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Hey Paul, did you have a chance to see why it is matching to the larger albums even when the length is within range? Thanks
I use the country code as part of my folder renaming. This allows me to have full copies of multiple versions of the same album that were released in different countries. This is helpful as different releases often have different songs.

I am finding that jaikoz will update the country / country code like it should when it finds a match. It then goes and updates anything it can't match on a song basis, skipping certain fields, like artist, and album. Is there anyway to have it skip the country / country code when doing the single track matches? I like how it updates all the other info, and I like how it updates the full album country code on an album match, I just don't like how it is changing the country code on the single track match.

I am now getting unmatched albums broken apart into their own folders such as,

The Essential Yanni (2010) (US) (disc 2)
The Essential Yanni (2010) (XE) (disc 2)

because musicbrainz doesn't have this album, and jaikoz updates only some of the songs that it can identify, and changes the country to XE.

Is there a way to avoid this? Thanks!
So I did another batch and came across another album that was matching to an album that had one extra track in it. I tried it a few times and it kept matching to the same extra track album. I was doing a group of a few dozen albums at this time so i didnt want to create support files. I copied the album to another area and finished my tagging and saved the files.

I then cleared the cache and deleted all the logs. I went back in with just this one album and tried tagging it. This time it matched it to the correct 14 tracks every time. Really strange. So I moved it back to it's original location and tried again. This time it matched it back to the extra track. The only difference I could tell off hand was the folder name. One version had XW country code at the end of it and the other US country code at the end of it. I don't know if that would affect it.

All these songs were within a few seconds of musicbrainz's lists. None over 10 seconds.

I have sent you the updated support files.

A minor request. It would be nice to have at the top of the reports the number of total albums matched count. This would make it easy to quickly glance at how many albums are shown matched and complete in jaikoz report compared to the total amount loaded.
Awesome, thanks!
Nope, I had those both enabled.

I tried again. I have only preferences I have enabled on that tab are:

Prefer to match to Albums instead of Singles and EPs
Only allow match if all songs on album are matched
Only allow match if all songs in group match to one album

I deleted all the metadata except artist, album artist, date, album, and track.
MusicBrainz Automatch tab has the Do Not match online if already have a MusicBrainz Recordings Id unchecked.

Jaikoz is still matching a 7 song album to the 9 track versions. I have sent you over the support files.

I did some testing. I unchecked everything, other than the bottom two options to Only allow match if all songs on album are matched and Only allow match if all songs in group match to one album. Made sure that all the info was cleared out of the tags other than title, artist, album artist, album, and track no.

I then ran auto correct and it matched a 7 song album to a 9 song release. I then went in and did a match to specific musicbrainz release and put in the correct id. The Advanced Release Search came up and found 3 choices for that search all with 100 score. The first one was the 9 track that was the cd release that had 2 extra tracks, the second one was the one that was the actual supposed recording, a vinyl release with 7 tracks, and then another cd with 9 tracks.

Is there anyway to make jaikoz always prefer the release that has the same number of tracks as number of tracks in the folder for that album when there are multiple options. I don't know it's logic, but it appears to just be grabbing the first result that has all the tracks that match 100 and stopping there, regardless if there are more tracks listed in musicbrainz than there are local on that release, or if there is a better release further down that matches the same amount of tracks with no more and no less.
What is the order of precedence when matching albums as far as operations performed?

The reason I ask is because in Preferences, under Remote Correct, Match, there are options to prefer to match to albums, or not to match to VA comps or single artist comps, preferred country of release, preferred media formats, preferred release date.

Let's say I have prefer to match to Albums instead of singles and EPs, prefer country of release set to US, prefer release format CD, and preferred release date earliest.

Then I auto correct for an album by an artist that I have 10 tracks for.

Jaikoz sees musicbrainz has the first release of this album was actually the US release, and was released on CD, so it matches all three of that criteria. However let us say this entry was for a 12 track release. The 10 tracks I have match up to the first 10 tracks of this 12 track album. Let us say musicbrainz also has a UK release of this album that was released a year later as a digital release. This release however was for just 10 tracks, so it matches the track count exactly the same as the 10 tracks I have. Which release would Jaikoz choose?

