentially work just missing the last few songs , I would advise you change the For songs already fully matched back to the default of Update Metadata and Filename Only and rerun, this should not take that long since Songkong will skip identification of the 3,125 out of the 4, 216 already matched and saved, (also Acoustids have now already been created for all songs)
Yes, you would.
Okay, well that album failed to match to MusicBRainz/Discogs, click on the Not matched to release or song section of the report to see what could not be matched

So its not that it failed to write the folder.jpg, it just didnt match that album at at all.
I just mean explain particular issue, I have your reports but can you indicate an album that has Songkong has found artwork for but not saved it to the hard drive.
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