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That makes sense.

I guess it would be both a bit of both as the cp1252 and the ISO-8859-1 don't contain many non english characters.

I noticed the same thing with some of my song file names only being left with just the track number as well on the russian and japanese songs. I can see where it may be problematic. Probably overkill to have all the rename filters in that you have in jaikoz as sk is far more streamlined.

I can continue to load the songs into jaikoz after to update them or into bulk file rename utility. It works really well at removing upper ascii characters as well as doing character replacement or renaming to similar english chars.

Reading over those 2 tickets, I would have to agree with how you currently have it working. Would make the most sense to use the translation if the user has that option selected and if musicbrainz provides a translation, and if they do not, just use the what ever language titles they have available.
A friend was just asking about this today. Any update on if this will be add anytime soon?

I guess he uses an ipod to listen to his music and uses mediamonkey to sync his music and having the featuring artist info in the artist info is really messing up his syncs.
I have a friend that is looking to buy SK. Does SK work like jaikoz in which i can just share one file and he could use my configuration? Could I share with him the songkong.properties or does that file contain the license info as well? I noticed SK doesn't have a separate license file, so I don't want to share that if it contains any licensing info in it.
Out of roughly 250,000 files that run, all but 2 albums got moved to either the matched or non matched folders. SongKong performs wonderfully on very large batches of music. I cleared everything out and ran SK again on just those 2 albums which failed again. I have sent you the support files as well as the files themselves if you want to investigate why they are not being moved.

The reports showed these errors:

 Unable to match group to MusicBrainz:M:\temp\b\Barbra Streisand\(1966) Color Me Barbra (US):org.hibernate.exception.DataException: Value too long for column "TITLE VARCHAR(255)": "'Medley: Animal Crackers in My Soup / Funny Face / That Face / They Didn''t Believe Me / Were Thine That Special Face / I''ve Gr... (321)"; SQL statement: update AcoustidRecordingIdPair set acoustId=?, artist=?, recordingId=?, sources=?, title=?, version=? where id=? and version=? [22001-172]
 Unable to match group to MusicBrainz:M:\temp\s\Sufjan Stevens\(2005) Illinois (GB):org.hibernate.exception.DataException: Value too long for column "TITLE VARCHAR(255)": "'The Black Hawk War, or, How to Demolish an Entire Civilization and Still Feel Good About Yourself in the Morning, or, We Apolog... (288)"; SQL statement: update AcoustidRecordingIdPair set acoustId=?, artist=?, recordingId=?, sources=?, title=?, version=? where id=? and version=? [22001-172]

I think a lot of the unmatched to MB ones are either releases MB does not have or ones that it might have the duration off on. I have a fairly broad collection and there are a lot of smaller artists in there that may have not been added yet to MB. I will know for sure once I get to the stage that I am verifying the non matched files. Still working on verifying the matched files, but getting close to finishing that part up. When I get to that point, I may have to verify each album online or from the physical media itself and then submit it to musicbrainz.

I also noticed that some albums contain one off oddities. Such as cd ripping software may shorten a mp3 length by cutting off any extreme amounts of silence if it is at the start or at the end of the song which throws off the duration matching. Or there might be a box set of older albums that contain both the mono and stereo version of the album which throws off matching and duplications. The outside of the rules that really throw off any software.

Oh, on a side note, the last 4 posts you have made in this topic have sent me emails to let me know that there was an update to the topic yet the links in the email have all pointed to broken links that come back as "The topic you are trying to see does not exist." Not sure if it is topic specific or something that got broken recently on the forums.
Tried a small batch in songkong. Reports are still not working on some links. Summary works fine, but the next 4 links don't work. They are all pointing to:


The last 3 links all work after those.
I only have it set to move complete albums, not individual recordings. The 78% would have been complete albums that were moved. The 7% that it said were matched to a single recording I am guessing would have fallen into that 22%. Not exactly sure as for my purposes I treat those as unmatched as I only have complete albums in my collection.

With some of the larger 100 song compilations getting tossed into the 22%, I bet that number would even be lower if those were allowed to be matched and got moved out. So maybe even a higher matched percentage.

