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If I remember right, Mediamonkey options enable selection between ID3v1 andID3v2. They don't give more specifics than that, that I saw. I'm sure googling would eventually answer the question about ID3v24 or ID3v23. I get the impression its 3v23.

The 'mangling' issue is just my venting. I don't need any fixes from your end. All I need is two/three fields that move back and forth between MediaMonkey and jaikoz without issue (and with full export). I can achieve that now, though it will be great if Mood, Occasion, and Quality also exported multivalue.

I experimented with null value in flac/mp3 in jaikoz/mediamonkey and got no indication I should pursue it. Can't remember exact results, I don't think Mediamonkey liked it.

I believe other issues I saw were flac delimited with semicolon came back to jaikoz truncated to first entry only (I see where flac does write each value seperately which must complicate things); and mp3 in multivalue came back with '//' in place of the semicolon. I could make sure these are exact descriptions if its helpful to you, but I have to live with any MediaMonkey behavior, so its sort of out of Jaikoz's scope. Thus, its not your problem.

I really would like you to continue to do things the right way, rather than a way that suites me. I'm really liking MediaMonkey's scripting side, but may well leave the player in favor of another down the road anyway.

More multivalue fields sounds great when you can.
Hello Sir.

As I used an imploring "pleeeease" previously, I thought it appropriate to write to say, don't worry about it. Its not going to help me, anyway.

I am relying on Jaikoz's export to xls file as my safetynet/backup for the critical info I am trying to embed in my music files. You may say why is that necessary; well in testing other tag and music programs for my needs, I was terrified to find some programs all but vomit tag info (mostly meaningless or erroneous), often without a confirmation dialouge and always without an option for 'undo'. I must anticipate that sooner or later some of my files may be touched by other programs, and its hard to know just what damage to the tags might be done.

Now my issue (and I wouldn't mind learning a workaround if it exists), is that the EXPORT CELL of a MULTIVALUE field doen't 'flatten out'. Right? Only the first entry in a multivalue field will make it into the xls export. Am I wrong?

This is a deal breaker for the multivalue fields in my case.

At this point I have found I should use custom1 and custom2. I tried hard to steer clear of them, fearing they might be the most ideosyncratic tags of all; but they move back and forth between Mediamonkey and Jaikoz in both MP3 and flac without any peculiariaty! A semicolon stays in place as a delimiter (whether it should or not) and Mediamonkey handles that as multivalue entries. That hasn't been true of any other tag experimentaion I've made. Further, they back up to xls in a way that is workable. I'm sure I will encounter a reason I will regret using these fields eventually; but as long as the tag info is fully preserved, I can deal will it.

I believe my issues with tag mangling while moving back and forth from jaikoz to MediaMonkey in the other fields is related to Mediamonkey coding, so don't think I'm implying Jaikoz has peculiarities. I still REALLY appreciate Jaikoz! Do please let me know if the export of multivalue fields is more capable than I found it to be.
First, thank you for fixing the OCCASION tag in flac files.

Second, I would like to declare your program elegant, powerful, and intelligent. I am truly impressed.

Third, I would like to say how sorry I feel for you. What chaos this tag realm is! With multiple file types, multiple tag spec releases within file types, and multiple programs all taking liberties with the implimentation of tag useage; it cannot be easy to keep most people happy.

I believe what is needed today is one POWERHOUSE and SERIOUS program which begins to define what is expected of any other program with regard to TAG standards. Sadly, itunes (which has YET to be better than even the long deceased Sonic Foundry Siren Jukebox) has probably held that position. But, I do believe your program could assume that role. We'd all benefit; I wish you luck!

Lastly, pleeeease consider a minor release which would allow muliple values in the OCCASION tag. Once again, I discover my effort to rely on that tag is a bust, as I need multiple values. I will probably just usurp CONDUCTOR or COMPOSER tags for my need, but I will forever wince at the resulting completely erroneous labeling. I have also seen hints that the COMPOSER tag has little unhappy surprises in store for me. Someday I hope this realm gets solid, sensible standards implemented universally. This is hard.
Hi. I have been really exploring the great program, as I am going to have to use it heavily for some time. I'm getting real nice results but for one peculiar issue:

When I write an OCCASION tag to a flac file, it is written instead as an "FBPM" tag. If I examine the file in a text oriented program immediately after using Jaikoz, it will always show as such:

"...TITLE=Tossing and Turning ARTIST=Bobby Louis GENRE=Rock & Roll QUALITY=trim noise FBPM=This should be OCCASION tagĀ..."

Happens every time. Of course the tag will then not show up properly in my music player program.

If I get past this 'm just about ready to really dig in to a big collection of desperately needed tag migration. Any help??
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