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Messages posted by: Enricus W. Funk  XML
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I don't need the Tag Browser view. Is there any view to disable it? I am using Mac OS X Leopard v4. Thanks
Thank you Paul, you are right: the menu works as expected. The mistake was invoking the dialog via the context menu.

bink wrote:

1. I have a bunch of files and I want to change the date for all of them to 1975. I would like to select the date fields for the lot and just type 1975, but that doesn't work. The workaround I've used is to type 1975 in one slot, return, return, up arrow, copy, select the rest of them, paste. That seems inefficient to me; is there a better way?

I am using a Mac too, so, if you want to quick edit a field, you don't need to hit Enter. Just scroll to the field and start typing there, so you avoid the keystrokes involving Enter.
Good luck!
LyricWiki, as it name implies, is a wiki for lyrics. It has a huge database of lyrics which can be freely edited. Thus, it would be a very nice feature to have such a good collaborative tool built in into Jaikoz. Furthermore, it's very easy to implement it, as the lyrics are enclosed in the <lyrics> html tags.
The website of LyricWiki is lyricwiki.org, and the registration is free.
Thanks for your attention.
Right now we have to select all the tracks and then "Correct Lyrics". However, as we already have files loaded in a batch, operations like MusicBrainz lookup and similar actions don't need to select all tracks. So, i suggest that the Correct Lyrics works on the loaded tracks instead of individually selecting them. What do you think?
Wow! Thanks Paul!
I am just trying to generate the PUIDS of some dozens of files. I'll let you know if it will hang or not.
Is Jaikoz expected to open 2 instances of genpuid for parallell identification of tracks in multi-core systems? if not, it would be nice to double the speed of generating the IDs
Good job paul! Working like a charm here!
more flexible than most taggers 

Yeah, exactly. You are right, with drag and drop support, it wouldn't be necessary.
You're very fast responding, paul
There's another file which was not correctly imported into iTunes (that's why those tori amos songs were not showing up correctly). Look: this is the same file, in the iTunes and on the Finder's get info window:

This may be a file bug or a iTunes bug?
I am using OS X 10.5.2 with the latest iTunes, v7.6. Any guess?
Hi mccammer! i tried everything i could think of, even deleting the files from the itunes library and reimport them. I have made some kind of fotolog with the steps i followed. Maybe there must be some bug in the itunes mp3 handling, because the file's tags were showing up correctly in the Finder Get Info window.

I have deleted the mp3 files, ripped them again, and it's showing fine. I'll post here any further problems...
OK, i come from a linux environment. I used EasyTAG for my tagging needs, and i would agree that it´s a very limited program when compared to Jaikoz. However it has the awaited jaikoz option for saving naming schemes when it comes to filling in tags from the filename. I don't care what the naming scheme is, but i would suggest (instead of Jaiko's current one)
etc. instead of A, B, C. Whichever one Paul decides with, i would really like to have a dropdown list of schemes for filling in the tags, maybe in the submenu of the "Correct tags from filename". TriTag is an OSX program which is unmaintained right now, but it does this job very quickly.
Just my thoughts, thanks for your attention.
Good to know . No, i meant, search from within the iTunes library, so it wouln´t be necessary to dive into the hard disk structure for loading the files, i don´t know if i can explain myself well...
Ive already done it ready for the next release out soon  

That's why i love this app!
Hi! Say i have edited some MP3 files with Jaikoz, editing their tags because they were in a wrong encoding. After saving and checked that the iTunes updating was checked, i open iTunes and see that the files are unchanged. However, if i right-click and go to Get Info, then the program will get the new information and update the entry in the Library. Isn't Jaikoz supposed to do this? I'm a bit confused. Now using iTunes 7.6 and Mac OS X 10.5.2. Restarting iTunes doesn't seem to solve this.
Sorry for my amount of wishes
The ability of Jaikoz for loading the iTunes XML library file, and let you do a spotlight-like search, then edit, save, and here you go would be handy as well. What do you think?
Hi! I was used to easytag, a tagger for win and linux/gtk. It had a nice processor/scanner window which you could use for tag processing, ie. capitalization, space removal, etc; a file renamer based on expressions and a filename to tag operation mode. It let you choose predefined and your favourite schemes for tagging. I'd like this feature in Jaikoz. I mean, in the same way that you can rename files according to the tags, it would be nice to add expressions for tagging.
For example, if i have the file
01. Jamiroquai - Virtual Insanity.mp3
%tracknum.%artist - %title
Just my thoughts. thanks!

Edit, meanwhile i'll use Tritag
Hi! Have you ever used excel or any other application for spreadsheeting? At least excel and openoffice's have a bold, lower-right corner which you can drag up and down and it will automatically and sequentially fill the fields that you drag that corner on. I think it's a very handy way to copy values without Cmd-C and Cmd-V. What are your thoughts?
Jaikoz is right now my fave tagger for Mac. It even lets you choose the ID3 format! wonderful indeed.
The Capitalization Exception List:
Yes, i have seen this feature in the tagger i used to use when i was a windows guy: MediaTagger. It had some exceptions like UB40, DJ, etc. It's very handy. And, because this is a MusicBrainz app, Jaikoz could be aware of the MB capitalization standards, like prepositions in lowercase, etc. Thanks for this wonderful application!
Would be great if we could drag files directly to jaikoz, be it from iTunes or from a Finder window for tagging purposes.
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