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Oh, and after that worked, I did:

Submit MusicBrainz/PUID Pair to the MusicBrainz Server


One thought about that. It happened so fast I was unsure anything happened at all or that it worked. I had to go to the console tab and look at the log to see that it worked. I suppose that's OK, but I'm thinking a happy dialog with

Submitted 8 MusicBrainz/MusicIP Pair Successfully!


Might be clarifying. (or would that just be annoying to the non-novice?)

OH! (slapping self on forehead)

I was hitting: Autocorrect Tags From MusicBrainz Server

When I hit: Update Tags From Existing MusicBrainz ID or Release ID

It worked perfectly.

The only thing I couldn't figure out how to accomplish was where to put the album art. I scanned it from the CD cover, but when I poked around they seemed to need it to be hosted in some approved location and none seemed to be conducive to me going there and uploading a picture, so either I'm missing something obvious or it's hard to make an album cover you have scanned avaliable.
Well... I created this:


And went so far as to put the artist MBID and release MBID into Jaikoz hoping that would glue things together.
Nifty. I went back and indeed the MusicIPs filled in. I added the album in MusicBrainz as well. Apparently there is a delay while it is approved or something because I still don't get it down when I try to update via MusicBrainz. Will try again tomorrow.
Oh, I didn't try it because I assumed it would take the whole year field. My bad, I'll give it a try. (flac files btw; by the time I convert them to mp3s everything is already nicely named and tagged from the flac sources).
Nice! Does this explanation exist in the docs and I didn't find it?

Or might it be a good idea to save it somewhere? Very clear to the point explanation of all these things I was wondering.

Thank you!

Well, out of 3 CDs that had problems, your trick worked on one of them, so it's definitely helpful.

I see what you are saying and maybe updating MusicBrainz is the way to go. I'll look into that.

What I was suggesting was being able to enter all the real data onto one track from the CD itself (and perhaps some research into it online) then forcing all the other tracks to match it. Once everything was correct to the CD, I presumed it could be submitted to MusicBrainz via Jaikoz, but maybe I misunderstand the submission feature.

OTOH, I can also see now that you pointed it out, that such a feature could be abused in that it might make it too easy to pick a track you like in what you got back and shove all the other tracks onto it even if it's wrong. Course you're only hurting yourself, but still, poluted data has a way of finding its way into the most inappropriate places...

I'm pretty much a purest to a fault about info in my tags. Today I tagged a CD and everything was correct from MusicBrainz except the barcode on the CD didn't match the barcode from MBz. I corrected it in my tags, but felt funny about it because it is a discrepancy I can't explain. Is the other one right too but a different pressing of the same release, or did someone type in the wrong one (it was completely different), hard to say and hard to draw the line at where to stop trying to make things perfect (ask my wife, she thinks it's easy and I'm always so far over the line that you'd think she has to come get me in a car sometimes  ).

Tried that, worked sorta...

What happened is that some of the info was brought over, but I think the problem is that the MusicBrainz data is such a mess on some things, that there simply is no way to fix it from MusicBrainz.

This particular issue, "Classic Yes" a remastered compilation has been (apparently from my hours of digging around online) put out several times, but unfortunately, the two first releases, the releases that *should* be up front, aren't really represented at MusicBrainz and the 1 or two tracks that are up there have almost all wrong info (wrong country, barcode with missing digits, etc...).

So the real gist of it is that I have to enter everything manually. So, adding fields to the list view helps, but really, when it comes down to it, there are a lot of fields that are the same on an album. It would be wonderful if there were some way to select a few tracks and say "force onto album" thereby being given a list of all tracks not selected and upon choosing one, all the info that is album specific would be made same between them.

That brings up an issue, I've tried all sorts of ways to select just a few tracks and perform an operation on them, such as get lyrics, or some-such. It always does it for all the tracks anyway. Is this something that has to be done with filters?
Little update; thought I was getting rid of them, but only the duplicates that happen sometimes when I'm editing the comments and accidentally move "English::" off the very first of the first line. The one that's in there allways if there are comments doesn't show up in other editors.

