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Hi Laurie

Yes that look fine to me, note they are just Javascript regular expressions so any standard Javascript reference will be applicable.

Yes we already do trim the values so you don't need to do this.
Fixed in Songkong 5.3
You can add Fields such as Title to Format:Only Modify if Empty then the these fields will not be changed unless currently have no value.

I have had a quick look at your problems files and remixes are difficult, i.e differentiating between Feel What You Want (Bingo Players Feel It Remix) and Feel What You Want (Bingo Players Feel It 2 Remix) , especially since if the original file has title metadata because the remix part is often added in various inconsistent ways.

Regarding Sandro Silvas track Payback incorrectly being linked to Epic, this is unfortunately due to the Acoustid linking to both tracks but having more links to Epic.


Sometimes this happens, usually when matching we are matching whole album and this protects against incorrect Acoustid matches, but not when matching single songs.

Looking at this example we should probably use the extra usersubmitted metadata as a way to verify the best linked match. This disadvantage is that an extra call is needed to Acoustid so it only make sense to do this when they are a couple of low quality choices (only 2,1 sources) as in this case. I will raise an issue.
They look good, are these to be used as part of your filename mask, if so best thing is to run in Preview mode first and look at the results in the report.
Thanks Dave, we aim to please.
And a simpler fix maybe just to accept (as long as it is in the right format) that if a release has a MusicBrainzReleaseId then it has been matched to a MusicBrainz release even if SongKong cannot find the release.

Also worth noting you can check the Albunack database yourself by looking up by Album Artist

i.e. here is Autechre's discography

Okay I have found the problem

Both Jaikoz and SongKong don't use MusicBrainz/Discogs directly. Instead they use Albunack, this is designed just for SongKong/Jaikoz music tagging and is therefore much faster and more reliable then using MusicBrainz/Discogs themselves. The disadvantage is that it is only updated (actually has to be rebuilt) once a month so therefore doesnt contain the latest data, and therefore doesn't include that Autechre album as that was only added on the 9th April.

So how did Jaikoz match it then ?

When you give Jaikoz a MusicBrainz Release Id to match to if it cannot find it then it will fall back to looking it up in the live MusicBrainz database, that is why it could match it.

But SongKong doesnt have this feature, when processed with SongKong it tried to look up the existing release id but failed, for all SongKong knew it could be an invalid MusicBrainz Id, therefore it doesnt mark it as matched to MusicBrainz and therefore doesnt move the folder.

Ideally I should add the MusicBrainz live lookup to SongKong to avoid this issue.
Right, and your point is ?

Surely you are not calling 1.337x1.337 pixel low quality ?

The thing is when you get cover art from MusicBrainz you get usually cover art for exactly the same version of the album, whereas tools such as AllCDCover just get the default artwork for a release, they dont differentiate between different versions of the release.
Yes if already matched and has the MusicBrainz info then yes that should allow SongKong to move the files. Could you just load that folder, try again and then send me support files so I can take another look.
So you can run Action:File and Folder Correct:Rename Filenames from Metadata and this will use the rename mask defined in Preferences:File and Folder Correct:Correct Filename From Metadata:Rename Mask.

Sounds like you not sure how to run rename masks, and then you need to amend this rename mask

 ifnotempty2(albumartist,artist,' - ') 
 + ifnotempty(album,' - ') 
 + ifnotempty(pad(trackno,2),' - ') 
 + title

I'm not totally clear what you want, but if you cannot get it working I can help you out.

rendez2k wrote:
OK, super confused now! I tried that in Jaikoz and manged to get it to match the release and hit save.... Again, SK failed to match.

SongKong doesnt have a match to specific release function, if you specify a release in Jaikoz to match to then that allows Jaikzo to match those tracks to a release using less stringent requirements then when if has to guess a match.
Try MusicBrainz.
I had a quick look, there are

5300 fully matched
600 unmatched
400 song only
300 acoustid only

So if you disable Only allow match if all Songs in Grouping Match to One Album that should convert song only to album matched, but some may be wrong album so maybe the best thing would to be run in preview mode first and check the results

I looked at one of the first artists that was unmatched/acoustid only and this was Autechre, and the album was on MusicBrainz (e.g https://musicbrainz.org/release/7d64a467-1c94-4366-a8ad-526918133f08 ). Not sure why it did not match but if you used Jaikoz and Match to Specified Release for some of these releases this should give you some more matches.
Did it manage a Song Only Match for most of the 600, if so you could

- Use the new Edit Songs task or Jaikoz to improve the metadata, then rerun

- Or Uncheck (at your own risk) Only allow match if all Songs in Grouping Match to One Album, that would allow SongKong to associate the song with an album, but it may not be your preferred album.

- Run Help:Create Support Files this will send me your logs and last few reports, and I will be able to give more insight if I can see these.

But of course if the albums don't actually exist in the MusicBrainz/Discogs databases then no automatic match is possible.

rendez2k wrote:
Hi all, I run SK and a large and very messy collection of tracks last night and three immediate questions / issues arose!

1. HTML shows a ton of these: Apr 26, 2018 10:12:50 PM:Unknown Error
What are they? Broken tracks?

Is this with SongKong 5.2 or SongKong 5.3, its a regression that I thought was fixed in 5.3 but maybe still an issue with 5.3

rendez2k wrote:

2. I set SK to copy the tracks to a new folder, which it did. But the messy folder structure remained the same! I had unticked 'rename file part only' but that didn't seem to work!

