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Messages posted by: solstice9  XML
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Author Message
just found this problem:

that is the original folder/sub folders

it has changed too:


the original folder containing the 4 cds has not been changed and the 4 cds are now moved out of that folder.Is there a way of correcting the named folder and keeping the 4cds within this folder


showing what you asked

So .........

so with syntax it shows album songtitle year
which im after VA - album - year

my file syntax seems correct for what I want for compilation

so so close.....
appreciate your patience
Just to add tagging ive got a 89% success which im happy with .Ive just got a new nas/hdd so im about to move everything to one place so I aim to rename the folders correctly and also the 11% untagged I plan to add to a separate folder to check and add to the musicbrainz db.....but I just cant get over the renaming of folders
When I saved the changes using the mask you gave the results were as the images I posted so its saving the files individually and not in folder as image 2
so basically ima after changing from
Ministry of Sound XX Twenty Years 2011 [EAC-FLAC] to
Ministry of Sound XX Twenty Years 2011
and the same for the sub folders to lose [EAC-FLAC]

I do have many folders with varying titles that need changing and manually will be a tedious task to undertake and im really hoping to not have too

am I correcting in using command Ctrl-9 to change the naming of the folder

to be honest trying to rename folder

im getting this result

its driving me nutz
to be honest this isn't working instead of renaming the folder


I get this


its driving me nutz * _*

How do I add a - between track title and artist in compilation mask

01 Dice - Finley Quaye & William Orbit

01 Dice Finley Quaye & William Orbit

Thanks again
Artist space album

U2 Boy

01 Boy

Various - Album - Year
trackno title Artist

VA - Nowmusic -2007

01 Wonderwall - Oasis
im looking for :

Folder : Artist space Album Trackno:Title


Folder: VA - Album -Year Trackno: Title - Artist



I am having a issue on renaming my folders.Using autocorrector it dosent rename the folder to:

Artist Album

I presume its possible to do this I just cant find how..

I have just acquired a Nas and a 3tb drive to put my music into one place.I found that my success rate on tagging before was 89% on my collection which is great.This time I want to get it all perfect even have untagged albums in the own section to make it easier to check or to add to musicbrainz..........
Still not managed to get Jaikoz to rename folders as I wish

Artist Album
Trackno Title

VA Album Year
Trackno Title Artist

Hope someone can tell me the syntax for this

so still when renaming using File and Folder correct im getting

when im looking for

also is it possible to move the .cue log and .jpg files over when it has been changed......

this isn't too easy at the moment to work out :>
also renaming the folder ....
F:\Mixed\Alix Perez - Chroma Chords (2013) [SHACD007] [MP3-320-WEB]

so to Alix Perez -Chroma Chords

or F:\Mixed\Ellen_Allien-LISm-(BPC264CD)-CD-FLAC-2013-iHFLAC

to Ellen Allien - LISm

solstice9 wrote:

Also when i load a folder and check for missing MBID i cant get back to the original screen of the loaded folder i have to close Jaikoz and reload the folder again

Sorry, I don't understand what you mean here, could you try reexplaining.

so i load directory F:\Mixed it loads a screen i then check for missing MBID's it then shows alist of whats missing then if i want to get back to the loaded screen before i chk'd for missing MBID's to do other tasks i cant

hope that explains it better.....Thanks

Hi im trying to rename my folder structures using Jaikoz instead of manually.what im after is ...



Also when i load a folder and check for missing MBID i cant get back to the original screen of the loaded folder i have to close Jaikoz and reload the folder again

One last question some of releases are tagged badly so they show in Foobar as individual tracks

is it possible to have this be checked and corrected auto or what is the right way of correcting these other than wiping metadata

paultaylor wrote:
Hi, if by resourceful you mean does SongKong use as much system resource as Jaikoz then the answer is no. Jaikoz needs more memory the more songs are loaded whereas SongKong processes songs in a pipeline and needs far less memory,

There is no real limit on how may songs can be processed in a single run of SongKong, although of course the likelihood of an unexpected problem ocurring increases the larger the task.


ok ill pass that on
grengeek thanks for that insight ....so im happy with Jaikoz then and as im still ploughing through using auto corrector, i havent looked too much into the program ,and as you said what i have seems endless of what you can do.My libiary is showing good results for tagging via MB and Discogs some unfortunate corrupted files and folders and it seems some with files missing but once i finish the first phase then i assume Jaikoz will help me find sort and correct everything to perfection............Thats the plan so once my libiary is done im sure ill be asking for help ideas or understanding of how all the features work.I have looked through the forums but didnt come across anything other than the online tut...........

and @ paultaylor now i know the difference ill past that info on too friends as ive been recommending your app
one question is SongKong as resourceful as Jaikoz..???
Hi i bought Jaikoz a few days ago followed the online tut installed the musicbrainz database and have been happily tagging away....Then i came on the forum just looking around and noticed SongKong,so i gather its a newer software what are the advantages of using it and can i get a discount ....
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