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Understood. I never realized there were codes. I always thought it was a free form text field only. I do like the idea of standard genre names though and have started trying to standardize my genres it is very hard because as metadata goes the values can be so subjective. I usually give up on this process because it feels like an overwhelming problem that can't really be solved properly using the tools available.

For example, I find that so many songs don't fit into any one genre well or cross genres from track to track in a single album. I've tried using multiple genres but that just seems to muddy the waters.

To me, in a perfect world, genres should be applied per track and automatically, but only if it is accurate and even more important is that it be consistent. Perhaps the degree to which a track fits within a given genre should be more of a gradient than a fixed point, a floating point number between 0 and 1, and maybe the overall track value should be a weighted value derived from summing the degree of correlation between all of the other genre values. I don't know, something mathematical, an algorithm, specifically not subjective.

I'm not the kind of person that likes subjective. I want everything to fit into a proper category and so genres have always been a problem for me.

I had thought that maybe I'd hit upon a solution (or at least partial solution) to a particularly annoying problem that has bothered me for as long as I've had music in a digital format.

I've been using Jriver media center along with Jaikoz as sort of a post processing step. It has some nice analysis features for bpm, tempo, etc. I've specifically selected which tags I'm allowing it to write and which ones stay only in the library (internal database).

Do you see any issues with doing this? The reason I ask is after doing this a few times I've noticed Jaikoz displaying "?" mark triangles in some of the fields that were not there before and this usually mean some sort of character code issue.
What is a standard genre and where is the list? Also, is there a way to easily convert non-standard genres to standard ones.
On Windows 7 and just spent two days waiting for 2600 MP3s to match and then when I wasn't watching Windows rebooted the computer to apply updates and now I'm starting over. It is almost the exact situation as the OP so that is why I thought I should mention it here. I'm going to keep searching for some performance enhancing threads but if you've made any progress on this please post updates.
This license is currently being used by two other computers, this is the maximum allowed. If you need to use Jaikoz on this computer shut down Jaikoz on the other computer or purchase additional licenses.

I don't know why I'm getting this but I have reinstalled my OS on my Linux box and I have a new Laptop too but Jaikoz is only installed on the Laptop now. I have no other computers currently running Jaikoz or that even have Jaikoz installed on them.

That sounds like something I can easily try and yes it would be great to have an option to run those tasks automatically after matching.


greengeek wrote:
What I think would be a killer feature to see added to the pro version is the ability to have a second auto correct option.  

Don't get me wrong I love that idea and it is something that would be a good feature addition for Jaikoz just not for the pro version. I see the pro version as supporting difficult to implement additional features that wouldn't appeal to everyone and while this is a great idea, it is really more a new standard feature than anything. Again, just my opinion.

greengeek wrote:

What I think would be a killer feature to see added to the pro version  

I don't even have the pro version yet though I may get it. I'd like to see a server based product for pro. Maybe configure tasks and then leave running in the background and it would operate on any content in a specified folder., or maybe command line operation so it could be used with cron or windows task scheduler. Something like that.

There is this script called flactomp3 that while much, much simpler in operation than jaikoz does this effectively. I can just give it a path like

flac2mp3 /path/with/flac /path/to/put/mp3s

I'd think jaikoz would be awesome if it operated like that.

Even if I had to open the client application up to initially configure it.

I'd certainly pay for that feature, and probably even more than what Paul's currently asking for pro.

paultaylor wrote:
You can use 'Shift Base Folder to Sub Folder' a few times so that the whole folder path is in the Sub Folder field then it should work as you want. 

Yeah, that is what I've been doing though recently I've just started doing "Change Base Folder" followed by "Correct Subfolders from Metadata". That seems to do the same thing but with fewer steps. I've noticed that I tend to work with two "base paths" when Jaikoz: One folder is where the music that you are cleaning up lives. The other folder is where you want it to go when you are done.

I'd like to have a constant "Final Base Path" for many reasons but I was just realizing recently that if I could set that path I could then add "Save and Move" to autocorrect tasks and the last step would just put the music in the correct folder and save.

For example, I'd like to setup autocorrect to do:

Local tasks...
Remote tasks (match to a release, get acoustic ids, etc)
Correct Filenames from Metadata
Correct Subfolders from Metadata
Save Artwork to folder (don't think this is even on the list)
Save and Move (to final location)

On a related note, I realized that if I add "Correct Subfolders from Metadata" after a "Save changes" in the autocorrect list it causes warning messages about some files not being saved.

Also, one more thing. If I recall correctly "Match to a single release" sometimes gets just one PUID/acousticid (whatever terminology we are using which allows it to match and then just doesn't bother getting the rest of them?

Sorry for so much in one reply.

paultaylor wrote:
Both done in Jaikoz 4.3.0 Beta now available 

Thanks Paul.

I'll give it a try soon.

Nothing, error message
Ok, I'll consider everything you just said and try to think of what to do next. The cumbersome method you mentioned is what I'm trying to request be automated. All you really need is a track number and a release id.

For example, I want to match an album but Jaikoz doesn't want to match (for whatever reason). I then select "Force match against musicbrainz release id: <some id>

Jaikoz then populates the release id and unque id based on the information provided using the track numbers as a key and then updates the metadata from musicbrainz.

Of course, if the user gives it an incorrect release id there is nothing that can be done about that, they just get what they asked for.
Updated, answered the wrong thread ;)

I will check the PUIDS against musicbrainz.
It is basically the same process as splitting FLAC/CUE which I also do. The times are whatever is in the CUE sheet as split by shnsplit on Linux. I can't say that I've verified every time it fails but of the ones I have verified they are usually right on the money or very close to at least one release on MB.