Great, have you got the report working now. Of the remaining 22% how many did SongKong manage to match the recording only for ?

Was fairly low, around 7% or so. The initial report that comes up in songkong's UI showed the numbers. The web based report was still giving me problems viewing it. I hadn't made any changes though to fix the issue when sk was running the large batch of files as I didn't want to take any chances of interrupting the batch. I will try another run on a smaller batch of files with the style folder copied over to see if it has been fixed.
So I finished running a batch of 250,000 files. It took little under 7 days to run and songkong did not crash at all. It moved all the files extra for 2 albums, about 25 files. 78% files were moved as matched. 22% were moved to non matched.

I did notice a few interesting things. Sk reported it was using on avg 700 of 2200 mb. However windows task manager was showing it was around 3000 mb being used. So the numbers in the program ui and windows task manager did not match up.

I am also currently verifying the matched files first. I am still fairly early on in the process, but i am noticing about 2% of the albums were moved as complete even though they did not contain any musicbrainz IDs. i left Search for Discogs match checked when I ran sk. Do files that were not matched in musicbrainz but maybe matched in discogs get moved to the matched folder?

I got mine a while back so no idea if it has changed, but I never had to type out the code all the way. There were 3 fields and i just copied and pasted using the standard windows shortcuts (Ctrl+C for copy and Ctrl+P for paste). I'd verify that your not including any extra spaces or characters when copy and pasting.
That may be the reason. I just have an empty images folder in there. I probably did delete it along with all the other folders under the user profile. I occasionally do this with jaikoz when it does not start up. Jaikoz always just rebuilds those folders. I nuke everything in there except for the key and properties files. Odd that songkong does not recreated these files when it starts back up or on a new install of sk when doing a sk upgrade.
I see a style folder that is at C:\Program Files\Jthink\SongKong\style but not one that is located in AppData\Roaming\SongKong. Should there be one there as well?

Copying the style folder into the SongKongSupport folder did not make any changes.
Don't think its javascript as i dont have any plugins that would prevent it. Specially in IE where i rarely use it so have no mods what so ever for it. I use to be able to view reports, but that was a couple of months back, not sure which sk version that was.
I opened up the reports in both firefox and ie11 and they are doing the same thing.

Summary, Errors, Not matched to release, Not matched to Musicbrainz release, and Not matched to Discogs release, all work.

Matched to MusicBrainz release, Matched to MusicBrainz recording only, Matched to Discogs release, and Song changes do not.

One thing that I also noticed, is the working urls have something after the # sign. The non working ones all have the exact same url they are trying to open with nothing after the # sign.

The non working ones look like: file:///C:/Users/xxxxx/xxxxx/SongKongSupport/FixSongsReport00001_index.html#

Shouldn't these ones also have an anchor after the # like the working ones?

Guessing neither. As I did not know that the left hand side was even suppose to expand when I clicked on the link.

So far so good, its probably around 80% completed.

I did double the memory in the config file, but even then I probably didn't need to. It rarely goes above 900mb.
Odd only some of the links worked for me. The matched ones did not. This was using firefox. I will have to try it again along with doing a minimal run on albums that sk did not move to create smaller logs.

Probably will be a few days yet as I am now trying SK on a large scale run of 250,000 songs. Been going for 4 days now straight. Figure at current speed it should be done in 3 more days.
In SK I see it is still adding quotes and double quotes. They appear to be the non standard quotes and double quotes on some titles. This is throwing off the file names from staying within the windows charset.

For example this release, http://musicbrainz.org/release/ec37dd2b-3afd-4362-a70a-9f6fa94b932b SK let through all the quotes and double quotes in the file names.

I use ampache to stream my music and it is extremely picky on making sure one uses the correct encoding to match the file system charset (another reason I need to move it to linux and not on my windows server, damn windows and their not 100% utf-8 filesystems).
I sent you the logs yesterday. Did you get those?
To bad its not a number like 105 or something. So many of the larger compilation albums are something like, 100 of the Best...., type albums.

