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I tried loading the next batch of files to see if any of them would have the same issue but ran into this issue where about half the albums would not load, http://www.jthink.net/jaikozforum/posts/list/1637.page

Once I can figure out how to fix this, I will delete all the album artwork, and try the local correct again to see if I can get it to happen once more with the debugging on.
Here is an odd issue I am running into. I am hoping you can help me figure out why it is happening. I use a few programs to tag my music as they all offer different functionality. Though jaikoz is the core one I use in all my tagging. I am seeing issues with being able to not load files in to jaikoz that were loadable in it before, after tagging them with another application. Both apps have been updated so I am not sure which one is causing the issues. Here is what I am doing.

I can load a bunch of folders of music into jaikoz. They all read just fine. I then go and edit them to clear out any useless information that might already be in the tags and save them in jaikoz. I then load them into the latest version of The Godfather to verify the tag info with amg. This tags it off of allmusic and throws in all the additional fields like tones, styles, theme, type, label, etc. The odd thing is now about half these files wont then load into jaikoz. They come up with the warning: "WARNING: The following audio files are not recognised as audio files, they may be corrupt:" I can't be totally sure, but it appears that it may only be the files that it had found and put info in some of these additional fields.

The crazy thing is that these files are still readable by all the other taggers I use out there as well as all the other players I have. There seems to be no issues with the files themselves. I have been trying to figure it what is going on. I think I have narrowed down the area somewhat that is giving the problem. I can load the files into media monkey. I then can go in and edit the properties of the tags. If I go to the Details tab, I can clear out all the info under Involved people there. Once that info is cleared out, the files load just fine in jaikoz.

I have enabled logging in jaikoz and all it tells me is that the files are not recognized as audio files, it doesn't give any additional details. Any ideas as to what info can be thrown into tags to make jaikoz not see it as an mp3 any longer? If it would help, I can send you one or more of the files.
They are all mp3 files with jpg graphic files. How do I go about setting the debug level to that? I had already saved that batch of files, but had loaded another roughly 2000 files. I noticed it did something similar. On the first local correct it only picked up about 70% of the folders. Then I saved and ran it again and it picked up all but 2 folders. Not sure why it required a second pass. The 2 folders it left behind were legit though, well at least according to the current rules.

What is the threshold for an album to be skipped because it has to many files? I really wish this was optional as I have a lot of multi disc compilations that are tagged this way. Unfortunately there are many different ways to handle multi disc and box sets and different users, media players, and taggers seem to handle them differently as well which is very annoying. Some put them all in one folder and label them on a per disc basis with the track numbers starting a new on each disc, and use the disc # field in the id3 tag to designate the difference. This works nicely, other than not all music players will read that tag, and instead will do all track 1s, track 2s, track 3s etc playing them out of order. Then it seems others use the old musicbrainz way of doing it, where they actually append the disc number to the album name. This works alright, other than most programs then treat them all as separate albums. Finally the way I have mine setup is like the old allmusic.com way. Listing all the tracks 1-100 in the order they come, as if they were all on a single disc, instead of breaking them into multiple discs. It would be nice that this extra check was optional as there are many cases when one might not want to have the program tell them they can't tag in this way.

paultaylor wrote:

greengeek wrote:
Also another thing I just noticed that I don't believe I saw previously, is my sorting is not staying the same between the Edit tab view, and the ID3 Edit tab view. For example, the Track No is showing up in Edit as 01-71 and in the ID3 Edit as 71-01. Not a big deal, just haven't noticed it before.  

