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Messages posted by: CuriousTux  XML
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Thanks so much Cedrix that helped me out alot.
I was good with my renaming before the new version came out and now I'm lost at how to recreate how I had it before. This is how I would like it. Thanks

Rename Folder from Metadata
rename mask
Artist - Album
ex. Artist - Album

compilation rename mask
Album Artist - Album
ex. Various Artists - Album

Rename File from Metadata
rename mask
Track No - Title
ex. 01 - Title

compilation rename file from Metadata
Track No - Artist - Title
ex. 01 - Artist - Title
okay on 64 windows it's just installed into
C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre6\bin
and no java folder at
C:\Program Files\Java\jre6\bin

copying the dll to jaikoz folder did the job
I got the same error on a new install of windows 7 x64.
I just ran into this problem. Seems like the best way is to change the ordering instead of having it add a zero to values under 100.
That helps alot but most of the times I forgot to do one of the columns and than notice it later on. If I could preselect the ones I always want emptied this way I can be sure that nothing is forgotten.
I've been having this same problem as well.
Yeah now that I think about it does not have anything to do with musicbrainz. But how about an option for always empty with a selectable column list. Because I'm always deleting things like track total, comments, sort artists, composer grouping etc...
Thanks the problem is that it didn't work in google chrome but worked no problem with firefox.
I was hoping for drag and drop album art kinda like how itunes lets you drag an image as album art.
I'm starting to get the message each time i start up jaikoz that i'm using it on the maximum number of computers when I'm only using it on one. I tried to delete the Jaikozdb on windows 7 v3.5.0 and same message.
Thanks I'm gonna change the order
I tried using the find and replace by copying what i wanted and put that into the find the problem is if you paste the same thing into the replace and try editing it just deletes characters instead of inserting the characters.
Yeah i've been using that but wanted it to be emptied automatically thru the menu that controls the columns.
I was hoping for an option added to the format menu where the other options are such as never populate field, always fill this field and an option to empty field. The reason I'm asking is this way I don't have to worry about checking the comment field and others to see if there is any unneeded info there.
Thanks wynlyndd that was the problem.
I'm trying to do some compilations I have. Lets take Spider-Man 2 as the album i'm working on. When I do this i'm getting it split up by each artist. Basically I want a folder Various Artists - Spider-Man 2 and inside that folder would be the track.

this is what one of the folders it creates looks like
Dashboard Confessional - Spider-Man 2

this is what the file looks like
01 - Vindicated

I would like it to look like this instead

this would be the album folder
Various Artists - Spider-Man 2

this would be the track info
01 - Dashboard Confessional - Vindicated

Here is what my file and folder correct look like. I"m also using a base folder 0 if that makes a difference.

rename folder from metadata for compilation
Various Artists -%album%

rename files from metadata for compilation
%trackno% - %artist% - %title%
I'm starting to try to clean up all my music and wanted to know is there a particular order that certain manipulators should be in. Here is what mine look like at the moment.

Cluster Albums
Update Metadata from existing MusicBrainz Ids
Update Metadata from existing Discogs Ids
Retrieve Acoustic Ids
Save Changes
Correct Metadata from MusicBrainz
Correct Lyrics
Save Changes
Local Correct Artists
Local Correct Album
Local Correct Title
Local Correct Track
Local Correct Genre
Local Correct Year
Local Correct Comment
Local Correct Artwork
Local Correct Composer
Save Changes
Correct Filename From Metadata
Correct SubFolder From Metadata
Save Changes
wynlyndd you are a genius that will be the tip of the day for me. Thanks I'm off to take a screenshot of those areas
No problem Paul I'm still such a newbie with this swiss army tool product you created. My main thing I lost was my manipulators but the file and folder correct were easy to reproduce. Thanks for being such an active developer and also forum contributor.
Nice update my only problem was I had to start all over with my settings.
Right now the way i name compilations are for example Various Artists and in this case Nightmare Revisited and for the tracks its track number - artist - track name

Folder Name
Various Artists - Nightmare Revisited

02 - Danny Elfman - Opening

How would i go about with naming to continue this method for compilations, soundtracks.
Has this option to disable the sound been implemented
I was hoping for it to show examples of what it was going to look like with the finished rename mask. This way you can see if you would have the results your after. For me the way i organize my music is Artist - Album as a folder and inside the folder track number - title. I keep trying to do this but I'm getting the rename from tags as a folder instead of it renaming the files from inside the folder.

Example for my rename from tags
%trackno% - %title%
#00 - Title

Example for my rename folder from tags
%artist% - %album%%folderseperator%%trackno% - %title%
Artist - Album\#00 - Title
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