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Messages posted by: cuetipper  XML
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How do I access my androids SD card?
The artwork is not always correct.
Would you like me to send you some of the files?
Found the process. thanks
I am having issues where songs are NOT being ID'd correctly. They will acquire the correct album art but the metadata is not right. So when I rename them they are named incorrectly.

How can I correct this?
Some time back I used Jaikoz to create folder and populate them with the corresponding songs.

Seems I forgot how to do that.
Can any one remind me?
Here is the default file rename mask form a clean new installation of Jaikoz,
How do I move the track # portion to the end?

function pad(number, length) {
if (number == '') { return '';}
var str = '' + number;
while (str.length < length) {
str = '0' + str;
return str;

function ifnotempty(value,sep){
return value.length > 0 ? value + sep : '';

function ifnotempty2(value1,value2,sep){
return value1.length > 0 ? value1 + sep :value2.length > 0 ? value2 + sep:'' ;

ifnotempty2(albumartist,artist,' - ') + ifnotempty(album,' - ') + ifnotempty(pad(trackno,2),' - ') + title
Never mind.
Got it.
I can not find the download that you sent me,
That pc is retired.
I want to transfer my copy form that to a new one.
I have the directory backed up.
What was the file I need to copy?
I do not think so. I viewed all files in the folder including protected and there are no files except .mp3's.

So what am I to do?
How can I get this fixed?
I am really confused.

I used MP3TAG to "Delete" all the cover art on my mp3's.
If I open it in Jaikoz it shows that no mp3 has any cover art.
If I view it in windows explorer it also shows no artwork.
But if I copy them to my mp3 player SOME cover art is still there.
AND if I play it from windows explorer it shows NO art .....BUT if i open it from windows media player there IS art.

Its almost like they are reading different fields.

Is this possible?
That preference was already set as you requested.
I tried force save but it did not help.

All files are saved to ID3v1v23.

How can I delete all artwork / pics / lyrics and start again?
They are all MP3's.
I need someone who understands this better than I to tell me what it is I am doing wrong.

I have a folder on my pc with 1611 files.
I have run Jaizoz on it to clean it up.
And I have renamed the files from the metadata.

If I view the files in Jaikoz they all have the basic info in place, that is - artist - album - title - cover art.

If I view them in another program, like Media Monkey It shows all the SAME information.

But if I view it in Windows Media Player, many songs are missing parts of that information or all of it.

And if I play it in my MP3 player It to is missing information. In fact if I browse and look at the file I can see the artwork but when it plays it shows me a generic picture saying there is no art work for that song.

What am I missing?
Whats wrong?
I figured it out.
If I choose the header from the list and double click it is adding preceding characters.

If I type the name of the header in manually it works fine.
This should give you what you asked for :

artist + ' / ' + artist + ' - ' + ' [ ' + year + ' ]' + album + ' / ' + artist + ' - ' + trackno + ' - ' + title

If not please post an example of how you want to see it.
Its the default mask.
And even if I delete the existing mask and choose a new one, say only album, from the list below it will still precede the entry with a "0"
I am having an issue trying to rename my files.
I would like it to read:
Artist - Album - Title

And all I can get it to give me is:
0artist album title

It precedes every title with an o and I can not get the separators to show.

Can anyone help me?
I ran a copy of a small collection, some 2800 files thru jaikoz.
First I ran retrieve acousticids.
Then I ran Auto Correct from music Brainz.
I then saved the files and deleted the duplicates.

When compared against another utility it did formidable job identifying the song titles but it left 475 duplicates undeleted. The other utility identified them correctly.

Need I sort or update some other way prior to searching duplicates or is this what I am to expect?
What I meant by file table is the main screen where you display the artist - album - title 0 status etc in a table for like a spreed sheet.

On another note, when looking at the file table, several fields show a # next to them, Artist,artwork,etc. I assume this is the # of entries. Can the # portion be turned off?

And is there any way to display the bit rate on the main table rather than the detail?
So I will get the best results by running "Correct Metadata from Musicbrainz".
Does this include acoustic id's or should I run that on what it misses?
I have been using Jaikoz for some time now but not very efficiently.
I am confused between acoustic id's - music brainz - etc.

What is the best path to use to ensure the most accurate results.
Do I use on over the other.
All of them?
In what order?

I got around to running the songkong demo.
It started loading songs very quickly, up to about 250 than then got progressively slower. It took a LONG time to load all 852.

The computer ran very hard for over forty minutes to gather the acoustic fingerprints.

and that is all it did. 2 hours later no other process ran or updated
just to clarify when I say identified incorrectly I am not referring to the details of release dates or albums. It incorrectly identifies the name of the artist and title of the song.

So what i would like to know is will Song Kong make the same mistakes?
I have Jaikoz at this time. And the issue I have is after auto correcting about 500 songs 30 or so are wrong. And they were correct before.

I thought the acusticid worked like SHAZAM which always ID's them correctly.

So I was hoping that songkong worked like that
if i wanted to erase a my musics metadata and use the acoustic id to re enter it....which program does the better job?
Well something does not seem right.
Here is what I did:

1] Action-auto correct.
many songs have no art work.
2]Action-Remote Correct-Auto correct data from musicbrainz.
many songs still without artwork- many songs do not update as they
already have a MB ID>
3] Action-Remote Correct-Auto correct data from existing MB ID.
No changes
4]Select an individual song - Action - Auto correct- ALL DATA POPULATES

Seems it does not work as a batch. Ant ideas?
What is the quickest way to update artwork?

I see a dedicated function to update lyrics but not artwork.
After I get all the musicbrainz id updated. how do i rename all the files from that data?
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