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Messages posted by: greengeek  XML
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That would rock! Thank you!

I would agree. Most people would either want to use it or not use it depending on how they organize their collection or how well their collection is organized. Defining the number manually would probably not serve much of a purpose.
Paul what are your ideas on this?

1. Giving a text indicator on the sliders so that one can see where exactly the slider is at or even a text box so one could type in the exact number instead of moving the slider. This would allow one to avoid issues where the slider is set to 499 instead of 500. Or the possibility of "snapping" the slider into place when one is over a key point on the line. ie, if one is within 1 or 2 points of a marker indicator, it would fall into place exactly over the indicator as not to be off by just 1 or 2 pixels.

2. The option to make jaikoz not ignore folders that have over 50 songs in them. It is restricting to force users to have to keep their music under 50 songs per album. Would be ideal if this was optional.
Awesome, thanks you!

Any chance to make functions that skip over folders that have more than 50 songs in them optional? Can be problematic on mutli-disc sets and albums that have more than 50 songs on them. I guess one could break down each album that has multiple discs in it into sub folders per disc, but sometimes it is nice to just keep each album within its own folder.
Any update on how to resolve this issue? Were you able to recreate it on your side?

Think I found a bug and discovered why the albums aren't completing all the way through. It looks like it is stopping the operation when it hits the first album that has more than 50 songs in it. It reports in the console "it looks unlikely to be an release folder so images have not been added" and instead of moving on to the next album, it just kills the process and stops the local artwork correct all together. Not even touching any of the other albums after that point that have under 50 songs in their folders.
Cool, looks like that took care of the issue with the mysterious ghost images. Now I just need to figure out how to resolve the last 2 issues.

1. Why the local correct artwork only grabs under 10% of the artwork instead of completing all the way through.

2. How to resolve the issue where it ignores any folders that have greater than 50 songs in them.

Any ideas?
Think I may have found the issue and wow do i feel dumb. The files were not only marked as hidden but also as protected system files. So they didn't show up in folders or even on search with show hidden files checked. Once I changed the view to show the protected system files as well, they then all appeared. I have seen some apps make them hidden before, like itunes has done in the past, but never have had them switched over to system files. No clue how that happened.

Going to clear them all out, delete my database, and then try the add again. Sorry for all the confusion. I am a little concerned as I am not sure which program would have made all these scrambled 75x75px, hidden, operating system protected, thumbnail like, files.

I am glad to see it is not a jaikoz issue. The only thing jaikoz can be accused of is doing to good of a job. Adding images that all other apps would not see as they were not visible
path in preferences is:

C:\Documents and Settings\webserve\Jaikoz

I deleted the folder:

C:\Documents and Settings\webserve\Jaikoz\jaikozdb

was there anything in the Jaikoz folder that was not in the jaikozdb subfolder that I should also delete? If not, anything else I should look at?
This might not be the same issue as your having, but I had the same problem with that music group. The Blue Öyster Cult has the funky O with umlaut above it. On most windows systems this is not supported. So most programs can not write to it as windows does not support full utf-8.

For me I had to switch the Ö to an O so that it would be both readable and writable by all the programs I use. That and making sure all my files were not set to read only fixed the issues. This though is a limitation of windows OS and some others, not of jaikoz. For windows, I downloaded a small program that I was able to do a quick search through all my music and verify that I didn't have any non valid windows characters or file structures.

Again, without knowing your OS, I couldn't say if this would apply to you or not, but hopefully it helps.
One other thing I just discovered. All the ghost images are 75x75 pixels. Maybe something in the code that doesn't allow it to delete images that small? Still strange they would only show up out of no where from the local correct artwork.
Just another update. I tried mp3tag v2.48 to do the local correct on the same catalog and it goes through all of them and does not add the ghost images. It is much much slower than jaikoz though, so I rather not have to use it. Took almost a day on one of my smaller catalogs, about 20 times slower than jaikoz. I am dreading how long it would take to do all my music. Plus it is just another app that I would rather not have to use if i can get jaikoz to do it all for me.

Please let me know if you need any further information, test files, logs, etc, and I will be happy to provide them.

