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I have been bitten with this before when they spell Russian composerrs with Cyrillic and put it in the artists field.

Is there any way that I can set jaikoz to not fill in that column so it is always blank or cannot be filled in.



paultaylor wrote:

The column browser will always look at the artist field first but if has no value then it will use the artist field for grouping.

You left an "s" off on of the artist above.

In my case I had Mozart in the artist and the word unknown in the artists column. The artists column showed up in the browser section. I had two artists unknown and Mozart.

When I removed the unknow from the artists column did I get just one artist.


I purchased a SongKong license today and as of this email I have not gotten my license email. I did receive the paypay receipt.

I have checked my spam queue and it was clean.



What is the different between artist (no "s") and artists column.

I usually do not show the artists column and this has bit me in the but a couple times. Today is an example. The artist column had Mozart and the artists column had "unknown" and in the column browser section under "Artist" it kept saying I had an artist name of "unknown".

I finally figured out that the "unknown" was in the artists column and once I blanked the cells wit unknown everything was back to normal.

It seems that artists has precedence over artist so what is the purpose and is there a way to not make it have precedence?

this has changed and I was not entering the information in correctly. It is working correctly now.

I am running jaikoz 5.1.1 NGS on a MAC.

At one time I was able to do the following:

If yours is always incorrect you can modify how the files are split when they are first loaded using the Preferences: General : Base Folder : Specify the Number of Folders above this selection to set the Base Folder 

I no longer see this in the current version. How do I handle this now.



I downloaded songkong to give it a try before purchasing.

Aftering starting up I get a message that the Database sppears corrupte. See the attachment.

I did not mentioned that I am running on a Mac with Lion.

Thanks for your reply but right clicking the column header does not see to do it on the Mac.

Instead of clicking the top entry of a column and then move down to the bottom entry of the column is there a "COMMAND+A" (MAC) that will work on just the column?

When I have a hundred entries it becomes a pain to have to scroll down to the bottom.



paultaylor wrote:
Okay you can do it, drag the discno colum to the right of the title column, select fields in both columns and then use Edit/Append to Left to copy the disno value to the corresponding title value, then repeat for the trackno column.  


Thanks very much. Exactly what I needed.


paultaylor wrote:
Do you really mean the title or the filename ? 


I have some audio books that I have purchased and the titles of each section on each disk is different.

I would like to have the title look something like


What I have done in the past is read the track into jaikoz and rename the file similar to the above format. I then save the file and use "correct meta from file name" to change the title field.

Is it possible to edit a column using a jaikoz variables such as %discno% and %trackno% to build the title inside an edit field.

Just wondering. I am definitely not asking for this to be added to Jaikoz as probably not something most people would use if you are dealing with music.

If the capability is their great if not the not a big deal I can continue doing it the file name way.


paultaylor wrote:
Just had another customer with this issue and it turned out that rather then selecting a folder in the folder dialog they were typing in a nonexistent folder, so could this be your problem, please make sure you are navigating through the folders rather than manually typing it in.

When I would click on Save and move I would get a pop up window to select the location to move to. The pop up window was set to some default information in the fields. In my case Save and move was prefilled in with NONCLASSICAL. I would have to navigate away from the current directory to the one where I wanted to save my files. See attachment ONE.png which is what I get when I first click on Save and move.

I would then navigate to the the directory that I wanted to save in, but the Save As: area did not get blanked out. In this case it kept the entry NONCLASSICAL as you can seen in TWO.png.

When Save As: has a value you get the permission message.

If you blank out Save As: field and then clicked choose it all works.

I cannot remember having this problem in my pre Mac Lion OS.

Now I know the solution if I get this in the future.


I would like to change the title of my songs to something like


Is there some way to edit this column to add this information so that it pick up the diskno and trackno.

Or is there some way to swap trackno-diskno into the title column.

I am getting "You do not have permission to write to the folder you have specified" when I try to "Save and Move" files.

If I manually copy or move I have not problems.

I have looked at the permissions but I do not see any problems.

I am running Jaikoz 4.5.2 NGS on a MacBookPro.

I have forwarded your my support file hoping another pair of eye will see the problem.

Humm, this only seems to show up when I am logged in.

When I open any of the forums I get a lot of junk at the top. See the attached image.


TinCanFury wrote:
(year.length>0 ? '[' + year + '] ' : '')

doesn't seem to work. I'd like to have it so it places the year without the month/day if it exists in the metadata.


year.length>0 is checking to see if there are one or more characters in the year field. Are you sure there is a year value?

To test the syntax of the if statement try

 (year.length>0  ? '['  +  'TRUE' + ']'  : 'FALSE')

If this works then you know the syntax is OK. Now you can replace 'TRUE' with year and 'FALSE' with ''.

If you want to test the TRUE and FALSE sides of the if statement you can just change > to <.

Your second request is not so easy. There are so many formats of the year data it would not be an easy task to just pull out the year.


TinCanFury wrote:

a little, why disctotal>0? I don't want a disc folder if there is only one disc.

my problem with the "example" thing is it completely won't work if one of the "if" statements is "broken".