I noticed on that same page there are options to Only allow match if all songs on album are matched and Only allow match if all songs in group match to one album. I know that jaikoz works in that it will not break up my song folders and try to match them to multiple albums. I am curious if it will choose the best match if those are check, even if the preferences match better to something else. I noticed I am still getting missing songs for albums showing up occasionally in the reports. However I don't know if this is because jaikoz is matching to an album that has more songs than the songs i have, or if it could possibly be from old tags left behind from a previous tagging I did years back.

If I have those two checkboxes check, would also setting the preferred type, country, format, and date, make any difference on anything other than if there were multiple releases found that had the exact same tracks and number of tracks?

Another option is to go back to what you mentioned a while back. Create an api or a plugin system that allows 3rd party developers to add features to jaikoz and songkong. I would love to be able to add services like beatport, soundcloud, amg, last.fm, etc.

A plugin system could allow the end user to put in their own api keys that they register from the website. Most of these APIs would charge the software developer if they are integrated as a feature that commercial software uses. However, if you just make a plugin system where the user can either create or choose plugins and then get their own keys, most of the services wont charge to use them.
I find deleting all accounts that have 0 posts is also a good way to help reduce spam. A lot of times accounts will be created on multiple forums and lay dormant until enough have been collected then either sold off to a spammer or fed into a spam bot. Deleting those accounts that have never posted really helps combat that. Specially if the forums is fully visible without being logged in, there is no reason to have inactive zero post accounts.
Looks cool. Did you know your forum permissions are wrong for the Albunack forums? They only show up and the posts are only viewable when I am NOT logged in. Soon as I log in, they disappear. The Albunack Forums, Topics, and Posts no longer show up.

Also on those 2 blog posts videos, they play duplicate videos in firefox (haven't checked other browsers). If you click pause on the video, the video pauses, but the audio keeps going. Click play again and you have 2 audio tracks, now unsynced playing and the video.
Good to hear. Hopefully you didn't lose anything with the drive failures. Always sucks when a drive crashes.
If the artwork and track list is the same for both the cd and the vinyl, I will typically upload it to both locations. If there are multiple CD releases that all have the same artwork, I will typically just upload it to the most common release. These typically are either US, or the country of origin of the artist.

I usually only bother when artwork is missing or really poor quality or low res / size. I a also a little crazy and will typically go in and make minor tweaks to my images to make them perfectly square. I think it looks better in a lot of programs, but some purest think it ruins the artwork.

I believe there is some type of approval process on changes in musicbrainz so it could take up to 3 weeks. Last I heard, jaikoz also used it's own servers, so there may be a slight delay, depending on how often Paul synchs it with their data.

When I tag my music, I will typically tag it using the earliest date that has the same track listing. I like to have my 50's jazz show up as being released in the 50's and not in the 80's ;)
I usually end up manually copying my license and settings files and then having to move them over to a new install manually. Maybe a second option might be an export and import settings option.

On a side note, it would also be really nice to be able to access the settings within SK without having to first point it to a folder and start up the process of tagging a collection. Would be great if i could just hit settings and see what my settings are or make changes and save them. That way I can make sure the settings are correct without having to run another batch of files.
Been doing a lot of research of lossless music and the different file formats. It seems like AIFF and Wav are the way to go. Some systems, especially the lower powered ones or ones with dirty power can cause noise in play back on flac files as it has to decompress to lossless uncompressed in real time when it is playing them. Wav seems nice but has limited tagging, where as aiff has the same play back uncompressed quality as wav but better tagging support similar to flac.

It would be great to be able to see some additional AIFF support (i will be honest that i have just barely started ripping some cds to aiff and have yet to tag them to see what jaikoz can do). My goal is to rip a select group of my favorite albums to AIFF format to save on the audiophile system I have been designing.

Odd, I found that mine worked fine on my windows box once i moved the files locally. They didn't like to be modified on the linux based NAS.

@tk-germany have you checked your file permissions on your music and folders to make sure SK has complete access to them?
I noticed the same thing as well when I tried to run a small batch. However this group of files was on my NAS which i typically dont run SK against.