I did figure out how to get rid of it if I want to clear the comment field. If I add comment to the table view, there's a little pink bit of stuff in the field that has just "English::" in it. If I delete the pink stuff, the "English::" in the tab at the bottom goes away.

Still can't figure out how to have something in the field without the "English::" though...
Anyone run across an issue with the year field getting filled in with the release date? I want to name the folders with the release year in the folder name e.g.:

ZZ Top (1992) - Greatest Hits

But in many cases would end up with the full date if I tried that because a lot of stuff comes in with an actual date (to make matters worse, what's the format? Euro/US/ISO? kimsometimesi, kimsometimesa; all of the above). Is there any way to make this consistent so I always can access a year but don't throw out the release date if it occurs in the info? Or should I just wack it and make them all the release year like most discog sites have posted (kinda hate throwing away info, but...)?

Anyone know how to get rid of that "English::" text that gets added into the comment field if you touch it with anything? I had to edit my files with an evil other editor to get rid of it. Would much prefer not to have to do that...
I have a CD that was produced by a small group, no music label, no national or international distribution. When I ripped it, FreeDB had the basic info (cd title, artist, track titles, etc.).

In Jaikoz, I performed a Retrieve Acoustic ID not expecting any matches (but hoped).

Oddly enough, I got *some* matches. Now I have 3 out of 7 tracks with MusicIP ids and 4 tracks that have none. Nothing was in Music Brainz. I have scanned the insert and created album art. Entered all the relevent Info from the CD.

Now I would like to create MusicIP IDs for the 4 un-IP'ed tracks and post my info to MusicBrainz; I can't see how to do this either in Jaikoz or by visiting the MusicIP site.

Any help would be greatly appreciated...

The field definitely had the correct title in it to start. Here was the steps:

1. Copied a value into the clipboard to paste into a field in the
bottom info tab.

2. Clicked on the title in the table view to move to that song down below.

3. Accidentally hit Ctrl-V before clicking into the proper field wiping out
the track title from the clipboard.

4. Hit Ctrl-Z

Field went blank.

I will definitely try adding a field to the table view for pasting. I didn't realize I could do that.

(paste thing still a concern though)


OK. Definitely wouldn't have thought of that on my own (lol!), but it does make sense. I'll try it on the next heinous greatest hits (they seem to be the problem children)...

Found where to add a comment. Here's what I posted:

I evaluated quite a few tag editors. I tagged many albums in parallel and compared ease of use, problems, and errors and equally important, how responsive the author was to any issues I encountered. With Jaikoz, I had few issues, but was very pleased at how responsive the author is to his user-base (paid or just evaluating!).

Jaikoz lets me maintain all my meta/tag data in all of my music sources. It is amazing how much info is available through Jaikoz. I get lyrics, album art, and all the little details like links to wiki pages for artists, albums, and tracks. Awesome!

Jaikoz is the gem I had been looking for; now I found it!
I Like'd Jaikoz.

My wife is also posting it on her Facebook page (she's the one with 500 friends  ).

Come on ppls! Let's get this thing rolling!!!

Was cutting and pasting another compilation together and in the process of [Click album]->[Triple-click lower tabs field]->[Ctrl-V]->[Rinse-repeat].

I mistakenly did Ctrl-V before changing out of the album (had clicked the title field). When I realized I had pasted the wiki URL into the album title field, I said oops and hit Ctrl-Z (Undo). The field went blank. Ended up typing it back in manually from the CD cover...

Second time this happened (an easy accident when you have to repeat the above process 224 times to get all the album info the same between tracks on a 16 track album  ), I tried Edit->Undo, same result.
Well, I just ran into my first big mess. Working backward through our CDs I came upon a "ZZ Top" Greatest Hits album. What a Music Brainz Mess!

