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Author Message
Over the years I've installed new versions of Jaikoz over previous however I'm doing a spring clean of my computer so wondering if its ok to uninstall ALL previous versions except the latest?
I'm running Windows 8.1 64 bit and listed below are all versions current installed as displayed in "Programs and Features" control panel:
Jaikoz (64-bit) 8.2.1 ?10/?03/?2015 8.2.1
Jaikoz (64-bit) 8.2.2 ?30/?04/?2015 8.2.2
Jaikoz (64-bit) 8.2.3 ?19/?06/?2015 8.2.3
Jaikoz (64-bit) 8.2.4 ?1/?07/?2015 8.2.4
Jaikoz (64-bit) 8.3.1 ?24/?07/?2015 8.3.1
Jaikoz (64-bit) 8.4.1 ?5/?01/?2016 8.4.1
Jaikoz (64-bit) 8.4.2 ?9/?07/?2016 8.4.2
Hi Paul,
1) I removed ALL Acoustic IDs as suggested in your URL above but when I ran Action\Remote Correct\Retrieve Acoustids to replace them it only replaced 108 (see console log at end)

2) Also I used to be able to select a whole lot of rows (click 1st row then scroll down and shift click last) then right click in this selection and select the same options available on the Action menu from the popup menu (ie Remote Correct\Retrieve Acoustids) but the CORRECT menu option is no longer there. It IS there if I right click on the very left EDIT column but then this only applies to a SINGLE row and not the whole selection of rows.
(I tried to do this as a workaround for replacing the deleted Acoustic IDS since they ARE replaced if I do them individually rather than using the Action menu which applies to everything loaded and fails as per the console log shown below).

Output from console after I emptied the Acoustid ID column and tried to replace them using Action\Remote Correct\Retrieve Acoustids - it only replaced 108 even though almost all were previously populated:
Aug 9, 2013 10:04:32 AM: INFO: Retrieving Acoustid fingerprints and Ids for 3,615 songs
Aug 9, 2013 10:05:18 AM: INFO: 3,611 songs already have an Acoustid fingerprint
Aug 9, 2013 10:05:18 AM: INFO: Retrieved 4 Acoustid fingerprints successfully
Aug 9, 2013 10:05:18 AM: INFO: Retrieved 108 Acoustid Ids successfully
Aug 9, 2013 10:05:18 AM: INFO: Completed retrieval of Acoustid fingerprints and Ids for 240 songs

After emptying cache and restarting Jaikoz I now get the output below... so its like Jaikoz see 3,611 songs as already having Acoustids but they aren't displayed in the Acoustid ID column:
Aug 9, 2013 11:10:56 AM: INFO: 3,615 files are loaded
Aug 9, 2013 11:11:11 AM: INFO: Retrieving Acoustid fingerprints and Ids for 3,615 songs
Aug 9, 2013 11:11:28 AM: INFO: 3,611 songs already have an Acoustid fingerprint
Aug 9, 2013 11:11:28 AM: INFO: Retrieved 4 Acoustid fingerprints successfully
Aug 9, 2013 11:11:28 AM: INFO: Completed retrieval of Acoustid fingerprints and Ids for 0 songs
Paul when you say "you'll need to manually delete the Jaikoz 4.6.3 installation first" do you mean you need to uninstall it or just delete the contents of the C:\Program Files\Jthink\Jaikoz folder?

Re Two vs. One Greylists
I can't think of a scenario where you'd need two greylists as this list is really what the User wants Jaikoz to use to cross match to their "standard" genres regardless of where the currently assigned genre came from ie was already assigned to song or came from MB or Discogs lookup.

Re Unmatched Genres
As previously mentioned, by having a checkbox for "Replace unmatched genres with:" [User entered genre ie "Unknown"] the User would also have an option of either leaving unmatched genres as is OR replacing them with their chosen genre which enables them to seperate out these songs for manual review at a latter date.

Re Blacklist:
Yes was already aware of this and although very helpful in stopping unwanted genres is not useful in correcting anything not on this list.

Re unlimited continually growing list of genres & the iTunes genres not being a definitive list:
I see limiting the list to the iTunes this to be a major advantage not a disadvantage even if its not a definitive list. Reason being is that people will always disagree on the exact genre of a song so its better to at least have a standard (the 125 iTunes genres) that people must stay within that way genres become a usable way (currently they are not due to so many genres) to sort, listen and create playlists since you know that when you select "Rock & Roll" genre you're getting all your Rock & Roll songs and don't also have to also look under "Rock n Roll", "Rock and Roll", "Rock/Roll" etc.
As its stands there are currently so many permutations of genres it makes them unusable so it would be good to have an option in Jaikoz to "force" the use of only "standard" genres regardless of what MB or Discogs has assigned to them. Of course this wouldn't prevent people NOT enabling this option and still going with MB, Discogs or their own preferred genres.