Did you have Rename Filename from Metadata configured on the first tab, by default it is set to No.

rendez2k wrote:

3. A lot of albums still remain in the old folder... I guess these are just unmatched?

Correct, its worth noting that SongKong may have matched the song, but unless it could match the whole group to an album then Move Folder will not move them.

It is worth running again, as usually SongKong can find a few more full albums matches using the extra metadata added first time round for song only matches
Please see http://blog.jthink.net/2018/04/songkong-53-with-improved-delete.html for more details
I wouldn't say the artwork from MusicBrainz/Discogs is poor but there is room for improvement. In the meantime have you tried out SongKongs new Edit Songs task, this includes a Google coverart search making it easier to find potential album covers for albums without artwork.
I think Uninstall is broken, simply just delete the folder Jaikoz has been installed in, that will remove it.
No it doesnt use https, but glad it now working for you.
Hmm, I'm not sure because the customer just reported to me that they got it working by deleting config files and reinstalling, if you created a new virtual machine that would be the ultimate reinstall.

Okay, have you checked the contents of your license.properties file are okay, and is SongKong able to talk to the outside world to verify license ?
Thankyou so much for your kind words JWH, it keeps me going !
Hi David

I think there is as bug in the latest release, the problem is when matched to a track in MusicBrainz without a track length, I will have to do a fix next week.
Hmm, that should not happen , please can you run Help:Create Support Files this will send me your log files and I should be able to see the underlying cause then.
Report 42 seemed to take 2 hours 40 minutes (not 15 hours) and this was in Preview mode so nothing changed.
Report 44 took 44 minutes, and I guess it was quicker because the songs had already been loaded into database so it didnt have to read from disck to find out if they were duplicates

At the end of the day Delete Duplicates is comparing songs not albums, but do want to improve the report to make it more album centric ( and indeed Alan AInslie form Melco has requested this)

So instead of listing the Abbey Road just as a list of songs, they would be grouped by folder.

So it seems you had two versions of Abbey Road:
/Volumes/share/import_Mac/The Beatles/Abbey Road

In your Preferred Deletion Criteria, your first criteria is audio format and aif is listed above flac so that is why aif is kept and flac moved.
I can see duplicates were found for Tracks 1-8 and 10 to 17 but not track 9

So it seems to be the issue is that the only BEATLES HD DEMOS/Abbey Road version actually had track 9, and therefore this has been left, and all the others deleted since they were the duplicate of the better quality one.

Could SongKong do better here ?

Perhaps we could add a CompleteAlbum critera so that if that was at top of the Preferred Deletion Criteria list it would delete the aif files because unlike the flac they don't have a complete album, but then if your collection was aif rather than mp3 you would not want the mp3 version kept, this could be ovecome if we also had a isLossless rule.

Does that make sense
SongKong 5.2 - with Manual Editing released 19th April 2018.

Please see http://blog.jthink.net/2018/04/songkong-52-now-with-free-manual.html for full details.
Yes, on the Delete Duplicates Advanced tab you can select which duplicate is deleted based on Audio Format, Quality etc.

Its the same download, you then just install your license that you should have received by email to make it fully licensed.
Problem was solved with a clean reinstall.
I checked your version of Plex Mask and your version doesnt contain DiscNo and doesnt split into Disc subfolders so SongKong is doing what is meant to. By contrast your Compilation Rename Mask does do this hence why you would get this behaviour for compilations(that includes single artisst Best Of Albums) but not regular albums.
Just had a quick look at your reports Report 35. If you click on Matched to MusicBrainz and look at Richard Ashcroft you can see it is actually matched to a 2x Vinyl release, hence a two disc release


1 of 5 Richard Ashcroft Out of My Body 01 - Richard Ashcroft - Out of My Body.mp3
2 of 5 Richard Ashcroft This Is How It Feels 02 - Richard Ashcroft - This Is How It Feels.mp3
3 of 5 Richard Ashcroft They Don't Own Me 03 - Richard Ashcroft - They Don't Own Me.mp3
4 of 5 Richard Ashcroft Hold On 04 - Richard Ashcroft - Hold On.mp3
5 of 5 Richard Ashcroft These People 05 - Richard Ashcroft - These People.mp3

1 of 5 Richard Ashcroft Everybody Needs Somebody to Hurt 01 - Richard Ashcroft - Everybody Needs Somebody to Hurt.mp3
2 of 5 Richard Ashcroft Picture of You 02 - Richard Ashcroft - Picture of You.mp3
3 of 5 Richard Ashcroft Black Lines 03 - Richard Ashcroft - Black Lines.mp3
4 of 5 Richard Ashcroft Ain't the Future So Bright 04 - Richard Ashcroft - Ain't the Future So Bright.mp3
5 of 5 Richard Ashcroft Songs of Experience 05 - Richard Ashcroft - Songs of Experience.mp3

Quite why it matched to this rather than the 10 track CD release I dont know , but i think this is your issue togather with the fact that you are using

[ Plex Music Scanner ] AlbumArtist/Album/Track - Title

as the rename mask, and this does not include discno only track no

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