It came up on 10 albums and clustering didn't do anything because the Music Brainz data does not contain entries for most of the tracks on this greatest hits album. In fact, only one track ended up on the correct "Greatest Hits" album. I know some would prefer tracks to show up on their original album in the tags, but I don't. I want the track to show up on the physical album I ripped it from. I probably already have the other albums, some, or most of them. When I look at my music in a viewer, I might see three copies of Gun Love, one from "ZZ Top", one from "Viva Las Vegas", and one from "Greatest Hits". All the same. That's fine.

So... Now I fixed this one. I had to do a lot of cut and paste. First part was not too bad, mass copy and paste in the table view. But when it came to the other stuff, MBz tags and such-like, lots of clicking-clicking-clicking... I'm hoping I wasn't being stupid... I looked all over the place for a way to click on a track and then say "force onto album" and have it give me a list of the albums in my other 17 tracks and let me force this track (and even better a bunch of tracks) onto the album information of another track.

Did I miss a good way to do this?

You might check out this:


I haven't used this one, but one of my mates suggested it.

Oh, on re-reading, I think you mean to do that inside Jaikoz with cut / paste. Yes, that seems to be the only way so far...
Interesting... I'm assuming that somehow the folder would have to be set to be in a form that would show information from the tags (all mine are in details view). I wonder if that would get everything (pictures, lyrics, etc...).

I appreciate the suggestion, but it might be faster to pull them all up inside of Jaikoz and copy/paste. Just not looking forward to such a task, we're talking 3,000 to 4,000 files there-abouts...

I thought about trying to use the spreadsheet thing, but it doesn't get the pictures and it adds things (like "English::" gets stuffed into a field that I couldn't get rid of).
While I have found THE software for tagging my flac files (Jaikoz!), and can get to the task of flac'ing, tagging, and mp3'ing the remaining 500 CDs in our collection that have been re-ripped after our catastrophic music hard disk failure, I still have a final bit of trouble to resolve...

My lovely spouse has gone to the trouble of ripping (EAC) around 300 of our CDs directly to .wav files converting them to .mp3 and tagging the .mp3 files ^2. It would be a major insult to her, not to preserve all that work somehow (especially since much of her info and images do not exist anywhere online).

So now that I have flac'ed the .wav files, I'm trying to figure out how to back-tag the .flac files from the mp3 files. Any ideas how I can accomplish this?

I'm pleased enough with your software and especially pleased with your dedication to it and to responding to issues, that I have chosen it over the others I have been evaluating. Just made the purchase via PayPal a few minutes ago.

Now I get to make a fresh install on my new hard drive (my laptop hard drive failed 2 days ago; not even 2 months old! , What a pain...). But there is something fresh and clean about a new installation (at least it makes me feel better to think that way lol...), and my files were all backed up so an only slight increase in entropy...

Thanks and please keep up the good work.
In trying to submit my lyrics to lyrics fly I noticed a bit of strangeness...

When I copy the album, artist, and title to post at Lyrics Fly (to make sure I don't mess up typing) I noticed that copying out from these fields in the list appends a tab character to everything. Not a show-stopper, but a bit of a hassle to delete it every paste...

Thanks for the quick response. Sorry it took so long for me to come
back, studying for tests kinda sucks me into the void sometimes...

> 1 & 2:
> Good point, it never occurred to me to have a context menu in
> these places, because most processing is done in the table view
> and I always used the shortcuts for copy/paste - I'll get this added
> in

Awesome. I switch between using the keyboard and mouse depending on what computer I'm on (and software like vi is all keyboard); for some reason on the portable it's much easier to use the mouse. Plus such-like things as updating between browser and Jaikoz (as in manually getting lyrics from some other site when LyricsFly doesn't have them (often enough for my music)) means I need to use the mouse to get into a field and highlight anyway, so it's already en mano...