Tried both neither work. Also, this isn't limited to any single release but any release that has no metadata
Yes, it will generate puids that are used to get the acoustic ids and then it will match against a release based on the acoustic id. Or at least it should work this way and has in the past, just no longer.
I have already verified that the release is correct but Jaikoz still refuses to match when I specify the release id. What I'm asking for is for it to simply take my word for it and override any checking. This way it will populate the metadata from the release I've selected without checking.
It should get the acoustic ids and then match but it won't unless there is other information. It can generate the acoustic ids from nothing but the files.
I often have trouble getting my files to match to a release even though I'm certain the release is in musicbrainz. I can even go look it up and verify it against each file manually but still Jaikoz refuses to accept the release id and match it. So, I'd like to be able to just set the release id manually and have it match accordingly, no matter what. I don't care what the circumstances, even if I'm giving it completely wrong files I still want it to just do it anyway.

Can that be done?
Something you could add to Jaikoz that would have an immediate and far reaching impact on how I use the software would be to make all of the operations that I can perform on the files relative to the basepath (or even better default to basepath but also allow another path to override ad-hoc).

This is a feature I re-discover my need for nearly every time I use Jaikoz. I know it has been brought up before and if I recall there was some sort of technical limitation preventing it from being implemented. Is this still the case?

One way you implement this quickly (and relatively easily) would be to just interpret strings that look like folder paths as such. I tried to do something like:

'/media/Music/' + <some js for folder correction>

and it sort of worked but was still relative to the location of the files I was working on and didn't take the file path as absolute relative to the root of the file system.

Keep up the good work. Seriously, sometimes I imagine what organizing this mess would be like if I didn't have Jaikoz and it frightens me.
Sometimes I split a single album wav into flac tracks or convert to mp3 for my mp3 player and I used to be able to just match to a single musicbrainz release even with absolutely no metadata but now it seems to require that at least artist, album, and track numbers be present. Even if I go look up the release myself and specify it, it still won't match it until these fields are populated.

So the end result is that there will be no loss of functionality but Jaikoz will just be using a different service (a better service), and a non-proprietary service. Sounds good to me. Also, this will end the need for genpuid? I can't say that I'm unhappy about that.

paultaylor wrote:

I was assuming you were using ID3, but Ive now tried with a Flac file and I still cant get the behaviout your seeing, perhaps a screenshot would help. 

I'll do that when I get home. Could it be a Linux thing? Make sure you try it on Linux, not sure why that would make a difference but I've seen stranger things.

paultaylor wrote:
It just uses whatever is in the trackno, so if its 2 digits it writes 2 digits, if its 3 digits it writes 3 digits.  

And to think just a few days ago I was trying to make a case for regexp...

trackno.replace(/[0-9]([0-9]{2})/$1/) or something to that effect.

Though I guess technically it would be better to do something like substring

Forgive my psuedocode I don't know if I have the js syntax down yet:
if (trackno.length > 2 ? trackno.substr(1) : trackno) + ' - ' + title

Update: If it is simply using what is in the field then why does both the track field on the main interface show two digits and metaflac output shows two digits?

metaflac --list shows:

comment[4]: TRACKNUMBER=01

Also, it still does it even when I set the tracks manually to be all two digits.
Am I missing something? I've looked through all of the preferences but I can't get rename file from metadata to use 2 digit track numbers. It insists on using 3 digits?

I guess you wouldn't need regexp or anything if you have these values already just concatenate them with a '-' between them and assign that as the file name. You could do it with regexp, if the artist, album, and title were all contained in some output you could format it into artist-album-title but there isn't a need if you already have the information and can just string it all together. Regexp would be better for much more complicated things. Like changing 'The Baetles' to 'The Beatles" wherever it exists over the entire library.

paultaylor wrote:

i.e you could say ([a-z].*) to match some word from some source but you cant write (artist) to match the artist field

Yes, it would depend on what the source looks like. On one side you would show the source, on the other the result of the expression. So, no, there would not be a preset variable for artist, unless you count back references. I think I just get what you are saying. You are trying to make it so that one variable will always equal a metadata field and I'm saying that you would just look at what was in that field and operate on it. Displaying the metadata isn't part of the regexp but part of the interface.

You would act on the displayed output of the current value for artist. It would be much easier to discuss this or determine if it were feasible if the exact use-cases were well defined.

Even in your example (artist) is coming from somewhere, right? You have coded the program to be able to extract the artist information and make it available by using the expression (artist). It must come from somewhere. If you don't have something to act upon then no expression, JS, awk, regexp, or anything would be useful. Otherwise it would require telepathy. (hmm Feature Request?)

You would need a source but you must already have one or else none of this could be done.

It depends on the particular use-case but for a given function you will usually have input -> (transformation) -> output. It would be no different here we are only talking about using regexp for the transformation function. It sounds like you are saying you don't have any input but that simply can't be.
I wrote a great (and long) reply to this and accidentally closed my browser so you'll have to settle for me saying Yes it would work so long as you had data - and if you don't then what is the point of using anything? Fields do exist as a concept in regexp you just delineate them yourself based on the source. Also see AWK. I can't match your pattern unless I have a source for the artist but I thought the subject was file and folder renaming so it is reasonable to assume that you would have that information.
Perhaps you are right greengeek but once you go regex you never go back ;)

Two points to make:

1.Most people who would consider using this software are not computer novices and furthermore of that set those that would use an advanced renaming feature would not be put off by regex but would appreciate the power and flexibility.

2. There is a wealth of regex documentation on the internet including numerous examples that would probably render any issue, such as the one you were having, instantly solved with a single Google search

Bonus point: I find most software that lets you use regex usually tests the expression first (for validity) and also allows you to see what the result would look like before any changes were made. This would help those new to regex. You could also share expressions in this forum and perhaps even save them as 'canned' operations within Jaikoz
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