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cool, thx for the info..

I'm trying to come up w/ a statement to add to my rename mask to add "Soundtrack - " to the begining of the name..

This is my first time making an IF statement (I think thats what I need) and its not working, can you provide some direction? Thank you!

This is what I came up w/ that not working:
(mbreleasetype=='Soundtrack' ? 'Soundtrack - ')
Hello, is there any way for SK to recognize that an album is a movie/tv soundtrack and if so name/move it differently than the standard naming rules?

I have a ton of soundtracks mixed in with my music collection, I'd like to run SK against my collection again and move out all the soundtracks in to their own folder.

Awesome, looking forward to this. Thanks so much!
Ah, good point. I'll double check and let you know. Thanks!

I just wanted to report an issue I ran across with the Year rename mask. In most cases it works fine, but if a release in either MB or Discogs has songs with different years then SK creates a bunch of different folders for songs from each year, thus breaking up a complete album.

My album (2004)
My Album (2005)
My album ()

The problem is that whoever added data to either of the online databases didn't fill in the same year for all of the songs.

I'm not sure of the best course of action to fix this other than maybe if SK could determine that not all of the songs have the same year and then just leave the year blank in these cases?


I'd like to see an option added to SK to ask what to do if an album already exists in the move to destination. Currently, if the album already exists, SK will just add (1), (2), (3) etc to the file name and dump them in the same album folder.

I can see where this is useful if trying to fill in incomplete albums on multiple runs, etc. But if I happen to have duplicate complete albums I'd like to be able to have SK to handle this differently and create a new duplicate album folder rather than dumping the files in the original folder.

My Album
My Album (1)
My Album (2)

I think an option someplace that lets me control this behavior would work out the best.

Hopefully that makes sense, thanks!!

I'd like to request the option to install SK as a 'portable application'. Meaning have all of it's install files go to one place, because I like to use SK installed on my portable USB drive to tag music on that drive and at different locations (work/home/laptop1/laptop2) etc. Since SK installs it's preferences on the local machine despite installing the application itself on my portable drive, it's a bit frustrating to try and mirror setting changes across all devices. It'd be nice if SK could keep it's preferences/logs/etc in the application install folder.

Hopefully that makes sense, thanks!
Hello! 3.11 is working fantastically. Much better at matching the multi folder albums now, and now with the MBID/Discogs URL being looked at, it's matched many 100's of albums that previous versions missed. Thank you so much for being absolutely amazing!

However.. Running in to another issue.. It looks like SK 3.11 is matching and moving incomplete albums even though the option to "only allow match if all tracks in album were matched" is checked. I also have the option "only allow match if all songs in grouping match to one album" checked.

Thank you!!
Awesome! Can't wait! Sorry, didn't intend to keep you so busy, lol!
Great - 3.10 is working much better now!

Can you help me to understand why SK won't match this album?

Jaikoz can match it to both MB and Discogs, SK refuses. I have't tried putting both CDs in one folder, my guess is that it would work, but I'm trying to get the multi folder thing figured out still..


Thanks for all the hard work, I really appreciate that and your awesome support!

Yeah, I'll be able to get more albums /support files to you probably in a couple of days, I was hoping the album I linked above would at least get you started. Thanks!
I think this would work well, can you have it include jpg, gif, png and bmp file types? Thanks!
Here is one album in particular that is exhibiting all of the unwanted

It should match to: http://www.discogs.com/Dieselboy-The-Dungeonmasters-Guide/master/73242

1. SK won't match this multi-disc album unless all the files are in one folder, however it saves the two discs in separate folders. If you try to re-run these two folders back through SK, it fails to find a match. I have noticed SK is failing to match A LOT of albums now that are separated in to multiple folders... something is def wrong here. Conversely, I have noticed a few multidisc albums with all files in 1 folder that SK wont match either, I'm pretty sure SK 3.8 did match these without issue.

2. This album also gets renamed as VA, it should not - Dieselboy is the album artist. Since SK 3.9, A LOT, if not all DJ Mixed or compilation albums are getting marked as VA instead of the album artist. SK 3.8 did not do this. I can provide more albums if needed.

3. Not directly related to this album, but SK 3.9 is leaving behind random tracks after it moves an album.. It leaves 1, 2, 3 or even more random tracks in the original folder/location. It does move the complete album to the new location though, just doesn't completely clean up the old location. This is new and has only started in 3.9. - If I run an undo after noticing this problem, it does move the album back, but the random tracks it left behind are now duplicated. Thus making for a biiig mess.
First of thanks for another great update! Lots of needed improvements and it's matching albums from my unsorted albums better than ever! SK is an amazing application!

However, so far I've run across two issues that I don't think should be..

First, since 3.9, many of my DJ Mixed albums are now getting tagged as VA instead of by the DJ Mixer as they had in previous versions. An example album would be DJ Dan - Loose Caboose is now VA - Loose Caboose, also DJ Dan - In Stereo is now VA - In Stereo. I believe 3.8 tagged these correctly.

Secondly, multidisc matching is vastly improved, however on occasion SK will move all discs in to a single folder (as expected) and other times it'll move each disc to it's own folder 'Album - (disc 1) & Album - (disc 2). I'm guessing this has something to do w/ the way you are now checking for multidisc since 3.8 and which source SK found the album in.