Takes over a day of running to do 25,000 songs even with using a local mb server. I have deleted the files since that run, but I will see if it happens again on the other catalogs I have cleaning up. Not sure why it takes so long on larger runs. Seems like it fingerprints everything within the first couple of hours, then it just moves really slowly through the matching and saving.
I just did a run of 25,000 files in the latest version of songkong. It seems to be working really well. 18,000 of those files were matched successfully and moved. I have now started manually going through the remainder 7,000 files that songkong said it could not match. I have just but I am starting to see a pattern. It looks like any of the larger multiple disc albums that have around 100 songs are not being matched even though jaikoz is able to pick them up and match them correctly.

Does songkong have a built in limitation where it would be skipping over releases that have 100 songs on them?

Also I noticed the reporting doesn't work in sk when you load 25,000 files. It seems that the files are to large to be displayed correct, so they never load when you click on a link. Also it had some sections that did not make sense, like a Could not load that said there was about 10,000 files. Yet that seemed to be incorrect as it would of had to be able to load at least all but 7,000 or less as it was able to match 18,000 files.
Does sk have a way to remove non english characters in the file names? I noticed it seems to let a lot more through than jaikoz does even with the option to replace non ascii characters checked. It seems to be letting through some of the backwards quotes and double quotes and some of the non english characters like æ and ø.

I guess it would be something similar to the default From/To list that jaikoz uses fro Replace From Character with To Character.
I would love to see last.fm for genres! Genres are the only thing that music tagging programs just can't get right. last.fm has far more artist in its database than any other databases, so it is great for even the obscure ones.

Only thing with last.fm is you really need to have a black list, white list, and gray list for it to work properly being that the tags are not moderated. A black list or white list to only allow or to disallow certain tags, and a gray list to rename similar spellings of tags, such as r&b, rock and roll, etc.

I currently use mediamonkey with the lastfm genre plugin as the only other tool to go along with sk and jaikoz. Just for the genres. I would love to be able to consolidate to only sk and jaikoz

So I ended up installing a UI on my vm. I was then able to run the terminal inside the ui which allowed me to scroll through all the output. The vm without the ui wouldnt let me scroll more than 2 lines up even using the | less or | more commands. I was then able to see that replication was running into some issues. A little research showed that it was related to a known bug and I needed to follow this, http://blog.musicbrainz.org/2013/12/05/important-update-on-replication/ , to fix it.

I did that update and now am running another replicate which is pulling far more info. Will try another run of SK soon as this replication finishes.
Interesting. I keep mine updated, or I think i do, as I run the replication now command before I use it. Hard to say as the page auto clears before it finishes, so I can't tell if it throws any errors or not. I noticed that the statistics page on musicbrainz says it was Last updated: 2014-05-15 with ARtists: 846,105, yet the same page on the vm shows Last updated: 2013-11-23 with 799,525 artists. So if that page is suppose to update in real time, I would assume there is something wrong with the VM or at least with mine.
Nice, I posted my thoughts as well on the lh (one of my favorite sites) about music tagging.

Been at the mp3 tagging game for over 15 years and jaikoz is by far the best one. Only one other came close to it, and it has been out of circulation for years, and the support for it from the developer was never really there.

So I bumped it up to a run of 25,000 mp3s using a local musicbrainz server. It moved multiple albums that jaikoz came back as missing. There was also an album that couldnt be matched that was not moved to the unmatched folder as well as a song it left behind after moving the rest of the album. This took about 24 hours to run.

I will send you the support files for sk and the reports for jaikoz.
What does the MusicBrainz Delay mean in the bottom left hand corner when songkong is processing songs? Mine currently is showing 04:33:37
Just tried it on about 300 albums and it is looking really good! Thanks!!!
Looks like it has to do with the permissions on the synology nas. Unfortunately their software when set to admin and full permissions doesnt actually make all the files fully modifiable and editable. I had to terminal into the box itself and chmod them. Now they seem to be working.
Just an update on the blog post. I found you need to use the folderseparator variable in jaikoz instead of the slash for it to work. So it would look like this:

 function ifnotempty(value,sep){
      return value.length > 0 ? value + sep : '';
  + ifnotempty(album,' ')
  + (year.length>0  ? '(' + year + ') ' : '')
  +  (mbreleasecountry.length>0  ? '(' + mbreleasecountry + ') ' : '')
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