Dont undertsand because in the Edit tab, there are two fields track no and track total, but in the ID3 edit field both are stored in a single trackno field 

Shrug. After the clean install this part is working again. If I sort by Track No, it will stay sorted in both tabbed views.
So tried it again now with a clean install of the latest version. Using the same folder as before, I ran the local correct on the artwork. This time it did find more files that it did not find last time which was good. However it did not find all of them. So I double checked the files it could not find. This time it was only 3 albums, 2 of which had 125x125 images (yes, really poor image quality, unfortunately the best I could find from vinyl records that are over half a decade old .) Though only one showed up in the console as being skipped for size, the other had no mention made of it. The last one was 500x500. That one gave a reason in the console which maybe you can explain to me. It said:

WARNING: There are 50 music files in the folder C:\temp3\Seekers\Ultimate Collection (2008)  it looks unlikely to be an release folder so images have not been added

Any ideas as to why it skipped this folder? Is it because of the amount of mp3s in it? If so is there an option to disable this check?

EDIT: I switched the slider on the minimal image size as low as it could go. It then picked up 1 of 2 that had the 130x130 image size files. It still skipped the other without reason in the console or log file. That is when I had no filters on. When I filtered to just the one album that had the smaller artwork that was skipped, and ran the local correct, it then picked it up. I am not sure why it would skip it both times with no filter, but yet tag it with the artwork when the filter is on to only show it. Also the one I listed above is still being skipped giving the same reason about it looking unlikely to be a release folder.

paultaylor wrote:

So it appears I can manually point it to the file and it will take it, just not auto correct from local correct.
Hmm, I wonder why - when you run the Local Artwork Correct on the folder what does the console say, does the jaikozdebug0-0.log give any additional info 

Can you just try recreating the database as described here http://www.jaikoz.net/jaikozforum/posts/list/1246.page
I wonder if the database hasnt been updated properly during upgrade

I uninstalled Jaikoz and did the force uninstall. I then deleted the folder out of my program files. I then went in and cleared out my profile's temp folder as well as deleted my profile's jaikoz folder that stores the database to get rid of anything that might be remaining. I then just now downloaded the latest version of jaikoz again and installed it.

paultaylor wrote:

greengeek wrote:

A mini thumbnail shows up next to the Select File button in the Update images box, and the drop down shows " Cover (front), but the field in between the thumbnail and the drop down remains blank.

Yes it would be, this is the description field which is now optional (before 381 you had to enter a value)

greengeek wrote:

I toss in some text into that box, typing in "folder" and then I am able to click on the Add button

paultaylor wrote:

You dont need to, you should already be able to click Add


It wouldn't take unless there was something in this field, but I am guessing from what you posted here, it was because I was doing more testing after I had already downgraded to 3.8.0.
Also another thing I just noticed that I don't believe I saw previously, is my sorting is not staying the same between the Edit tab view, and the ID3 Edit tab view. For example, the Track No is showing up in Edit as 01-71 and in the ID3 Edit as 71-01. Not a big deal, just haven't noticed it before.
Just an update. I uninstalled 3.8.1 and reinstalled 3.8.0 and it appears I am still having the same issues. Though I did not see them previously. I don't know if there were some files left over from the previous install, or if this was something that was in the earlier version as well, but never manifest itself.

Verifying image sizes, out of the 30 albums that did not update. I show most were around 500x500 with just a handful around 130x130 which would fall under the filter that I can't update. Also checked all the mp3s, images, and folder permissions and all our readable and writable, none are marked as system, read only, or hidden.

Another update. I can click on the Artwork cell gray tab to bring up the Update Images box. I then click select file, and it brings up the Open box. In that open box the image preview does show up on the right side. I then click on the Open button. A mini thumbnail shows up next to the Select File button in the Update images box, and the drop down shows " Cover (front), but the field in between the thumbnail and the drop down remains blank. I toss in some text into that box, typing in "folder" and then I am able to click on the Add button. It then shows up in left column of the update images box. I then click OK and it shows up in the ID3 Edit and Edit views. So it appears I can manually point it to the file and it will take it, just not auto correct from local correct.
I am noticing an issue in 3.8.1 that I did not have in 3.8 or earlier versions. I have all my albums broken down into folders, and each folder as a folder.jpg cover art image in it. Most are around 450px to 500px, though they can vary from 75px to 600px.