If need be I can provide files/support, not sure if you need them. Let me know.

I think it'd be pretty cool if SK was smart enough to compare the cover art it downloads with images already in the album folder, and if it's not as good as what already exists, don't use it. At the same time, I think it should look at all the art work in the album folder and delete any duplicate artwork, rename the best one to the specified name (cover.jpg)

I only ask because after years of using different tagging applications, I have albums with several copies of the same artwork in different sizes, file names snd even formats (jpg, gif,png), it would be cool if SK could clean these up as well, leaving only the best one.

Currently I use an application that can find and detect duplicate images of different sizes, resolutions, format etc. but this is very tedious work..

So I'm still coming across a lot of 2 disc releases in my collection that are separated in to 2 folders and SK won't match them. If i load the 2 folders in to Jaikoz, it has no problem matching to the correct Discogs album and it adds the discogs URL metadata.

Even after saving the files in Jaikoz and opening the 2 folders again in SK, it still refused to find a match.

Also, I came across another scenario today, same setup, 2 disc set separated in to 2 folders. However SK only matched disc 1 and moved it, left behind the folder containing all of disc 2. For this case, I manually moved both discs in to a single folder and re-ran SK, and it did properly match the 2 disc set. So not sure why it did that either.

Oh yeah, this is with SK 3.8.

Just wanted to update, since using 3.8 SK has found and matched a whole slew of new albums in my unsorted folders that 3.7 and earlier could not find. Thanks!
Excellent, thank you for getting this fixed so quickly!
PM sent..
ok thanks, looks like in this case its related to the bug you posted.
Hi, I was trying to find the reason that several of my releases that I know are in Discogs, but not MB are not getting matched.

I saw this error in the logs and I suspect is the reason, is there any way to override or increase the threshold?

09/01/2015 16.21.58:com.jthink.songkong.analyse.musicbrainz.FindReleaseCandidateNames:queryForCandidateReleases:SEVERE: Disregarding House Blend 4 as a release name because contains too many files

I can successfully match the album in Jaikoz to a Discogs release, but SK refuses to find and match it (and many others)

Do multi disc albums need to have all the discs in the same folder when matching using the "Only allow match if all songs in album were matched" option? Or is it smart enough to look in multiple folders?

I only ask because I see a lot of folders left behind (disc1, disc2, etc) after running a batch of folders w/ the above mentioned option turned on because I only want to match and move complete albums.

I often have similar issues, I find the most common reason is non-standard characters in either the file name or in one of the tags.. usually if i temporarily close the offending file from Jaikoz the auto-correct will complete.

Also every once in a while it'll be just a corrupt mp3, a bit harder to track down though..

one way to narrow down the problem is load your files in batches, process fewer at a time.
Just curious, I've been doing some testing after running a bunch a misc songs, all in a single folder mostly 1 or 2 songs from an album through SK and letting it correct them.

Then I can take the same songs SK just corrected and let Jaikoz do an Autocorrect on them, and a good chunk of the songs get new/different metadata.

Usually the album will change to something completely different, or the MB Release ID will change to another release of the same album.

I've matched both SK and Jaikoz settings as close as possible.. why do they do this and which is giving me the more accurate matching?


I'd like to request a new filter/view. I'd like to be able to filter the list to show only folders where all songs have the same release ID. So that I can quickly save and move files that I know all belong to the same album.

Sometimes even with the option to only match if all files in group match option is turned on, I still get a few odd matches where not all the files in a folder will get a release ID or sometime 1 or 2 will be matched to a different release ID.

I could easily see where the reverse of this view would be helpful too so that I can see which folders have songs from multiple releases.

This would be awesome!

Thanks a ton! Still loving v8!!
Excellent, thank you!
Just wondering, I've added to task to retrieve acoustids to my autocorrect routine, but is it really needed for anything? Does having the ID help matching w/ musicbrainz or discogs?

I only question because it takes forever to complete on my songs and with 8.0 being lighting fast now, I don't like waiting

Also another thought, and this may be slightly out of the scope of SK but I think would be very useful..

Sometimes I like to run the Delete Duplicates function on my main folder that contains a lot of complete albums, because sometimes my complete albums end up w/ duplicate songs when I tag and move an album that I may already have. But when SK runs its routine, it'll delete duplicates if they exist across multiple albums, this is not good. I accidentally deleted a LOT of songs the other day, thank goodness for the recycle bin.

SK should have a check box that says "Delete only duplicates in same folder" or something along those lines, so it only looks at duplicates within the current folder and ignores other folders. So this routine would just essentially look at each folder of songs for duplicates rather than the entire collection that got loaded in. Make sense?

So far I'm liking the simplicity of SK, and hope my ideas make it in w/ out monkeying up the simplicity too much .. Or is this something for Jaikoz?
The options in delete duplicates should have the ability to be 'OR' not just 'AND' when more than one check box is checked.

I find myself having to run the delete function 3 times checking each box individually to get rid of dup's in my misc songs folders.

... Just noticed SK is leaving behind empty dirs. Can you add the option to remove them? Thanks!
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