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1. Re Match songs to one Musicbrainz Release
Ok so this is a manual option whereby you need to know that the songs should all be on the same album?

2. Re checking the Only Match complete releases preference
What do you mean by "...in a particular grouping..."?
Assuming all my songs have a PUID can I just set this preference then run a Autocorrect From Musicbrainz on my entire library to reduce my album count?
(I want to be very sure about this so I don't mess up my library)

Thanks to Jaikoz my metedata is in pretty good shape but now I would like to consolidate all my tracks on the minimum number of albums possible.
I'm using v3.8.3 so have the "Match songs to one MusicBrainz release" option. My questions are:
1) Can I just load my entire library and select this option from the "Action" menu ie will Jaikoz then go thru my library and minimise my album count by consolidating tracks onto the minimum number of albums possible?
2) Can you explain the "Only Match Whole complete releases" preference - I'm not sure about its affect.

Sometimes I change Jaikoz preferences but then want to change back to defaults. With so many settings its impossible to remember what the defaults were. It would be great to have a button on each preference tab that sets it back to defaults.
I've tried changing a setting\saving then going back to the same setting and clicking the "Reset" button but it doesn't change it back (I'm using v3.8.3 b1086).

Also this would be handy for support purposes since you could tell people to click the "Defaults" button if they are having trouble and you think it could be due to them changing their defaults.
Hi Paul,
what is your current recommendation for the Preferences/Save/Compatability/Do not Unsynchronize ID3 tags
preference - check or uncheck?
I'm a WMP User but share music with my girlfriend who is an iTunes User.

See post at http://www.jthink.net/jaikozforum/posts/list/1459.page

Paul the URL is not working.
I get this Apache Tomcat error "The requested resource (/jaikozforum/posts/list/1246.page,) is not available."

Fixed URL by removing the trailing ","
For anyone else the correct URL is:
Previously I've had no trouble updating & saving tag info for WMA files however since upgrading I can't save updates to any of my WMA files.

After running "Action\Remote Correct\AutoCorrect Metadata from MusicBrainz" I get a ??java.lang.NullPointerException? error when I try to save changes.
I've also noticed that the "Version" column shows "Wma" as the tag type and that if you click any of the "View ID3..." tabs in the top pane all the tag fields are blank for *.wma files.

Could someone else with this version\build try and update some wma files and report back to here to put me out of my misery by verifying wether its specific to my install or perhaps a bug in this version?

So are you saying that Jaikoz now automatically clusters to reduce the number of albums?
Is it just my install or has the "Remote Correct\Cluster Albums" function disappeared from Jaikoz v3.8.2 Build 1085?
I liked this function & used it often - can anyone shed some light on this?

Ok here are the logs and this is what I did to generate them:
1) Deleted all previous logfiles
2) Ran Jaikoz from .bat file with switches as requested.
3) Loaded a SINGLE file
4) Rightclicked the FILENAME column & selected "Run External App" - NOTHING happened.
5) Rightclicked the COLUMN ID column & selected "Run External App" - WMP loaded and played the track as expected.
Problem ONLY occurs if rightclicking in the FILENAME column
(these latest results conflict with my earlier experience as per my earlier post... not sure why this has now started working)

Just tried doing it both ways - popup & ALT+P but neither works.
I've tried it with the column ID and/or base folder column highlighted (in edit pane) ... do I need to have a certain column highlighted?
Yes I've set my "External Application settings" path to C:\Program Files\Windows Media Player\wmplayer.exe (pasted it so you can see its correct) & Yes if I manually navigate to the EXACT same file, rightclick and selected Play it opens WMP & plays.

However in Jaikoz (v1.12 1034) when I rightclick the same Filename in the Edit pane and select "Run External App" from the popup menu NOTHING happens... am I doing something wrong?

How can I launch Windows Media Player (WMP) from within Jaikoz so I can play an individual file?

I've configured the "External Application settings" to point to WMP (C:\Program Files\Windows Media Player\wmplayer.exe) but it makes WMP launch and complain that it can't play the file & this settings dialogue box won't let me include any parameters like /Play in it - it just removes the entire line if you do that.

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