I selected all the artwork that was already contained in the id3 tags in jaikoz and deleted it. I then selected all the newly empty Artwork fields and did a Local Correct -> Correct Artwork. This typically will update all the tags with the matching jpg I have in the folders. However since upgrading to 3.8.1, only about 70% of the albums updated. The others did not. I manually double checked the ones that it did not update and verified they had artwork in the same folder as the mp3s. They did, some were low quality as low as 75px x 75px, and some were better quality as high as 500px x 500px.

I also tried exiting and going back in and loading the files and that did not make a difference. On the images that did not update, I verified I could load them in other players, as well as in windows. All the files appear to be good. I verified the preferences, under the Local Correct tab, Artwork Correct tab, and they all appeared to be correct. I did however notice one thing odd. The "Ignore artwork smaller than this (pixels)" slider would let me move it all the way down to 50, but yet after I saved it and went back in, it would default back to the line between 50, and 150, 100?, It wont let me save it to anything below that line.

Any ideas?
I apologize for digging up this old topic. I just love how jaikoz fixes so many issues that so many other taggers or players create. This is one of the few things I wish jaikoz could also fix.

Most of my music is getting the genres all messed up from mediamonkey and picard as well as a handful of other taggers that don't know how to properly treat multiple genres. They keep throwing in multiple genres as a single genre separated only by semicolons, instead of the correct way jaikoz does it. ie, 1 genre called "country; alt-country; traditional country" instead of divided into 3 separate genres.

Any ideas how I can resolve this issue, short of trying to get all these other products to fix their taggers, which don't have nearly as good support as yours does? I would love if jaikoz could come to the rescue and let me load 10k+ files at once and auto fix all these. Like a tool, or an optional task I can set in the auto corrector.

Nothing like having over a few thousand genres created by all these other taggers that have to lump every combination of multiple genres all together into one big single genre line.
I would love to see some logic that uses the report features added to the Auto Correct options work flow. For example, Run the default auto correct, then automatically run a report to identify missing songs for any albums loaded, and if an albums comes back with no missing songs as a complete disc, then does the next step, like moving that album to its own completed folder. There by moving discs identified as having all songs and leaving behind just the ones that are unidentified or show as missing songs.

Thanks for the clarification. I will give those suggestions and settings a try. I will also get those support files sent to you in case they can be of use.
Sorry, more than likely I am not explaining it correctly or using the correct terminology on what I am doing and what I am seeing and why I am jumping to these conclusions. So let me run down what I am seeing and the exact steps I am doing. These would be for the last 20k or so tracks I have tagged.

1. I typically will run all my files through picard. That way it can pick off any albums that are easy to identify. I like how it groups albums and gives me a quick display of what is missing or what is extra, and the color code for the accuracy. This usually leaves me with albums that are either not in musicbrainz database, poorly or missing tags, or have multiple discs.

2. I then look up each album I have in musicbrainz manually. If I find a match I load that folder into jaikoz. Being just the single album. Sometimes single disc albums, other times multiple disc albums.

3. If it is a single disc album I click on Action from the Menu, Match to Release, Match Songs to Specified MusicBrainz Release. I then copy and paste from the musicbrainz website the MBID from the Release information. If the album had multiple discs, I would do the same thing, but highlight only disc at a time and access the same functions through the right mouse click menu.

If there was enough information in the tags, and there wasn't more songs than it had listed, as well as it seemed to be dependent on if the duration was available at MB to help it identify the songs on poorly tagged tracks, It would then tag the songs.

4. Next I would hit up the Reports menu and verify that all albums were complete. If any tracks were missing I would delete the album as I am not a big fan of incomplete albums.

5. I guess this would be enough, but I was also under the impression that the auto correct would grab additional information and try to find higher quality artwork from discogs and what not. As well as it seemed to try to locate lyrics, also seemed to try to clean up any capitalization issues. So I would then click on Action, Auto Correct.

