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Messages posted by: paultaylor  XML
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Did you retry on a backup or are you trying against a set of files that have already been split up ?
I wouldn't usually do this but if you install the free https://www.teamviewer.com/en/ then I could remote connect to your computer to try and work this out if you like.
(you have swapped threads), the problem was resonably clear to me permissions J:\Music and J:\More Music are different, and that is what you need to figure out.

The issue is not SongKong, reinstalling will make no difference. I think there is an issue with uninstaller but you can just install over the top but there is absolutely no point doing that.

Have you been able to identify the difference between J:\Music and J:\More Music yet ?
Like I say Windows File Permissions are very confusing, but running as administrator is the issue rather than a bug in SongKong.
Are you doing Run As Administrator, it is possible that might be hiding it.

jrobbins50 wrote:
So, I agree that we may be seeing a connection faiure -- although I am thinking that maybe SongKong is itself causing the connection to break and then when starting up again, we begin at the beginning? Not sure.

SongKong cannot break your network, unless you are saying your network fails when it is significantly used. I think its clear that it fai led at about the time SongKong was processing Green Day ? Myrtle Beach SC 050698, looks like it loaded the folder but it came to actually save changes to this foilder it couldnt access the files anymore (same with Hole album). Then after that it didnt read anymore files from J:

jrobbins50 wrote:

2. What permissions do you think are missing as to access to the J:\Music folder? It is all on the NAS and all accessible by Roon and JRiver, so I don't see what I would do differently for SongKong.

I'm not sure, to be honest I find the Windows permissions model very confusing. What type of filesystem is J: ?

There does seem to be a problem with J:\Music that you don't seem to have with J:\More Music so please look for differences.

You could also try right clicking on the SongKong Icon and Run as Adminstrator. Just test it on one folder in J:\Music to see if that makes any difference.
Actually looking at :J:\More Music the last folder processed is Green Day -- Berlin GER 100404 can you please check if there are more folders than this other than Green Day ? Myrtle Beach & Hole ? Reading,

Is this s networked drive, looks to be like the connection failed at this point ?
Found three of the errors:

Aug 21, 2018, 4:39:47 AM:Unable to match group to MusicBrainz:J:\More Music\Don McLean ? Manchester UK 1975:null id in com.jthink.songlayer.MatchedToMusicBrainz entry (don't flush the Session after an exception occurs)

Aug 21, 2018, 4:44:22 AM:Unable to match group to MusicBrainz:J:\More Music\Hole ? Reading, UK 082694:No File Found:J:\More Music\Hole ? Reading, UK 082694\hole04 - jennifer's body.flac

Aug 21, 2018, 4:44:22 AM:Unable to match group to MusicBrainz:J:\More Music\Green Day ? Myrtle Beach SC 050698:No File Found:J:\More Music\Green Day ? Myrtle Beach SC 050698\Track18.flac

Not clear what the underlying issues were, unfortunately because of the large number of FileNotFound exceptions from J:\Music the the logs only goes back to 21/08/2018 05.50.19
Okay so the message is a bit misleading here. SongKong processes groups of files through different stages (e.g Match to MusicBrainz/Match to Discogs, Save ectera) and for each stage we keep a count of no of times task started and number of time completed

From songkonguser-0.0.log

21/08/2018 06.08.23:CDT:SEVERE: Report:6:SongPreMatcherMatcher:4137:4137:4136:12673
21/08/2018 06.08.23:CDT:SEVERE: Report:6:NaimMatcher:0:0:0:32103
21/08/2018 06.08.23:CDT:SEVERE: Report:6:AcoustidSubmitter:8419
21/08/2018 06.08.23:CDT:SEVERE: Report:6:StartMatcher:11040:11040:11040:58963
21/08/2018 06.08.23:CDT:SEVERE: Report:6:MusicBrainzSongGroupMatcher1:6903:6903:6899:46290

we can see 4137 calls to SongPreMatcherMatcher but only 4136 completed, a difference of 1.
And of 6903 calls to MusicBrainzSongGroupMatcher1 we only completed 6899, a difference of 4.