White List:
I think greengeek's idea of a white lists is a good way of implementing this ie the white list would be initially populated with only the 125 iTunes genres (however Users could edit this list).
In preferences you could "enable" the whitelist which tells Jaikoz to enforce the use of these genres only. You would nominate a genre (eg "Unknown") that Jaikoz would assign to any songs for genres not found on this whitelist.

Grey List:
Again greengeek's idea of a grey list is a good way of enabling Jaikoz to use this list to fuzzy match non standard genres to the iTunes standard genres (or whatever the User decides they want to cross match to) eg "Rock n Roll", "Rock and Roll", "Rock/Roll" would all be in the grey list and be assigned to the iTunes standard "Rock & Roll" OR a genre of the User's choice if they don't want to use iTunes standard ones.

Hope that makes sense
Paul how about this ...if we got 50 people to each donate $10 OR reach $500 of donations (whichever comes first) would you add a genre cross matching function (as explained above) to Jaikoz? We could keep track by each person posting how much they have donated in this thread.

Is there anywhere in Jaikoz I can find the list of 255 genres that Jaikoz is using in this filter AND/OR the 125 iTunes genres so I can make sure that my collection only uses these "standard" ones?

Would be good to have a cross matching facility, for example several of my songs have a genre "Rock/Pop" (a single genre) these could be matched to two seperate genres ie "Rock" and "Pop" then for anything not found in Jaikoz's cross matching genre database the User could enter a nominated genre ie "Unknown" so then you have a subset of your music (genre = "Unknown") you know needs to be listened to and a genre manually assigned.

I read in another post that iTunes uses a standard list of 125 genres.
Is it possible to somehow limit the genres Jaikoz assigns to this list of 125 despite what MB or Discogs genres are?
It would be nice to have a checkbox that says "Limit to iTunes genres".

I've just discovered the "Filter/Non-standard-Genres/Non-standard Filters" option so I guess I could use that to show me which ones are non standard then update them manually however it would be great to have a fuzzy matching option that matches non standard to iTunes standard genres.

Jaikoz is a great program
Thanks for your comprehensive reply.
Perhaps the way to decide the best option is to consider the SCENARIOS where people use this.

SCENARIO 1: Source folder is RAW (requires tagging & organising into subfolders)
In this scenario the original way Jaikoz used to do it is best (ie User sets the base folder) since the RAW source will usually be in various levels of subfolders and the User will want to set the base and use Jaikoz to create a consistent subfolder structure.

SCENARIO 2: Source folder is PROCESSED (Jaikoz has organised it)
In this scenario the original way is still the best (ie User sets the base folder) since by using Jaikoz you now have a base folder and subfolder structure created by Jaikoz. However as explained below this does NOT mean that you always have a consistent DEPTH of subfolders due to unavailability of some metadata eg ALBUM.

I've tried working with the current (new) method of setting the base folder by using the "Specify the number of folders above this selection to set the Base Folder to" option when you add a source folder but the problem is the base folder is set inconsistently since my music subfolders are organised based on their metadata as follows: C:\MUSIC\ARTIST\ALBUM
However these days you tend to get alot of remixes that don't have any metadata for ALBUM and hence these songs don't have a ALBUM subfolder ie they are kept in the ARTIST subfolder instead.

This means that when I set the "Specify the number of folders above this selection to set the Base Folder to" option to "2" the songs that don't have an ALBUM subfolder end up with C:\ as the base folder rather than the desired C:\MUSIC.
Phew I hope that makes sense.

In summary my vote is to return to the old way of setting the Base Folder so that when I load music with various levels of subfolders I will get a consistent Base Folder.

Have emailed screenshots.
Using version 4.5.2 NGS, Build 1104, Date: 9/12/11
I select File\Add Folder\browse to my target BASE FOLDER but after loading the "Base Folder" column includes all the subfolders aswell while the "Sub Folder" column is empty.
Is this a bug?
Ok thanks.
Its a column in the "View Audio" tab with a value of true or false - what exactly does this mean?
Doh! ...you'd think I'd tried that BEFORE going to all the trouble of posting this in the Wishlist
I often start a large update across my library but forget to switch to the Console tab in the bottom Summary pane so can't see log output.
I then have to cancel the update, switch to this tab then restart.

Others may prefer as is defaulting to the Summary tab so it would be nice to have an option to set this behaviour.

Ok I finally got it - thanks again.
No I think he wants to delete certain Description\Value pairs from the User Defined Text Info column.
That's also what I would like to do since I've got these two Description \Values in there left over from when I used to use MusicIP:
1) MusicMagic Data\usicMagic Data
2) MusicMagic Fingerprint\usicMagic Fingerprint
(don't know why the "M" is missing from the values)

Any way I can just delete those 2 description\values only out of that column for my entire library?
Ok I've got 1) & 2) - thanks for explaining.