Depending on the size of the album, the time of day I was running it, etc, it would take 15 minutes to 30 minutes to complete (I have an older computer).

6. At this point I was mainly done. If an album couldn't find any artwork, I would locate it on the web and paste it into jaikoz.

Probably my actions are overly tedious and there is probably a better and more efficient way to get the same results quicker with the same accuracy and I would be more than happy to learn how and change my process as I do admit my current way is extremely time consuming.

The reason for my first post is to find out why I am now seeing different tag information compared to the previous release. For example album artwork. Before the albums showed up with either all the same artwork or no artwork. Now I will have some songs from the album with artwork, some with out, and they may be all different images. Previously I did not see fields that had different information in them such as Disc Total, Disc No, Release Discogs Url. To be honest, I couldn't say if it added them all previously, or ignored them all previously. Just now I notice it as they would be filled in on some songs and not on others, as before the whole colum would be full or empty, again with only having one album loaded into jaikoz.

You mentioned just to run Correct Lyrics after I match to a specified musicbrainz release. If I do that would it then not take advantage of any of the discogs features? I may be confused, but I was under the impression that running the one after the other would grab additional information that the first might not have had, such as better album artwork. I am guessing I might just need to modify my auto correct preferences to match more what I am use to, but am just a tad confused with the new changes. I read over the release notes, but to be honest did not fully comprehend everything, then again reading it at 3am couldn't be helping much.

I really do enjoy using this program and I have posted many different places suggesting its use and recommending it. I do not mean to be a pest. Any help or insight is greatly appreciated. Thank you.
Thank you for your reply. What support files would you like me to send?

Far as the multiple disc releases go, yeah I have noticed that problem in the past with both this app and picard. Neither like to deal with the multi disc because of how the current musicbrainz has the discs divided. That is why I assigned each disc by hand to a unique mb release (highlighting all of a disc, right clicking on them, then assigning them to a mb realease id that I had looked up on their site). I was hoping I could then use auto correct like I have in the past to just check what I have already assigned there against discogs and the lyrics to update any missing info that music brainz did not have or find any artwork that might be of higher quality. In the past it would add missing info that pertained to the album. Now it appears to add missing info pertaining to a song. IE one 4 disc album now has 20 or so different songs with different cover arts, different total track numbers, discogs urls, etc. It appears that instead of adding to or enhancing what was missing, it was going through and not taking any of the other factors into consideration which was really disapointing.

I really like the work you have done with the automation. I am just greatly disappointed that instead of finding a middle ground between original releases and compilations, it is just focusing solely on the original release and messing up compilations. I am not sure what the solution to this would be, but the previous release at least allowed a bit more tolerance for compilations and best of releases while still providing a way to set preferences for original album releases.

EDIT: Thinking about it, my biggest concern with this release is that jaikoz is ignoring the existing mb release id when doing an auto correct. It really should be able to take into account that info if it is present on all the songs in the tags and only add info pertaining to that release instead of trying to break it all apart at a song level. If that info is not available then do what it is doing now and try to guess the release. It should really not be trying to guess a release when that info is there telling it which release it already is. This would at least allow people to manually assign releases to their music based on the tools you have already provided within the app and not worry about the auto correct feature trying to pull the album apart.
I just upgraded to 3.8.0 and noticed some of the auto correct features I really liked in the previous release no longer seem to function. For example, I have an album that is 4 discs. I use the "Match Songs to Specified Musicbrainz Release" on each disc. That would typically fill in the vast majority of the information. After I have done this I would run the "Auto Correct". This would clean up any tags, grab better artwork from discogs, find lyrics, etc. Basically fill in any missing info.