EDIT: This looks like the same bug I was experiencing a few months back, see topic http://www.jthink.net/jaikozforum/posts/list/1629.page Back then I was able to work around it as I was only updating a few albums, but now that I am trying to update my full collection, this is really a show stopper for me.
Since then I have had a server crash and have had to reinstall a clean copy of windows and a new copy of jaikoz. The only thing that remained the same was my music files as they were on my file server. It also appears if I break down the local correct artwork to a smaller group, say just a certain artist, so that it shows only the albums by that artist, ie 200 songs instead of 2k songs, it will then grab all the artwork for everything displayed. Though it will still throw in those ghost images in over half the files.

I also clicked on the images to see where jaikoz was claiming it was finding them at. The path is the same path that the music is in, but yet the file it says it is using for the ghost artwork is no where to be found.

I am really hoping to get this resolved as I have since updated all my images in photoshop to 72dpi, RBG, and 500x500 pixels or less to make them more web friendly as well as renamed the photo files so they are more of a standard naming scheme. Now I just need to delete all the album artwork out of the images and update them with the new clean artwork if we can get this issue fixed.

Also is there a way once we get this to work, to have it categorize the art as Cover (front) instead as Other?
Paul, any ideas on how to resolve this?
This is odd, so I deleted the database as described in http://www.jthink.net/jaikozforum/posts/list/1246.page guessing the path as I am running it on windows xp. I did this by deleting the folder and all its contents at C:\Documents and Settings\LOGGED_IN_USER\Jaikoz\jaikozdb

I then started up jaikoz and ran the find local artwork again and am getting the exact same thing. This is really confusing as to why would it be pulling a scrambled version of the old images and adding them as a 2nd image to the files. I do not have a copy of these files anymore on this system, let alone within the album's folders. Did I not clear the DB out correctly? Are the files cached somewhere else as well? Could jaikoz have not removed the images correctly from the tags in the first place and somehow the correct local artwork is making them show up again?

Same exact problem. I loaded the files and then deleted the artwork from them. I then saved the files. I then closed jaikoz down. After I started back up jaikoz with no files loaded. I next did an empty cache and then loaded the folder. After the files loaded I did the local correct artwork. The results were exactly the same as before. It found artwork for the first 272 files out of 3544. Some albums had 2 images added to them. Those that had 2 had 1 of the old ones with the old naming convention along with the new one taken from the folder. One thing to also note is that those that had 2, the old images that were added were indistinguishable. Showing up as images that were all scrambled. This happened on over half of the few files it added images to.

Any ideas on how to fix this? Thanks.
Did some more testing. This time I deleted all the images from the music and did a save first before running the local artwork correct. Still exact same issues as mentioned above. Some albums are continuing to pull album artwork from images that no longer exist in those folders. The names of those images would indicate that they are some how accessing and using the images I had in those folders previously. I have went back into the folders and verified that those files were not there. It appears that it is grabbing some of these images from some cache somewhere within jaikoz.

EDIT: Tried the Advance -> Empty Cache option in jaikoz. Still no fix or change.
I am having issues with getting the local correct on artwork to work properly.

I am using jaikoz 3.9.1 I had recently gone through and redid all my artwork to make it all jpg and of a smaller size. I deleted all the old artwork out of the all my music folders. I then added a single jpg image to each of my music folders. Next I opened up jaikoz, selected all the artwork and deleted. Then I local correct artwork. Unfortunately it did not work. Here is what I noticed:

1. Out of the 3544 songs I had loaded, only the first 271 songs had artwork added.

2. Those 271 songs did not just add the new artwork, but also added the old artwork that was no longer in the folders. Not sure where it got it from. Do I have to save the files after I delete the artwork before I add new artwork? Could it be saved in the database or somewhere that I am not seeing?

3. I had set the slider to resize artwork bigger than 500. Unfortunately there is no number indicator on where exactly that resize slider is at in the preferences. So even though I thought I had the slider right at 500px it turns out that it was at 499px so it resized most of the 271 songs that had artwork from 500x to 499px. Would be nice if the slider had the ability to "snap" into place when it is slid right over one of the marks, or at least have a number indicator to show where the slider is at in the preferences when moving it around. Ideally a text box to the right of the slider that one could enter the number manually to change it.

4. I have a few albums that have multiple cds. I have all of the songs from that album in the folder though. For example one folder is a 2cd album with a total of 51 songs and the 1 image for the cover art. But since it has over X amount of songs, jaikoz says "it looks unlikely to be an release folder so images have not been added" Would be nice if that check wasn't there as it is giving me false positives being that I have many albums, especially compilations, that have multiple discs or more than 50 songs. Even a few albums with short songs that have over 50 songs on 1 cd.