The errors were all over the place in the log files. Multiple ones for different songs/albums of the following:

 Problem submitting task::class com.jthink.songkong.analyse.analyser.MusicBrainzUpdateSongOnly:
 Problem submitting task:M:\work\tofix\Albert Ayler\(2004) Holy Ghost (US):false:class com.jthink.songkong.analyse.analyser.MusicBrainzSongGroupMatcher1:
 Problem submitting task:M:\work\tofix\Wanda Jackson\(1997) Tears Will Be the Chaser for Your Wine:false:class com.jthink.songkong.analyse.analyser.MusicBrainzSongGroupMatcher1:
 Unable to save changes: java.nio.channels.ClosedByInterruptException
 Unable to save changes: java.nio.channels.ClosedChannelException
 Unable to save changes: null
 Unable to save changes: org.hibernate.exception.GenericJDBCException: An SQLException was provoked by the following failure: java.lang.InterruptedException

Being that I dont know if its because its using files on a NAS or not, I am going to rerun it a second time after I have moved these files all over to a local drive and have jaikoz recombine the folders (mine to got split between matched, unmatched, and not moved.

If there is problems with the local run, I will send you the support files. If not, I will move them back to the NAS and rerun them just to see if there might be some other issues that need to be looked at and send you those files.
Yeah, its a Norton only thing. Just falsely claims its not reputable, not that it found any spyware, malware, or viruses. Part of their automated score base analyzer that is often incorrect.


If you want to dispute their claims or get your software white listed you can find more info at this page:


What happens a lot of times is that you may get the same song released with multiple takes or versions by the artist. Some times its a one off take that is released on a b-side or box set, some times an alternate take, some times just a live version.

What I have been doing is looking at the source count to find out which one is the most common release. If all the IDs only have 4 or so sources a piece, that is not a release that has been commonly submitted by the end users. However if another page has IDs that are a far greater number, say over 50 or over 100, then that release is far more common as it has been submitted by a lot more people. Given that, I would want the release that would be the one more people would likely recognize.

Currently SK allows for the removal of TRUE duplicates, where you have multiple copies of the exact same recording. I would like to be able to remove duplicates of the same song that may be different recordings, ie different lengths, takes, versions, etc, keeping only the one that would most likely be the main or official release.

In the examples below, you have an artist named Yanni, He has a lot of his songs, his Live at Acropolis versions, that are the ones that most people know him for and have greater plays than some of his studio album releases. Basically from really taking off from his PBS special that was played nonstop in the 80s. He is kind of a one off, as most artists studio albums far out shine their live releases. However there are still many artists that release many different takes and versions of a given song.

SK does a great job of removing duplicates, I guess what I am trying to do is take it to the next level and remove similar songs, same artist same song, but less known recordings when a more known recording exists in the collection. If that makes sense?
I have been playing around with tearing apart my collection and making a second copy of it but with just focusing on tracks, instead of full albums. (part of a jukebox project)

I have used songkong to sort my collection by artist and track name and to clean up the duplicates in my collection by having SK check for Acoustid. This cleaned up quite a bit of the duplicates. However I still have a lot of duplicate tracks that have the same Artist and Song titles. I don't want to run these through something like just Artist and Title check, as some of these tracks might be one offs or used in live performances and i wouldn't want SK to choose them over an official or more obscure release, just because it might be a higher quality or be longer duration.

It would be awesome if there was an option where it could do a check for duplicates where duplicates have the same Artist name and Song title and then keep the one that has the highest amount of sources in the acoustid.

For example, I have 3 tracks all with diff acousticids, but they are all the Artist: Yanni, and the Title: Aria. They have the following Acousticid Ids:


Going to each page, we can see that they are of varying popularity.

The total sources for all IDs on this page is 12

The total sources for all IDs on this page is 221

The total sources for all IDs on this page is 8

The middle recording is by far the most common and expected recording, hence the one I would like to keep.

Could there be a drop down option, something like?
Same Artist, Title, and Most Popular Acoustid

Would save me a ton of time having to manually clean out all these duplicates. Thanks!

What operating system are you using? If it is windows, then the external drive should show up as a drive letter. Something like Removal Disk (E:). You would just point it to that drive, or the folder you want it to load from on that drive.

