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That would be great. In fact if the same could apply to artwork where not on selected item but available on nearest version I would be most pleased!
As long as it's user configurable I would love a whitelist/greylist for genres.

Edit - Having read your link to the Songkong implementation that looks perfect. Especially if it's essentially a text file or a csv.

On the subject of genres, some version of releases on discogs don't have any genre/style wheres others do. Say LP has it and CD doesn't. Is there any way to get Jaikoz to check other versions of the release if no genre/style is found on the one that it's matched to?
I'm running Jaikoz 7.11 on Windows 8.

I use discogs styles as my genres and generally this works great but I do end up with inconsistencies such as hip hop, hip-hop, drum n bass, drum & bass etc

As there is no whitelist of genres that I can use I'm trying to set up a word replacer to local correct genres after tagging from Discogs. I have the following set up in Preferences:

Manipulators Tab/Word Replacer Sub-Tab

Custom replacer set up as "Genre Replace" (no quotes) containing...

From      To
Hip Hop     Hip-Hop
Drum n Bass   Drum & Bass

and various others...

Local Correct Tab/Automatch Sub-Tab

"Do local correct on songs that already have a musicbrainz id" - Checked

Local Correct Tab/Autoformat Sub-Tab/Genre

"Enable Replacement" - Checked
"Replace words by another word" - Genre Replace

Save and exit preferences.

I then run Actions/Local Correct/Correct Genres and..... nothing changes. I think I'm doing everything correctly but I'm lost as to what I'm missing. Any ideas?

Also not to muddy the waters but I have a second issue. I have my genres set to discogs style and my grouping set to discogs genres which works fine on the automated tasks. However if I select an album and run it through "match to one discogs option" it pulls through one of the discogs genres e.g. rock, electronic as well as the discogs styles as the genres.
Hi Paul

I currently use Jaikoz for tagging, but having watched one of your Songkong Youtube vids I'm experimenting with the trial of Songkong to see if it suits my needs.

So far it looks pretty good and the only thing I have an issue with is the file masks.

My music library is organised as follows:

Albumartist First Letter/Albumartist/Album (Year)/Track - Title

unless the albumartist starts with "The" in which case it's

Albumartistsort First Letter/Albumartistsort/Album (Year)/Track - Title

My various artists are set as

Various Artists/Album (Year)/Track - Artist - Title

Is it possible to do something like that with the filename mask edit? It's been a long time since I've written any code so I couldn't work it out.

If it's possible I'll probably buy a license.



paultaylor wrote:
Fix now available in Jaikoz 7.1.1 

I shall give it a whirl. Thx
good news. i thought i was going crazy!

You could be correct but it seems that a manual search using Discogs works when the auto match hasn't. I've pm'd you my logs from tonight.
Tried out v7.1 and I'm getting a lot of 0 matching discogs releases, despite the fact I know they are there.

I'm pretty much using the default discogs settings, but with group by folder.

For instance

Artist: Jesus and Mary Chain
Album: Head On
Tracks 4

I can find this as discogs release: 839221 and do a manual match which pulls through everything including the genres but no match via automated.

The musicbrainz side is fine, and acoustic ids too, but just not the auto for discogs.

Is there some problem with your discogs mirror?

paultaylor wrote:
The problem is that a regression was introduced and the genre fields now reacts to grouping options rather than genre options. This is fixed in Jaikoz 7.1 due for release today or tommorrow. 

Excellent news.
Hi there

Since upgrading to v7, Jaikoz doesn't seem to be pulling the genre through for me from Discogs.

I have it set to use the Discog's style and always replace values. This worked perfectly before.

For example I tagged the Primal Scream Dixie Narco EP using the full tagger (MB & Discogs). It has picked up the musicbrainz id's and added two discogs url's for release (http://www.discogs.com/release/50306) and artist (http://www.discogs.com/artist/3852) but nothing in genre.

To further investigate I ripped out all of the tags on the EP bar the artist, album, title & year and set the discogs preferences to always replace and left genre as based on Discogs Style (max: 5) and tagged via discogs only.

It appears that the only fields being updated are as follows:


Still no genre, which according to the discogs page should pull from the styles - Leftfield, Dub, Downtempo, Gospel, Indie Rock

Am I doing something wrong?



I use Jaikoz to pull the genres from Discogs style and for the most part it's great. However as there is no validation at Discogs, I can end up with several variations of what I see as the same genre across my collection. E.g. Alternative Rock, Alt.Rock, Alternative, Alt-Rock etc where I would be happy with "Alternative Rock" for all of these.

I can see how to blacklist genres, but is there any way to force use of what I want kinda like a host file idea? I.e. if Jaikoz picks up any of the previous examples it will add "Alternative Rock" to the genre field.

Apologies if this is already possible.

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