Any suggestions on how to get this to work?
Both questions can be a heated debate as a quick google search will show.

For CD ripping, I use dbpoweramp. It is found at http://dbpoweramp.com/ It has secure ripping for a perfect disc rip comparison, plus PerfectMeta which grabs its data from 5 different sources picking id3 tag information which is most popular/accurate. I have ripped hundreds of CDs with this program and have been very pleased with it.

For music playback I like mediamonkey at http://www.mediamonkey.com/ It seems to be one of the better apps at handling large libraries and has a lot of nice addons. It also supports ipod syncing. I stream all my music so don't use an ipod. My wife who uses her ipod nonstop just uses the default itunes, http://www.apple.com/itunes/download/ She mainly only uses it to sync her music. It is a little slow as a player for my needs, but works great for just syncing ones ipod to the library on their computer.
Yes, I agree with you. It could be destructive or at the very least add additional time to the load/save process if it was always on. It would be best if it wasn't a default setting, but something that one can click from the drop down menu similar to how you have the ability to write album art to folder function. Or even possibly add to the auto correct automation as an option.
It would be awesome to have the ability to customize ones toolbar. Basically to be able to remove or add any command jaikoz provides within any of the drop down menus. That way one can put there most common actions and tasks in buttons right in front of them. ie drag a single edit item like Swap Columns Artist with Album, or drag a single action item like Local Correct Genres to the toolbar to create a button.

Another thing that would be really handy is the ability to create macros or custom actions and be able to save them as a button. For example, be able to tell jaikoz to select all in Comment, Genre, Not Support List, Unknown List, and then Delete. Or to do a Find and Replace on a column and then Save, etc. Something to provide an easy way to automate a users unique tasks and let them execute them at a click of a button.
I run into the same issue here. All my albums each have their own folders but I have to do each one by hand to get it to match correctly. Would also love to see this option.
Sorry for bumping an old thread, but would also love to see this feature. I notice jaikoz can do this when adding artwork from either online or folders but would love to see it also be able to do this to existing artwork already saved in the mp3s.
Lol, yeah it is updated frequently, but the updates are awesome! Paul is constantly putting in new kick ass features in this already great app. Highly recommend it!
Ahh, I see. Good to know where it is coming from. Thanks for looking into it. Yeah, I agree it would be pointless supporting an old standard, but would be very nice to be able to remove them from the files to keep everything on an updated standard. Even if it was something like an option to clear out anything contained in the non id3v2 fields.
I have now sent an example mp3 to support@jthink.net

Every once in a while I run across this strange issue. I will see a particular album show up in multiple taggers and players with some comments. Typically something like Tagged with... or Tagged by..., yet when I go into jaikoz there is nothing within the comments column or even any of the columns that match that. I currently have my views set to show all fields.

I typically go in and clear out all the extra garbage that people or companies may put in the id3 tags, so it is strange that there would even be text showing up in other programs. Being that this is probably not the best description nor the most to go off of, I will send you one of the files.

Have you seen this before, or have any ideas?
Thanks. Just tested it in the pre release and it is working correctly.
I am not sure if this is a bug or a new feature. I noticed that in one of the later released that a new behavior was introduced to the Genre cells. I often work within Jaikoz and it isn't uncommon for me to accidentally double click in a cell. It use to be that if I was to double click on a cell within the Genre column that it would just put the cursor in there and let me edit the field. This functioned in a way that was expected and I was use to as it mimic most spread sheet applications. Now I find when I accidentally double click in those same cells that it brings up the genre selector with the drop down. Unfortunately it defaults to Acapella and if I quickly click off it as I do not want to make any changes, it sets that field to Acapella. This makes it very easy to mess up these cells. I am finding I am now using the Undo command now quite frequently , something I hadn't had to do in the past.

Can this behavior be changed to the way jaikoz has functioned in most releases in the past?

Thank you.
Awesome! Thank you. Just tried it and it worked great! This will save me TONS of time, plus allow me to uninstall one other app that I had to keep installed just for this one feature. paultaylor and Jaikoz to the rescue again
Just updated to 3.8.2. Loaded that same folder and all the songs now loaded without any issues. Awesome job!
Awesome. Glad you were able to recreate it. Would you still like me to send an example file and or any of the logs or other files?
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