Re MusicBrainz\Automatch\Do extra searches to find original releases
I think I've got it - would you say my explanation below is about right?
This option increases Jaikoz?s ability to populate the original album & original year fields by
a) doing extra MBs searches
b) populating the original album tag even if the song on this original album is a different length

Conversely if NOT ticked Jaikoz would disregard a match if the song is a different length.
So by enabling this option you increase your chances of populating the original album & original year tags.
So is the difference between these two preference settings as follows:

1) MusicBrainz\Automatch\Do extra searches to find original releases
(ONLY affects the Action\Auto Correct menu option?)
2) Remote Correct\Match\Prefer do not match to Various Artist compilations
(ONLY affects the Action\Remote Correct\Auto Correct Metadata from MusicBrainz menu option?)

Also in regards to the MusicBrainz\Automatch\Do extra searches to find original releases Preference - does this allow Jaikoz to match the song to a Release ID "...with same name but different length" as per the bottom of your initial post here http://www.jaikoz.net/jaikozforum/posts/list/1588.page ?

So what's the problem if I have BOTH these options ticked?

Theres no real problem I just wanted you to understand what they were for
Is using Auto Correct the only way of doing this ie cluster songs to the minimum number of albums?

If so is this how I should have my prefs set to achieve this before running "Action\Auto Correct" across my library:
1) Manipulators\Auto Corrector\Correct data from MusicBrainz (only task required)
2) MusicBrainz\Automatch\Do not match if already have a MusicBrainz Unique Id: UNTICK (since all mine already have an MBID and presumably it won't lookup MBs release IDs if this is ticked?)
3) MusicBrainz\Automatch\\Do extra searches to find original releases: TICKED (so it will find all release Ids that apply to each song)
4) Remote Correct\Match\Prefer do not match to Various Artist compilations: TICKED (so it will try to match Earliest release albums)
5) Remote Correct\Match\Preferred Release Date: Earliest (so it matches to the earliest release date found)

Ended up manually deleting dupicate files so cannot now reproduce.
Will send support files if I encounter it again.
I just tried to merge 2 folders of music and although several songs have same MBIDs they actually ARE different (extended versions etc) so I still wanted to merge them BUT Jaikoz would NOT save my changes as they would end up in the same folder with the same filename.
Is there anyway to make Jaikoz append a (1) to these dupe filenames?

(I'm running the latest ver 3.9.0 & thought it used to do this somehow in past versions but can't seem to find a way to do it now)

NOTE: This applies to the CURRENT version but may also apply to the Beta

No biggie but it may lead to User confusion:
I changed the delete duplicates preference setting from same MBsId to same AmpliFIND Id.
Then when I saved I noticed the console output says its deleting due to same MBsId when it should say AmpliFIND Id.
Thanks Paul all noted. For now I'll wait for the next release.

For anyone else that's reading this post BUY JAIKOZ!
Its a fantastic tagger with so much flexibility that it will sort out even the most chaotic music libraries.
That didn't work:
-Changed Prefs as per above (ticked both options)
-Deleted existing MusciBrainz ID
-Ran Autocorrect Data from MusicBrainz

It fails to retrieve the MusicBrainz ID.
So I did a "Update metadata from existing MusicBrainz ID" and it just replaces the deleted id with the same one and doesn't change any other fields.

Is there anything else I could try to replace "Various Artists" in the Album Artist field with the Artist name from the Artist field?
(Refer to Tags values at end)
I was using W7 Media Center & from the Artist\Search menu tried searching for artist "China Crisis" however it did NOT find a match even though I do have a song by that artist. Doing the same search in Windows Media Player correctly finds the song. From this I assume that 7MC must only search the "Album Artist" field.

If I enable\tick the Jaikoz's preferences "Prefer do not match to Various Artist Compilations" and "Prefer do not match to Single Artist Compilations" then run an "Update Metadata from existing MusicBrainz ID" across my library will this have the affect of populating the Album Artist fields with the Artist and solve my problem ie so my 7MC searches get hits for artists?

Tag values
Artist: China Crisis
Album Artist: Various Artists
Sort Album Artist: Various Artists
Sort Album: [EMPTY]
Album: Greatest Hits of the 80's (disc 7)
Re Autocorrect minimising album count - that's good to know.
I'v been using Jaikoz for sometime now so Autocorrect was run on my library a few years ago however recently I've run "Update data from existing MusicBrainz Id" across my lib so would that have the same affect ie minimise albums?
As per our discussion here http://www.jthink.net/jaikozforum/posts/list/0/1684.page#7683
it would be great to have an option to Match songs to minimise number of albums that works across your entire library.
That way when you browse through your albums they would be more complete.
Ok no problem.
I'll post this one to the Wishlist ie an option to "Match songs to minimum number of albums".
Thanks for your help.
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