Since I upgraded to the latest version I noticed this is no longer the case. Now the "Auto Correct" is taking away the unified information. For example, with the 4 disc Compilation from Musicbrainz, it now grabs individual song artwork, instead of keeping the artwork that is suppose to be with that release. The Disc Total and the Disc No fields are all off. They are showing different numbers, I can only suppose it is trying to match the songs instead of looking at the MB Release ID that I provided. Same with the Release Discogs URL field. It is totally ignoring the fact that the musicbrainz release id is set and instead just looking up each song individually and linking to a ton of different albums, YUCK!

I really liked all the latest changes that were made to jaikoz as it allowed me to focus on complete albums and not just random orphan songs. Is there any setting or anything that I can change to go back to the behavior in 3.7.1? The way it currently works is really counter productive for me. Especially as I try to deal with only complete albums, whether they be main album releases or official compilations. 3.8 seems to be a big step backwards when it comes to supporting albums in general and trying to stay in the middle of album release vs compilations.

I would really like to get this to work as it has in the past. Please advise.
Yeah it appears that it may have. I haven't noticed any more of the errors tonight so far.

Got to hate when sites API's go down. Another website I visit that uses the discogs API was also down for the last 2 days or so.
Today I started getting this error on every album I run the discogs autocorrect on:

Unexpected Problem with Jaikoz please report problem to support@jthink.net

Any ideas on what is happening? This just started happening today and has happened on the last 3 albums I have tried. Both via Auto Correct and the remote - Auto Correct metadata from Discogs. I have shut down and restarted the app. I haven't uninstalled and reinstalled it yet.
I go to the ID3 Edit tab. I then highlight everything, minus the first few colums, which for me are the file location colums as well as the title, artist, album, and date. I then right click on the selected area and choose delete.

I went back in with the copy of the unmodified files to reproduce it again and it worked correctly. It may have just been an isolated glitch. That or the reinstall of 3.6 and then back to 3.7 fix it. /shrug
In 3.7.0 I select all the fields other than the main fields I want info in. I then right click and chose delete. This clears out all the extra garbage that may be tagged in the files. However on the ID3 Edit tag when I do this it does not clear out the info in the Comment or the Not Supported List fields which it does with no issue in 3.6.

EDIT: Downgraded to the copy of 3.6 I had saved. Tested again on those same files and they cleared the info in those fields with no issue. Appears to be related to only 3.7. Saved a copy of the files before I updated them with 3.6 so I can reproduce this.

Could have 3.7 reintroduced a similar bug that was in 3.5 when it first got released http://www.jthink.net/jaikozforum/posts/list/1302.page ?
Yep, it looks like it is on their end. Ran it again and it is now retrieving the information howbeit very slowly.
Just updated to 3.7 and trying to do my first auto correct with this version. Have had no problems with previous versions of jaikoz. When I run the auto correct it gave me a message that It can not connect to the amplifind server. I tried running auto correct again and it then gave me a MusicIPService already marked unavailable error.

Does this new version require any additional special requirements, like special ports open or anything? Have you seen this before?

Thank you.
That is the weird part. None of the fields were showing that it claimed were changed, only the status field. I think it may have just been a glitch. I closed out the app and loaded a few more folders and have not been able to recreate it so far. I will keep you notified if I can find a way to reproduce it.

paultaylor wrote:
Yes Im glad you appreciate that, I also try hard to get maximum interoperability with other programs even when they don't follow standards. Where programs just break the standards needlessly its frustrating. But I have sympathy with Foobar using null separators for ID3v23 because the ID3 standards are not being reviewed /updated and the common consensus is that for max compatibility you should use ID3v23 , yet ID3v23 doesn't offer a way to do multiple fields, except for the badly designed bracketed notation for the genre field that we currently use internally in Jaikoz.  

Good point. I have noticed the same thing that a lot of programs will write the 3v23 multiple genre tags the same way as 3v24 which isn't to bad as most apps seem to support it. My main concern is that there is still some way to be able to differentiate between ones that are tagged in this way and ones that don't use a null value and are just one big run on genre that has semi colons in it. Media Monkey is a good example of how not to do it. It does a great job of separating the multiple genres in the view, but doesn't actually fix the tags or write the tags correctly. So both proper and non proper tags show up the same. It isn't until I try to use them in some of my apps, such as some of my web streaming apps or jaikoz, among others, that they then show up as one ugly long run on genre.