So a handful of songs did not process properly and I will try to track done what the issue is but this is not what caused only 58,0000 songs to be processed. If you look at the Not Loaded section of the report it was unable to load 102,000 songs. This looks to be because of permissions issue in the J:\Music folder


Aug 21, 2018, 5:04:03 AM:Could not access J:\Music\Carrie Underwood -- Some Hearts\Carrie Underwood [AcousticSounds 24-44,1]\2005 - Some Hearts\03 - Some Hearts.flac

Do not have access to this files permissions

If you can fix the permissions in this directory then SongKong should be able to process these 102,000 songs. In the meantime I will see if I can find out what caused a handful of songs to not be processed.

pdupreez wrote:

I have the same problem (did not before installing this version). I have checked the solution that was provided to OP, and restarted, but it keeps on adding the [Compilation] tag to the folder 

If that option was still enabled then Compilation would be surrounded by curly brackets () not square brackets [].

So if it is adding square brackets that is a different problem. My guess would be these are multi disc albums, try setting Remote Correct:Format:Multi Disc Releases to Never Add Disc no to Release Title

If it is displaying curly brackets and you have the option disabled then is suspect you have run the wrong task, try running Action:Remote Correct:Update Metadata from MusicBrainz
ISRC Support added to database, works with existing versions of Jaikoz and SongKong

Yes it can now, please see http://blog.jthink.net/2018/08/automatic-adding-of-isrcs-to-jaikoz-and.html
HI, it because you have set Only allow match if all songs in grouping match to one album to No so this allows SongKong to use partial matches if It cant find a complete match at early stage. This shoud usually be set to Yes and forces SongKong to only allow match if all in grouping match, otherwise just do a song only match.
Hi, actually I think I know the issue.

Yesterday we deployed a new version of Albunack in preparation of new versions of SongKong however we forgot a manual step causing it to fail last night.

The problem is now fixed, and normal service has resumed
I see no support files, please email them to support@jthink.net

- Set Preferences debug to CONFIG
- Rerun SongKong against just that folder
- Send me new support files

and I should be able to tell why it could not match

(There is an issue with forum preventing uploading of screenshots that can only be resolved by moving to new forum software)
And remember it will only move matched if you have matched the songs to MusicBrainz Album (or Discogs Album). It will not move them if Matched MusicBrainz Song Only because this would mean that individual songs form an album would get moved breaking up your album into multiple folders.
By default Jaikoz assumes a folder represents an album so only allows match if all songs in folder can be matched to one album. If in fact the folder just consists of random songs you can disable this behaviour by disabling Preferences:Remote Match:Only allow match if all songs in grouping matched to one album

(When you match songs one by one of course it is easy to ensure that all songs in grouping match to one album, because the grouping consists of only one song !)
Hi, I looked at your last report (FixSongs0055) and they have been renamed except you are running in Preview Mode. If you disable Preview mode then I think it will work.

highresi wrote:
Am I getting this right?
Jaikoz is able to automatically add / replace a genre from sources other than discogs. (in case discogs has no entry).

It can also get the from MusicBrainz, but since SongKong is more automated and MusicBrainz Genres/Tags are generally poor we didnt add support for MusicBrainz Genres to SongKong.

highresi wrote:

In addition, Jaikoz can automatically replace entries like "classique" to "klassik".

Not within Genres, as Jaikoz only has blacklist rather than grey list.

But it does Find/Replace functionality that can be used to do this.

highresi wrote:

Would this already work in the trial version?

Yes trial is fully operational except there is just a limit of 20 actual file saves.

highresi wrote:
Is it possible to replace the genre with Jaikoz?
As I imagine it from the example of (Anne Sophie von Otter)

Yes you can do either autamated or manual editing.