> 3:
> Ah, its because actions like this are applied to all the fields selected in
> the Table view, not the highlighted field in the Detail Pane. This is a bug
> in Jaikoz, by default Lyrics are not retrieved if you alkready have some
> lyrics - I wonder if even though the field was blank it somehow thought
> it still had a value.

This was my suspicion as well; I even tried clearing the field, but alas, no help. I fixed it by tossing, reverting (to my backup folder which was unmodified), and redux...

> 4:
> Understood, no the toolbar cannot be customised except for switching
> between Simple and Advanced toolbar. (The difficulty for me is the
> effort involved in producing new icons.

If you would like, I could design some icons for your consideration. I'm a fairly adept graphic artist when I put my mind to it. Might take me a while as it would have to be in my spare time, but I'd be glad to give it a shot. Even if you only might use them, at least they would be on hand...

> The other services can also fail temporariiy if overloaded, but there is
> already a retry mechanism built into Jaikoz for Musicbrainz and
> MusicIP, so this shouldn't normally be a problem.

It does happen to me sometimes (every 5 or 6 albums worth of songs). Almost never with MusicIP, but more likely with MusicBrainz. I see your dilemma. Perhaps the same button idea in the tab could work here as well (re-get).

Perhaps you could have the item number turn red or some-such if something in your last lookup failed. That way one wouldn't have to review every file in the list to see if something didn't make it...

Hope you don't mind my blurting out random ideas; and of course, no expectations here, just sharing what echos in my head (scary eh?)...

Hi Paul,

Here are the five things I have noticed so far (first two are related):

1. If I pull down the file menu and select any of the sub-menus:
Open Folder
Add Folder
Open Files
Add Files

in the filename field in the sub-menu or dialog box or what-have-you, there are no context menus upon right click. Since the Edit menu is unavailable in this situation, the only way to cut / copy / paste is with keyboard short-cuts Ctrl-x, Ctrl-c, Ctrl-v.

2. In the lower half of the screen in the Info, MusicBrainz, Sorting, Relations, and Lyrics tabs, none of the fields permit right-click context menus. What is odd, is while the Edit drop-menu is available in this situation, they are all grayed out even though there may be something selected, or something in the clip board. In this case, I can still use the keyboard commands and they work despite the fact that the Edit menu items are grayed.

3. Last night I tried to use:

Edit->Capitalizer->Sentence case

on the Lyrics field under the Lyrics tab (one of the song lyrics came down in all upper case). Instead of correcting the case, it cleared the field. Subsequent attempts to restore the lyrics by using the get-lyrics function (Action->Remote Correct->Correct Lyrics) would not restore the lyrics. I had to go to the URL and copy and paste (using the keyboard) the lyrics back in the field.

4. There seems to be no way to add an icon to the upper menu below the File, Edit, etc. menu. Would be nice to have an icon to Correct Lyrics just after Update Tags from Discogs instead of having to Action->Remote Correct->Correct Lyrics, or Ctrl+4. (would also be nice to have an icon for correcting file names from tags also as this is the sequence I use, but for others it might be different). Any way to customize this that I have missed?

5. When getting lyrics (Action->Remote Correct->Correct Lyrics), sometimes it does not get lyrics for all songs. If I immediately re-run it, the missing lyrics are filled in. This also happen when running the other remote commands like retrieving acoustic IDs and getting info from MusicBrainz, but not as often. This is repeatable if done enough times on the same set of files so it cannot be that someone just posted the lyrics at the server end.

I hope that provides the detail you need.


I am evaluating Jaikoz for tagging my flac files and find that it is a pretty good program.

One problem I have come across is with cut and paste. In many fields, including file and other sub menus I cannot use the mouse-right-click menu to cut / copy / paste. I have to use the keyboard key-combos. This is very frustrating.

What I am hoping is that this is this a feature of the trial version and if I buy a registered copy, it will work properly.

If this is a bug in all versions, can you please tell me if you plan to fix it in the near future?

Thank you.

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