I am not sure far as display goes, if showing them all as one line compared to a layered view would be easier to edit or view. Some tags are quite long, and if you have a good 5+ long tags on a single line in the view, that will create for a lot of extra horizontal scrolling. I can see the pros and cons of both the layered and a horizontal view. Layered would be cleaner, but a horizontal view where they all show up one line would be quicker to see what is in where. Using a similar view in media monkey it really isn't any faster to edit, as one still has to make sure that the proper separators are in place and if you want to remove or edit an entry, you have to make sure you have it highlighted just right. It is however faster to view. So I guess they both have their pros and cons.
Actually I just noticed that when I load an album that has songs with multiple genres, only the top one shows up under the Genre column in the Column Browser window. Would be really helpful if all the genres showed up in there.
I just updated to 3.5.1 and noticed something different. I can load a bunch of files and make a few changes and under the Edit tab display, the fields will correctly show up blue/purple and have a C showing me that there are unsaved changes. Yet if I go to the ID3 Edit tab display it has a bunch of my other files marked as if there were changes made, ones that are not showing up in the Edit tab as changed and ones that I have not made changes to. I then can go and save my files, and all the blue status fields clear on the Edit display. Yet they still show up on the ID3 Edit display status fields. I can even close the files, and it doesn't prompt me saying there are unsaved files that have been changed.

Is the ID3 Edit tab listing status as C incorrectly or is there a reason why it won't clear on a full save? I hope that makes sense. Please let me know if you need additional information.
Awesome! I noticed the release notes mentioned this got fixed. Thanks for the update!
I think sticking to the standards is a good idea. When ever one deviates from the standards it creates more compatibility problems with other applications. I like how you currently have the fields layered on multiple fields, and can still easily view any genre by just looking at the Column Browser. My issues with the multiple genres not being split correctly are from other applications not following the standards.

I like the idea of having the ability to do a force save in jaikoz to fix semi comma delimiter fields or maybe even as a tool, since a lot of programs like to deviate and use semi-commas instead of null values. It would be best if jaikoz didn't by default try to display them as properly separated genres when they are using a different non standard method. Otherwise it would be hard to quickly view which fields are formatted correctly and which are not. Maybe leave it as an option to enable non standard delimiter view.

One of the main reasons I use jaikoz is to get my library into shape and to fall within the standards specs. The easy spread sheet like view and the tools make this app a really powerful tool to do this. I then use other apps to manage my library and play my music, some of which can be real picky when the tags are not correct.
I did a bunch of research and found that I can fix the tags by installing foobar2000 then right clicking on songs and choosing "Properties", then right clicking on genre and choosing "Split Values..." So I can now fix my tags by loading them in jaikoz to find out which files have this bug, then loading them into foobar to fix them, then loading them back into jaikoz to re-save them (cus i like how jaikoz follows standards and saves the files).

Is there a way I can do all this in jaikoz without having to use a 3rd party app? If not can you consider this as a feature as it would be a great additional tool to already go with all the great tools jaikoz has?
I noticed some of my genres have multiple genres in them but are showing up as one long genre in jaikoz separated by semi colons.

For example, Amphetamine-Fueled Streetgrass; Outlaw Country; Streetgrass; Bluegrass; Alt-Country

I am guessing this probably is from a tagging program writing the multiple genres incorrectly, Media Monkey's genre finder extension and picard with the last.fm plugin write these incorrectly. The question I have is there any way to have jaikoz detect the semi colon as a genre delimiter and then allow me to save the genre information the correct way? Basically fix my genre tags from other evil programs so they follow the standards. If it can, that will be yet another field that jaikoz will save me many an hour on fixing
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