Are you familiar with the "Example Mask" and "Example Compilation Mask" in the Preference/File and Folder Correct/Rename Folder from Metadata?

Jaikox has some built-in data that you can test your script with.

I have attached a screen shot of my script and the Example Mask output. I do not have any data with Boy/U2. This is built in to make testing your script easier.

A snippet of you code above you had

  ( disctotal>1 ? folderseparator + 'disc ' discno + folderseparator :'')

I was not sure if the sample data had a disctotal value greater than one, so I used disctotal>0 assuming that the sample data had a value of 1.

I just wanted to do get the "if" statement working. This is how I found the missing "+" sign.

Once I got it working with disctotal>0 the I know the syntax is OK and I can then change it to disctotal>1 knowing that it works.

Patient to doctor: "Doctor it hurts when I do dat"

Doctor to Patient: "then don't do dat"

Have you considered asking first and then accusing. I believe he brought this up in one of the forums a little while ago.


How do you get a snippet of a previous forum question to show up as

xxxx wrote:

snippet of previous forum.

Your code is rather complicated so what I would suggest break it down to simple parts and try some test. The "Example Mask" is your friend and can save you time with simple tests.

So try the following

( disctotal>0 ? folderseparator : ' ') Example Mask shows "/"

We will assume that disctotal is greater than 0. See if you get a folderseparator in the Example Mask.

NOTE: To get the changes to take affect click in the compilation mask box if you are working in the rename mask box.

Just keep adding to the javascript until it stops working.

( disctotal>0 ? folderseparator + 'disc ' : '') Example mask shows "/disc"

( disctotal>0 ? folderseparator + 'disc ' discno : '') Example mask shows nothing. So added discno caused the problem

the "+" is missing between 'disc ' and discno.

( disctotal>0 ? folderseparator + 'disc ' + discno : '') Example mask shows "/disc 1"

Hope this helps.
Just Google for JavaScript tutorial and you will get more info than you want.

Not that I am a JavaScript writer but I think what might be confusing to people is the single line IF statement format, which took me some time to find a tutorial about this format.

See http://javascript.about.com/od/decisionmaking/a/des10.htm for more info.

But what is happening is that the normal IF/THEN/ELSE syntax like the following

IF (condition)

is getting converted to a one line statement like

(condition) ? true-value : false-value;


If you had this IF/THEN/ELSE statement

IF ((albumartist.length>0 )
albumartist=albumartist + ' ~ '
IF (artist.length>0)
artist = artist + ' ~ '
artist= ' '

could be converted to a one line statement like

(albumartist.length>0 ? albumartist
+' ~ ' :(artist.length>0 ? artist + ' ~ ' : ' '))


( ) / encloses the IF statement (IF)

? / start of the true condition (THEN)

: / start of the false condition (ELSE)

.length / is a built in function that returns the length of the variable that it is attached to. So artist.length returns the number of characters in artist. >0 is checking to see if that number is greater than zero. see (http://www.tizag.com/javascriptT/javascript-string-length.php) for more information on this function and others

+ / is a concatenation symbol. So if artist = "robert" then
artist + ' ~ ' would be "robert ~"

It might help if you write what you want to do in the IF/THEN/ELSE format then go back and put it in the one line format.

Hope you are not more confused. The two URLs will give you more information.

Robert ~

I ran a report and got back a missing line indicator as such.

Symphonie Nr.9 "Aus der Neuen Welt" und 5 Slawische Tänze (Berliner Philharmoniker, feat. conductor: Herbert von Karajan) (bff1baf7-ac75-4da7-a3f1-b74927aeb964)

I am trying to find this entry and so tried to search for "b74927aeb964" by entering this in the search box at the top right. But no luck.

How can I search my list, using part of the MBID number, inside jaikoz?


You can IGNORE this ticket. After a little looking it was answered by the ticket "Missing track report ". I was thinking it was reporting if a song was actually missing. I see now what you are doing.


4.3.0 NGS Pro Beta

Just got throughout cleaning up my music and did a Reports/List Missing Songs for Albums for missing songs.

I am getting a lot of hits, such as the one attached, that is showing that it is missing yet they are all their.

I have had other where it showed one song as missing yet it is in the song folder with the right parameters.

I have sent in the support files by email with the same subject.

MACBookPro: Lion
4.3.0 NGS Beta Pro

I use the "Match Songs to Specified MB Release" a lot but it becomes a pain with all the clicking.

Is there a way that I can highlight the "MB Release Id" that I want to use and just hit a shortcut that would use the MBRID that is highlighted?

If not is this something that could be easily added?


Figured as much.

I assume this is the forum that we should report any beta questions or concerns.

I have been using 4.3.0 pro beta for the last week and it seems to be working just fine, not that I am a big power user by any means.


After a little trial and error I believe "MB Unique Id" is "MB Recording Id".

Please let me know if I am wrong.

Thanks, this would make it a little easier.

Can you explain what is a compilation album over a regular album?

Do compilation albums have to have various artists?

Simple questions for a simple mind. Sorry.

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