How much memory does your system have? With the default settings, I find it works best with under 10,000 songs. You can always bump up the memory that jaikoz is allowed to use in the configuration file, however, even then I try not to load more than 30,000 songs at a time.
Seems like what he is asking would be more along the lines of a debug option. Something like that is typically hidden away in the documentation, like a line argument, such as "songkong.exe -debug" that would only be enabled or used for testing or troubleshooting.

It is best not to have songkong stop on errors, as a lot of people like the nature of run it and leave it. Nothing more annoying than starting it up on a large batch of files to run over night just to find out the next morning that it had stopped processing somewhere up front because of a minor error.

Awesome, if you ever come across a nice touch screen skin that can be used in a jukebox type setting let me know I would love to find one and mm would rock as a back end.
I use media monkey as well for my local clients and love the software as it is one of the few that can handle really large collections. One thing I have noticed though is that mediamonkey does a lot of weird things when handling tagging which is outside the normal or standards. For example, I use to use them to grab my last.fm tag info and instead of using the correct separators for the tags, they just put in a semi colon which I had to go and do a find and replace with in jaikoz to fix, but thats besides the point, lol.

I still use mm as a player, but I no longer use it to tag any info that jaikoz does not provide. I currently have moved over to using beets to tag all that additional info, such as tags, and you can even use moods, dancability, ratings, lyrics, etc with their echonest and other plugins. Have you played around at all with beets? http://beets.readthedocs.org/en/v1.3.7/plugins/ It is very streamline, however its all command based, so not nearly as friendly as the alternatives.

I would love if someday jaikoz and songkong supported their own plugin system, then we can have the software grab all the info directly and add it to the tags in a way that is standardized that jaikoz and sk are so good at.
Any luck on getting this fixed in songkong as well when there is an ampersand in the feat part of the artist name? Where it only moves the feat. artist from the artist to the song title when it precedes the ampersand and leaves the part in the artist name that follows the ampersand.
I think Paul may be on vacation for the week, so he might be slow to respond (Usually he is really good at responding daily). I had a similar issue with songkong when i tried to run really large batches of files of over 250,000 mp3s. I am using a windows 7 machine with 16gb as well.

If it low on memory, then yes, changing vm.heapsize.preferred=1500 which is 1.5GB located in the SongKong64.ini to something higher would definitely help. I set mine to 3000, but only because i was running crazy large batches. The default 1500 should typically work for most users.

Sometimes you can not edit a file directly within the program files folder if you don't have the correct permissions. Have you gone back in and verified your changes were still there? If they are not, you may need to move the file to your desktop, edit it, save it, and then move it back to the original folder.

If the changes are still there, have you tried uninstall it. Downloading the latest version from this site, and reinstalling it?
You should be able to save it out of your user folder section. For me I use windows 7, so I always make a copy of license.jai and settings.jai that is located in my C:\Users\<--My User Name-->\Jaikoz\

That way I can copy my settings and license to a new install.
There is a post somewhere on the forums that show how you can do this with the rename masks. There are also a few posts about using 3rd party software to cut the names. EDIT: here is one of them http://jthink.net/jaikozforum/posts/list/6592.page

I have been wanting to modify the mask slightly so it makes the path no longer than 122 characters and the file name no longer than 122 characters. It is on my to do list. Currently I just use CutLongNames which is a free program I found on line to chop the overall length to where i want it.
Paul just released a version of SK that has this feature and he is currently working on fine tuning it. He has said in the past that he would incorporate new features of sk into jaikoz, so I would assume we will be seeing it there at some point.

The list is case sensitive,I can see your point though, are there any disadvantages to making it case-insensitive ?  

There is really no advantages to making the matching case sensitive. As long as the genres that are written to the tags are how ever the user has them.

I have been working on a list over the past couple of years that is very inclusive that includes all the genres and styles based off of last.fm, allmusic, rateyourmusic, amazon, discogs, beatport, wikipedia, etc. There are no tags that are case sensitive for matching. The only time case is important is not on the matching, but on what the end user has as their destination tag to be written.

I still need to clean up the aliases a tad, aka grey list. There are around 2800 tags I have in there, not including the aliases I will have to share them with you once it gets done. The tags and mappings are such that it would allow you to use alternative sources to look up, such as the ones mentioned above, and have them all be consistent.
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