I just wondered, because I thought that every
Album by the "fingerprint" is unique
Thanks und greetings

Fingerprints are at recording level, so different versions of the same recording will have different fingerprints but the same version will have same fingerprint. If yo think about it the logic is slightly fuzzy anyway since if you rip a CD to Mp3 and Wav the audio is not going to be identical but you want both to have the same AcoustId.

In your case there is no link from MusicBrainz to Discogs so the Discogs match has been found independently. You can disable independent Discogs by disabling Search for a Discogs Match on the Match tab.
You could certainly do that, good point, please give it a go.

But you could can also use the regular Fix Songs task since the browser interface offers full fucntionality.
True enough.

highresi wrote:
Using the example of (Anne Sophie von Otter)
What is the correct syntax in the "allowed genres field" if:
the album is not at Discogs

If its not in Discogs then SongKong will leave the existing genre alone. The genre list is only applied when adding genres/styles from Discogs.

highresi wrote:

As an example - the album . . . But Seriously by Phil Collins
is found by Songkong in Discogs and MusicBrainz.
However, in two different versions - it can only be ONE right? ?!?
Which one of them is right now and after which SK decides which entry is transferred to the tags? ?

You mean the Discogs version represents a different version to the MusicBrainz one, in what way ? - if you could send your support files I can see more clearly.

Well most releases are released in many different versions in different countries, when we match to a MusicBrainz match we use the linked the Disocgs match if there is one, but if there is not we do an independent search for a Disocgs one.

The Discogs one should not different in key areas such as the track listing, but there may be small differences in some details that dont really matter for tagging such as Country of release or date of release. After all if the same release is released in two countries there is no way for SongKong to actually know which version you have, but it woudl score releases form your preferred country list higher.

But having matched from MusicBrainz, a Disocgs match only adds additional data (such as missing Catalogue no) to your metadata , it doesnt overwrite metadata. So SongKong writes Musicbrainz Data + Discogs data that does n't conflict with MusicBrainz data.

Thanks, actually I'll post the link here - http://www.jthink.net/songkongformelco/melco_install.jsp

ksantoshh wrote:
Hi Paul,

While adding the white list/blacklist for Genre, it would be great if we add the similar functionality for grouping ( discog styles)

Ideal wish list would be have a matrix allowing the specific styles per genre  

It is intended the whitelist will work the same way for both

Frodo wrote:
I was among the lucky ones being invited to the Beta test of SongKong for Melco Remote. There is not "BETA" section available, so forgive me that I am posting here.

Thats my fault, but posting here is totally fine and the preferred option.

Frodo wrote:

First Finding: the application is quicker than I expected. Pulling metadata, saving it and reporting back is just great.

I am very pleased to hear that, but we still have some more performance improvements to make so should get a bit faster.

Frodo wrote:

Only thing that I am missing are these sections that I am using most in Jaikoz:
  • the whole "Match to Album" section

  • Actually a Fix Songs task that just works one one folder that allows you to tell SongKong what to match to and/or confirm match before saving is already on my list of new features I would like to add. I have realized that alot of customers are happy working one album at a time but would like more control/confirmation before changes are made. Cannot say when this will happen though.

    Frodo wrote:

  • View this Artist at Musicbrainz
  • View this Album at Musicbrainz
  • View this Artist at Discogs
  • View this Album at Discogs

  • In the reports that are created if you go to the Song Changes section then there are links to the album at MusicBrainz and Discogs (from where you can get to artist).

    In the Matched to MusicBrainz section there is a link to the MusicBrainz release at the top, and a simialr link in the Matched to Discogs section.

    So the links are there, however I do want to give the reports a bit of an overhaul and include the sort of view users are more familuiar with, a way to browse their collection by artist/ablum image and then drill down to see more album details.
    This release resolves some issues related to the 5.7 release.
    SongKong 5.8 now available.
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